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27 september 2017

ISIS-terroristernes koner hjalp deres mænd med at voldtage Yazidi sex-slaver

Seeham Haji Khudayda, a 22-year-old Yazidi woman from northern Sinjar, was sold seven times during her ISIS captivity.

Like chattel, she was passed from one ISIS fighter to the next. She was raped almost daily. Sometimes she was gang raped by her owner’s guards. But of all the abuses she endured, what outraged her the most was the women who were complicit in it — and who participated directly in her rape.

The wives and children of ISIS fighters would often participate in verbally and physically abusing Yazidis, according to accounts from survivors I spoke to in Dohuk.

The second ISIS fighter who bought Seeham had a wife who helped him rape Seeham.

“I said, please kill me, don’t rape me, I love my husband. He said it’s not your decision. This is halal. In the Koran, it’s mentioned that you can take the women of other religions as sex slaves. This is our right, we are not doing anything wrong, it’s according to Islamic law.”

Most of the Yazidi survivors I spoke to described similar abuses from ISIS wives. In some cases, they say the children of ISIS fighters also abused them.

“In some cases, the wives and children of the ISIS fighter would also beat Yazidi children,” adds the report.

Mere her.

Når ISIS er nedkæmpet i Syrien og Irak kommer de stakkels enker og børn sikkert til Eurabia – uskyldige som nyfalden sne.

‘Stop thinking with your bleeding heart instead of your brain’: Outrage as Government says Australia will resettle and provide welfare for 70 children of dead ISIS fighters

25 september 2017

Iraks kurdere stemmer i dag om uafhængighed

Selvfølgelig er de omkringliggende muslimske diktatorer sure …

ErduGal(Erdogal), Iraks leder og Irans Mullaher fordømmer afstemningen

Vesten forholder sig – som sædvanlig – “neutralt”… YNKELIGT 1

Eneste land, der støtter afstemningen er Israel

Vesten burde selvfølgelig støtte kurderne, der har været en stor og vigtig allieret mod ISIS ,
og som – ud over Israel – er det eneste demokratiske element i Mellemøsten

Taget herfra, hvor du kan læse mere

11 september 2017

Britiske lærere tør ikke undervise om 9/11 af angst for at blive beskyldt for islamofobi

This is what a society that has capitulated looks like.

UK teachers should teach about 9/11 forthrightly, and explain to their students about the Islamic teachings that motivated it, and the nature and magnitude of the global jihad threat. Instead, they cower in fear of Muslim parents and students. That’s no way to win a war.

And they won’t win it.

9 september 2017

For præcis 10 år ( og 4 dage) siden forhindrede Israel Assad i at anskaffe sig A-våben

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I 1981 forhindrede Israel Saddam Hussein i af anskaffe sig A-våben

USA og verdenen reagerede med raseri og fordømmelse

Men da USA under George W. Bush smed de irakiske invationsstyrker ud af Kuwait,
var man glad for, hvad Israel havde gjort, og den daværende amerikanske udenrigsminister
Donald Rumsfeld takkede Israel

Her er en spændende beretning – i 2 dele – om hvordan Israel hindrede den syriske diktator i at få atomvåben vi en hemmelig reaktor bygget af Nordkorea

Fire år efter at den syriske reaktor blev bombet, startede den syriske borgerkrig

Hvad var der sket, hvis ISIS havde overtaget en fungerende reaktor ? … næppe noget godt

Israel var også parat til at ødelægge Irans forsøg på at anskaffe sig A-våben

Desværre forhindrede den amerikanske præsident Hussein Obama at det skete …

8 september 2017

Hykleriet er enormt

Alternativets udviklingsordfører, Ulla Sandbæk, giver en helt klar undskyldning for, at hun ikke har taget spørgsmålet om det muslimske mindretal rohingyaerne op over for Myanmars leder, Aung San Suu Kyi.

Det var en fejlvurdering, som jeg i den grad fortryder. Ikke mindst, fordi Alternativet faktisk er meget opmærksom på, hvad der foregår i Myanmar, skriver hun i en mail til Ritzau. Det er etnisk udrensning, og det internationale miljø må og skal derfor gribe ind.

Mere her

Hvornår har der nogensinde været politisk storm over den etniske udrensning af jøder og kristne, der foregår i Mellemøsten?

6 september 2017

Masoud Aqil genkender sine ISIS torturbødler i Tyskland – politiet kan intet gøre

Kampagne for Kurdistans selvstændighed begynder

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Official campaigning regarding the referendum for the Kurdistan Region has begun on Tuesday and will last for 18 days.

As of today, entities, political parties, and people may start campaigning for the referendum that is set to take place on September 25.

There have been large rallies in support of holding the referendum in Europe, including an August 26 rally in Cologne, Germany, that attracted an estimated 20,000 attendees including Kurds in diaspora and others.

1 september 2017

Sun Tzu: Kend din fjende – men ikke i repræsentanternes Hus

Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer discusses the House of Representatives’ vote against a measure that would require military officials to study the motivating ideology behind the jihad threat.

23 august 2017

Forhenværende CIA officer vil fundraise penge til at opkøbe Twitter for at slette Trumps konto

Valerie Plame Wilson is fundraising to buy a controlling share of Twitter so that she can ban President Trump from the social media platform.

“From emboldening white supremacists to promoting violence against journalists, his tweets damage the country and put people in harm’s way,” Wilson wrote on her GoFundMe page. “But threatening actual nuclear war with North Korea takes it to a dangerous new level.”

Wilson, who was revealed to be a covert CIA operations officer in a 2003 leak, slammed Twitter executives for ignoring calls to enforce the company’s own community standards and delete Trump’s account.

But Wilson’s progress has been slow: She has raised almost $3,000 since the page was set up on Aug. 16, well short of her $1 billion target.

Læs om filmen ‘Fair Game’ der påstår at dokumentere ‘Valerie Plame affæren’.

A great public clamor was then created: did Bush “out” Valerie Plame as a secret CIA agent? Did he do so to punish her for her husband’s (politically-motivated) statements about the Yellow Cake? The answer to these questions is, no, Bush did no such thing. It was just another false controversy manufactured by the Democratic Party who views all political opponents as mortal enemies to be destroyed, by any means possible.

14 august 2017

Hvordan George W. Bush vandt krigen i Irak – og Hussein Obama tabte den

Pete Hegseth, som tjenestegjorde i Irak, fortæller her om det i denne Prager University video

4 august 2017

Nürnberg Domstolen om S.S.

Conclusions of The SS Chapter of the Nuremberg Tribunal Judgment.

The SS

Conclusions: The SS was utilised for the purposes which were criminal under the Charter involving the persecution and extermination of the Jews, brutalities and killings in concentration camps, excesses in the administration of occupied territories, the administration of the slave labour programme and the mistreatment and murder of prisoners of war. The defendant Kaltenbrunner was a member of the SS implicated in these activities. In dealing with the SS the Tribunal includes all persons who had been officially accepted as members of the SS including the members of the Allgemeine SS, members of the Waffen SS, members of the SS Totenkopf Verbaende and the members of any of the different police forces who were members of the SS. The Tribunal does not include the so-called SS riding units. The Sicherheitsdienst des Reichsfuehrer SS (commonly known as the SD) is dealt with in the Tribunal’s Judgment on the Gestapo and SD.

Tribunal declares to be criminal within the meaning of the Charter the group composed of those persons who had been officially accepted as members of the SS as enumerated in the preceding paragraph who became or remained members of the organisation with knowledge that it was being used for the commission of acts declared criminal by Article 6 of the Charter or who were personally implicated as members of the organisation in the commission of such crimes, excluding, however, those who were drafted into membership by the State in such a way as to give them no choice in the matter, and who had committed no such crimes. The basis of this finding is the participation of the organisation in war crimes and crimes against humanity connected with the war; this group declared criminal cannot include, therefore, persons who had ceased to belong to the organisations enumerated in the preceding paragraph prior to 1st September, 1939

Hvorfor bruger man ikke præcedens overfor ISIS og erklærer det for en kriminel organisation og og alle medlemmer for krigsforbrydere?

Det skulle vel ikke være fordi, man ikke ønsker at associere islam med nazisme? Det er som bekendt reserveret til højrefløjen.

29 juli 2017

Europa ruster sig mod hellige krigere med kurs hjemad

En ny EU-manual skal styrke håndteringen af fremmedkrigere tværs over Europa.

»Det er naturligvis også i Danmarks interesse rent sikkerhedsmæssigt,« lyder det fra PET.

Sæt hurtigt ind med psykologisk bistand. Overvej assistance til at finde uddannelse, arbejde eller bolig. Påbegynd om muligt resocialiseringen allerede inden en eventuel retssag, og sørg for fyldestgørende religiøs støtte i fængsler.

Sådan lyder nogle af i alt 33 anbefalinger til håndteringen af hjemvendte hellige krigere, som Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) under EU- Kommissionen ventes at offentliggøre i næste uge. Manualen, som Jyllands-Posten har fået udleveret en tidlig, men ifølge RAN stort set fuldstændig udgave af, skal bidrage til at sikre mere ens europæiske standarder for sikkerhedsvurdering, håndtering og resocialisering af hjemvendte fra konfliktzonen i Syrien og Irak.

Jeg er målløs! JP kalder jordens værste afskum for ‘hellige’. Og så EU-kommissionens udspil oveni. Koalitionen sørger forhåbentlig for, at der ikke er nogen, der returnerer til Europa.

24 juli 2017

President Trump Cancels Obama/Kerry CIA Program Arming ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria…

Reports surface today that President Trump has cancelled the 2012/2013 covert CIA program giving weapons to ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria.  [Washington Post Link]

Various news organizations frame the issue as cancelling the program to “arm the moderate opposition to Bashir Assad”.

However, those news reports are entirely false.


22 juli 2017

New York Traitor Times

U.S. General Tony Thomas: New York Times lækkede at vi havde oplysninger om ISIS’s leder Baghdadi hvorefter han forsvandt.

14 juli 2017

Ezra Levant i Irak: Hvordan vil sejren over ISIS i Mosul påvirke de kristne?

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1 juli 2017

Godt nyt fra Mosul & Raqqa

Amerikansk udsending: Alle udenlandske jihadister bliver dræbt

Danske og andre udenlandske jihadister i Irak og Syrien skal ikke forvente nogen nåde, lyder det fra den amerikanske udsending  Brett Mcgurk.

“Der er en koncentration af fanatiske udenlandske krigere i Raqqa. Her er det vores mission at sikre os, at de også dør her. Det er målet. Koalitionens soldater, som står over for de militante islamister i Mosul er dedikerede omkring ikke bare at besejre de militante islamister, men vil sikre sig, at de ikke undslipper. Vores mission at sikre os – at udenlandske krigere, som er kommet fra udlandet til Syrien for at kæmpe for islamisk stat – også dør her.”




New data from Sweden is a dire warning to women against voting for more refugees from Muslim countries.

A 10News Update

New data from Sweden shows how immigration and refugees from Islamic countries puts especially women in danger.

92 percent of all severe rapes (violent rapes) are committed by migrants and refugees. 100 percent of all attack rapes (where victim and attacker had no previous contact) are committed by that same group. In other words, thousands of Swedish women would not have been raped and thereby traumatized for life, had it not been for the influx from Islamic countries.

The top-10 list over rapists’ national back ground shows only one non-Islamic country (Chile). Most rapists have Iraqi back ground, followed by refugees and migrants from Afghanistan, Somalia, Eritrea, Syria, Gambia, Iran, Palestine, Chile and Kosovo.

Hele artiklen: https://www.10news.one/dangerous-refugees-afghans-79-times-more-likely-to-rape/

30 juni 2017

ISIS er syge depraverede psykopater

Hvorfor kalder medierne dem ‘hellige krigere,’ når de er afskum, der bør fjernes fra jordens overflade?

During a TV interview with Egypt’s Extra News on Monday, Vian Dakhil, the only Yazidi member of the Iraqi parliament, described the devastating report.

“One of the women whom we managed to retrieve from ISIS said that she was held in a cellar for three days without food or water,” she said.

“Afterwards, they brought her a plate of rice and meat. She ate the food because she was very hungry,” Dakhil continued, according to a translation by Middle East Media Research Institute. “When she was finished they said to her: ‘We cooked your 1-year-old son that we took from you, and this is what you just ate.'”

During the interview, Dakhil, fighting back tears, recalled a captured 10-year-old girl being raped to death in front of her five sisters and father.

“One of the girls said that they took six of her sisters,” she said. “Her youngest sister, a 10-year-old girl, was raped to death in front of her father and sisters. She was 10 years old.”

Tragically, the barbaric act of feeding a tortured woman her own child is not that unusual for ISIS.

Former ISIS captive Yasir Abdulla recalled the horrific incident of a woman who traveled to Mosul to save her kidnapped son:

“The ISIS militants initially offered tea to the woman, and then a meal of meat and rice. But when she demanded to see her son, the extremists reportedly burst into laughter and told her, they had murdered her son, chopped him and fed him to her,” reports Christian Today. 

Mere her.

22 juni 2017

Canadisk snigskytte dræber på 3,44 km’s afstand

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Canadian special forces sniper kills an ISIS fighter from TWO MILES away in the longest confirmed kill shot in history

  • Bullet was fired from a McMillan TAC-50 rifle set up on a high-rise tower in Iraq
  • The sniper disrupted an ISIS fighter who was attacking a group of Iraqi soldiers 
  • Smashes record set by British soldier Craig Harrison, who hit target at 1.54 miles

Mere her.

Hvorfor tillader Allah, at Vesten har de bedste skytter og våben?

12 juni 2017

Afstemning om uafhængighed for Kurdistan (KRG) 25. september 2017

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After meeting with the Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani on Wednesday afternoon, leaders and representatives of almost all political parties in the Kurdistan agreed on a date to hold independence referendum of Kurdistan and to overcome political difference in the interest of national consensus.

The parties issued a statement after the meeting in Pirmam Parish, Erbil, in which they announced September 25, 2017 as the date for holding the referendum on independence of Kurdistan from Iraq which should run in the Kurdistan Region as well as the mainly Kurdish areas which still lay under the administrative authority of Baghdad.

Mere på BasNews

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