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10 februar 2017

Valgsvindel i New York


Det er det DDR hånende siger ikke eksisterer!

15 januar 2017

Ted Cruz angriber Demokraterne

6 januar 2017

Løgnepressens manipulation kender ingen grænser

Uanset hvor WikiLeaks oplysninger kom fra, forholder heller ikke danske medier sig til sagens kerne.

Da der ingen tvivl er om de hackede mails ægthed, er der ingen – heller ikke danske – medier, der omtaler dem, fordi de er ødelæggende for mediernes egen rolle i valgkampen. Mailene indeholdt jo oplysninger om Clinton kampagnens korruption, ødelæggelse af Hillarys modstandere indenfor hendes eget parti og ikke mindst den bundrådne løgnepresses samarbejde med Hillary.

Så delegitimeringen af Trumps valgsejr fortsætter med at gå efter manden, selve substansen bliver ikke berørt. Formålet er allerede nu at opbygge en myte om, at Trump vandt valget med ‘ulovlige’ metoder og at skjule hvor uhæderlige Hillary og Hussein Obama i virkeligheden er. Alle løgnemedier deltager.

Forhåbentlig går det op for flere og flere, at medierne m. fl. fortsætter med at grave deres egen grav.

29 november 2016

Den tyske forbundsregering nægter at have støttet Hillary Clintons valgkamp

Die Bundesregierung weist Vorwürfe zurück, sie habe mit einer Millionen-Zahlung in den US-Wahlkampf eingreifen wollen.

  • Das Ministerium nehme „grundsätzlich keine Spenden vor“, erklärte ein Sprecher des Bundesumweltministeriums der „Welt“.
  • Laut der Geberliste der “Clinton Foundation”, überwies das Ministerium zwischen einer und 5 Millionen US-Dollar.

Mere her.

6 november 2016

Hvem er Huma Abedin?

5 november 2016

Undercover Video Exposes Early Clinton Email Witness Who Was Never Interviewed by FBI

Project Veritas Action has just released a new video relating to the investigations of Hillary Clinton’s private email servers.

As a result of multiple investigations regarding Secretary Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, it was learned that State Department IT people knew of Clinton’s private email server as early as 2010, but the FBI and mainstream media don’t seem to have interviewed key people who know about it. Follow a Project Veritas Action journalist in this video as she confronts one of these key government IT officials.

Many thanks to Lee Stranahan for collaborating with PVA on this video. https://www.youtube.com/user/Stranahan

20 oktober 2016


17 oktober 2016

Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal

12 oktober 2016

Gingrich on the media’s deliberate effort to destroy Trump

AOn ‘Hannity,’ Former House speaker slams the mainstream media for refusing to vet Hillary Clinton

So wait, 4 women decide after remaining silent sometimes for decades that 1 month before the election is the time to complain?

10 oktober 2016

MSM indrømmer åbent at de arbejder for Hillary – og at de er stolte af det!

Problemet er, at de altid arbejder for venstrefløjens kandidater, det nye er, at de nu indrømmer det.

8 oktober 2016


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Trump’s absurdly offensive tape was dropped right about the same time that this emails came out which seem to show John Podesta of the Hillary Campaign literally coordinating with a SuperPAC – which is illegal.

18 september 2016

Hvis Trump vinder risikerer Bill og Hillary fængsel

6 september 2016

Clintons og Bahrain


31 august 2016

Medie organisationer donerer til Clinton Foundation og underspiller Clintons skandaler

Hillary Clinton and her media allies have been working overtime to put out numerous fires that continue to pop up and spread during the final weeks of her campaign for president.

Recently, the flames have gotten more difficult to smother as reports of Clinton’s frail health have bled into the mainstream media, despite the unanimous and unilateral decision by the MSM to treat anyone who even raises a question as akin to a Holocaust denier. (On Sunday night, for example, Huffington Post fired contributor David Seaman and deleted his columns simply for linking to a Hillary health video that’s been viewed four million times.)


Despite these ongoing scandals, Clinton’s close yet questionable ties to media outlets such as Google, CNN, PBS and The New York Times have seemed to pay off. These entities have gone out of their way to censor negative stories about Clinton, particularly ones involving the Clinton Foundation. There’s one common thread though these media outlets suppressing harmful Clinton stories all share: they’ve donated to the Clinton Foundation.

Mere på Observer Politics


23 august 2016

Clinton Cash, full movie (Director’s cut)- Extreme corruption by the Clintons exposed

Clinton Cash, full movie (Director’s cut)

Extreme corruption by the Clintons exposed, based on book “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich” (2015) by Peter Schweizer.

13 august 2016

Huge blow for Hillary? Here’s what’s different about latest Clinton Foundation investigation

Brian Lilley reports on yet another Hillary Clinton investigation this time by someone outside the influence of the White House and a man with a reputation for fighting corruption.

Watch Brian’s video for the details.

1 august 2016

Clinton Cash

29 juli 2016

Hillary Camp Freaking Out As This Video Goes Viral ‘No Way To Stop It Now’ VIDEO

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton is the current darling of the liberal media and the frontrunner for Democratic nomination for the 2016 presidential election.

However, a new video could destroy her political career, giving her a term in a jail cell rather than the Oval Office.

American Freedom Fighters has discovered that Hillary has made billions off the American taxpayers in illegal schemes and backroom deals. Despite spending millions on media damage control and a legal team, Clinton can’t stop Americans from seeing this video and discovering the truth about her antics. In this video, it is revealed that Hillary Clinton used the White House as a way to funnel money to powerful friends while her husband was president. Anyone who crossed Hillary died under mysterious circumstances. Hillary has managed to keep her past quiet with fear and threats, but a brave few are willing to speak out.

From the Whitewater Scandal to Benghazi to Emailgate, Hillary’s time in national politics has been spent in constant scandal. The media refuses to discuss the dirty deeds of their favorite candidate, while she has escaped legal consequences due to a large legal team and constant intimidation of anyone who speaks out. This viral video finally gives Americans the information that they need to make an informed decision about Hillary Clinton and may even land her in court with felony charges. This time, there is nothing she can do.

15 juli 2016

USA: Efter Servergate er retssamfundet en vittighed

“Laws are just words on a page to be rewritten by and for powerful people.”

Comey’s rationale for not referring the Clinton case for prosecution defied all logic and, according to former assistant US Attorney Andy McCarthy, represented an on-the-spot revision of federal law. McCarthy wrote:

 “There is no way of getting around this: According to Director James Comey (disclosure: a former colleague and longtime friend of mine), Hillary Clinton checked every box required for a felony violation of Section 793(f) of the federal penal code (Title 18): With lawful access to highly classified information she acted with gross negligence in removing and causing it to be removed it from its proper place of custody, and she transmitted it and caused it to be transmitted to others not authorized to have it, in patent violation of her trust. Director Comey even conceded that former Secretary Clinton was ‘extremely careless’ and strongly suggested that her recklessness very likely led to communications (her own and those she corresponded with) being intercepted by foreign intelligence services.”

Yes, she did all of things and more. According to Director Comey, Hillary’s saving grace was her supposed lack of intent to break the law. She didn’t mean to do what she did, you see. There are two responses to this. First, yes there was her intention. Hillary Clinton didn’t set up her illegal email server by accident. She didn’t use it for all of her correspondence by chance. She didn’t wipe the server by bumbling error, an issue I noticed Comey did not even address. But the second response is even more important: intent is not the legal standard; negligence is. Even his whitewash investigation found that she and her staff were “extremely careless” with classified information. Carelessness is a synonym for negligence.

So Hillary will skate. Director Comey dished out the only punishment she will likely ever face—a stern talking-to. Start printing invitations for the Inaugural Ball—Hillary’s going to be our next president!

As I sat listening to Comey’s remarks, my mind wandered to President Gerald Ford, who inherited the office after the Watergate scandal. At his August 1974 inauguration, Ford tried to assuage the public’s anger with assurances that justice had been done. “My fellow Americans,” said the newly minted president, “our long national nightmare is over. Our Constitution works; our great Republic is a government of laws and not of men.”


Richard Nixon was not charged with anything and he was in fact pardoned. It should be noted here that at least Nixon paid some price: the not insignificant loss of his elected office. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is on the fast track to becoming the next president. That’s the difference.

Three years after Nixon resigned he sat for a series of interviews with David Frost, a British journalist and television host. Perhaps the most memorable quote came when Nixon said “I’m saying that when the president does it that means that it’s not illegal.” People were rightfully shocked.

Nixon’s governing philosophy, so in-eloquently blurted out on national television, is probably more common among powerful people than we’d like to believe. Though Hillary Clinton has never said those exact words, she conducts herself as if she believes them.


Once you understand that laws are just a lot of useless paper, all of our endless squabbling seems pretty silly. What’s the point of learned men standing around in a courtroom arguing the finer points of the law when in the end it means whatever the judge decides it means? It’s not good enough to have the law on your side. That’s actually quite irrelevant. You have to have the judges on your side.


Who cares what the law actually says? Let’s determine what Congress meant, rather than what was debated and voted on.

These people are just making it up as they go along. They decide the hot button issues of the day according to their preferences then go in search of a justification. No justification is too lame because they’re the supremes and we’re not.

This is the way we do things in America these days. The law isn’t really the law. Powerful people do whatever the heck they feel like doing and if the law gets in their way it is magically rewritten on the spot. Sometimes it’s the FBI director who decides to change the plain meaning of a statute. Sometimes it’s a judge. It can be the president, or even on occasion, a backroom bureaucrat. Beneath the tissue-thin pretense of an orderly, principled system, it’s actually just a naked power struggle—and we’re losing.

Benny Huang på Freedom Daily via No Pasaran

14 juli 2016

FBI agenter mener der blev slået en handel af mellem Loretta Lynch og Bill Clinton

FBI agents expressed their “disappointment” over FBI Director James Comey’s decision not to recommend charges against Clinton, sources close to the matter told The Post.

“FBI agents believe there was an inside deal put in place after the Loretta Lynch/Bill Clinton tarmac meeting,” said one source.

Another source from the Justice Department was “furious” with Comey, saying he’s “managed to piss off right and left.”

Mere på New York Post

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