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20 februar 2006

Kissing cartoon defended Jesus kysser Muhammed

TORONTO — A student newspaper at Canada’s largest university is not backing down after publishing a cartoon depicting the Prophet Mohammed and Jesus kissing.

Nick Ragaz, managing editor for the Strand, says the paper is not pulling the controversial issues off the University of Toronto campus and the cartoon will also remain on its website.

He said the cartoon was intended to provoke debate, dialogue, and thought, and should not be understood to promote violence or hate.

The cartoon was published Wednesday alongside an editorial addressing the debate on whether to publish the controversial Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.



The University of Toronto’s student newspaper, the Strand, has published a cartoon of a gay Jesus kissing Muhammed. The cartoon was published as part of a debate over whether to show images of Muhammed from Danish papers. The image shows the face of Jesus, but does not show the face of Muhammed. Jesus is also seen disrobing Muhammed.  

The same newspaper has refused to publish the Muhammed cartoons which have sparked worldwide riots, murders, and calls to impose the death penalty on all who blaspheme by misunderstanderers of the Religion of Peace.

Here is how they hypocritically defend not showing the Muhammed cartoons, but showing big gay Jesus:

But was it really freedom of the press, or a case of media martyrdom? Publishing these cartoons seems to do little more than fan the flames of already-existing controversy. Is it the press’s responsibility to decide what people should absorb, or is providing an option more important? Articles are somewhat different; you can decide whether or not to read something based on the headline – which, admittedly, is questionable on the subject of giving audiences agency. A graphic or photograph, however, is much more intense: you don’t really have the choice to view it or not.


Brit Muslims Declare Victory in Cartoon War

From the Telegraph (UK)

For the past two weeks, Patrick Sookhdeo has been canvassing the opinions of Muslim clerics in Britain on the row over the cartoons featuring images of Mohammed that were first published in Denmark and then reprinted in several other European countries. 

“They think they have won the debate,” he says with a sigh. “They believe that the British Government has capitulated to them, because it feared the consequences if it did not.

“The cartoons, you see, have not been published in this country, and the Government has been very critical of those countries in which they were published. To many of the Islamic clerics, that’s a clear victory.

“It’s confirmation of what they believe to be a familiar pattern: if spokesmen for British Muslims threaten what they call ‘adverse consequences’ – violence to the rest of us – then the British Government will cave in. I think it is a very dangerous precedent.”

Guess what? They have won, for now. Here, too, unless you can think of a major news outlet in this country that has published a Mohammed cartoon. 

The Press is opposed to upsetting Muslim sensibilities, unless, of course, they have some juicy video of British soldiers grabbing young Iraqi rock-throwers or some old photos from Abu Ghraib.



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The municipal government in Volgograd has decided to close down a local newspaper for printing a cartoon showing Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and Moses watching a crowd of clashing people while saying, “We never taught them to do that…” The mayor of the city is quoted as saying that the paper was shut down in order to prevent inter-religious strife; meanwhile, the prosecutor-general is looking to file charges.




Hitting ‘em Where it Hurts

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Courtesy of The Mudville Gazette:


This seems like a fine idea:

A soldier wounded in Afghanistan and the widow of his slain comrade were awarded a $102.6 million judgment from the estate of a suspected al-Qaida financier.


Mere Labanisme

Another Protest Led by Danish Imam Ahmed Abu Laban

In recent days, a number of my colleagues–most notably Lorenzo Vidino–have helped reveal the deceptive behavior of the supposedly moderate Danish Imam Ahmed Abu Laban, who helped deepen anger in the Muslim world over a recent series of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed by spreading additional offensive cartoons that were not originally printed by any European publication.  However, it should be noted that the latest controversial cartoons are not the only thing that Abu Laban has led vocal protests against.  In October 1995, Abu Laban led a group of 500 Muslim demonstrators in Copenhagen angrily denouncing the capture of  Talaat Fouad Qassem, one of the most senior leaders of the notorious Egyptian terrorist organization Al-Gama`at al-Islamiyya.  The protest occurred as Al-Gama`at’s spiritual leader Shaykh Omar Abdel Rahman was nearing a conviction in the U.S. for his role in conspiring to wage a campaign of terrorism against civilian targets in the New York metropolitan area.  For further information, see my book Al-Qaida’s Jihad in Europe, pages 26-27, 149-154. 

[Associated Press – October 6, 1995]: “Some 500 Muslims demonstrated Friday to protest the disappearance of a militant Muslim leader who went missing during a trip to Croatia last month.  Spokesman Ahmed Abulaban said Egypt, the United States and Croatia “are the beneficiaries” of the disappearance of Talaat Fouad Qassem who has been living in Denmark since 1992 as a political refugee.  Wanted by Egypt on charges of attempting to overthrow the secular government, Qassem was ordered out of Croatia on Sept. 18, and left for an unknown destination, according to Croatian officials.  Under President Clinton’s anti-terrorism initiative, Qassem’s name was put on a list of people to whom transfer of funds are to be blocked. The initiative also froze the U.S. assets of groups the U.S. deemed used terrorism to subvert peace activities.  Qassem also appears on a U.S. Department of Justice list of possible co-conspirators to Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman, an Egyptian religious leader, and nine other Muslims who have been convicted of conspiring to bomb the United Nations and other buildings in New York.  The demonstrators, including Qassem’s pregnant wife Amani Farouk, went to the Croatian embassy where Abulaban, a Copenhagen imam, handed over a letter to a diplomat.  Before dissolving, demonstrators raised their fists and shouted ‘God is Great’ outside the downtown Copenhagen building… Qassem, 38, co-founded the outlawed al-Gamaa al-Islamiya, which has been blamed for much of the violence in a three-year campaign by militants to restore strict Islamic rule.”

Fra: Counterterroism

Communist Broadcast Service (CBS) 60 minutes

Last night on CBS’s “60 Minutes,” Bob Simon interviewed Elian Gonzalez, who is now 11 years old and living in Cuba.

Predictably, the interview touched off a minor “El Nino” event in far-reaching corners of the blogosphere.

“Did you see last night’s shameless ’60 Minutes’ interview of Elian Gonzalez, five years later?” asks Debbie Schlussel on debbieschlussel.com. “Clearly, the boy has been brainwashed to the nth degree. You’d have to be brainwashed to call Fidel Castro your ‘friend’ and ‘father.’

“I blame CBS, ’60 Minutes,’ and left-wing reporter Bob Simon for helping perpetrate this farce of an interview/’report,'” continues Schlussel. “Simon let Elian go on and on about how he missed his father when he was in Miami. Reality Check: Elian’s parents were divorced, his mother was his sole caretaker, and he barely ever saw or even knew his father. Where was Bob Simon on this point?”

Others simply felt bad for Elian. “I feel so horribly for this boy,” writes Merchants And Thieves. “He is being brainwashed by both the Americans and the Cubans, caught in a crossfire, being made an archetype, a symbolic figure, communism against democracy.”

Sympathy aside, KillCastro sees the interview as just another example of CBS’s longstanding romance with the Cuban leader, referring to the station as the “Communist Broadcast Service.”


Bare lige for at sætte et andet perspektiv på CBS’ 60-minutes udsendelse om Danmark.

Her i landet angives 60-minutes jo som det bedste USA-TV der findes.

Katie Couric

Må vi andre også være her?


Overlæge Allan Nygaard Jørgensen, Sydvestjysk Sygehus, Esbjerg

Som svar på Fatuma Alis indlæg i Ugeskr Læger 2006;168:399-400 (Artikel) vil jeg påpege en del, som Fatuma Ali fuldstændig har misforstået.

Der er absolut ingen her i Danmark, der anfægter nogens ret til at give udtryk for deres holdninger eller religion. Piger må bære de tørklæder, de ønsker, og den jødiske mand må bære sin sorte hat eller kalot, nøjagtig som han vil. Det kan til tider endda virke farverigt og festligt.

Jeg tillader mig at nævne den humoristiske klaphat, som man ser danske fodboldtilhængere bruge. Festligt og fornøjeligt men for nogle måske en blasfemisk sammenligning. Dog ikke for en tolerant og frisindet dansker.

Problemet er derimod, når man på en anmassende måde skilter med et bestemt tilhørsforhold, overbevisning eller tro, som kan virke stødende på anderledes tænkende og troende. Hvis jeg fik adgang til en moske, kunne jeg aldrig finde på at vade ind over de fine tæpper med mine støvler på. Jeg ville respektere den holdning og tro, som var på stedet. Hovedparten af de patienter, man ser på danske sygehuse, er trods alt ældre danskere, som er opvokset i den kristne tro, og som sådan må man respektere dem.

Selvfølgelig kan man ikke sammenligne hospitaler med moskeer eller for den sags skyld kirker. Men det er et sted, hvor man kommer med alvorlige og til tider livstruende sygdomme, og hvor mange på grund af det føler sig alene, fortabte og måske knytter sig nærmere til den barnetro, som de har lært. Lad dem det og mas ikke på med de for dem fremmede ideologier og værdisæt.

Noget andet er, som påpeget i en tidligere artikel i Ugeskriftet, at selv børn af muslimer kan blive angste og utrygge ved sådanne konfrontationer med fundamental religionsdyrkelse. De kvinder, som vil gøre sig fri af det, som de opfatter som snærende bånd om deres liv og frihed i det danske samfund, som de har valgt at leve i.

Med henblik på omtalen af Toronto er det ganske rigtigt, at der færdes uendeligt mange folkeslag med forskellige religioner og sprog. Selvfølgelig er arbejdssproget engelsk. Ontario er en engelsksproget provins. Herhjemme er arbejdssproget dansk.

Sundhedspersonalet er også mangesproget og tværkulturelt, men arbejdssproget er som anført engelsk. Jeg har dog aldrig set læger under arbejde iført hverken høj hat, kalot, turban eller tørklæde. Jeg vil tro, at det hos enkelte bæres ved festlige lejligheder men da ganske privat. Jeg selv kommer ofte til Ontario, og jeg skal til Toronto om et par måneder. Jeg skal love at se efter.

En ting er dog ganske rigtig: alle de forskellige nationaliteter er forenet i en fællesskabsfølelse. De føler sig som canadiere og er som sådan loyale over for hinanden. Det er faktisk et dejligt land på mange måder.

Har vi det på samme måde herhjemme? Man må vel tillade sig at tvivle, når man tager følgende i betragtning:

Fatuma Ali har i en årrække været administrerende overlæge i Nuuk. Ved hendes afrejse var der en helsidesartikel med foto og samtale i ugebladet Femina. Heri hævdede Fatuma Ali, at hun i Grønland mødte forståelse i modsætning til de tidligere koloniherrer, danskerne, som grønlænderne havde konflikter med. Så vidt så godt. Det er et dansk ugeblad.

Det, som der efter min mening var det helt store problem, var, at et nøjagtigt genoptryk af artiklen stod i de grønlandske aviser et par uger efter. Frit at læse for de grønlændere, som har så stærke familiebånd til Danmark, og i et land hvor en tredjedel er beboet af indvandrede danskere.

Canadiere føler sig som canadiere. Føler Fatuma Ali sig som dansker? Hvis hun gør, så lad vore hospitaler få lov til at tjene det formål, de har: at arbejde for at helbrede og lindre sygdomme uden anmassende ideologiske manifestationer.

Ugeskr Læger 2006;168(8):812

Ugeskrift for Læger

Jeg husker tydeligt, da Fatuma blev interviewet i DR-P1, ren mikrofonholderi fra de rigtige meningers holdeplads.

Demographics, Political Factors Could Lead to UK Sharia in Ten Years

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Læs artiklen i The Daily Ablution

Kamel Qureshi i Ugeskrift for Læger

“Når vi i de seneste år har været ude og talt med lægekolleger fra andre dele af verden, bliver der spurgt til, hvad der foregår i Danmark. Veluddannede grupper læser også The Guardian og The Economist…”

Ja så forstår man da godt at de bliver misinformeret. Prøv lige at skimme tilbage og læs om “danskeren” Kiku  Days misinformation i The Guardian.


Læs eventuelt selv i Daily Ablution http://dailyablution.blogs.com/ om The Guardians manipulationer – han holder øje med dem 🙂

The Guardian

The Guardian found itself red-faced by what became known as Sassygate: As exposed by blogger Scott Burgess, the paper hired trainee journalist Dilpazier Aslam, whose coverage of July’s London terror attacks included a commentary sympathizing with the bombers. It turned out that Aslam was a member of Hizb Ut Tahrir, an Islamist organization which calls for the destruction of Israel and the rule of a world-wide caliphate. When the dust settled, Aslam was fired and the paper’s executive editor for news, Albert Scardino resigned. Aslam is now suing The Guardian for “racial and religious discrimination.”

Honest Reporting

Det er måske derfor Kamelen holder så meget af The Guardian, når de kan finde på at ansætte Gisp-Prut-Papir medlemmer som journalister? Og de kolleger han taler med ude i verden – er de også af pskistansk oprindelse? 

Ny film – husk lyd

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Fundet på Polemiken http://www.polemiken.net/

Kanossagang 3

Lige et lille spørgsmål af den uskyldige slags – hvor var de kvindelige præster i den kirkelige delegation, der var i Ægypten for at tale med bl.a. stormuftien.

Det kan jo undre – når nu kvinder i stort tal synes, at tonen i debatten er for slem.

Per Stig: al-Qaeda vil blæse til ilden

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Den danske udenrigsminister Per Stig Møller forventer, at al-Qaeda vil udnytte Muhammed-tegningerne til egen fordel

Debatten omkring Muhammed-tegningerne er gået fra politisk plan til religiøst plan og endt på gadeplan. 

Således lød analysen fra udenrigsminister Per Stig Møller (K), da han mandag gav offentligheden en opdatering på situationen.

– Der er ikke tvivl om, at alle ekstremister ønsker at udnytte situationen. Jeg er da heller ikke i tvivl om, at al-Qaeda også vil bruge den og blæse til ilden, sagde Per Stig Møller.

Så sent som i fredags fik de 12 danske tegnere en dusør på deres hoveder af den pakistanske imam Maulana Yousaf Qureshi.

– Det er vanvid. Det er opfordring til mord, og mord er også forbudt i Koranen. Vi fordømmer, at man sætter folk ud for at myrde andre, lød det fra Per Stig Møller.

Ekstrabladet: http://ekstrabladet.dk/VisArtikel.iasp?PageID=336059 


Så er det da mærkeligt, at de ikke gør noget ved nedenstående, som folketingsmedlemmer blevet gjort bekendt med:

Al Qaeda er IKKE en terrororganisation i EU

Posted in Islam at 10:05 pm by hodja

For the European Union, Al Qaeda is NOT a terrorist organization (edited 2/5)

In fact, while researching a paper on EU-US cooperation, I found out that Al Qaeda was not included in the EU’s main list of terror organizations. Here is the complete list.
European officials confirmed to me that stunning fact.
I need to clarify my earlier post here:
THE EU is using two different lists: this one and the one mirrorring the UN Consolidated List.
But recently talking to European officials, they confirmed that there was a heated debate to include AQ on the main list that I linked to. But the refusal front won.
Even though the EU has another list, it still does not make any sense why they did not put Al Qaeda on the main list. Every nation has just one terrorist list except the EU, why make things complicated?   

I wrote an article for Tech Central Station on that very topic. (You can read it here)

Here are some excerpts:

Following the September 11 attacks, the European Union formulated an official list of terrorist organizations. Groups such as the Basque separatist organization ETA, “the external security arms of Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad”, the real IRA, and the Orange Volunteers were placed on this list, which obliges member states to seize their assets. But there was no mention of Al Qaeda and this was three months after the attacks in New York and Washington DC. The most recent EU list of December 2005 includes now 48 groups (they removed Hezbollah altogether) but still no Al Qaeda.

As a comparison, Al Qaeda is of course included in the US State Department list as well as the UK and Australia ones, which seems only natural and common sense. So, how come the European Union does not consider Al Qaeda a terrorist entity?

Even though the EU has a different definition of terrorism than the US, there’s no way Al Qaeda could not fit it. Europeans have been historically lenient towards what they assume to be “freedom fighting” groups or “mostly social” entities such as Hezbollah. But Al Qaeda cannot be considered either a freedom fighting group, except if one assumes that they are liberating the ex Caliphate, or a social group. But still the EU would not have it; Al Qaeda does not seem to fit its definition of a terrorist group.

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Mere: http://counterterror.typepad.com/

Note: Linket til den Europæiske liste fungerer ikke for mig. Er der allerede nogen i EU, der har røde ører?

I Arlas etiske retningslinier som kan downloades på deres hjemmeside

Kan man læse følgende på Arlas hjemmeside:


Vi skal kun indgå kontrakter med leverandører,
der overholder loven i de lande, hvor de er til stede
samt støtter og respekterer de internationalt
anerkendte menneskerettigheder.

Ifølge medierne er Arla ved at opbygge en fabrik i Saudi Arabien, gad vide hvordan medarbejdernes forhold er der i forhold til ovenstående, både ved opførelsen og den videre drift.

Envidere står der:

Kan vi tage ansvaret for
menneskers vilkår?

Vi har produktion i mange lande, og vores produkter sælges i hele verden. Vi leverer ikke blot fødevarer, men repræsenterer en virksomhedskultur,
der værner om de internationalt anerkendte menneskerettigheder. Dette indebærer, at Arla Foods altid medbringer sit grundsyn, der lyder, at alle menneskers rettigheder altid skal respekteres.

Så må vi jo håbe, at Arla i en eventuel dialog med de saudiske og andre mellemøstlige samarbejdspartnere også står fast på, at danskernes menneskerettigheder i henhold til paragraf 19 overholdes.

Samtidig kan det jo undre, at Arla tilsyneladende accepterer at skrive under på at boykotte Israel, det eneste demokratiske land i Mellemøsten.


Grafik: Kimpolina – Polemiken: http://pol.scantiger.net/

Muhammedanerne vil have copyrighten til Muhammedtegningerne

Muslims march in cartoons protest

Muslims have held their biggest rally so far in the UK in protest at cartoons satirising the Prophet Muhammad.
Police said 10,000 people gathered in Trafalgar Square before marching to Hyde Park. No arrests were made. 

The London march was led by the Muslim Action Committee – an umbrella body for mosques and community groups.

It is the third consecutive weekend of demonstrations over the cartoons, which have prompted violent protests around the world since publication in Denmark.


Ishmaeel Haneef, from the committee, said the demonstrations were continuing because “the provocations have not stopped”.

“These things are still being republished across the world,” he said, using the example of an Italian minister wearing a T-shirt depicting the cartoons.

He said the way to “get back to being a civilised world” was to “give the copyright [of the cartoons] over to the Muslim community”.

BBC: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4726472.stm

Rettighederne til tegningerne ligger hos Dansk Journalistforbund:

Guidelines for use of the twelve Mohammed cartoons

The cartoonists will not oppose reproduction of the Mohammed cartoons that were originally published in Jyllands-Posten if this is done in connection with editorial coverage  in newsmedia or similar media in a manner which complies with the rules of internationally accepted press ethics – www.ifj.org.

The remuneration has been set at €250 per cartoon per reproduction. The fee has been  set at an average to make it applicable for the various types of media and countries.

The cartoonists do not, however, wish to receive the fees themselves. They have instead decided that the fees shall finance an international prize for cartoonists, to be awarded to a recognised and committed cartoonist who in the form of satirical cartoons has focused on important societal matters – such as for example freedom of speech

Please pay the sum in question to the following escrow account with the Danish Union of Journalists’ bank:
BG Bank
Nørre Voldgade 68
1011 Copenhagen K

IBAN:  DK16 3000 0009 6555 65

When payment is made, please also report details of the use made of the cartoons to cartoon@journalistforbundet.dk.
Dansk Journalistforbund: http://www.journalistforbundet.dk/sw35845.asp

Israel truer danske virksomheder

De danske handelsrelationer med Israel risikerer at lide skade som følge af, at danske virksomheder i årevis skriftligt har lovet at boykotte staten Israel for at få lov til at eksportere til muslimske lande.
Den israelske ambassadør i Danmark, David Walzer, vil drøfte de danske virksomheders boykot med den israelske regering og udforme en liste over danske virksomheder, som har skrevet under på at boykotte staten Israel.Det sker efter afsløringerne i Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten søndag af de særlige boykotklausuler, som danske virksomheder – bl.a. Arla og Leo Pharma – har underskrevet for at imødekomme de anti-israelske muslimske lande.

»Hvis oplysningerne er sande, vil vi drøfte, hvilke konsekvenser det skal have for danske virksomheder, også selv om de ikke boykotter Israel i praksis,« siger ambassadør David Walzer.

Mere på Jyllandsposten: http://www.jp.dk/indland/artikel:aid=3567408/

Kommentar: Skulle Israel ikke udforme en liste med virksomheder fra alle lande, der boykotter Israel? 

MBC Team in Denmark to Present Correct Image of the Prophet

The team of Yallah Shabab, a popular program on the Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC) satellite channel, is visiting Denmark to present the true character of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) which was distorted by the recent cartoons.

Twelve cartoons first published by Denmark’s largest newspaper, the Jyllands-Posten, last September and then reprinted in several Western newspapers triggered sometimes violent protests by Muslims worldwide.

The MBC team went to Copenhagen for five days where they will meet with Danish opinion makers.

Yallah Shabab, which targets Muslim youth, went on the air in 2002. It presents youth from different backgrounds discussing contemporary issues of interest to them. The team travels around the world seeking role models in a number of fields, including business, entertainment, sports, religion and politics.

The crew visiting Denmark includes presenters, the producer, the director, cameramen and researchers. They are accompanied by well-known Islamic scholar Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, who frequently appears on the program.

The purpose of the visit is to describe to the Danes the peaceful and merciful message, values, manners and appearance of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

“We want to ensure that they understand that the Prophet remains a role model for an ideal son, husband, father, diplomat, politician, general, imam and leader regardless of time and place,” said Hani Khoja, one of the team members.

Another purpose of the visit is to ensure that the Danes understand that the Prophet is more precious to Muslims than their own lives and that is the reason for the highly emotional protests against the cartoons denigrating him.

At the same time, the team wants to convince the Muslim population that their protests should be through methods that the Prophet would approve and be proud of.

“There should be no more burning of embassies, stamping on flags and violence. We should use more sophisticated, legal and modern methods such as the European court system, educating the West about the Prophet and his message and launching a dialogue with them,” said Khoja.

The team wants to have a frank dialogue with students at the University of Copenhagen, political analysts, ministers, parliament members, businessmen as well as the Danish queen and prime minister if possible, he added.

They also plan to speak with Danish Muslims and visit mosques, Islamic schools, the Copenhagen Library and appear on Danish television and radio.

The entire trip will be filmed and translated into special episodes for Yallah Shabab and will be aired on MBC early next month. International satellite channels, such as CNN and BBC, as well as Danish television have expressed interest in the film.

Fundet på Arab News: http://www.arabnews.com/?page=1§ion=0&article=78071&d=20&m=2&y=2006

Med hjælp fra DemocracyFrontline: http://democracyfrontline.org/news/

Så er det jo lige om der er nogen, der vil høre på dem. Det lyder faretruende, at dansk TV har udvist interesse, skal vi så trækkes med yderligere muhammedansk propaganda i TV? Jeg skal ikke educates af arabisk TV om det korrekte billede af ‘profeten’. Det kan ikke blive andet end skønmaleri af den pædofile massemorderiske landevejsrøver.

Aussie PM says- sections of Australia’s Muslim population are antagonistic to Australian culture

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PRIME Minister John Howard says he stands by his comments that sections of Australia’s Muslim population are antagonistic to Australian culture.

Mr Howard’s views are outlined in a book to mark the 10th anniversary of his rise to power written by journalists and commentators from The Australian newspaper.

In the book, the prime minister said a commitment to jihad and extreme attitudes towards women were two problems unique to Muslims that previous intakes of migrants from Europe and Asia did not have.

Fra DemocracyFrontline: http://democracyfrontline.org/news/?p=68

Nu også protester i New York

Muslimer i New York protesterer nu også mod de danske Muhammedtegninger, og forsøger at starte en boycot

Muslimer i Amerika protesterer nu også mod tegningerne af Muhammed. I storbyen New York er der således store demonstrationer, og de demonstrerende opfordrer til boycot af danske varer – som det også er sket i Mellemøsten. 

Islam er den hastigst voksende religion i USA, og det anslås at der er over 1200 moskeer i staterne.

Demonstrationerne koncentreredes foran det danske konsulat i New York, og det rapporteres, at de forløb fredeligt.

Ekstrabladet: http://ekstrabladet.dk/VisArtikel.iasp?PageID=335858

Ahmed Akkari var tudehistorie i 1994, og fik opholdstilladelse af Birte Weiss

Ekstra Bladet har i flere uger gået tæt på danske imamer, og det er ikke småting det kaster af sig.

Her det meste fra Akkaris Dobbeltspil:

“Syvårige Ahmed kom til Danmark i 1985, hvor familien boede i Hurup i Thy, indtil fodboldklubben betalte en afskedsreception med pommes frites og sodavand i klubhuset i 1990. Årsagen var, at familien Akkari selv ville tilbage til Libanon, men allerede et år efter var Ahmed Akkari og familien tilbage i Danmark igen. Nu kunne de bare ikke få asyl.

Det resulterede i, at Ahmed Akkari og familien optrådte ivrigt i nordjyske medier som en stakkels familie, der ikke ville tilbage til det -måtte man forstå -frygtelige hjemland, som i mellemtiden var blevet fredeligt efter en 15 år lang borgerkrig.

To tunger
Februar 1994 trykte det daværende Aalborg Stiftstidende eksempelvis en artikel om familien Akkari med overskriften: ‘Jeg er dansker’. ‘Danskeren’ var Ahmed Akkari, dengang 15 år. Det besynderlige er, at ‘danskeren’ på dette tidspunkt havde opholdt sig lige lang tid i sit hjemland, Libanon, og i Danmark -alligevel sagde Akkari: – Jeg vil ikke tilbage til Libanon, det er ikke mit land mere. Jeg er dansker nu -det er kun, når jeg ser mig i spejlet, at jeg tænker på, at jeg er udlænding. Han hævdede, at han slet ikke forstod sproget i Libanon – han må i givet fald have lært sig arabisk, efter artiklen i den jyske avis blev trykt. I dag bor Akkaris libanesiskfødte hustru og lille datter i Libanon, ligesom han er ved at uddanne sig til imam i landet…

Humanitært ophold
I artiklen beskrev journalisten, at familien havde hængt malerier af danske bøndergårde og danske kravlenisser op på væggen. På walkmanen blev spillet: ‘Oles nye autobil’, ‘Jeg en gård mig bygge vil’, og ‘Jeg ved en lærkerede’. Den tårepersende historie var det ikke kun Aalborg Stiftstidendes journalist, der åd. Daværende indenrigsminister Birte Weiss (S) gav efterfølgende familien Akkari en humanitær opholdstilladelse.

Da den var hjemme, var det pludselig en helt anden Ahmed Akkari, der tonede frem.

Ville ikke give kvinde hånden
Det fortæller skoleinspektøren på Sønderbroskolen i Aalborg, Karen-Grethe Lodberg, der en dag oplevede, at Ahmed Akkari ikke ville trykke hendes hånd, da hun skulle overrække ham hans eksamensbevis: – Det har jeg aldrig oplevet hverken før eller siden. Det religiøse var ikke noget, han skiltede med, før han fik sin opholdstilladelse. Men da han fik den, blev han ortodoks, siger hun til Ekstra Bladet.”

Man græmmes.

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Iransk børne-TV – Iranian child TV

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