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17 januar 2017

Godhedsalfonser og mangekulturens menneskeofre

Vi som varnade för att placera flyktingar ihop med unga skolelever blev avfärdade som rasister.

Sen blev småtjejer våldtagna och antastade av nyanlända. Jag vill introducera ett nytt begrepp till den politiska debatten: “Godhetshallickar”, de som vurmar för en ansvarslös politik, de själva aldrig behöver uppleva.

I godhetens namn prostituerar ni ut tjejer för att putsa upp er image. Ni är så fina och solidariska. Ni kammar hem hela belöningen medan Sveriges kvinnor får ta hela risken.

Jag är inte emot asylinvandring som koncept. Jag är emot det fruktansvärt ansvarslösa sättet det sköts på. Ni förstör allt förtroende folk har för flyktingmottagning som idé, och i längden kommer ingen vilja ta emot några som helst flyktingar över huvud taget.

8 januar 2017

Løgnepressens største Falske Nyhed hidtil i 2017

CBS NEWS foregiver at gerningsmændene til kidnapningen og torturen i Chicago var hvide og at offeret var sort.

6 januar 2017

Forfalsket dokumentarfilm om Ku Klux Klan

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KKK Documentary Admitted Fake – A&E’s “Generation KKK” Staged by Producers.

3 januar 2017

Best of Paul Joseph Watson

30 december 2016

Professor i fredsstudier går agurk overfor muslimsk kollega fordi hun stemte Trump

Muslim Trump voter Asra Q. Nomani attacked by colleague C. Christine Fair.

Everything was good until a previously friendly colleague named C. Christine Fair went on a 31-day rant about how horrible Nomani was for voting for Trump. Nomani tried to calm the situation with her once friendly colleague by asking her to take a step back and breath so as to stop becoming a hypocrite but that was never going to happen. Nomani later replied that she condemns all hatred but while she remained the peaceful person in the situation her liberal “open-minded” ex-collegue continued to attack her repeatedly.

This woman just didn’t know when to stop. After her Twitter rant she went on Facebook to post her opinion in a dramatic narrative open letter

And as any open minded person would end an argument where they have made themselves look like a complete and utter fool, she ended her message with telling Nomani to “Fuck off” and telling her to “go to hell.”

According to Nomani’s Dec. 23 follow-up complaint to the university, the “Peace and Security Studies” professor called her a “wretch,” “clueless dolt” and a fame-monger.

Fair also compared Trump to Adolf Hitler and asserted that Nomani’s vote for Trump “helped normalize Nazis in DC.” She didn’t clarify if she was referring to Trump supporters or actual Nazis marching the streets.

25 december 2016

Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Moron Journalist Lauren Duca on Ivanka Trump Harassed on Plane UK news US UK news US

19 december 2016

Den amerikanske regerings propagandafabrik og påstanden om “falske nyheder”

13 december 2016

MUST SEE: Sean Spicer Smashes Fake News MSNBC Reporter Over Rusian Hack Claims

Professor Tony Macula: Trump legitimerer White Power

Tucker Carlson takes on an Anti-Trump professor who sent out an email berating his pro-Trump co-workers

12 december 2016

The 7 Worst Examples of Fake News From the Mainstream Media

Of course, in reality, what’s happening is that liberals believe social media contributed to Hillary’s loss in 2016; so there’s a big push to shut down conservative voices on Twitter and Facebook. The excuse they’re using to do that is “fake news.”


Yet, for every piece of “false news” there are probably five pieces of news put out by left-wing sources that either don’t feel compelled to tell the truth about conservatives, have become largely indistinguishable from Democratic Party press releases or that have fallen so in love with a narrative that they don’t care whether a story is true or not as long as it fits.

Læs de 7 værste eksempler her


10 december 2016

You Can’t Cuck The TUCK! vol. 5

7 december 2016

Breitbart går globalt

Og MSM bruger selvfølgelig associationstricket og taler om ‘falske nyheder’ med det samme.

29 november 2016

Østrig holder omvalg om præsidentposten den 4. december

Barroso trækker Nazi-kortet mod FPÖ kandidaten Norbert Hofer.

Et svindelnummers anatomi – journalister sluger madding synk og fiskesnøre

28 november 2016

Washington Post: Alle der ikke er pro-Clinton er russiske propagandister

Washington Post Names Drudge, Zero Hedge, & Ron Paul As Anti-Clinton “Sophisticated Russian Propaganda Tools”

The desperate flailing of a mainstream-media struggling through the five stages of grief continues as no lesser unbiased foundation of the fourth estate than The Washington Post pushes ahead with its “fake news, blame the Russians” narrative for why their candidate failed so miserably.

Citing “two teams of independent researchers” (who surely have a substantial libel litigation provision)  who found “Russia’s increasingly sophisticated propaganda machinery… echoed and amplified right-wing sites across the Internet as they portrayed Clinton as a criminal,” the Jeff Bezos-owned website names Drudge, Zero Hedge, and The Ron Paul Institute and countless other outlets among the “useful idiots” that true American patriots should be wary of.

Mere på Zero Hedge


22 november 2016

Paul Joseph Watson’s seneste om Trumps ‘racisme’

19 november 2016

Stefan Molyneux: The Untruth About Steve Bannon | Donald Trump’s Chief Strategist

Breitbart’s Joel Pollak: Alt media in the Trump era

Breitbart’s Joel Pollak talks to Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media about the controversy surrounding his former boss Steve Bannon, who is headed to work for Trump in the White House.


Muslim gider ikke sidde blandt danskere – MSM-fotograf: “For me, it captures the growing xenophobia..”

17 november 2016

Mediernes hykleri over Steve Bannon

After news broke that President-elect Donald Trump appointed Stephen K. Bannon as his chief White House strategist, the media unleashed a torrent of attacks calling Bannon an extremist, a “white nationalist,” and a “racist” in order to force Trump to rescind his offer to add Bannon to his White House staff.

But after Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison was floated as the possible new head of the Democrat National Committee, the same media completely ignored his repeated anti-Semitic and radical Islamic statements.


This sparse, yet fawning coverage of Ellison was had despite the rising voice of concern by Jewish groups worried over his past radical Muslim statements.

The networks also ignored Ellison’s praise and support of anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakahn, his support of reparations for slavery, and his demands that the U.S. government set aside land inside the country for a new black “homeland.”

Ellison also has a “history of Muslim Brotherhood connections,” according to terrorism expert Steve Emerson.

Mere på Breitbart

Muslim Congressman Caught Financing JIHAD

Se evt fra 1:45 og fremad – rendyrket taqyyia og Maher er desværre for nemt et bytte for Ellison.

Ellison er iøvrigt den første muslim i Kongressen, han aflagde ed på koranen og ikke Biblen. derudover er han berygtet for at have sammenlignet G.W. Bush med Adolf Hitler og nægte Geert Wilders indrejse i USA.

Ellison has associated with the Muslim American Society, a Virginia-based group founded by Muslim Brotherhood members in 1993 to act as the “overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States,” according to federal prosecutors in 2007. The United Arab Emirates recently added the group to a list of terrorist organizations.

In 2008, the society paid for Ellison, a practicing Muslim, to make a 16-day pilgrimage, known as the hajj, to Mecca. He was joined on the trip by Asad Zaman, who sits on the board of the Muslim American Society’s Minnesota chapter. Zaman has contributed thousands of dollars to Ellison’s congressional runs, both before and after the Mecca trip.

Mere på The Washington Free Beacon

16 november 2016

The Hill: Breitbart News Planning Lawsuit Against ‘Major Media Company’

“Breitbart News Network, a pro-America, conservative website, is preparing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against a major media company for its baseless and defamatory claim that Breitbart News is a ‘white nationalist website,’” the statement reads.

“Breitbart News cannot allow such vicious racial lies to go unchallenged, especially by cynical, politically-motivated competitors seeking to diminish its 42 million monthly readers and its number one in the world political Facebook page. Breitbart News rejects racism in all its varied and ugly forms. Always has, always will,” the statement continue.

Mere på Breitbart

All the existential rage of the defeated and humiliated elites is now focused against Steve Bannon, the architect of Trump’s victory, the media genius who won the battle with less than a fifth of the financial resources at Hillary Clinton’s disposal.

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