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17 februar 2017

Feminist Fails & SJW Cringe Compilation


16 februar 2017

Støt Donald Trump


15 februar 2017

Toronto: Black Lives Matter leder: Hvide er undermennesker der skal ausradiert werden

The controversial leader of Black Lives Matter Toronto who once said “Plz Allah give me strength to not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today” has made more racist comments against white people.

Yusra Khogali wrote on Facebook that white people are “genetic defects” and should be “wiped out”.

As reported by The Sun, the comments were made in late 2015. She wrote that, “Whiteness is not humxness” and “white skin is sub-humxn.”

Mere på The Rebel

14 februar 2017

Tucker interviewer venstrefascistisk leder af Sturm Abteilung (S.A. 2.0) skolelæreren Yvette Felarca fra Berkeley

Tucker takes on national organizer for BAMN, which was one of the biggest supporters of the protests of Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos’s campus speech

Hun er total fanatiker.

11 februar 2017

David Horowitz på Hannity

Det Demokratiske Parti er Hadets parti

10 februar 2017

Dear White People – Netflix “Black Revenge” Fantasy Series

9 februar 2017

16 Falske Nyheder fra Løgnepressen siden Trump vandt

Whenever you turn on a news station, visit a news website, or check in on a journalist or media personality on Twitter or Facebook, there is an excellent chance you will be exposed to fake news.

It is rapidly becoming an accepted part of the way the American media are run.

How we will get out of this is anyone’s guess. We might not get out of it, not so long as Trump is president of these United States. We may be up for four—maybe eight!—long years of authentic fake news media hysteria. It is worth cataloging at least a small sampling of the hysteria so far. Only when we fully assess the extent of the media’s collapse into ignominious ineptitude can we truly begin to reckon with it.

Since Trump’s election, here’s just a small sampling of fake news that our media and our journalist class have propagated.

Læs 16 eksempler her.

8 februar 2017

MSNBC: Vil Trump få journalister myrdet?

MSNBC reporter Katy Tur is concerned that President Trump may start having reporters assassinated for saying negative things about him.

This is all a coordinated strategy of the liberal media to paint Trump as a dangerous dictator in order to encourage the radical Leftists to keep up their protests and riots.

7 februar 2017

Piers Morgan hos Tucker Carlson – han lyder næsten helt fornuftig

Hvid supremacist truer med at skabe jobs for sorte i Baltimore – racisme!

4 februar 2017

Tucker Carlson – Milo Yiannopoulos Interview

Børnehavepædagog vil dræbe Det hvide Hus og hvide mennesker

Sarah Silverman Anti-Trump nedsmeltning

30 januar 2017


26 januar 2017

Metallica Guitarist Kirk Hammett Anti-Trump Meltdown

Lead guitarist for Metallica, Kirk Hammett is having a hard time with the fact that Donald Trump is now the President.

He also equates Trump’s America First” slogan as being something Adolf Hitler would say! Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

25 januar 2017

Pornostjerne afslører Bill Maher

12 januar 2017

Fører CIA krig mod Donald Trump med hjælp fra løgnemedierne, Demokraterne og Trumps republikanske modstandere?

The Deep State Goes to War with President-Elect, Using Unverified Claims, as Democrats Cheer.

In January, 1961, Dwight Eisenhower delivered his farewell address after serving two terms as U.S. president; the five-star general chose to warn Americans of this specific threat to democracy: “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.” That warning was issued prior to the decadelong escalation of the Vietnam War, three more decades of Cold War mania, and the post-9/11 era, all of which radically expanded that unelected faction’s power even further.

This is the faction that is now engaged in open warfare against the duly elected and already widely disliked president-elect, Donald Trump. They are using classic Cold War dirty tactics and the defining ingredients of what has until recently been denounced as “Fake News.”

Their most valuable instrument is the U.S. media, much of which reflexively reveres, serves, believes, and sides with hidden intelligence officials. And Democrats, still reeling from their unexpected and traumatic election loss as well as a systemic collapse of their party, seemingly divorced further and further from reason with each passing day, are willing — eager — to embrace any claim, cheer any tactic, align with any villain, regardless of how unsupported, tawdry and damaging those behaviors might be.

Læs den meget interessante artikel her

Her er mere om det, der begynder at ligne et statskup mod Trump.

10 januar 2017

Hollywoods champagnesocialister hader Trump men hylder pædofil voldtægtsforbryder

Meryl Creep gives a standing ovation to admitted and convicted pedophile Roman Polanski.

Others including Jack Nicholson, Martin Scorsese, Kim Catrall all admire one of the most dispicable men in the history of Hollywood. Here’s the story the mainstream media won’t tell you about Meryl Streep. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

Fox journalist konfronterer Brooklyn advokaten Dan Goldstein der chikanerede Ivanka Trump og hendes børn på fly

Jesse Watters Confronts Ivanka Trump Harasser – Watters’ World Jan 6, 2017

Venstrefascistisk sjovnalist chikanerer youtube-bloggeren Millenium Woes

Black Pigeon forklarer:

Her er fascisten Alan McEwan:


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