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26 juni 2017

Færre migranter til Europa og flere kondomer til Afrika

Menneskesyn er forklædt religiøsitet, det er åndelighed i metermål:

Enten har du det rigtige menneskesyn eller også er du et dumt svin.

Jalving om Lise Nørgaard

16 juni 2017

Professorer på Cambridge Universitet skal ophøre med at bruge ordet “geni” fordi det er kvindeundertrykkende!

University of Cambridge history tutors have been told to refrain from using the word “genius” in class because it’s offensive towards women.

The department plans to re-write the first two years of its History degree to weed out “sexists terms” like “genius,” “brilliance” and “flair,” reports the Telegraph.

“We want to use language that is transparent,” Dr. Lucy Delap, a British history lecturer, said. “We’re rewriting our first two years of our History degree to create a wider set of paper choices, to make assessment criteria clearer, and to really try and root out the unhelpful and very vague talk of ‘genius,’ of ‘brilliance,’ of ‘flair’ which carries assumptions of gender inequality and also of class and ethnicity.”

Delap explained that since terms like “brilliance,” “genius,” and “flair” have too often been used to describe men, tutors should not use them anymore. Women may have difficulty thinking that they are “brilliant” because the word has historically been associated with men, Delap claimed.

Mere her

14 juni 2017

UK: Politiet truer butiksejer over et “Don’t fund terrorism” skilt

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8 juni 2017

UK: 15-årig UKIP medlem meldt som ekstremt højreorienteret og henvist til de-radikalisering af sine venstreorienterede lærere

Whilst we have Jihadi radicalisation happening unchecked in our schools, prisons and universities, our anti-terror forces are more preoccupied with interrogating a teenage UKIP supporter!

Michael Higginson, 15, is in the party’s youth wing, and he’s been labelled far right by his school and reported to the government’s PREVENT de-radicalisation programme. His crime? Making a “transphobic” joke about Caitlin Jenner in class, and bringing in UKIP flyers to school. He was even asked by police if he supported the murder of Jo Cox!

Just what is our joke of an anti-terror strategy that we couldn’t stop a terrorist who appeared on a documentary called “Jihadis Next Door”, but we think this boy is a real security threat? I spoke to Michael on the show, you won’t want to miss this!

28 maj 2017

Flere bindegale amerikanske studenter

“All White People Leave Campus OR ELSE!!” Tucker Covers INSANE Evergreen State College Story.

Tucker Carlson interviews Evergreen State College Professor Bret Weinstein about how a mob of students shut down his class for the most ridiculous reason.

Wim van Rooy – belgisk intellektuel – taler om kulturmarxismen indvandring og islam

Et marxistisk helvede: Amsterdams Universitet

Just like in Canada, the US and Germany; Cultural Marxism and SJW’s have also appeared in the Netherlands.

This is the result of a horrible education system. Universities have basically become indoctrination camps.

The Netherlands is an indoctrinated society. This can be seen in the media, in the establishment, in the legal system, in education and also in academia. All the levels of Dutch society are infected by it.

How to Debate the Left on Islam

27 maj 2017

Berufsverbot: Katie Hopkins fyret

Outspoken broadcaster Katie Hopkins is parting ways with LBC Radio “immediately” following a controversial tweet in which she called for a “final solution” to Islamic terrorism.


Hopkins amended the tweet to read “true solution” soon after posting it on Tuesday, explaining that she had found the “typo” to be “disrespectful” to the victims of the attack on the Manchester Arena on Monday which killed 22 people.

But fellow Twitter users were quick to make the connection to the holocaust, labelling Hopkins a “Nazi”.

Mere på Breitbart

26 maj 2017

En million britiske piger voldtaget af muslimske bander – Easy Meat

Politikere, politiet og løgnepressen skjuler omfanget af forbrydelserne.

Charlene Downes blev serveret som kebab til sine forældre – morderne fik erstatning af staten:

24 maj 2017

Tommy Robinson angrebet for at konfrontere muslimsk byrådsmedlem

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17 maj 2017

EUSSR vil lukke munden på alle kritikere

Cassie Jaye om feminisme og mænds rettigheder og ‘The Red Pill’

Cassie Jaye (Filmmaker, “The Red Pill”) joins Dave Rubin to discuss her views on feminism, Men’s Rights Activists, and her experience making her documentary “The Red Pill.”

16 maj 2017

Ingen skal ustraffet argumentere mod “anti”fascister …

For så benytter “anti”fascister bare fascistiske/kommunistiske metoder …

Paul Watson dokumenterer, hvor evnesvage facisterne på venstrefløjen er:

Hitler, Stalin og Mao ville have været stolte af “anti”facisterne …

Antifa targets woman who filmed “Man With Sign”


15 maj 2017

Paul Golding og Jayda Fransen om deres anholdelse

Men denne mand har ikke politiforbud mod at fortælle, hvad der foregår.

14 maj 2017

Paul Weston om arrestationen af Tommy Robinson

12 maj 2017

Black Pigeon Speaks: Om den Britiske Politistat og Tommy Robinson

11 maj 2017

Paul Golding og Jayda Fransen arresteret

Last night, Britain First leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen were arrested in a police ambush in Kent.


This arrest is related to a campaign Britain First is running at the moment in Kent.

We have to be very vague, as we are told Kent police have slapped some extreme bail conditions on them both which limits what they can say.

They have been arrested for “Inciting Religious Hatred” contrary to the Public Order Act.

Paul and Jayda will release a joint video statement this afternoon.

The police swooped on Paul and Jayda while they were driving by blocking the road and surrounding them with police vans.

The raid included both uniformed and plain clothes CID officers.

It was a military style ambush that was executed with precision.

We have launched an immediate legal ‘Fighting Fund’ and we need your help.

Tommy Robinson atter fængslet

Tommy Robinson of TheRebel.media was barred from giving this speech five times by various universities. It’s about his experiences in “the British police state.”

5 maj 2017

Facebook kvæler Britain First

The Britain First Facebook fan page is the biggest in UK politics.

Over the last 10 days however, our Facebook page has been strangled and our organic reach has collapsed.

Britain First leader Paul Golding explains in detail what has happened – is Facebook trying to silence Britain First?

1 maj 2017

Rebel Media Down Under

Ezra Levant meets up with Rebel contributor Claire Lehmann in Sydney, Australia.

She talks about the media’s reluctance to publish her opinions critical of feminism and other liberal sacred cows.

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