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20 juni 2017

Piers Morgan prøver på at intimidere Tommy Robinson i interview

Piers Morgan tried to close down the debate by hurling insults and not allowing Tommy to speak.

But Tommy shuts him down with facts.

Tommy Robinson Live Interview With a Sky News Reporter Following Smears on Social Media

19 juni 2017

Kölns borgmester Henriette Reker taler i DITIB mega moske

Henriette Reker

Tommy Robinson om ‘hændelsen’ ved Finsbury Moskeen

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What the van driver did was disgusting and this is never the answer, you cannot run people over in the street. but that shouldn’t stop facts being pointed out.

Preachers from Finsbury Park mosque have called called for the death of the West and our way of life for years.

4 juni 2017

Paul Weston: London Bridge Islamic Terror

29 maj 2017

Didsbury “Mosque Watch” med Tommy Robinson

After visiting Didsbury Mosque, Tommy Robinson reveals what he has discovered.

From the outside it looks like a good mosque which is open to the community, but the reality is far more sinister.
If Tommy can find out all the wrongdoings in the mosque in an afternoon, what is our £9 billion to monitor Jihadis being spent on?

9 maj 2017

Trykkefrihedsselskabet: Det islamiske Andalusien – paradis eller propaganda?

“Hvis bare islam kunne blive som i Middelalderens Spanien – dengang islam stod for tolerance og mangfoldighed.”

Det udsagn høres tit i islamdebatten, men var Middelalderens islamiske Spanien (Andalusien) overhovedet så tolerant?

Ikke ifølge historiker Torben Hansen, der længe har beskæftiget sig med emnet. Kilderne fortæller nemlig en anden historie end glansbilledet: Kulturel, økonomisk, religiøs og politisk undertrykkelse af alle minoriteter fra de muslimske magthaveres side. Altså næppe et ’paradis’, medmindre man selv var en del af den muslimske elite.
Kom og bliv oplyst om, hvordan tidens aktuelle multikulturelle dagsorden bygger på kviksand.

Talere: Lone Nørgaard og Torben Hansen
Dato: 15. maj 2017
Tid: 17-19
Sted: CEPOS, Landgreven 3, 3. sal 1301 København K.
Entré: Gratis for medlemmer. 50 kr. for ikke-medlemmer.
Tilmelding: trykkefrihed@trykkefrihed.dk

28 april 2017

Her er det mest afslørende kort over problemet med Islam

Sammenhængen mellem moskeer og modstand mod Islam er helt tydelig !

Der er næsten en-til-en sammenhæng: jo flere moskeer, jo mere støtte til Marine Le Pen !

Og omvendt

Taget herfra

Østrigs præsident van der Bellen: “Den dag kan komme hvor vi må bede alle kvinder om at gå med tørklæde i solidaritet med muslimerne!”

Vil han også gå med Kippa i solidaritet med jøderne?

Vil han omskæres i solidaritet med muslimerne? Hvorfor ikke gå videre med hustruvold og FGM?

26 april 2017

Australien: Skoler radikaliserer unge

22 marts 2017

Terrorangreb i London – 4 døde

Og medierne er helt uden anelse om hvad motivet er.

Hvad mon Londons muslimske borgmester har at sige?


Foto af gerningsmanden: Terrorist’s name was Abu Isadeen, right hand man of Abu Hamza at the Finsbury Park mosque .



1 marts 2017

Somalisk hadprædikant har turneret rundt i Danmark i de somaliske moskeer

Somali hate preacher on European tour: “Israel steals little girls and sells them as sex slaves”

In a somewhat tiresome case of projection, a video has emerged of the Somali-born, Saudi-educated Canadian Muslim preacher sheikh Said Rageah, once again revealing his true colours:

“Sex slaves. What do they do? They steal little girls. And you know who’s the number one in the world who does that? The number one country in the world? Israel. They are number 1 in sex slavery. Which means, they’re gonna steal little girls, and they’re gonna sell them.”

The most honourable sheikh has been touring through Europe to further enlighten European Muslim minds, from 10 February onwards. He has been invited to speak on March 3 and 4 in Gothenburg, Sweden, where he was barred from speaking last year. Below is an overview of the (known) locations that he visited last month, and the parties you missed out on:


February 14: Viborg, Denmark

February 16: Kolding, Denmark

February 19: Frankfurt, Germany

February 21: Wiesbaden, Germany

February 22 – February 24: Belgium, towns yet unspecified.

February 24: Dar al Hijra mosque, 13:00, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

February 24: Diyanet mosque, 18:00, Tilburg, The Netherlands

February 25: Amsterdam, unconfirmed, but most likely at Quba mosque, The Netherlands

February 26: Al Fourqaan, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

February 26: Tilburg, The Netherlands

February 27: Zwaag, city of Hoorn, The Netherlands

De somaliske moskeer er arnesteder for ekstremisme over hele landet.

Mere på Gatestone

25 februar 2017

Gavin Boby February MosqueBuster update

13 februar 2017

Rasmus Paludan blev ringet op fra Israel af en dansk jøde

Onsdag den 8. februar 2017 står journalist og advokat Rasmus Paludan foran Folkets Hus.

Han fortæller om, hvordan han søndag aften modtog et opkald fra en dansk jøde, der havde været tvunget til at forlade Danmark og emigrere til Israel. Muslimers vold i Danmark havde gjort det nødvendigt. Muslimers vold mod jøder. Det næste er muslimers vold mod danske kristne.

12 februar 2017

Wahhabismen breder sig i Belgien

Radical Islam is being actively preached in Belgium by the increasing number of mosques that fell under the influence of Wahhabism, the Belgian Interior Ministry Coordination Unit for Threat Analysis (OCAM) said Wednesday.

According to local media, in 30 out of 80 Belgian mosques radical Islam and Wahhabi views, characterized by radicalism and intolerance, are propagated. Belgium tops the list of European countries based on the share of radicals, fighting in Syria, in the country’s population.

“More and more mosques and Islamic centers in Belgium fall under the influence of Wahhabism, which is a missionary tool of Salafists [Islamic movement standing for establishing the governance based on Quran and Sunnah only],” Belga News Agency reported citing a report by OCAM.

Mere her

2 februar 2017

Quebec Moske angrebet – medierne placerer skylden

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Her til aften fremførte Clement Kjersgaard at morderen var radikaliseret af Marine le Pen

1 februar 2017

Rebel Media stiller kritiske spørgsmål ang. terrorangrebet på en moske i Canada

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Der er noget, der ikke virker rigtigt- ihvert fald er der mange ubesvarede spørgsmål

30 januar 2017

Rebel Media om terroren i Quebec

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What’s really going on at the mosque in Quebec City?

Last night, two armed gunmen burst in, killing 6 and wounding 19 more. It was a horrendous attack that must be condemned.

And immediately it was. But within minutes, before any facts were in, the mainstream media had already made up their mind about what happened: it was “Islamophobia”. Some journalists — and even a Muslim Quebec politician — said that Donald Trump was to blame.

But an eyewitness at the mosque said one of the gunmen shouted “Allah Akbar”. That’s what a Muslim terrorist says, not an “Islamophobe”.

At their press conference this morning, Quebec police refused to name the two suspects taken into custody last night. Why?

But the names leaked out anyways: Alexandre Bissonnette — and a Muslim named Mohamed Khadir, who was later called a “witness” by police.

What’s going on here — did a Muslim attack a mosque? And who is Bissonnette — a friend of Khadir? A convert to Islam? Or an anti-Muslim murderer?

What are the facts? And can we trust the mainstream media to tell us the truth?

I don’t know the answers. But I know this for sure: we won’t get the whole story from the CBC, or the rest of the mainstream media. They’re less concerned about straight reporting, and more concerned with protecting the official narrative — Muslims are victims, not terrorists; Canadians are racists; anyone worried about radical Islam is a bigot.

You could practically hear their disappointment to learn that one of the men arrested last night is named Mohamed.

Well, we don’t know all the facts yet either. But unlike the CBC, we intend to uncover the truth, not bury it.

So this morning, our own Faith Goldy went to Quebec City with our cameraman Alex — as I write this e-mail, they on her way to the crime scene. She’ll ask real questions, and follow the facts wherever they lead.

We’ve set up a special website for all of Faith’s reports from Quebec — click here or visit http://www.QuebecTerror.com. Make sure you go there for the other side of the story, especially if you’re getting your news from the Trudeau propagandists at the CBC.

Booking a flight for Faith and Alex on short notice cost us $1,276. And two hotel rooms, for two nights, was another $560. Add in cab fare and some meals, and we’ll be close to $2,000. If you can help us crowdfund the costs of this trip, please do — by clicking here, or visiting http://www.QuebecTerror.com.

Thanks for your support.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

P.S. This is a very important story, and it will be covered extensively by the CBC — in fact, Faith told me that Peter Mansbridge, and his whole luxury entourage, were on the same flight to Quebec City as her.

You can see why: the CBC is already working hard to downplay the fact that at least one of the arrested men is Muslim himself. On the front page of the CBC’s website right now, they’re literally promoting a story claiming Trump is causing hatred here in Canada.

P.P.S. Our entire budget for this trip is $2,000 — that’s probably Mansbridge’s nightly hotel bill. Unlike him, we don’t get $1.5 billion a year from Justin Trudeau. We rely 100% on viewers like you. If you can help us, please do, by clicking here. And tell all your friends to tune into http://www.QuebecTerror.com too.

CNN kilde bringer Fake News om angreb på moske i Quebec

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15 december 2016

Islams chokerende 1400-årige historie på 5 minutter

14 december 2016

Hussein Obamas eftermæle i forhold til racisme i USA

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