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30 juli 2017

Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s IT medarbejdere Awan brødrene sendte oplysninger til Det Muslimske Broderskab

Udover at de hjalp hende med at forråde Bernie Sanders så Hillary kunne blive nomineret som Demokraternes præsidentkandidat.

Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz seemingly planned to pay cyber-probe suspect and IT aide Imran Awan even while he was living in Pakistan, if the FBI hadn’t stopped him from leaving the U.S. Monday. Public statements and congressional payroll records suggest she also appears to have known that his wife, a fellow IT staffer, left the country for good months ago — while she was also a criminal suspect.

Now questions are surfacing regarding Awan’s attorney.

One of the first questions is how can the Awan brother afford his attorney.  Already reported was Awan’s financial duress.  If he was in poor financial condition who is paying his attorney?  His attorney is Chris Gowan who is a high-powered Clinton attorney.

24 juli 2017

President Trump Cancels Obama/Kerry CIA Program Arming ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria…

Reports surface today that President Trump has cancelled the 2012/2013 covert CIA program giving weapons to ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria.  [Washington Post Link]

Various news organizations frame the issue as cancelling the program to “arm the moderate opposition to Bashir Assad”.

However, those news reports are entirely false.


6 juli 2017

Geert Wilders og PVV protesterer mod udnævnelsen af en muslimsk borgmester i Arnhem

Achmed Marcouch is a politician of Moroccan origin.

He was born in Beni-Boughafer in the North of Morocco. His father came to the Netherlands as a guest worker. Marchouch had arrived in the Netherlands in 1979 within the framework of family unification.. He is an orthodox Muslim, who’s coming out for Islam and Islamic values. He was from 2010 until 2017 a MP for the Dutch Socialists. Before that he was de first Islamic chairman of the Socialist Party (PvdA) in the Amsterdam suburb Slotervaart. He was also coordinator youth and security. He was also a Police brigadier in the District Amsterdam-Amstelland.
He had lost his sit in the Dutch parliament (Tweede-Kamer) in the last election in which the socialist PvdA had lost nearly 60% of it’s electorate. The nomination as the mayor of Arnhem, reveals, AGAIN!, the rolling plan of increasing Islamisation of the Netherlands that is powered by our own politicians.

He was elected by the city council out of 21 other candidates. Though, regarding his background, his nomination can be described as doubtful. He is known as a orthodox Muslim and a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood; especially of the questionable Egyptian scholar Yusuf al Qaradawi. At the time he was the Socialists (PvdA) chairman in one of the Amsterdam districts he had worked on a project to transform the suburb Bos and Lommer into an official Muslim suburb.

In 2005 he had intended to bring one of the top spiritual leaders of the Muslims Brotherhood in Britain for a lecture to Amsterdam. Costs: 150.000 Euro that will be subsidized by the citizens of Amsterdam. The plan was cancelled due to the high costs.

2 januar 2017

Muslimsk aktivist til Trump: Forbyd Det Muslimske Broderskab

Dr. Qanta Ahmed asks President-elect Trump to designate the Muslim Brotherhood — like its Palestinian wing Hamas– as a terrorist organization.

Trump can start by outlawing the Muslim Brotherhood, as President Sisi did in Egypt. He must designate it a foreign terrorist organization and acknowledge that it is at the very least an indicator of extremism. Then, he must follow the money. If Islamism is to be exposed in America, forensic financial investigations must scrutinize all institutions where Islamism can flourish without scrutiny — mosques, charities, and advocacy groups. There can be no exceptions.

Mere på The Clarion Project

7 december 2016

3 muslimske teenagere under anklage for terrorisme i Tyskland – medierne nægtes adgang

Three teenage boys went on trial in Germany Wednesday, accused of a jihadist bomb attack on an Indian wedding that left a Sikh priest badly wounded.

The youths, who were born in Germany, had met on social media after being radicalized by  Salafist Muslims, and got together in the western city of Essen.

At the trial, which is being held at a juvenile court in Essen without media access, all three face charges including attempted murder and causing grievous bodily harm.

Yusuf Yaman even joined a de-radicalization program run by the German domestic security agency BfV, but allegedly went on to commit the attack anyway.

Mere på naharnet

17 november 2016

Mediernes hykleri over Steve Bannon

After news broke that President-elect Donald Trump appointed Stephen K. Bannon as his chief White House strategist, the media unleashed a torrent of attacks calling Bannon an extremist, a “white nationalist,” and a “racist” in order to force Trump to rescind his offer to add Bannon to his White House staff.

But after Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison was floated as the possible new head of the Democrat National Committee, the same media completely ignored his repeated anti-Semitic and radical Islamic statements.


This sparse, yet fawning coverage of Ellison was had despite the rising voice of concern by Jewish groups worried over his past radical Muslim statements.

The networks also ignored Ellison’s praise and support of anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakahn, his support of reparations for slavery, and his demands that the U.S. government set aside land inside the country for a new black “homeland.”

Ellison also has a “history of Muslim Brotherhood connections,” according to terrorism expert Steve Emerson.

Mere på Breitbart

Muslim Congressman Caught Financing JIHAD

Se evt fra 1:45 og fremad – rendyrket taqyyia og Maher er desværre for nemt et bytte for Ellison.

Ellison er iøvrigt den første muslim i Kongressen, han aflagde ed på koranen og ikke Biblen. derudover er han berygtet for at have sammenlignet G.W. Bush med Adolf Hitler og nægte Geert Wilders indrejse i USA.

Ellison has associated with the Muslim American Society, a Virginia-based group founded by Muslim Brotherhood members in 1993 to act as the “overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States,” according to federal prosecutors in 2007. The United Arab Emirates recently added the group to a list of terrorist organizations.

In 2008, the society paid for Ellison, a practicing Muslim, to make a 16-day pilgrimage, known as the hajj, to Mecca. He was joined on the trip by Asad Zaman, who sits on the board of the Muslim American Society’s Minnesota chapter. Zaman has contributed thousands of dollars to Ellison’s congressional runs, both before and after the Mecca trip.

Mere på The Washington Free Beacon

14 november 2016

Hvem står sammen mod Trump?

Det gør Venstrefløjen, ISIS og Det Muslimske Broderskab.

The terrorist Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group — praised by Democrats, President Barack Obama, and presidential nominee Hillary Clinton — has reportedly denounced “racist” Republican Donald Trump’s victory over the former secretary of state as a “disaster” for the Arab and Muslim world.
On Wednesday, a day after Trump won the U.S. presidential election, Mamdouh Al-Muneer, a spokesperson for MB who also serves as a member of the supreme body of the Egyptian Islamist Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), reportedly wrote on social media that the results of the elections were a catastrophe and a “racist” has ascended to the White House, according to the Middle East Monitor (MEMO).

Mere på Breitbart

ISIS-leder: – Trump er en komplett galning


6 november 2016

Hvem er Huma Abedin?

9 oktober 2016

Sådan infiltrerer salafisterne Holland

In the city council of Rotterdam is a fuss arisen on the arrival of a big Islamic center in the city.

The center that will be located in a former school building in the city and will open it’s doors early next year. The fund of 1.7 million Euros needed for the financing of the building and cover all costs is coming from a foundation in Qatar that had (or still is) sponsoring terror organizations as Al Qaida and Hams. It’s CEO and founder stands on an American black list of terrorists
The Financial Intelligence and Investigative Service FIOD had raided on Thursday, 8 September 2016, 12 location in the Netherlands, among them 2 mosques, concerning laundering of hundred thousands of Euros. One of the locations according to local TV channel RTV Utrecht is the Al Fitra mosque. There are 4 suspects. According to the Public Prosecution Service it concerns a Muslim organization that is operating via a whole network of welfare and educative foundation. Two of the suspected people are Imams (TV Channel Omroep Brabant).

8 oktober 2016

Whistlebloweren fra Department of Homeland Security Phil Haney om Obama administrationens samarbejde med Det Muslimske Broderskab

In this presentation, ex-DHS agent Haney details the Obama administration’s attempts to derail investigations into terrorism as it relates to Islam.

7 oktober 2016

Ved du, hvem Huma Abedin er ?

Hvis du ikke ved at hun er bindeleddet mellem muslimsk broderskab og Hillary Clinton, så se her

Hvorfor er der ikke nogen MSM, der har kigget hende nærmere i skoene … ?

Nåh ja, hun støtter jo samme parti som Obama og Hillary Clinton … QED 🙂

Taget fra Vlad

30 juni 2016

Ted Cruz afhører Præsidenten for Muslimske Advokater

29 juni 2016

Mere fra forhenværende Customs & Border Protection Officer Philip Haneys pressekonference

Haney beskriver hvordan Department of Homeland Security systematisk renser deres rapporter for ordene ‘islam’, ‘jihad’ og ‘muslim’.

4 marts 2016

Counterjihad Panels at CPAC

Panel 1: “Obama’s Dangerous National Security Legacy and How it Must Be Reversed”

Fmr. Adm. James “Ace” Lyons
Clare Lopez
Frank Gaffney

Panel 2: “The Global Jihad Movement in America and the Counterjihad Campaign”

Paul Weston
Lars Hedegaard
Jim Hanson

12 februar 2016

Terrorister vil registrere 1.000.000 vælgere til USA’s præsidentvalg

NIHAD AWAD, Executive Director of HAMAS USA (CAIR), Calls for Muslims to use their mosques for Voter Registration & Polling Stations with the aim of registering 1,000,000 Muslim Voters!

Their aim is to CHANGE the way AMERICA looks.

11 februar 2016

Fornylig valgte Obama at besøge en moske i Baltimore

Og hvilken moske var det så: en, der har forbindelser med det muslimske broderskab !

Og det muslimske broderskab prædiker sharia og det vil sige jihad.

Her er en video med Frank Gaffney, der virkelig ved noget om det muslimske broderskab.

Han fortæller bl.a. om det dokument “the explanatory memoramdum”, som blev fundet i forbindelse med en retssag i USA.
Dette dokument fortæller hvordan det muslimske broderskab skal arbejde for at omstyrte USA og skabe en muslimsk stat i stedet for:

Her er et link til “the explanatory memoramdum
De første sider er på arabisk, der der følger en engelsk oversættelse på side 15 og frem.
Det er interessant læsning!


Og netop den moske valgte Obama at besøge …

26 januar 2016


The President Obama/Hillary Clinton Benghazi disaster is, in the words of Admiral James “Ace” Lyons, “a dereliction of duty” by the Obama Administration and the Pentagon.

Check out this in-depth analysis by Tom Trento and Admiral Lyons in the context of the powerful Hollywood feature film, “13 Hours, the Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.”

12 januar 2016



Clare Lopez of the Center for Security Policy and a member of the Benghazi Citizen’s Commission exposes Benghazi as a complete President Obama/Hillary Clinton national security disaster of epic proportions.

In part one, Clare, a retired CIA officer, explain in simple detail exactly how the United States, lead by Hillary Clinton, aligned itself with the Muslim Brotherhood in a way that defies common sense and and basic principle of foreign policy.

The United West presents this three part series as a national security context to better understand the blockbuster Hollywood movie, “13 Hours, the Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.” Be sure to watch our series and see the movie!

15 december 2015

Tyskland: Mindst 430 terrorister klar til angreb når som helst

Around 1,100 radical Islam supporters in Germany are potentially ready to conduct attacks, the head of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Hans-Georg Maassen told MDR radio on Friday.

At least 430 of those Islamists are so dangerous that

“a serious crime can be expected from them at any moment.”

The head of Germany’s domestic intelligence service also stressed that taking any pre-emptive measures would be extremely complicated because the radicals outnumber available law enforcement staff. It

“takes a lot of people, many of them to track just one,” Maassen said, while it’s impossible to “survey all of them at the same time 24 hours and 7 days a week.”

The security chief also warned the number of Salafis who reside in Germany is increasing.

“In Germany there are currently around 8,350 Salafis, their numbers have rapidly grown over the past months,” he said, as cited by the Mittelbayerische Zeitung on Friday, adding, “there were 7,900 of them in September.”

Mere på RT

Og de vælter stadig ind over grænserne????????

At holde grænserne åbne efter udtalelserne som han kommer med, gør efter min mening politikerne til kriminelle og landsforrædere. Og både politikere og efterretningstjenester ved mere end der kommer frem her.

13 december 2015

By The Numbers – The Untold Story of Muslim Opinions & Demographics

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