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2 marts 2015

Pat Condell: Free speech on campus

27 februar 2015

Kronikk av Christian Tybring-Gjedde: Mediene knebler meningsmangfoldet

Politiske debatter i Norge er elitistiske. De ekskluderer og segregerer.

Visse standpunkter er moralsk overlegne. Andre er egoistiske, kyniske og hjerterå. Definisjonsmakten ligger forankret hos dem som har begge føttene solid plantet innenfor. De som hevder islam betyr fred, har et milelangt forsprang på dem som hevder det motsatte.

Uansett hvor mye bestialsk terror som utføres i islams navn. Den som hevder dagens asylinnvandring er en kulturell berikelse, stiller i en helt annen divisjon enn den som påpeker de langsiktige konsekvensene av denne gjestfriheten. De som ønsker å ta imot flest flyktninger er pr. definisjon rausest.

De rause trenger ikke befatte seg med budsjettmessige konsekvenser, folks nærmiljø eller norsk kulturell identitet. Det er ordene som teller.

De rause tilfredsstiller den bibelske barmhjertighet.

Læs hele kronikken her.

17 februar 2015

Man binder os på mund og hånd fremført på det rigtige tidspunkt men for historieløse

‘Man binder os på mund og hånd’ er en dansk sang skrevet i 1940 til revyen Dyveke.

Sangen, der har tekst af Poul Henningsen og musik af Kai Normann Andersen, blev fremført af Liva Weel.

Sangteksten gik lige til censurens streg som modstand mod nazismen og fik den konsekvens for PH, at han kom på nazisternes sorte liste og måtte flygte til Sverige.

Sangen blev fremført i går aftes af Pernille Rosendahl – sandsynligvis uden at ret mange tænkte nærmere over implikationerne. For en gangs skyld bruger de nyttige idioter et associationstrick mod dem selv :-)

Den findes på Youtube indtil videre, men jeg undlader at sætte den på, for at undgå copyright problemer med DDR.

Her er originalen med indledning af P.H.

1 februar 2015

Sharyl Attkisson Destroys Obama Administration

Enemy of the State.

31 januar 2015

Tysk præst prædiker fra Bibelen: Hatespeech

Während Mohammedaner allerorten ungestraft ihr „Allahu akbar“, was so viel heißt wie „Allah ist größer (als andere Götter)” brüllen dürfen, führt ein pastoraler Hinweis darauf, dass Christen den Unterschied zwischen Christentum und Islam nicht verwischen dürften, zu Ermittlungen der Staatsanwaltschaft Bremen gegen den evangelischen Pastor Olaf Latzel (Foto) wegen “Volksverhetzung”.


25 januar 2015

Det journalistiske produkt kan ikke kaldes andet end propaganda

I was wondering how long it was going to take for the talking heads on MSNBC to portray Muslims as the true victims of the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

In a complete inversion of reality, this story is morphing into a parable about how difficult it is to be a Muslim in Europe.

Newsweek’s bureau chief in Paris, who appeared on MSNBC’s The Cycle.

“This is an issue that’s going to be used very effectively and cynically by the far-right politicians,” said Dickey, “not only of France but especially in the rest of Europe, places like Dresden, places like the Netherlands…”

Translation: Europe’s insufferable right-wingers aren’t actually concerned with the seemingly endless acts of terrorism or even about their own culture being displaced by one that’s stuck in the seventh century. They merely “use” those issues, “very effectively and cynically.” It’s brown skin they hate.


The dirty little secret of journalism is that reporters are very conscious of their substantial influence. They are not just hired eyes and ears conveying all they see and hear. Journalists know that news coverage can impact policy and world events. Consequently, they think of their constant massaging of the news as just plain old responsibility. Yet most journalists still pay lip service to the ideal of covering the news without fear or favor, something that simply can’t be achieved while constantly placing their collective thumb on the scale to ensure that one side of the debate can never win.

That’s not “responsibility;” it’s rigging the game. The role of journalists isn’t to wonder whom their stories will benefit. Their job is to report the news and let the chips fall where they may.


France has its own censors, ever eager to filter the news out of some warped sense of responsibility. Jean-Claude Dassier, director general of the news outfit LCI—France’s version of CNN—admitted in 2005 that his network shielded viewers from seeing the true destruction wrought by angry Muslim rioters who were then besieging France.

Politics in France is heading to the right and I don’t want rightwing politicians back in second, or even first place because we showed burning cars on television,” he confided.

The only rational conclusion is that Dassier wants to keep the French public uninformed because they’d likely vote for Front National, France’s unapologetically nationalist party, if they knew what the heck was happening to their country. Better not to cover the news lest people figure out that the “bigots” have a point.

Dassier continued: “Having satellites trained on towns across France twenty-four hours a day would have been wrong and totally disproportionate.”

Oh, I get it. Actually covering the news would have been inappropriate because it would have imparted the false impression that cities across France were burning. Which they were, incidentally. So, in order to provide a clearer picture, Monsieur Dassier’s news service was instructed not to cover the news.

“Journalism is not simply a matter of switching on the cameras and letting them roll. You have to think about what you’re broadcasting.”

Well there’s some refreshing honesty. I have no doubt that most journalists think very hard about what they broadcast and that’s the problem. They don’t give it to us straight. The constant impulse to shape the news to fit an agenda strips their reporting of any value. That omnipresent question “What would the Right do with this?” hangs over their coverage, influencing editorial decisions to the point that their end product can only be called propaganda.

Læs det hele af Benny Huang: Journalistic “Responsibility” And Other Sorry Excuses For Censoring the News

Findes der no-go-zoner i Frankrig?

Does France really have “no-go zones”?

Fox News has come under fire for reporting on these alleged zones. In this special edition of The Source, Ezra digs in to a collection of videos to expose the truth.

21 januar 2015

Video: Pressekonferenz von Pegida in Dresden

Talsmændene Lutz Bachmann og Kathrin Oertel holdt pressekonference om den aflyste PEGIDA demonstration i Dresden den 19. januar.

Via Politically Incorrect

20 januar 2015

Blir registrert som rasister fra 3-årsalderen

Storbritannia er et av verdens mest «politisk korrekte» land.

Førskolelærere og skolelærere er forpliktet til å rapportere inn alle rasistiske, homofobe eller politisk ukorrekte holdninger som barna viser, til sentrale offentlige registre. Ei lita jente som sa at vennen hennes var brun og en liten gutt som spurte en svart gutt om han var fra Afrika befinner seg nå i disse registrene.

Det som for de fleste kan høres ut som en absurd science fiction-fortelling er virkeligheten i det «nye Storbritannia».

Førskolelærere og skolelærere er nemlig forpliktet til å overvåke og rapportere holdningene til barn ned i 3-årsalderen.

Mere på Frie Ord

2 januar 2015

Julegaver som pejsebrænde

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Mere her.

3 december 2014

Michael Coren & Mark Steyn – Dec 1, 2014 update – Michael E Mann vs Free Speech

23 november 2014

Exposing the Real Che Guevara and the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him

Che’s bloodthirsty hatred is why Fontova considers him the godfather of modern terrorism. Exposing the Real Che Guevara is based on scores of interviews with survivors of Che’s atrocities as well as the American CIA agent who interrogated Che just hours before the Bolivian government executed him.


Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and the mainstream media celebrate Che as a saint and a sex symbol – a selfless martyr with a love of humanity second only to Jesus Christ’s.

But their ideas about Che – Fidel Castro’s henchman whose face adorns hipsters’ T-shirts, posters, and ad campaigns – are based on a murderous communist regime’s outright lies.

As Humberto Fontova reveals in this myth-shattering book, Che was actually a bloodthirsty executioner, a military bumbler, a coward, and a hypocrite. This biographical account proves it’s no exaggeration to state that Che – who was captured and killed nearly forty years ago – was the godfather of modern terrorism.

And yet Che’s followers naively swallow Castro’s historical revisionism. They are classic “useful idiots.” the name Stalin gave to foolish Westerners who parroted his lies about communism’s successes.

Humberto Fontova interviewed the few people still alive who interacted with Che and can tell the truth about him, while overturning the myths and legends. In this book you’ll learn:

- How Che longed to destroy New York City with nuclear missiles. (So why does Angelina Jolie sport a Che tattoo, while denouncing violence as a U.N. ambassador of goodwill?
– How Che promoted book burning and signed death warrants for authors who disagreed with him. (So why did Jean Paul Sartre praise him as a “perfect” man, and why did Time Magazine name him one of the 100 most influential people of the century?)
– How Che made amazingly racist statements about blacks. (So why do Jesse Jackson, Jay-Z, and Mike Tyson say nice things about him?)
– How Che persecuted gays, long-haired rock and roll fans, and religious people. (So why do Carlos Santana, Madonna and Johnny Depp think he’s so cool?)
– How Che, the devoted Communist, loved material wealth and private luxuries. (So why do the mainstream media still depict him as an ascetic?)

David Horowitz says: “A great service for the cause of decency and human freedom. Deservedly puts Che Guevara in the ash-heap of history. Every American should read this book.”

Published by Sentinel HC April 2007
Hardcover 256 pages, paperback 272, ISBN: 1595230270

Buy this book:


7 november 2014

Pat Condell: Storbritanniens kultur problem

26 oktober 2014

Den tyske komiker Dieter Nuhr meldt til politiet for at fornærme islam

Der 53-Jährige war von einem Muslim aus Osnabrück wegen Islamhetze angezeigt worden. Schon auf seiner Facebook-Seite hatte sich Nuhr gegen die Vorwürfe gewehrt: „Bin von Islamisten als „Hassprediger“ angezeigt worden, weil ich den Koran richtig zitiert habe.“

Mere på Handelsblatt via Observing Hermann.

23 september 2014

Pat Condell: Laughing at the new Inquisition

4 september 2014

Den virkelige indre fjende


Muslim Rape Gangs: the Disturbing Role of Britain’s Leading Child Welfare Charity



29 januar 2014

Alle er inviteret til demonstration mod DONG salget

Nå ja – det vil sige næsten alle.

27 januar 2014

De mest ufrie steder USA

20 januar 2014

Forlag lukker videnskabeligt tidsskrift fordi en enkelt artikel tvivler på den globale opvarmning

In extraordinary news, the scientific journal Pattern Recognition in Physics has been unexpectedly terminated, a “drastic decision” taken just ten months after it started.

The publisher appears to be shocked that in a recent special issue the scientists expressed doubt about the accelerated warming predicted by the IPCC. For the crime of not bowing before the sacred tabernacle, apparently the publishers suddenly felt the need to distance themselves, and in the most over-the-top way. The reasons they gave had nothing to do with the data, the logic, and they cite no errors. There can be no mistake, this is about enforcing a permitted line of thought.

Mere på JoNova

Direkte link til den pågældende artikel.

Ifølge forlagsdirektør Martin Rasmussen er Copernicus Publications forskning sponsoreret af EU-kommissionen, så måske har Connie Hedegaard en finger med i spillet for at lukke munden på forskere med forkerte meninger?

15 januar 2014

Anti-Israel Propaganda vha Nelson Mandela afsløret

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