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29 september 2017

Kulturberigelsen når nye højder: Soldater skal aflaste politi med grænsekontrol og bevogtning

Soldaterne vil primært komme til at overtage politiets forpligtelser med grænsekontrol og bevogtningsopgaver rundt om i landet.

Dog vil den jødiske Carolineskolen fortsat blive bevogtet af politiet, siger justitstministeren.

Radio 24/7 citerer oberstløjtnant Sten Dalsgaard, der udtaler:

“Man vil hurtigt vænne sig til bevæbnede soldater i gaderne, det bliver en del af dagligdagen, og så ser men dem ikke længere!”

(Efter hukommelsen)

19 september 2017

‘Feministen’ Hillary

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton claimed this weekend that she lost the election because women — in particular, white women — caved to pressure from the men in their life, and voted for Trump.

The quintessential modern feminist Clinton says women were too scared to stand up to their husbands, boyfriends, and fathers, who told them to vote Republican, and since, clearly, women have no agency or ability to think for themselves, they listened.

Clinton made the outrageous claim in an interview with NPR

Mere her.

18 september 2017

Oslos nye biskop, Kari Veiteberg: Tiggerne er en gave til oss

Oppsiktsvekkende er hennes uttalelser om tiggerne i Oslo.

Disse er “en gave til oss” og vi er “heldige som har disse i gatene våre”. Tiggerne har kommet til oss av en grunn, slår biskopen fast.

Så siden “vi” er “født med en sølvskje i munnen”, så trenger “vi” noen fattige i gatene som kan styrke oss i troen på vår egen godhet?

15 september 2017

Dagens idiot


14 september 2017

Her er en af de gode fra Einheilslisten med de rigtige meninger

Pelle Dragsted skriver:


Læs videre på Uriasposten.  Det er herligt 🙂

10 september 2017

Venstrefløjen og dens tolerance

Her til morgen havde DR-P1-Morgen adskillige eksempler på hvad der bliver skrevet om orkanen Irma på Twitter så man forstod at journalisterne følger grundigt med – men mærkværdigvis har de overset dette:


Hillary Clinton om uledsagede illegale indvandrerbørn: “Send dem hjem!”

Sendt på CNN i 2014.

3 september 2017

Er en heroinpusher en ‘udokumenteret apoteker’?


31 august 2017

Bild Zeitung: “Vi bekæmper AfD!”

29 august 2017

Instant Karma: Professor Ken Storey fyret for at sige at Texas fortjente orkanen Harvey fordi de stemte på Trump

Harvey has been blamed for as many as 15 deaths including six family members who were believed to have drowned when their van was swept away by floodwaters.

The storm has dumped more than 30 inches of rain in parts of Texas and crews have rescued thousands of people left stranded by the storm.

17 august 2017

Martin Luther King


9 juni 2017

Spejlblank tysk finansminister

Tysklands finansminister Wolfgang Schäuble mener vi kan lære toleranse fra islam.

«Vi kan lære av dem. Mange menneskelige verdier er veldig sterkt representert i islam. Tenk på gjestfrihet, og andre ting som, hva er det … Og også toleranse, tror jeg, for eksempel,” sier finansministeren til radiostasjonen Deutschlandfunk. “Det er fanatisme, ikke bare i islam, som fører til forferdelige forbrytelser,” mener han, ifølge nettavisen Breitbart.
Han fremhevet at «islam er en del av Tyskland. “Den som fornekter dette, benekter virkeligheten og er derfor ikke egnet til å være politikere, fordi politikk er å konfrontere virkeligheten,” la han til.

Mere på Frie Ord

30 maj 2017

Professor Jordan Peterson har en nem løsning på at undgå mødeterror fra Venstrefascistisk Sturmabteilung (S.A. 2.0)

The humanities have been largely “corrupted,” said Peterson, with fraudulent peer-review processes for the publication of ostensibly academic journals.

Ideological myopia via neo-Marxism, he added, is standard fare across many professors and academics in the humanities.

Dissident speakers seeking to avoid disruption from leftists at university and college campuses, said Peterson, should schedule morning events:

“One of the things I did when I was talking to the university administration was to suggest how they might deal with the possibility of protesters. So I said, “Well that’s easy. I know how you can have absolutely zero protesters. Have it in the morning, they won’t get out of bed before ten.”  So we had it at nine o’clock in the morning and there was one MPP [member of provincial parliament] who showed up to hand out some pamphlets, and not a single protester. If you want a controversial speaker on campus, just have it at seven in the morning. You won’t get a protestor within fifty yards of it, because they’ll still be sleeping off last night’s alcohol-induced hangover.”

Peterson is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.

9 maj 2017

Søren Krarup på DDR om Macron

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Under »Debatten« med Clement Kjersgaard mandag aften på DR2 udtrykte Søren Krarup sin utilfredshed med Macrons sejr.

Ikke mindst fordi en sejr til Macron bliver betragtet som en sejr til EU, som Søren Krarup mildest talt ikke er glad for.

»Jeg ville aldrig have stemt på den lille pæne bøssedreng, var jeg lige ved at sige,«

sagde Søren Krarup, der fik flere overraskede grin fra publikum som respons.

3 maj 2017

TV-Værten Stephen Colbert til Trump: “Det eneste din mund kan bruges til er som pikhylster for Putin”

Stephen Colbert Demolishes Trump for Insulting ‘Face the Nation’ Host John Dickerson

“Sir, you attract more skinheads than free Rogaine,” the host continued. “You have more people marching against you than cancer. You talk like a sign-language gorilla that got hit in the head.” And then the kicker: “In fact, the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cock holster.”

Mere her

Man kunne fristes til at skrive noget i samme boldgade om journalister og Hillary Clinton, men jeg afstår.

26 april 2017

Pernille Vermund i voldsomt angreb på debattør: Han er klam og løgnagtig

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Tonen er hård i et Facebook-opslag fra formand for Nye Borgerlige Pernille Vermund, hvor hun kalder debattør og studievært David Trads løgnagtig, en narcissistisk skrælling og et usselt pjok.

Til Berlingske forklarer hun, hvorfor hun mener, at sprogbrugen var på sin plads.


25 april 2017

Linda Sarsour Caught Lying about Female Genital Mutilation in Islam

After learning that a female genital mutilation gang had been arrested in Michigan, faux feminist Linda Sarsour tweeted:

“Female genital mutilation has no place in Detroit or anywhere else in the world. Female genital mutilation is barbaric and is not an Islamic practice.”

In this video, our hero David Wood turns to Muslim scholars and Islam’s most trusted sources to see if female genital mutilation (female circumcision) is prescribed in Islam.

12 april 2017

Berlinsk skole: “Anti-semitisme er helt normalt og OK blandt muslimske skoleelever!”

The case of a British Jewish child forced to leave his Berlin school after being subjected to anti-Semitic violence has provoked outrage and soul-searching in Germany.

The 14-year-old, was beaten, kicked and threatened with a replica gun after he revealed to fellow pupils that he was Jewish.


He endured a campaign of intimidation by Muslim pupils who told him “Muslims hate Jews. All Jews are murderers.”

His British mother, told that the school had done little to stop the bullying.

“They told us this is normal for adolescents from this background, that they’re just trying to find their identity,” she said. “But it shouldn’t be normal. I’ve never experienced such direct anti-Semitism before in all the years I’ve lived in Germany.”…

5 april 2017

Nigel Farage: “EU opfører sig som Mafiaen overfor UK!”

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1 april 2017

EU Kommissær Franz Timmermans: Europa BLIVER diverst

EU Commission member Franz Timmermans is a Jesuit agenteur whose sole function for the past 20 years has been to enforce multiculturalism in Europe.

He believes that if Europeans refuse to allow other cultures to become dominant on the continent, then there will be centuries of endless war. He along with Merkel have been instrumental in allowing tens of millions of undocumented African and Eastern males into the heartland of Europa…

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