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3 oktober 2017

I mellemtiden i den Haag

31 august 2017

Europa: Til grin for vore egne penge – jihadister på bistandshjælp

Jihadister på bistandshjælp over hele Europa:

  • While taking money from Swiss taxpayers, Abu Ramadan, a well-known Salafist, called for the introduction of Sharia law in Switzerland and urged Muslims to avoid integrating into Swiss society. He also said that Muslims who commit crimes in Switzerland should not be subject to Swiss laws.
  • “This scandal is so huge that it is difficult to believe. Imams who preach hate towards Christians and Jews, and who criticize the depravity of the West, are granted asylum and are living comfortably as refugees on social welfare. All this with the complicity of cowardly and incompetent authorities who give carte blanche to the complacent and naive assistants of the asylum and social welfare system.” — Adrian Amstutz, Swiss parliamentarian.
  • City officials in Lund remain undeterred: They have launched a pilot project aimed at providing Swedish jihadists who are returning from Syria with housing, employment, education and other financial support — all thanks to the Swedish taxpayers.

Mere her fra Gatestone Institute

Inkompetencen blandt politikere, embedsmænd og andre myndigheder er grænseløs.

Indvandringen fører til brutale overgreb

27 august 2017

Ungarn bryder med Holland

18 august 2017

Hvorfor Holland ikke er et demokrati

14 august 2017

Holland: Oplevelser i en kommune med et stort antal muslimer

Below is a record of my experiences of living in an area with a large Muslim community.

Not in Britain: at that time I was in a small city in southern Holland, but to all intents and purposes it could be. From what I understand, these experiences are repeated all over Western Europe.

It is an observation, nothing more.

The events below, taking place as they did over a long period of time, were a major factor – though in fairness not the only one – in the (mild) stroke and subsequent total breakdown I suffered. Full recovery is not yet complete. Long exposure to constant harassment, particularly harassment of your children, and being powerless to do anything can be extraordinarily draining.

Despite everything, I stick by my opinion that not all Muslims are bad people (logic dictates that this cannot be so). I have to be really honest though: I haven’t met many of the decent ones.

Here we go then…

10 august 2017

Kulturberigelse ved festival i Holland

26 juli 2017

Demonstration i Oslo henviser til nedslagtning af jøder

Arrangørene av demonstrasjonen i Oslo lørdag 22. juli kaller seg «Sammen for Jerusalem».

MIFFs inspirator i sosiale medier Geir Knutsen fulgte med på arrangørenes egen direktesending og ble sjokkert over det han hørte. MIFF har sendt tips om saken til journalist Lars Akerhaug, som er kyndig i arabisk.

I sin artikkel i avisen Dagen skriver Akerhaug:

«Under en demonstrasjon i protest mot det arrangørene anser som israelsk aggresjon mot Al-Aqsamoskeen lørdag ble det ropt slagord på arabisk med klare antisemttiske koblinger.
«Khaybar, Khaybar, ya yahoud», Khaybar, Khaybar, dere jøder, ropes det høyt og tydelig mens arrangørene marsjerer opp på vei fra Karl Johan til den israelske ambassaden i Parkveien, like ved slottsparken.
Khaybar på 600-tallet var en oase befolket av jøder. I et slag i 625 ble de bekjempet av profeten Mohammad shær, ifølge islamsk tradisjon. 93 jøder skal ha blitt drept under slaget og etter seieren ble jødene tvunget til å skrive under en avtale på betingelse av at de betalte skatter og underkastet seg muslimene. Slagordet brukes i dag hyppig, særlig av islamister.»

Mere her

Her ser vi det samme i Rotterdam:

6 juli 2017

Geert Wilders og PVV protesterer mod udnævnelsen af en muslimsk borgmester i Arnhem

Achmed Marcouch is a politician of Moroccan origin.

He was born in Beni-Boughafer in the North of Morocco. His father came to the Netherlands as a guest worker. Marchouch had arrived in the Netherlands in 1979 within the framework of family unification.. He is an orthodox Muslim, who’s coming out for Islam and Islamic values. He was from 2010 until 2017 a MP for the Dutch Socialists. Before that he was de first Islamic chairman of the Socialist Party (PvdA) in the Amsterdam suburb Slotervaart. He was also coordinator youth and security. He was also a Police brigadier in the District Amsterdam-Amstelland.
He had lost his sit in the Dutch parliament (Tweede-Kamer) in the last election in which the socialist PvdA had lost nearly 60% of it’s electorate. The nomination as the mayor of Arnhem, reveals, AGAIN!, the rolling plan of increasing Islamisation of the Netherlands that is powered by our own politicians.

He was elected by the city council out of 21 other candidates. Though, regarding his background, his nomination can be described as doubtful. He is known as a orthodox Muslim and a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood; especially of the questionable Egyptian scholar Yusuf al Qaradawi. At the time he was the Socialists (PvdA) chairman in one of the Amsterdam districts he had worked on a project to transform the suburb Bos and Lommer into an official Muslim suburb.

In 2005 he had intended to bring one of the top spiritual leaders of the Muslims Brotherhood in Britain for a lecture to Amsterdam. Costs: 150.000 Euro that will be subsidized by the citizens of Amsterdam. The plan was cancelled due to the high costs.

4 juni 2017

Nazi beskyldninger mod Geert Wilders fra østrigsk muslim

Wilders allegedly called Islam an “ideology of war and hatred” during a 2015 speech in Vienna.

Austrian authorities have requested the Dutch government pursue a complaint on the comments.

“Islam calls people to be terrorists: the Koran leaves no doubt about it,” Wilders reportedly said.

The Austrian Freedom Party invited the Dutch Freedom Party leader to speak at an event. Tarafa Baghajati, the chairman of the Austrian Muslim Initiative, filed an official complaint shortly after Wilders’ speech.

“Wilders gave the impression that all Muslims are here to make war against Europeans,” Baghajati reportedly said. “It made me think above all of the Nazi rhetoric of the 1930s.”

28 maj 2017

Wim van Rooy – belgisk intellektuel – taler om kulturmarxismen indvandring og islam

Et marxistisk helvede: Amsterdams Universitet

Just like in Canada, the US and Germany; Cultural Marxism and SJW’s have also appeared in the Netherlands.

This is the result of a horrible education system. Universities have basically become indoctrination camps.

The Netherlands is an indoctrinated society. This can be seen in the media, in the establishment, in the legal system, in education and also in academia. All the levels of Dutch society are infected by it.

How to Debate the Left on Islam

15 maj 2017

Holland skærer i bistanden til muslima der nægter at fjerne niqab

A Muslim woman who refused to remove her niqab while undergoing training to find a job rightfully had her benefits cut by 30%, the highest Dutch administrative court said on Tuesday.

The woman, who has since moved to England, refused to remove the garment which only left her eyes exposed. Utrecht city council, charged with helping the jobless find work, then reduced her welfare benefits, claiming that the niqab substantially reduced her chances of finding work.

Mere her

9 maj 2017

Hollandsk professor belærer dommerne i retssagen mod Geert Wilders

Professor Paul Cliteur had some interesting things to say during the Wilders trial.

Sadly, the Dutch judges, blinded by ideology, decided to officially turn Moroccans into a ‘race’ in order to sentence Geert Wilders anyway.

Løgnepressen bryder sig ikke om hvad han siger og lukker for streamingen af retssagen.

7 maj 2017

Hollandsk politi forsøger at bestikke medierne til ikke at rapportere om asylansøgeres kriminalitet

27 april 2017

Det er på tide at kategorisere ANTIFA som en terrorgruppe


A Chilling Threat of Political Violence in Portland: Activists threatened to drag local Republicans off a parade route if they weren’t excluded from a local celebration. Organizers cancelled the entire event in response.


21 april 2017

Muslim med manchette skudt i Holland

Endnu en …

Taget fra Vlad

4 april 2017

Ny video fra PVV

30 marts 2017

Millennial Woes besøger hollandske ghettoer

20 marts 2017

Merkels hemmelige aftale med Erdolf

When German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other leaders of European Union countries reached a deal with Turkey in March 2016 to try to manage the migrant crisis, they conceded far more than a down payment of 3 billion euros, it turns out.

Merkel, along with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, secretly agreed to accept 150,000 to 250,000 Syrian migrants directly from Turkey into Europe each year, according to the German newspaper Die Welt. Merkel, Rutte and Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu reached an understanding on the number through a “gentleman’s agreement,” Die Welt reported, and they did not reveal this number to their fellow European leaders or the public.

Leo Hohmann, a veteran WND journalist and news editor, believes Merkel and Rutte kept the agreement secret primarily for political reasons: Both leaders knew they faced elections in their respective countries in 2017.

Mere her

17 marts 2017

Glimrende perspektivrig indlæg om valget i Holland

Indlægget er af Mikael Jalving i Jyllandsposten idag

Her er starten af artiklen:

“Det blev ikke det kanonvalg, Geert Wilders’ Frihedsparti var spået i Holland. Hans parti gik en tredjedel frem fra 15 til 20 mandater med ca. 13 pct. af stemmerne og er næststørste parti efter ministerpræsident Mark Ruttes liberale parti med 21 pct. af vælgerne bag sig. ”

Læs hele indlægget – det er værd at læse : her

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