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22 marts 2017

Udtalelse fra Britain First om terroren i London

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The Britain First leadership team has voted to change the location of next Saturday’s protest march to London in response to today’s horrific terror attack.

We will now be holding a “London march against terrorism!” and already there has been a huge upsurge in confirmations.

All patriots are welcome and we appeal to everyone who cares about their country and their children to join us in London next Saturday!

The Metropolitan Police has been informed of our event and we are lining up some new guest speakers for this mammoth event.

It has now been confirmed that multiple civilians and a police officer have died following today’s attack.

It looks almost certain that the attacker was a radical Islamic extremist known to the police.

Please visit the official Facebook event page for our London march and click on ‘Going’ or ‘Interested’.

Terrorangreb i London – 4 døde

Og medierne er helt uden anelse om hvad motivet er.

Hvad mon Londons muslimske borgmester har at sige?


Foto af gerningsmanden: Terrorist’s name was Abu Isadeen, right hand man of Abu Hamza at the Finsbury Park mosque .



21 marts 2017

Sverige vågn op !

Et par utrolige våbenrelaterede historier

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi står overfor en bitter død på slagmarken

ISLAMIC State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi faces a grim end on the battlefield, a top British general warned today.

He said the Allies are hunting Baghdadi who has presided over bloodthirsty atrocities in a relentless reign of .


He pledged that Baghdadi will go the same way as his henchmen most of whom have been killed by local forces on the ground or the sustained air offensive of the US-led coalition.

Major General Rupert Jones, the deputy commander of the US-led coalition against or Daesh, also vowed to hunt down ISIS foreign fighters including British volunteers.

Mere på Express

Britain’s top commander in Iraq and Syria has warned foreign fighters travelling to join Islamic State (IS) in the region: “We will target you, we will find you, and we will kill you.”

Major General Rupert Jones said it did not matter where people came from, as they would all be treated the same.

6 marts 2017

Racisme i Syd-Afrika: Anti-semitter angriber jødiske og arabiske israelere

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South African anti-Israel activists violently attack delegation of Jewish and Arab Israelis

Shocking scenes today as BDS anti-Israel activists turn violent, attacking Jewish students and their Israel display at Wits – University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. Once again so-called Israel “Apartheid Weeks” bring havoc to university campuses. Shameful.

Kudos to the SAUJS – South African Union of Jewish Students and our StandWithUs delegation of Israeli students there to reach out to people about Israel in an atmosphere of peace, despite the violence of these protesters. In spite of this incident, they are continuing their educational outreach and won’t be deterred!

Geert Wilders under militær beskyttelse under valgkampen

GEERT Wilders will be protected by a special unit of the Netherlands’ military police as he resumes his campaign into the run up to the country’s general election.

Mr Wilders had been forced to cancel all public appearances ahead of the Dutch vote on March 15 after it emerged that a member of the protection squad – identified only as Faris K – had leaked information to Moroccan criminal gangs.

Mere her.

Shock and Conduct: Geert Wilders Respects European Lives, not Merkel

Ægte ‘Fake news’

4 marts 2017

UK: Kulturberiger går amok på gaden

Den svenske regering lyver om tilstandene i Sverige

Katie Hopkins hos Tucker om Sverige

Tucker: “De vil hellere ødelægge deres eget land end blive kaldt racister.”

2 marts 2017

Sverige kollapser

Trump overdrev ikke, da han pegede på Sverige som et bedrøveligt eksempel på, hvad muslimsk indvandring kan medføre.

Tværtimod. Islamisk styrede områder, voldtægtsepidemi og en kollapset retsstat. Landet er på vej ud i en humanitær katastrofe, et reelt sammenbrud som ikke kan stoppes.

Svenske stats-medier er nervøse for Tim Pools besøg i Sverige

Swedish State Media makes an interview with Tim Pool, the American journalist who went to report on the no go zones in Sweden.

Safe to say, they don’t like him being there.

Tim Pool bliver eskorteret ud af no-go zonen i Rinkeby

1 marts 2017


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TigerLady Shop

Britain First demo i Telford: Venstrefascistisk Sturmabteilung (S.A. 2.0) kaster mursten efter handikappet kvinde

Britain First’s protest in Telford was a success with hundreds of patriots attending from all over the country.

Around 25 leftwing idiots, with face masks, turned up to counter protest and three of them were arrested for violence!

One of the lowlifes threw a brick at a disabled woman, causing her horrible injuries, and was immediately arrested.

27 februar 2017

“Der er ingen jødisk fremtid i Sverige!”

Visiting Stockholm in 2016, Ezra Levant talks to Stefan Ritter, a Jewish counter-jihadist who tells him what life is like now for the city’s Jewish population.

Tommy Robinson om skægbørn

26 februar 2017

Douglas Murray vs svensk socialdemokrat Laila Naraghi om Trump og Sverige

25 februar 2017

Colin Flaherty: Er der nogen lighed mellem den sorte vold i USA og den muslimske i Europa?

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