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9 oktober 2017

Italiensk aktivist er træt af invandrenes voldtægter …

Og træt af de feminister og politisk korrekte, der støtter voldtægterne !


Skru ned for volumenknappen, for Giorgia Meloni taler sig varm og råber til sidst 🙂

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  1. Press release for the launch of the New Charles Martel
    We are a group of French people who can not stand anymore Islam, its crimes, its intolerance and its contempt for France and the French people.
    In a European context (Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Holland, etc.) and even Western (USA) favorable to our ideas, we launch the New Charles Martel so that the French people can reconquer their territory, their culture and their honor. And in doing so, inspire other Western peoples to do the same, in coordination with us.
    Here is our first videos where we announce our creation, our objectives and our methods. The urgency of the European situation in general and French in particular guides our radical choices.
    Every day, we will publish a video, in French and in English, where we will present our point of view, and we will encourage concrete action for our compatriots and our friends abroad.
    This October 25th, 2017 will not be only an anniversary of the Battle of Poitiers, it will also be the day the French reconquest was launched!
    Honor and fatherland !
    The New Charles Martel
    PS: for obvious security reasons we only respond to emails that end up @protonmail.com, secure, free and encrypted messaging system.


    Kommentar af Charles Martel — 1 november 2017 @ 02:19

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