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27 september 2017

ISIS-terroristernes koner hjalp deres mænd med at voldtage Yazidi sex-slaver

Seeham Haji Khudayda, a 22-year-old Yazidi woman from northern Sinjar, was sold seven times during her ISIS captivity.

Like chattel, she was passed from one ISIS fighter to the next. She was raped almost daily. Sometimes she was gang raped by her owner’s guards. But of all the abuses she endured, what outraged her the most was the women who were complicit in it — and who participated directly in her rape.

The wives and children of ISIS fighters would often participate in verbally and physically abusing Yazidis, according to accounts from survivors I spoke to in Dohuk.

The second ISIS fighter who bought Seeham had a wife who helped him rape Seeham.

“I said, please kill me, don’t rape me, I love my husband. He said it’s not your decision. This is halal. In the Koran, it’s mentioned that you can take the women of other religions as sex slaves. This is our right, we are not doing anything wrong, it’s according to Islamic law.”

Most of the Yazidi survivors I spoke to described similar abuses from ISIS wives. In some cases, they say the children of ISIS fighters also abused them.

“In some cases, the wives and children of the ISIS fighter would also beat Yazidi children,” adds the report.

Mere her.

Når ISIS er nedkæmpet i Syrien og Irak kommer de stakkels enker og børn sikkert til Eurabia – uskyldige som nyfalden sne.

‘Stop thinking with your bleeding heart instead of your brain’: Outrage as Government says Australia will resettle and provide welfare for 70 children of dead ISIS fighters

6 september 2017

Masoud Aqil genkender sine ISIS torturbødler i Tyskland – politiet kan intet gøre

1 september 2017

Sun Tzu: Kend din fjende – men ikke i repræsentanternes Hus

Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer discusses the House of Representatives’ vote against a measure that would require military officials to study the motivating ideology behind the jihad threat.

31 august 2017

Europa: Til grin for vore egne penge – jihadister på bistandshjælp

Jihadister på bistandshjælp over hele Europa:

  • While taking money from Swiss taxpayers, Abu Ramadan, a well-known Salafist, called for the introduction of Sharia law in Switzerland and urged Muslims to avoid integrating into Swiss society. He also said that Muslims who commit crimes in Switzerland should not be subject to Swiss laws.
  • “This scandal is so huge that it is difficult to believe. Imams who preach hate towards Christians and Jews, and who criticize the depravity of the West, are granted asylum and are living comfortably as refugees on social welfare. All this with the complicity of cowardly and incompetent authorities who give carte blanche to the complacent and naive assistants of the asylum and social welfare system.” — Adrian Amstutz, Swiss parliamentarian.
  • City officials in Lund remain undeterred: They have launched a pilot project aimed at providing Swedish jihadists who are returning from Syria with housing, employment, education and other financial support — all thanks to the Swedish taxpayers.

Mere her fra Gatestone Institute

Inkompetencen blandt politikere, embedsmænd og andre myndigheder er grænseløs.

Indvandringen fører til brutale overgreb

25 august 2017

MSMs moralske nedtur fortsætter

Da muslimske terrorister angreb Charlie Hebdo, protestede MSM

Nu – ikke engang 2 år efter muslimer myrdede 12 menensker der – har Charlie Hebdo en ny forside om muslismk terror med titlen: Islam – fredens religion – forevigt :

Og hvordan viser MSM nu sit moralske forfald ?

Dels ved IKKE at bringe ovenståede tegning

Ekstra Blader , engang en avis, der turde noget , tør IKKE at vise denne sande karrikatur

Ynkeligt !

Og TV2 og DRs tekst-tv , der jo ikke kan vise deres moralske forfald ved at undlade en karrikatur, påstår at Charlie Hebdo “provokerer” !

Sandheden er åbenbart “provokatorisk” !

Ynkeligt !

Konklusionen er helt klar : muslimsk terror virker – “journalisterne” tør ikke udføre journalistisk arbejde og undlader eller bortforklarer i stedet

Same procedure, som P-vagterne følger – de tør jo ikke udføre ders arbejde i visse kvarterer på Nørrebro …

Staten burde tage mediestøtten fra de tøsedrenge ( inclusve DR/ TV2) og give det til dem, der tør skrive sandheden og bringe karrikaturer

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24 august 2017

Hvorfor gør Danmark og EU ikke, som Israel ?

Ny lov: medlemskab af en terrorgruppe koster statborgerskabet !

Vi kender jo alle godt “svaret” : det “må” vi ikke ifølge “konventionerne” …

Så opsig dog de forældede og ubrugelige konventioner

Al erfaring – også i dansk retssystem – viser at det ENESTE , muslimske terrorister frygter, er miste statborgerskabet

Så vil vi også slippe for at ISIS-affaldet vender “hjem” til Danmark, når de nu får tæsk i Raqqa !

Taget herfra, hvor du kan læse mere

22 august 2017

Kan Islam reformeres ?

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Det spørgsmål stiller – og besvarer – Lone Nørgaard fra Newspeek her

Hun tager udgangspunkt i bogen “The Closing of the Muslim Mind”, som jeg har læst og godt kan anbefale 🙂

Jeg tror det er helt umuligt at reformere Islam: imanerne afviser fortolkning af koranen , der opfattes som værende 100% ægte – der er ingen reel basis for fortolkning

21 august 2017

Younes Abouyaaquoub Barcelona terroristen skudt af spansk politi

The suspected driver behind the Barcelona terror attack was shot dead Monday, wrapping up a multi-day, international manhunt for Europe’s most-wanted man — who’s believed to be the final member of the Spanish extremist cell behind last week’s deadly incidents.

Spanish police confirmed the “suspicious person” they confronted in Subirats, a town 28 miles west of Barcelona, was Younes Abouyaaquoub, the 22-year-old Moroccan-born man Spanish authorities believe is the driver who rammed a vehicle into pedestrians at Las Ramblas promenade, one of the city’s most popular tourist attraction.

Mere her

Younes Abouyaaqoub – Europas mest eftersøgte

Younes Abouyaaqoub, 22, is still missing after a group of fanatics massacred 14 people and injured 130 when vehicles ploughed into crowds in two separate attacks on Barcelona’s famous Las Ramblas and tourist resort Cambrils.


He is believed to have fled on foot after the Las Ramblas attack in which a van zig-zagged through into helpless tourists and shoppers in the heart of Barcelona.

Police raided Abouyaaqoub’s flat in Ripoll – around 65 miles from Barcelona – as they says the terror cell behind the attacks has been “dismantled”.

Pictures taken inside the run-down apartment show a book entitled ‘The Life of the Prophet Muhammad’ on a mattress on the floor of a filthy bedroom.

Mere Her

19 august 2017

Venstrefascisterne og ISIS

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18 august 2017

Five jihadis wearing suicide belts are killed and seven people injured as gunfire erupts in beach resort south of Barcelona.

SECOND terror outrage hours after 13 died in van attack on Las Ramblas

  • Five terror suspects are dead after a second terror attack near Barcelona in eight hours left seven people hurt
  • The jihadis were gunned down by police in the beach resort of Cambrils, 70 miles from Barcelona
  • The men, apparently wearing suicide belts, had tried to kill pedestrians with a car before it crashed
  • Earlier a terrorist in a van killed 13 and injured more than 100 on Barcelona’s iconic Las Ramblas promenade
  • Police said the attacks were linked, as was an explosion on Wednesday in a third resort town that killed one 
  • Officers now think the blast was a bomb factory exploding and more than 20 butane gas canisters were found 
  • One man was arrested after being pulled from the rubble and a second man was held after handing himself in

Mere på Daily Mail

17 august 2017

Barcelona: Terrorist i varebil kører fodgængere ned på Ramblaen i Barcelona – 13 døde – 50 sårede – 2 gerningsmænd? – gidsler?

BREAKING: Terror fears in Barcelona after van crashes into pedestrians along Las Ramblas tourist district before driver flees on foot ‘and gunshots are heard nearby’


Gerningsmand?: Driss Oubakir?

Several people are hurt after a van drove into crowds of people in Barcelona
Emergency services have rushed to the scene near the Las Ramblas tourist area
The driver of the van is thought to have fled after ploughing into pedestrians

Gerningsmændene siges at have forskanset sig på en bar i nærheden.

14 august 2017

Hvordan George W. Bush vandt krigen i Irak – og Hussein Obama tabte den

Pete Hegseth, som tjenestegjorde i Irak, fortæller her om det i denne Prager University video

9 august 2017

Tommy Robinson: terrorangreb i UK afværget i sidste øjeblik

4 august 2017

Nürnberg Domstolen om S.S.

Conclusions of The SS Chapter of the Nuremberg Tribunal Judgment.

The SS

Conclusions: The SS was utilised for the purposes which were criminal under the Charter involving the persecution and extermination of the Jews, brutalities and killings in concentration camps, excesses in the administration of occupied territories, the administration of the slave labour programme and the mistreatment and murder of prisoners of war. The defendant Kaltenbrunner was a member of the SS implicated in these activities. In dealing with the SS the Tribunal includes all persons who had been officially accepted as members of the SS including the members of the Allgemeine SS, members of the Waffen SS, members of the SS Totenkopf Verbaende and the members of any of the different police forces who were members of the SS. The Tribunal does not include the so-called SS riding units. The Sicherheitsdienst des Reichsfuehrer SS (commonly known as the SD) is dealt with in the Tribunal’s Judgment on the Gestapo and SD.

Tribunal declares to be criminal within the meaning of the Charter the group composed of those persons who had been officially accepted as members of the SS as enumerated in the preceding paragraph who became or remained members of the organisation with knowledge that it was being used for the commission of acts declared criminal by Article 6 of the Charter or who were personally implicated as members of the organisation in the commission of such crimes, excluding, however, those who were drafted into membership by the State in such a way as to give them no choice in the matter, and who had committed no such crimes. The basis of this finding is the participation of the organisation in war crimes and crimes against humanity connected with the war; this group declared criminal cannot include, therefore, persons who had ceased to belong to the organisations enumerated in the preceding paragraph prior to 1st September, 1939

Hvorfor bruger man ikke præcedens overfor ISIS og erklærer det for en kriminel organisation og og alle medlemmer for krigsforbrydere?

Det skulle vel ikke være fordi, man ikke ønsker at associere islam med nazisme? Det er som bekendt reserveret til højrefløjen.

3 august 2017

En socialdemokratisk anti-semit i Ishøj

Byrådsmedlem Seyit Ahmet Özkan har talt for en teori om, at zionister står bag Islamisk Stat.

Islamisk Stat er ikke muslimernes opfindelse. Derimod er det et godt bud, at zionismen står bag den ekstremistiske gruppe.

Sådan lød teorien i et facebookopslag fra det socialdemokratiske byrådsmedlem i Ishøj Kommune Seyit Ahmet Özkan i juni.

2 august 2017

Interview med forhenværende CIA stationschef Brad Johnson om hvad fremtiden vil bringe

Britisk politi går efter højrefløjen – men ikke islamister

29 juli 2017

Europa ruster sig mod hellige krigere med kurs hjemad

En ny EU-manual skal styrke håndteringen af fremmedkrigere tværs over Europa.

»Det er naturligvis også i Danmarks interesse rent sikkerhedsmæssigt,« lyder det fra PET.

Sæt hurtigt ind med psykologisk bistand. Overvej assistance til at finde uddannelse, arbejde eller bolig. Påbegynd om muligt resocialiseringen allerede inden en eventuel retssag, og sørg for fyldestgørende religiøs støtte i fængsler.

Sådan lyder nogle af i alt 33 anbefalinger til håndteringen af hjemvendte hellige krigere, som Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) under EU- Kommissionen ventes at offentliggøre i næste uge. Manualen, som Jyllands-Posten har fået udleveret en tidlig, men ifølge RAN stort set fuldstændig udgave af, skal bidrage til at sikre mere ens europæiske standarder for sikkerhedsvurdering, håndtering og resocialisering af hjemvendte fra konfliktzonen i Syrien og Irak.

Jeg er målløs! JP kalder jordens værste afskum for ‘hellige’. Og så EU-kommissionens udspil oveni. Koalitionen sørger forhåbentlig for, at der ikke er nogen, der returnerer til Europa.

28 juli 2017

Ægyptisk tank stopper bil med terrorister fyldt med sprængstoffer

Egyptian tank intercepted terrorists car loaded with explosives.

An Egyptian army hero intercepted a car bomb with his tank saving lives of dozens in Sinai. Four terrorists sat in the vehicle which carried 100kg of explosives. Three of them planned to step out and shoot troops while driver would attack the checkpoint

Location: Sohag, Egypt

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