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4 september 2011

Hussein Obama administrationen forbereder 9/11

Betydningen af Al-Qaeda skal nedtones.

Hussein Obama udnævner en af DanMarx Radios hadepersoner til chef for fødevaresikkerhed

Vicepræsidenten for Monsanto bliver ledende person indenfor fødevaresikkerhed i USA.

DDR har tordnet mod Monsanto, GMO og RoundUp i årevis. Hvilken bet for de grønne.

Yes he can!

30 august 2011

Barack Hussein Obamas illegale onkel Omar Obama taget for spritkørsel

BARACK Hussein Obama’s long-lost “Uncle Omar” has been arrested for alleged drink-driving outside Boston and detained as an illegal immigrant, The Times can reveal.

The arrest ends a mystery over the fate of a relative that the US President wrote in his memoir had moved to America from Kenya in the 1960s, although the circumstances of his discovery may now prove to be an embarrassment for the White House.

20 august 2011

‘Backdoor Amnesty’ for Illegal Aliens By Obama To Get Latino Votes In 2012 Election

12 august 2011

Ramadanmiddag i Det Hvide Hus

10 august 2011

PJTV: SEAL Team Six Down: America Loses Some of Its Bravest and Best Trained Warriors

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28 juli 2011

Massemorderen en stor beundrer af Hussein Obama

The anti-Islamic website Islam versus Europe contains more quotes from Breivik’s postings on the Document.no website, including the following:

“I completely agree that Obama is a brilliant retoriker [rhetorician] and communicator, one of the best we’ve seen over the past 30 years.”

Mere på Family Security Matters

30 maj 2011

Hussein Obamas læge-fætter:

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I will repeat the same question I’ve been asking since the first health care waiver was granted:

If Obamacare is such a great law, why does the White House keep exempting its best friends from it?

Dr. Milton R. Wolf, a Washington Times columnist, is a board-certified diagnostic radiologist and President Obama’s cousin. He blogs at miltonwolf.com.

11 maj 2011

Hussein Obama håner grænsekontrol

7 maj 2011

Hussein Obama vil ikke offentliggøre billederne af Osama bin Ladens død

For ikke at genere muslimernes følelser.

Læs youtube kommentaren til videoen.

6 maj 2011

Waterboarding Led U.S. to Osama Bin Laden

3 maj 2011

Hvem er det egentlig der er blevet dræbt i Pakistan

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Sensation: Obama viser sin fødselsvideo

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28 april 2011

Hussein Obama fremlægger sin fødselsattest

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Eller gør han?

Og hvem har underskrevet attesten?

5 april 2011

En gang muslim – altid muslim

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A new poll by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life shows that 18 percent of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim.

That is up from the 12 percent who believed that in October 2008, just before Obama was elected president.

At the same time, the number of Pew respondents who say Obama is a Christian — in Dreams From My Father, he describes his conversion to Christianity under the tutelage of Rev. Jeremiah Wright — has declined from 51 percent in October 2008 to 34 percent now. And the number of people who say they don’t know Obama’s religion is growing, from 32 percent back then to 43 percent today.

Donald Trump ‘birther’

1 april 2011

Barack Hussein Obamas fødselsattest fundet i Kenya

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7 februar 2011

Hawaiiansk embedsmand underskriver erklæring

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Der har aldrig eksisteret en fødselsattest på Barack Hussein Obama på Hawaii.

23 januar 2011

Hussein Obamas fødselsattest – Hussein Obamas valgbarhed

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20 januar 2011


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President Obama wants to apply government “expertise” to the realm of online commerce and commentary. The White House cybersecurity adviser joined Commerce Secretary Gary Locke on Jan. 7 to announce what amounts to a national ID card for the Internet.

Their plan is straightforward. Instead of logging onto Facebook or one’s bank using separate passwords established with each individual company or website, the White House will take the lead in developing what it calls an “identity ecosystem” that will centralize personal information and credentials. This government-approved system would issue a smart card or similar device that would confirm an individual’s identity when making online credit-card purchases, accessing electronic health care records, posting “anonymous” blog entries or even logging onto one’s own home computer, according to administration documents.

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