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24 september 2016

Geert Wilders i det Hollandske Parlament: “Det er vores land – vi vil erobre det tilbage!”

23 september 2016

“I also wear the Hijab, it’s beautiful!” – Bizarre German TV Ad Campaign advertises Veil to Girls

This is a short insight on the programs you can expect on both State and privately owned Television channels in Germany.

In this advertisement, a veiled woman stands in front of a text that spells “Turkish women wear the Hijab”. The woman looks to the camera and turns out to be a blonde German girl: Charlotte Würdig, an actress and TV moderator . She proudly exclaims that

“I wear one (a Hijab) too, it’s beautiful” before stating the Ad campaign slogan: “Enjoy difference, start Tolerance.”

German taxpayers have to pay a mandatory State Television and Media broadcasting fee to finance the government owned Television and Radio channels. All private channels belong to just three companies.

This particularly Channel is called “Pro 7” and belongs to the Lavena Holding 4 GmbH which also owns other major Entertainment and News channels. The entire network was bought by a Jewish billionaire, Haim Sabam, and subsequently every channel was infiltrated with a multicultural agenda. In some cases, the blatant propaganda of privately owned channels is even more ridiculous than State Television. The ad campaign was funded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2012.

The broadcasting fee is used to fund all state owned media outlets, who have grown to be bureaucratic giants, arguably wasting billions of taxpayer money every year. A good example of wasteful sepnding is sexual education, available in Arabic, for male refugees, featuring advise on various sexual positions and the process on how to impregnate a girl: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3nTu…

Even if you can prove that you own neither a Television nor Radio, the state forces you to pay the fee. People have been imprisoned for refusing to pay it. In a recent case, a 46 year old German woman from Thuringia was sentenced to 6 months in prison for not paying her broadcasting fee, totaling 196€ ($220), for ideological reasons. Due to public outcry, she was released after serving 2 months in prison.

Tommy Robinson: “Jeg vandt fordi dommeren var modig!”

Pegida UK founder Tommy Robinson talks about his latest court case with Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media.

Afhopper fra CDU: “Merkel vil ikke ændre sin sindssyge og farlige politik!”

German politician Maximilian Krah made headlines this week when he quit the CDU party after having been a member for more than 10 years.

He says Merkel’s policies are a threat to peace in Germany, and has created a website calling on other party members to do what he did.

21 september 2016

16-årig muslim forøver bombeattentat mod vantro sikh-tempel i Essen – vandalisme mod kirke i Duisburg

Following the release of figures which reveal almost four in ten children under five have foreign roots, Michael Paulwitz says the demographic change will be the death of Germany’s welfare state.

20 september 2016

En ex-muslim der har undgået islams dødsstraf advarer: “Forsvar jer så længe I kan!”

19 september 2016


ZAANDAM, District Poelenburg, The Netherlands, 9 – 14 SEPTEMBER 2016.

The Zaandam suburb Poelenburg is already for many months terrorized by Turkish loitering youth’s. They are pelting stones at houses, intimidating residents and committing heavy physical aggression for no reason at all and filming the act on video camera. The mayor of Zaandam, city council, police and other authorities are powerless. Residents do not dare to visit the local supermarket with their children.
In one of the video’s a gang member shouts loudly: “Hey Cheese Heads We will kill you all!”. The video maker call himself : a warrior of Erdogan. Geert Wilders suggests they have to be deported to Turkey as soon as possible.

The video on Poelenburg gives a depressing impression of the horror situation in Dutch mixed neighbourhoods with social housing in the Netherlands. It’s a sharp sketch on the life conditions Dutch have to live in among Muslims and the way political-correct lefty and liberal multiculturalist politicians are neglecting problems.

17 september 2016

Tahharush at German pools

16 september 2016

Morten Uhrskov Jensen: Weekendavisens Pernille Bramming medvirker til forfølgelse

Debatredaktøren på Weekendavisen nægter de ”forkerte” at komme til orde, EFTER at hendes avis har tilsværtet dem.

Standarden i dansk presse har været, at bliver man voldsomt angrebet, har man krav på at formidle sin version af historien. Weekendavisens (WA) Pernille Bramming har i dag demonstreret, at hun ikke er i stand til at leve op til dette indlysende krav.

Læs resten på Morten Uhrskovs blog.

Læs også: Murenes tid af Claus Thomas Nielsen, Tidehverv 2016, nr. 5, s. 85-90

Eva Selsing: Pinds pinlige korstog mod de borgerlige

15 september 2016

Så kriminelle er nord-afrikanere



Below you will find a link to the post with an interactive map showing recent cases of Muslim grooming gangs,sex crimes against children and child exploitation in Britain which was originally featured in this post(link) . The resulting map shows the true scale of the Muslim paedo epidemic against our nations children.

I will continently update the map with any future cases that come to light. If there’s any instances that you should know about that i haven’t added to the map please feel free to inform of them by using the comment feature at the bottom of this page or by using the form on the contact page so they can be added to map

Mere her.



Lars Hedegaard idømt bøde på 10.000 kr

For at offentliggøre navnet på den mand, der er sigtet for mordforsøg på ham.

metroXpress 15. september 2016

Kunde spørger Lidl om halal-kød

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Svaret forvirrer – og bekymrer

Jesper synes han har fået nogle meget svævende svar på spørgsmålet om Lidls Vilstrupgård kød er halal-slagtet. Nu vil han gerne høre, hvad du tror, for foreløbig har han ikke lyst til at købe det.

Mere på EB

Fransk politimand retsforfulgt, socialt stigmatiseret og overfaldet pga Facebook postering mod terror

Viktor Orban i det Ungarske Parlament 12. september

12 september 2016

Muhammed med bombe og afhugget hoved arresteres til PEGIDA demo i Haag

Mere om sagen på PI

Frisør dømt for å nekte kvinne med hijab adgang

Frisør Merete Hodne (47) er dømt til å betale en bot på 10.000 kroner for å ha nektet en kvinne med hijab adgang til salongen sin.

Hodne må også dekke sakskostnader.

Min klient er ikke overrasket over rettens beslutning. Nå skal vi se nærmere på avgjørelsen de nærmeste dager. Hodne uttrykker dog at hun ikke kommer til å akseptere rettens resultat og at hun ønsker å anke den, sier forsvarer Linda Ellefsen Eide til NTB.

Mere på VG

Dokument.no skriver at det er en planlagt aktion: Bløffedama


11 september 2016

Holland: Omkostninger til ‘flygtningebørn’ eksploderer

Britain First day of action in Birmingham, attacked by leftists and Muslims!

Britain First recently held a day of action in Birmingham, the second largest city in the UK.

Around 30 activists gave out thousands of newspapers and leaflets to a receptive public, until a gaggle of leftwing extremists and Muslims turned up to cause trouble.

Billeder du aldrig vil se i løgnepressen

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Hier eine übernommene Zusammenfassung von verschiedenen zu integrierenden Flüchtlingen.

Wie erklären wir das nur später unseren Kindern. Haben wir deutschen nicht mehr alle auf der Latte oder schlafen wir alle ? Warum hat die AFD keine 98 % ? sind wir Gewohnheitswähler ? Es wird Zeit sich mal mit der Materie zu beschäftigen liebe Mitbürge,r oder es wird zu spät sein.

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