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12 februar 2016

Arabere på bøssejagt i Kreuzberg Berlin

Geschehen Anfang Januar am Kottbusser Tor im Berliner Stadtteil Kreuzberg.

Den tyske stat spreder løgnepropaganda om islam

The German Federal Agency for Political Education has released a video explaining the origins and meaning of Jihad.

According to the taxpayer funded program, Jihad historically means protecting Islam against foreign attacks, standing up for free speech and strong education, being humanitarian, be socially responsible and progressive, solve conflicts through debates, tolerate people who think different and reaching out a helping hand, even to the cold, hateful and intolerant people they have to experience in the West. According to the program, the highest goal in personal Jihad is to peacefully coexist with others and do as much good as possible.

Britain First protesterer ved Canterbury Mosque

South East activists hold a small flash demo at Canterbury Mosque.

Muslims dodge questions on true nature of Islam. Police get told to go away when they try and interfere!

Läs kroatiske Darkos avskedsbrev till Sverige – familjen fick nog av mångkulturen

Skriverier om att 80.000 ska ut.

Herregud vad protester det blev från godhetslandet… detta TROTS att svensk polis inte ens klarar att kasta ut 3000 personer om ÅRET. Och nu – under 2016 – kommer antagligen den STORA vågen av migranter. Ni vet… de har telefoner och Internet… de är fullständigt medvetna om att Europa måste stänga sina gränser.

Det innebär att de måste ta sig till Europa NU I ÅR om de ska ha en chans att hinna innan dörrarna stängs. 2016 kommer innebära FLER migranter till EU än 2015. Detta fullständigt uppenbara händelseförlopp ser övriga länder i Europa… utom Sverige.

Så vad läser man då i svensk media. Tja, det vet ni lika väl som jag. Idiotjournalister som spenderar spaltmeter över #inteerkvinna, genusperspektiv (skojar ni med mig? dessa araber har inte en susning – en kvinna är en fitta och en barnmaskin enligt dem) etc. Lycka till era jävla idioter.

Er värld kommer snart att rasa ihop. Ni kommer bli tvungna att ta in militären innan 2016 är slut. Och medborgarna kommer vara i TOTAL CHOCK eftersom media hela tiden mörkar.

Læs resten af brevet på Exponerat

11 februar 2016

Sabatina James bei Lanz 10.02.2016

10 februar 2016


9 februar 2016

‘Rape’fugees in Europe

8 februar 2016

Tommy Robinson sender en besked til den arabiske verden på al Jazeera

Martin Sellner Østrig- PEGIDA, Dresden, 6.2. 2016 [eng. sub]

7 februar 2016

“Flygtning” generer ældre tysk dame

Fra PI

Bis zu 70 Prozent Ausländeranteil in Hamburgs Stadtteilen

Paul Golding gives a rousing speech in Dewsbury

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Recently, Britain First held a protest march against Islamic terrorism in Dewsbury, Yorkshire.

During his speech to the assembled patriots, Britain First leader Paul Golding was threatened with arrest unless he finished in 10 minutes.

Interview med Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson and Dave Rubin: Islam, Immigration, and Pegida (Full Interview).

Tommy Robinson (author and activist) joins Dave Rubin to discuss his controversial views on Islam, immigration in the UK, Pegida, his experience in prison, the attacks in Cologne, and more.

UK: Ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson leads PEGIDA UK rally in Birmingham

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Hundreds of supporters of PEGIDA UK (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West) marched through the outskirts of Birmingham, Saturday, as part of a European-wide action against the ‘Islamisation of Europe.’

“MERKEL MUST GO!” – Thousands of German Patriots rally at PEGIDA Dresden 06-02-2016

On Saturday thousands of German patriots have assembled to protest the insane policy of completely open borders perpetuated by Angela Merkel.

Merkel insists that there are absolutely no upper limits on immigration – while a recent poll showed that over 80% of German citizens think that the government has lost control over the situation. If current trends continue and if border control continues to be suspended, as many as 3 million Muslim migrants, mainly young men, could enter Germany in 2016.]

5 februar 2016

Demonstration mod flygtningecenter i den Hollandske by Heescht

Voldtægterne ved Karnevallet i Köln er allerede begyndt trods einarmlänge stort politiopbud og tegneserier

Allerede nu – hvor det først lige er begyndt – mere end 20 sager.

Die für den Kölner Karneval erwartete Vergewaltigungsepidemie hat begonnen. Ganz vorne mit dabei, die minderjährigen unbegleiteten Rapefugees.

Sidste år var der 50 tilfælde under hele karnevallet, der varer en uge.

Og i år er der færre deltagere og mere politi. Det vil blive interessant at se, hvor mange det bliver, og hvordan politikere, løgnepressen og politiet vil reagere på at de ‘bio-deutsche’ kvinder har glemt deres armlængdemåler derhjemme.

Rapey migrants harass women at a nightclub in Russia and find out too late this is not the EU.

Seksuel nødtilstand: Voldtog ti-årig.

Hvem sagde komiske Ali?

Michael Müller (SPD) – Bürgermeister von Berlin – Es gibt keine No-Go-Areas in Berlin-Neukölln.

Pegida Danmark på lørdag – spred!

For Frihed – Pegida Danmark – afholder arrangementet i Danmark samtigt med de andre medlemer af ”Fortress Europe”, som alle har underskrevet The Prague Declaration for at vise vores solidaritet og fremtidige samarbejde de forskellige anti-islamistiske grupper imellem.


Vi satser på også denne gang at blive flere demonstranter end “antifascister”, der jo sjovt nok klæder sig som Mussolinis sortskjorter i et forsøg på at se farlige ud. Det er ikke nemt, når man kommer fra Virum. Spred denne overalt. Tak!

Dato: 06. februar, 2016
Sted: Axel Torv
Tid: 14:00

Talerne ved begivenheden er:

Gavin Boby fra England fra the Law and Freedom Foundation (også kendt som “The Mosque Buster”)

Lars Hedegaard og Ingrid Carlqvist

The Prague Declaration:

Conscious of the fact that the thousand-year history of Western Civilisation could soon come to an end through the Islamic conquest of Europe, and conscious of the fact that the political elites have betrayed us, we, the representatives of the various nations of Europe, declare as follows:

We shall not surrender Europe to our enemies. We are prepared to stand and oppose political Islam, extreme Islamic regimes and their European collaborators.

We are prepared to risk our freedom, our property, our occupations and careers and perhaps also our lives as generations have done before us. It is our obligation to future generations.

We refuse to submit to a European central government. The regulations of the global elites have brought us poverty, unemployment, corruption, chaos and moral collapse. It is time this came to an end.

We respect the sovereignty of European nations and the rights of people in all European countries to govern their affairs as they see fit.

We hold it to be a sacred right of the citizens of all European countries to protect their borders and to decide which migrants they accept and which they do not accept into their countries.

We call attention to our common European roots, traditions and values, as well as to the historical alliances of our nations.

We are resolved to protect Europe, freedom of speech and all other civil liberties, as well as our common way of life together.

4 februar 2016

PEGIDA Mobilisering over hele Europa 6. februar

3 februar 2016

Det er fanme uhyggeligt: Wollt ihr den totalen Asylanten?

Se 45:38 til 47:09

Tyskland: Kulturberigelsens enkeltstående tilfælde for januar 2016

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