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25 marts 2017

Baltimore: Illegale indvandrere voldtager 14-årig pige og løgnepressen skjuler det

Hvorfor findes der ingen statistikker over illegale indvandreres kriminalitet?

Det islamiske angreb i Westminster var ikke islamisk

Theresa May Calls London Terror Attack “Perversion of a Great Faith”

22 marts 2017

Udtalelse fra Britain First om terroren i London

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The Britain First leadership team has voted to change the location of next Saturday’s protest march to London in response to today’s horrific terror attack.

We will now be holding a “London march against terrorism!” and already there has been a huge upsurge in confirmations.

All patriots are welcome and we appeal to everyone who cares about their country and their children to join us in London next Saturday!

The Metropolitan Police has been informed of our event and we are lining up some new guest speakers for this mammoth event.

It has now been confirmed that multiple civilians and a police officer have died following today’s attack.

It looks almost certain that the attacker was a radical Islamic extremist known to the police.

Please visit the official Facebook event page for our London march and click on ‘Going’ or ‘Interested’.

Terrorangreb i London – 4 døde

Og medierne er helt uden anelse om hvad motivet er.

Hvad mon Londons muslimske borgmester har at sige?


Foto af gerningsmanden: Terrorist’s name was Abu Isadeen, right hand man of Abu Hamza at the Finsbury Park mosque .



21 marts 2017

Sverige vågn op !

Et par utrolige våbenrelaterede historier

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi står overfor en bitter død på slagmarken

ISLAMIC State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi faces a grim end on the battlefield, a top British general warned today.

He said the Allies are hunting Baghdadi who has presided over bloodthirsty atrocities in a relentless reign of .


He pledged that Baghdadi will go the same way as his henchmen most of whom have been killed by local forces on the ground or the sustained air offensive of the US-led coalition.

Major General Rupert Jones, the deputy commander of the US-led coalition against or Daesh, also vowed to hunt down ISIS foreign fighters including British volunteers.

Mere på Express

Britain’s top commander in Iraq and Syria has warned foreign fighters travelling to join Islamic State (IS) in the region: “We will target you, we will find you, and we will kill you.”

Major General Rupert Jones said it did not matter where people came from, as they would all be treated the same.

20 marts 2017

Racekrig truer i Sydafrika

The ANC and Black Supremacist Parties in the South African parliament may be considering the elimination of the White population in that country.

They are attempting to pass a law that will strip Whites of any property ownership entitlement, paving the way for more extreme laws thereafter. Many Boers are trying to escape but no Western nations wants them, and the UN will not define them as refugees. Debates on concentration camps have actually occurred at the political level.

Venstrefløjen lyver om klima miljø og sortes forbrydelser

Liberals lie about the environment and black crime.

That’s what they do. Sometimes they admit it.

12 marts 2017

Ingen tør bygge ny politistation i Rinkeby

Bygget av den nya polisstationen i Rinkeby har dragit ut på tiden.

Enligt källor till SVT Nyheter har det inte kommit några anbud eftersom flera stora byggföretag inte vill ta jobbet av säkerhetsskäl.

Det är alldeles för farligt att bygga en polisstation i området, säger flera poliser som vill vara anonyma till SVT Nyheter.

Trots problem med gäng, skottlossningar och annan kriminalitet i södra Järvaområdet, i nordvästra Stockholm, så saknas en polisstation i Rinkeby. Den gamla stationen stängdes våren 2014 och ett år senare togs beslut att bygga en ny station med plats för 240 poliser.

Den skulle ha öppnat till sommaren, men bygget har fortfarande inte startat och ett nytt polishus kan stå klart tidigast 2019.

SVT ansat anholdt for narkotikakriminalitet på SVT fest

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Två personer har gripits misstänkta för narkotikabrott under Melodifestivalens efterfest på Friends arena, tidigt på söndagsmorgonen.

En av personerna ingår i teamet kring Melodifestivalen och har även arbetat med flera tidigare SVT-produktioner.

Hoppas vi kan lösa det här för det kan förstöra min karriär, sa den SVT-anställda till vakterna vid gripandet.

Mere her

SVT er Sveriges DR.

100 bander i Oslo

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Lørdag fortalte NRK at gjengsituasjonen i enkelte bydeler i Oslo er verre enn på mange år, ifølge politifolk, ungdomsarbeidere og politikere som har kjennskap til miljøet.

Det fikk byrådsleder Raymond Johansen til å kreve en gigantisk politiinnsats for å bryte opp miljøene.

9 marts 2017

Østrig: 14-årig afghaner medskyldig i 65 forbrydelser

Vi, de uanstændige ekstremister

Den journalistiske elite forsøger desperat at lukke munden på anstændige, bekymrede danskere ved at betegne dem som højreekstremister, der skal udelukkes fra den offentlige samtale.

Jeppe Juhl svarer igen.

8 marts 2017

Jeff Sessions bekræfter årsagen til Trumps indrejseforbud

Børneægteskab i Bangladesh: Ny lov nedsætter minimumsalderen til nyfødte

Og et smuthul i loven kan tvinge voldtægtsofre til at gifte sig med deres gerningsmænd.

Bangladesh has been accused of taking a “devastating step backwards” in the fight against child marriage by introducing a legal loophole that sets no age limit for wedlock.

The Child Marriage Restraint Bill keeps the legal age of marriage as 18 for women and 21 for men but introduces exceptions in “special cases” or for in the “best interests” of the adolescent.

Campaigners say the law effectively sets the marriageable age at zero but supporters of the law, which needs presidential approval before coming into effect, say courts will prevent abuse by assessing applications.

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7 marts 2017

Ægte ‘Fake news’

BBC kalder ham ‘muslim fra Kashmir,’ når han bliver nægtet amerikansk visum.

Da han sex-misbruger en mindreårig pige, er han pludselig ‘indisk atlet’.


Mark Levin Kicks Liberal Media’s Ass On Their Own Trump Wire Tap Reporting – Sean Hannity

Mark Levin: Obama Knew About Alleged Trump Wiretaps ‘Unless He’s Helen Keller’

– Radio host Mark Levin said Monday that it’s all but assumed that former President Barack Obama knew about campaign-season wiretaps of Trump Tower, as reported in several news outlets. Levin, a former chief of staff to Reagan Attorney General Ed Meese, said that if a FISA court warrant was secured, as reported, Obama was either told in his daily intelligence briefings or was given a “heads-up” by someone else.

Mark Levin: ‘Donald Trump Is the Victim’ in Alleged Obama Wiretapping Scandal

‘This Is McCarthyism’: Trump Tweets Obama Had ‘Wires Tapped’ Inside Trump Tower

He also said, citing several reports that numerous agencies within the Justice Department, intelligence community and Treasury Department were investigating the intelligence reports.

“I assume Obama knew something unless he’s Helen Keller,” Levin said. “That’s a hell of a lot of agency resources.”

Levin said by tweeting about the reports that accumulated over the past several months, President Trump has caused the media to “pivot” from alleging contact between his campaign and the Russians to deciding whether the Obama administration was involved in collecting the information that led them to their previous reportage.

“The media is confounded and confused,” Levin said, “If former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper says there was no FISA order, then what the hell are we talking about?”

Levin said the media was initially concerned with whether Trump associates had nefarious contact with the Russians.

“Now they’re saying we didn’t have a FISA warrant,” he said.

“If I’m reading these news reports, we have a runaway executive branch, and today the media doesn’t appear to know,” Levin said, demanding that the FISA order and warrants, be released to Congress.

Racisme i britiske retssale – anti-hvid selvfølgelig – hvad ellers?

Young offenders from black or ethnic minority backgrounds could be given lighter punishments under new sentencing guidelines.

Judges will be told to consider the ‘discrimination and negative experiences of authority’ they may have suffered.
Courts should take into account ‘particular factors which arise in the case of black and minority ethnic children and young people’.
The guidelines appear to be the first ever instructions to courts to treat defendants differently on racial grounds.

6 marts 2017

Racisme i Syd-Afrika: Anti-semitter angriber jødiske og arabiske israelere

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South African anti-Israel activists violently attack delegation of Jewish and Arab Israelis

Shocking scenes today as BDS anti-Israel activists turn violent, attacking Jewish students and their Israel display at Wits – University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. Once again so-called Israel “Apartheid Weeks” bring havoc to university campuses. Shameful.

Kudos to the SAUJS – South African Union of Jewish Students and our StandWithUs delegation of Israeli students there to reach out to people about Israel in an atmosphere of peace, despite the violence of these protesters. In spite of this incident, they are continuing their educational outreach and won’t be deterred!

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