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28 juni 2017

Fletcher har brug for hjælp

Tommy Robinson of TheRebel.media revisits a Sunderland shopkeeper forced to remove a patriotic, anti-terrorism sign by police.

Douglas Murray on Tommy Robinson (and the Establishment)

Britain First demonstration mod terror i Birmingham 24. juni

Konvertit søger aktivt offerrollen:

1 juni 2017

Sejr for Britain First i retten

15 maj 2017

Paul Golding og Jayda Fransen om deres anholdelse

Men denne mand har ikke politiforbud mod at fortælle, hvad der foregår.

11 maj 2017

Paul Golding og Jayda Fransen arresteret

Last night, Britain First leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen were arrested in a police ambush in Kent.


This arrest is related to a campaign Britain First is running at the moment in Kent.

We have to be very vague, as we are told Kent police have slapped some extreme bail conditions on them both which limits what they can say.

They have been arrested for “Inciting Religious Hatred” contrary to the Public Order Act.

Paul and Jayda will release a joint video statement this afternoon.

The police swooped on Paul and Jayda while they were driving by blocking the road and surrounding them with police vans.

The raid included both uniformed and plain clothes CID officers.

It was a military style ambush that was executed with precision.

We have launched an immediate legal ‘Fighting Fund’ and we need your help.

10 maj 2017

Britain First sporer muslimsk voldtægtsforbryder

7 maj 2017

Britain First konfronterer muslimske voldtægtsforbrydere i Ramsgate

A 16 year old English girl walked into a pizza outlet in Ramsgate, Kent, and was dragged upstairs and gang raped by four Muslims.

After visiting the “555 Pizza” outlet to confront the owners (where the crime took place), we caught up with the Muslim rapists outside Canterbury Crown Court.

5 maj 2017

Facebook kvæler Britain First

The Britain First Facebook fan page is the biggest in UK politics.

Over the last 10 days however, our Facebook page has been strangled and our organic reach has collapsed.

Britain First leader Paul Golding explains in detail what has happened – is Facebook trying to silence Britain First?

Britain First konfronterer muslimske voldtægtsforbrydere

A 16 year old English girl walked into a pizza outlet in Ramsgate, Kent, and was dragged upstairs and gang raped by four Muslims.

Britain First visited this pizza outlet to confront the rapists!

Endnu en grund til at boykotte Just-Eat

28 april 2017

Britain First har brug for hjælp

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Our office landlord has “done the dirty” on us and has refused to renew our tenancy at our office HQ which expires next month!


We are not equipped to move our entire headquarters – we don’t have the funds or resources to do something that usually takes months to organise.

We are financially “running low” thanks to relentless activities, rapid growth and massive pressure on our existing resources.

If we don’t find the emergency funds to move HQ, there will be no going back, no second chances, it will be catastrophic.

We desperately need £5,000 to facilitate the move to a new HQ and we need it fast!


27 april 2017

“Do NOT come to the UK!” Britain First team heads to Calais to deter migrants!

The area around Calais, in northern France, is still inundated with migrants heading for the UK.

Britain First leader Paul Golding and a team of activists headed to northern France to deter and dissuade Muslim migrants from trying to invade Britain.

26 april 2017

Islamisten Anthony Smalls truer Paul Golding Tommy Robinson og Katie Hopkins

12 april 2017

Birmingham: UK’s Jihad hovedstad

Britain First Shop

8 april 2017

FAKE NEWS! Jayda Blasts the media’s lies and distortions!

5 april 2017

Tommy Robinson vs Media ved London Rally

After a chance to reflect on the mainstream media’s coverage of protests in London on Saturday, Tommy Robinson of TheRebel.media calls out so-called journalists — and is proved right.

2 april 2017

Venstrefascistisk Sturmabteilung (S.A. 2.0) angriber Tommy Robinson ved Britain First demo i London

Caolan Robertson: Truet af venstrefascisternes Sturm Abteilung (S.A. 2.0)

1 april 2017

Britain First London April 2017

Britain First protest march, Westminster London April 2017.

An Islamic terrorist by the name of Khalid Masood drove a car over innocent people on Westminster Bridge, London, before going on to stab a policeman to death. Four people died as a result of his actions. Britain First were joined by Tommy Robinson and Caolan Robertson on this protest against Islamic terrorism.

Venstrefascistisk Sturmabteilung (S.A. 2.0) angriber Britain Firsts demonstration i London i dag


Videoen er fra RT, Britain First og Rebel Media rapporterer senere.

31 marts 2017

Britain First demonstrerer i London i morgen

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