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23 august 2017

Hvad synes unge i East Village i New York om Venezuela …

Man tror det er løgn , så uvidende er de !

Uhyggeligt, så lidt de adspurgte ved om det socialistiske paradis Venezuela …

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Kilde: JL

22 august 2017

Solformørkelsen er “racistisk” … !

Galskaben i de amerikanske universtiteter synes kun at øges år for år !

Og hvordan er en solformørkelse så “racistisk” … ?

Jo: dens vej tværs over USA rammer hovedsagelig steder, hvor hvide bor og ikke sorte !!!

Man tror det er løgn at en “professor” på et amerikansk universitet kan komme med sådant noget ÆVL !

og hun er juraprofessor fra Harvard …
man begynder at forstå, hvorfor der er mange advokatvittigheder i USA …

Hun må da have vundet sit “professorat på bunden af en havregrynspakke …

Her er et billede af hende :

Skulle du mod forventning have lyst til at læse mere om denne “lysende begavelse”, er her et link

“Europa er fortabt” …

The Black Pigeon kauserer over dette emne

Med udgangspunkt i at Barcelonas rabbiner har konkluderet dette !

21 august 2017

Younes Abouyaaquoub Barcelona terroristen skudt af spansk politi

The suspected driver behind the Barcelona terror attack was shot dead Monday, wrapping up a multi-day, international manhunt for Europe’s most-wanted man — who’s believed to be the final member of the Spanish extremist cell behind last week’s deadly incidents.

Spanish police confirmed the “suspicious person” they confronted in Subirats, a town 28 miles west of Barcelona, was Younes Abouyaaquoub, the 22-year-old Moroccan-born man Spanish authorities believe is the driver who rammed a vehicle into pedestrians at Las Ramblas promenade, one of the city’s most popular tourist attraction.

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Younes Abouyaaqoub – Europas mest eftersøgte

Younes Abouyaaqoub, 22, is still missing after a group of fanatics massacred 14 people and injured 130 when vehicles ploughed into crowds in two separate attacks on Barcelona’s famous Las Ramblas and tourist resort Cambrils.


He is believed to have fled on foot after the Las Ramblas attack in which a van zig-zagged through into helpless tourists and shoppers in the heart of Barcelona.

Police raided Abouyaaqoub’s flat in Ripoll – around 65 miles from Barcelona – as they says the terror cell behind the attacks has been “dismantled”.

Pictures taken inside the run-down apartment show a book entitled ‘The Life of the Prophet Muhammad’ on a mattress on the floor of a filthy bedroom.

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20 august 2017

Heimaturlaub (ferie i hjemlandet)

As German Integrationsbeauftragte (integration commissioner) Aydan Özoguz (SPD) explains, Germany doesn’t foot the bill for just any asylum seeker.

They have to be Ausnahmefällen (exceptional cases) before the German tax payer will be asked to send them on an all expenses paid flight back home – and back again.

Someone’s mother dying would be such an exceptional case, for instance. Anybody’s mother (it doesn’t have to be your own). Or maybe your ex-neighbor’s dog is suffering for an ingrown toenail. Or maybe you forgot to bring your favorite bowling ball with you when you were on the run and now you have the urgent need to go pick it up. For integration purposes, of course. You know, exceptional cases like that.

I’m not making this up, people. Not all of it anyway.

50,000 (2015), 100,000 (2016), 200,000 (2017)… That’s the number of lawsuits filed by refugees in Germany who have been denied asylum here.

Michael Stürzenberger om skandale fængselsdommen

I lommen på DR?

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På Christiansborg er der ikke meget forståelse for, at kulturminister Mette Bock (LA) trods egen opsigelse som programdirektør i DR i 2009 modtog cirka to millioner kroner i aftrædelsesordning.

Som kulturminister skal Mette Bock lede de kommende forhandlinger om et nyt medieforlig, der skal træde i kraft fra 2019.

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Hvad har fake-news medierne IKKE fortalt dig ?

Vi “ved” fra fake-news MSM at Trump ikke er populær, ikke har lavet noget somhelst etc

Selvfølgelig er det meste at det ævl LØGN

Har du f.eks. hørt i fake-news MSM, udenlandske såvel som de danske

at den amerikanske økonomi (GNP) steg med næsten 4 % i det tredie kvartal af 2017 !! ?

Nej vel … til gengæld ved du “alt” om Trumps påståede valgsamarbejde med Rusland : dvs ingenting ..

Her er en ganske interessant oversigt over, hvad fake-news MSM har valgt IKKE at bringe om Trump og hans regering:

Her er en oversigt over Trump’s succeser:

the current NAFTA negotiations
Kim Jong-un blinking
China threatening a trade war and then blinking
the U.S. becoming a net energy exporter
our diminishing trade imbalance
the amazing rise to nearly 4% GDP growth in the 2017 third quarter
forecasters suggesting that GDP could grow to 5 or 6% annualized
a rise in manufacturing investments in the U.S.
more full-time jobs among the middle class
the Syrian crisis
the continuing fall of ISIS in the Middle East
Wall Street’s record highs as they turn to embrace Main Street
the public’s opposition to the destruction of historic statues and memorials
an abhorrence of radical and violent activists on all sides, most all of whom abide on the left fringe
Russian collusion
the Awan brothers
Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Hillary and the Clinton Foundation entities
the wall

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19 august 2017

DEFEND EUROPE: Pressekonferenz zum Ausgang der Mission

Store problemer på The Rebel – medarbejdere fyres eller går deres vej

On Tuesday, Barbara Kay, a regular contributor (and a National Post columnist) announced she would no longer appear on the site.

John Robson, another Post columnist cum Rebel contributor, did the same. Brian Lilley, who co-founded the site, said he quit entirely on Monday. (Levant says he fired Lilley last year.) On Twitter, Lisa Raitt, now the deputy leader of the Conservative Party, praised Lilley’s decision, though she stopped short of condemning The Rebel.

As the week went on, the trouble continued. On Thursday, Caolan Robertson, until two weeks ago, one of the site’s U.K. correspondents, posted a video online titled “Why I left The Rebel.” In it, he played recordings of what he said was Levant offering him “hush money” to stay quiet about details of The Rebel’s business model. Robertson also slammed The Rebel’s petitions and campaigns. “The Rebel takes its money from ordinary hardworking people,” he said. “But, it also quietly takes a lot of money from less ordinary, more wealthy people.”

Levant responded with his own post claiming Robertson and another man had blackmailed him.

But for The Rebel, the trouble wasn’t over. On Thursday night, after it came out that she had appeared on a Daily Stormer podcast, Levant fired Faith Goldy. News broke earlier that day that Gavin McInnes was also leaving the site. Not even the Rebel’s cruise was safe. The company hosting the November event, where fans would have mingled with Goldy, Levant and others on a Caribbean cruise liner, cancelled the reservation.

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Jelved: Fejlslagen integration er de borgerliges skyld

I forbindelse med De Radikales sommergruppemøde på H.C. Andersen skolen i Odense, hvor mere end 70 procent af eleverne er tosprogede, siger Jelved:

Siden 2001 har Det Radikale Venstre overhovedet ikke haft indflydelse på integrationspolitikken. Bortset fra tre et halvt år med Helle Thorning-Schmidt. Og der var det egentlig ikke lempelser, vi lavede. Så hvem har ansvaret?

Det har fandeme de borgerlige partier md Dansk Folkepartis støtte.

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Black Pigeon om mangfoldighedsdødskulten

Han er ikke bange, han bor i Japan !

Der er noget grueligt galt i Tyskland

System-, islamkritiker og forfatter for PI Michael Stürzenberger er netop idømt 6 måneders fængsel for at bringe autentiske billeder i en anmeldelse.

sturzenbergerfbDie Saat geht auf. Das Zusammenspiel von Justiz, bayerischem Verfassungsschutz und Staat läuft wie geschmiert: ein weiterer Anschlag auf die Freie Meinungsäußerung in einem Regime, das seine Kritiker mittlerweile stärker kriminialisert als die eigentlichen Täter, die Deutschland bedrohen. PI-NEWS-Autor Michael Stürzenberger wurde heute Mittag in einem Schauprozess von der Strafkammer des Landgerichts München wegen „Verbreiten von Propagandamitteln verfassungswidriger Organisationen“ zu einer Freiheitsstrafe von sechs Monaten verurteilt.

Stürzenberger rezensierte im Juni 2016 auf PI-NEWS den Artikel „Hakenkreuz und Halbmond“ aus der Süddeutschen Zeitung, in dem er auch namentlich erwähnt wurde. Er verwendete in dem gut recherchierten zeitgeschichtlichen Essay auch zwei Originalfotos, die den damaligen Mufti von Jerusalem Mohammed Amin Al-Husseini mit „Hakenkreuz“-Größen zeigte – zur geschichtlichen Berichterstattung im Sinne einer staatsbürgerlichen Aufklärung.

Michael SturzenbergerDiese Verwendung ist ausdrücklich vom Erlaubnistatbestand des § 86 (3) des deutschen Strafgesetzbuches gedeckt. Auch die SZ verwendete ähnliche Originalfotos. Stürzenberger zeigte dabei die zeitgeschichtlichen Schnittmengen der beiden Ideologien „Islamismus“ und „National-Sozialismus“ auf. In einem Facebook-Eintrag wies er sowohl auf den PI-News-Artikel hin, sowie auf den SZ-Beitrag „Hakenkreuz und Halbmond“ und die Forschungsergebnisse des renommierten ägyptischen Politologen Hamed Abdel Samad.

Mere på PI

Enhver, der tvivler på forbindelsen mellem nazisme og islam, kan læse videre her.


18 august 2017

Hvorfor Holland ikke er et demokrati

Pengeafpresning mod The Rebel og Tommy Robinson

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‘Fremmed udseende mand’ dræber 2 og sårer 6 i Turku Finland

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Two dead, six injured in stabbing in central Turku

A suspected assailant has been shot in the leg and detained after a stabbing incident in Turku, south-west Finland. At least one person was seen lying on the ground and others were reported to be hurt on Friday afternoon. Police say that several people have been stabbed and ask the public to avoid the area.

A knife-wielding man attacked eight people in downtown Turku on Friday afternoon, killing two and wounding at least six.

At a press conference on Friday evening, police said that eight people were stabbed in the incident, which began at 16:02, and two of them had died. The suspect was shot in the leg and apprehended by police by 16:05, and as of Friday evening was being treated in hospital.

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Merkel er på valgturne og bliver pebet ud det ene sted efter det andet – løgnepressen forsøger at skjule det

CNN (Crap network News) om Barcelona : det er igen lastbilens skyld

Igen leverer fake-news CNN en TÅBELIG forklaring

Det var – selvfølgelig – en lastbil, der lavede terrorhandlingen …

Jeg kunne et svagt øjeblik godt tænke mig at en “lastbil” ramte nogle CNN-såkaldte “journalister” …

så kan det være – måske – at det ville gå op for CNN-såkaldte “journalister” at der skal nogen til at køre en lastbil …

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Det er ALT for svært for CNN at finde ud af, hvad der skete

Her lufter en pseudojournalist fra CNN muligheden af at det er en copycat af Charlottesville,
altså et nazistisk terrorangreb !!

Der findes jo ikke nogle andre terrorister, der er kendt for den slags forbrydelser, vel …

og de 5 dræbte terrorsvin ved en lignende terrorhandling i Spanien i går var jo alle nynazister, ikke sandt –

nåh nej, de var jo – til CNNs store forbavselse – muslimer …

Nigel Farage hos Tucker Carlson om terroren i Europa

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