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10 juni 2017

Tucker tror ikke sige egne ører – muslimer vil have skatteyderbetalte ‘safe spaces’

28 maj 2017

Peer review: Verdens smarteste hund Dr Olivia Doll

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Perth Australia is now home to the world’s smartest dog, at least on paper.

Local “academic” Dr Olivia Doll — also known as Staffordshire terrier Ollie — sits on the editorial boards of seven international medical journals and has just been asked to review a research paper on the management of tumours.

Her impressive curriculum vitae lists her current role as senior lecturer at the Subiaco College of Veterinary Science and past associate of the Shenton Park Institute for Canine Refuge Studies — which is code for her earlier life in the dog refuge.

Ollie’s owner, veteran public health expert Mike Daube, decided to test how carefully some journals scrutinised their editorial reviewers, by inventing Dr Doll and making up her credentials.

The five-year-old pooch has managed to dupe a range of publications specialising in drug abuse, psychiatry and respiratory medicine into appointing her to their editorial boards.

Dr Doll has even been fast-tracked to the position of associate editor of the Global Journal of Addiction and Rehabilitation Medicine.

Several journals have published on their websites a supplied photo of Dr Doll, which is actually of a bespectacled Kylie Minogue.

Professor Daube said none of them smelt a rat, despite Dr Doll’s listed research interests in “the benefits of abdominal massage for medium-sized canines” and “the role of domestic canines in promoting optimal mental health in ageing males”.

Today Ollie is being featured in a more reputable publication, the Medical Journal of Australia’s Insight magazine, which is looking at the surge in journals which charge desperate would-be researchers up to $3000 to get their studies published.

“While this started as something lighthearted, I think it is important to expose shams of this kind which prey on the gullible, especially young or naive academics and those from developing countries,” Professor Daube said.

He said the authors would be gutted to know their papers were being reviewed by a dog, who often needed to be offered a treat before she dragged herself in front of the laptop. “It gives all researchers paws for thought,” Professor Daube said.

Dr Doll refused to comment unless she was taken for walkies.

10 maj 2017

Paul Watson gør op med feministernes ævl: der ER fysisk forskel

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Og det dokumenterer han på sin sædvanlige satiriske måde 🙂

Manden har ret !

Selv om man givetvis kunne finde mange tåbelige mandlige fodboldkiks 🙂

Jeg synes det bedste bevis er, hvor hurtigt mandlige fodboldsspillere løber op langs banen – prøv at sammenligne med kvindelige spillere

1 maj 2017

Rebel Media Down Under

Ezra Levant meets up with Rebel contributor Claire Lehmann in Sydney, Australia.

She talks about the media’s reluctance to publish her opinions critical of feminism and other liberal sacred cows.

26 april 2017

Australien: Skoler radikaliserer unge

12 april 2017

No-go-zoner er ikke nok – muslimer forlanger deres egen stat i Australien – Canada er næste land

Christians in Sydney, Australia, are being advised to hide their crosses after an Arabic-speaking gang shouting “F*** Jesus!” attacked a couple on a train while transport officers looked on from a “safe space” and did nothing.

11 april 2017

Australien: Politiker diskuterer med hjernedød muslima

3 april 2017

Hirsi Ali aflyser turne i Australien på grund af trusler

21 marts 2017

Aktivister overdriver skader på Great Barrier Reef

The chairman of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Russell Reichelt says that activist groups are distorting surveys, maps and data to exaggerate the coral bleaching on the reef.

The bleaching affects 22% of the reef and is mostly localized to the far northern section, which has good prospects of recovery.

Two reef groups are in conflict. One is Reichelt’s GBR Authority, and the other is a special “National Coral Bleaching Taskforce” run by a guy called Terry Hughes. The Australian media was overrun with stories last week about how a report was censored to hide the damage. What was under-reported was the conflict and the propaganda.

The real problem appears to be that yet another agency was set up to find a crisis, and their existence depends on finding one. The Taskforce was set up in October last year.

We have the largest coral reef structure in the world, but sometimes the ABC can’t find a picture of bleaching from it, instead using an image from Samoa (top right). Greenpeace used the same trick.

Læs mere om svindelen her

Oops… ‘scientists’ overlooked effect of ‘dead zones’ on coral reefs. Not global warming. Not ocean acidification.

6 februar 2017

Australien vil slå hårdt ned på kriminelle indvandrere

AUSTRALIA has proposed a tough new measures cracking down on migrant gang violence, under which young thugs could be more easily kicked out of the country.

The radical new measures would make it harder for migrant criminals, including those within the notorious African Apex migrant gang, to gain citizenship.

The ‘character test’ would become more strigent while those involved in gang-related crime would need to wait ten years before they could apply for citizenship.

The two-strike policy would see offenders too young to leave their home in Australia deported as soon as they turned 18.

If they fail to curb their behaviour after one warning, the migrants would be locked up in detention and have their visas cancelled as soon as they reached adulthood.

Mere her

Det er lige før, man kan høre menneskerettighedsfanatikerne skrige af raseri.

3 februar 2017

Krauthammer om USA, Trump og Iran , Australien

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Trump har reageret mod Irans provokationer

20 januar 2017

Australsk politi vil have denne video fjernet fra nettet

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Australia: Police ask reporter to take down video of witness saying car attacker was screaming “Allahu akbar


Mand kører fodgængere ned i Melbourne – dræber 3

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Han råbte ‘Allahu akbar’ men det har selvfølgelig ikke noget med islam at gøre – det er rent enkeltstående tilfælde.

First picture of Melbourne mall rampage suspect ‘who mowed down and killed four people’ posing next to TANK

8 januar 2017

Ann Marie Waters Moment: The Islamic Darkness Descends on Europe.

23 december 2016

Australien forhindrer muslimsk terrorangreb

Efter sigende ville de angribe en togstation og myrde løs

Det er meget sparsomt med officiele oplysninger, så tag det foreløbig med et gran salt

Men nogen overraskelse vil det ikke være 😦

3 september 2016

En ny aktivistisk højrebevægelse i Vesten

Paris, Vienna, Berlin, NY? – Power of actions like Brandenburg Gate

What is the importance of identitarian acitivsm like the Occupation of Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the Mosque in Poitier and the Burgtheater in Vienna?

-What was the mistake of the “old New Right” and what does Guillaume Faye mean with “Metapolitics in the void?

-What could be the perspective of an active New Right Movement in US, UK, Canada & Australia?

I try to answer those questions in this vlog, though it’s just the start of a thought and maybe dialogue to come.

Martin Sellner: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

24 august 2016

Allahu akbar: Fredens religion slår til med kniv-jihad i Australien

Knife Wielding Akbarian Terrorist Attack KIlls a British Woman Townsville Australia QLD

16 august 2016

Det er ikke nogen tilfældighed at frasen “kangaroo court” er fra Australien

Hvis du får nogen til at føle ubehag ved dine ytringer, kan du komme for retten og dømmes !

Heldigvis er flere og flere i færd med at bekæmpe en tåbelig lov, som gør ovenstående muligt:

Og så har Australien endda en borgerlig regering nu ! – af navn , tydeligvis …

Taget fra Vlad

5 august 2016

Interview Mike Holt Australian Counter-Jihad activist

20 marts 2016

Australsk TV-hold bliver kulturberiget i Sverigestan

De var kommet for at lave en historie om den humanitære stormagt

Og de fik deres historie – måske ikke den, de regnede med

Taget herfra

CBS har en glimrende video om den svenske “humanitære” stormagt:

Taget fra snaphanen

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