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10 april 2017

Londonistan: 6-årig pige blandt ofre for “æres-forbrydelser”

Children younger than 10 are among hundreds of suspected forced marriage and “honour” crime victims in London.

It can be revealed that reports of “honour” violence soared more than 40 per cent over the past five years, with 1,081 made to Scotland Yard. Those relating to forced marriages doubled in the same period, with 367 in total.

Women and girls overwhelmingly form the majority of reported victims, with more than half coming from Asian backgrounds. Dozens of rapes and other sexual crimes were reported as well as knives and guns being involved in more than 70 incidents.

Aneeta Prem, founder of the Freedom Charity, which helps victims and visits schools to educate children, said they had recently provided support to a six-year-old girl suspected of being groomed by her family for a forced marriage after being taken to Bangladesh.

Det er det muslimske kvinder kalder “den vidunderlige respekt for kvinder i islam.”

8 april 2017

FAKE NEWS! Jayda Blasts the media’s lies and distortions!

1 april 2017

Venstrefascistisk Sturmabteilung (S.A. 2.0) angriber Britain Firsts demonstration i London i dag


Videoen er fra RT, Britain First og Rebel Media rapporterer senere.

28 marts 2017

London march against terrorism!

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25 marts 2017

Det islamiske angreb i Westminster var ikke islamisk

Theresa May Calls London Terror Attack “Perversion of a Great Faith”

23 marts 2017

Canada’s DR og Danmarks DR : tys tys med navnet på terroristen

Omid Ghaffouri kan du ikke finde på de to organisationers hjemmeside

Jeg checkede DR’s hjemmeside kl 11:34

Sikke dog en overraskelse …

Der er jo ikke nogen rund til at nævne navnet :
folk kunne jo tro at muslimer har højere frekvens af terrorister …

Paul Watson analyserer seneste muslimske terrorangreb i London

Og kigger på de sædvanlige reaktioner

Katie Hopkins interviewes af Tucker efter senste muslimske terrorangreb

Hun siger “Multiculturalism means, we all die together”

Venstrefløjen er ikke glad for hende …

22 marts 2017

Udtalelse fra Britain First om terroren i London

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The Britain First leadership team has voted to change the location of next Saturday’s protest march to London in response to today’s horrific terror attack.

We will now be holding a “London march against terrorism!” and already there has been a huge upsurge in confirmations.

All patriots are welcome and we appeal to everyone who cares about their country and their children to join us in London next Saturday!

The Metropolitan Police has been informed of our event and we are lining up some new guest speakers for this mammoth event.

It has now been confirmed that multiple civilians and a police officer have died following today’s attack.

It looks almost certain that the attacker was a radical Islamic extremist known to the police.

Please visit the official Facebook event page for our London march and click on ‘Going’ or ‘Interested’.

Terrorangreb i London – 4 døde

Og medierne er helt uden anelse om hvad motivet er.

Hvad mon Londons muslimske borgmester har at sige?


Foto af gerningsmanden: Terrorist’s name was Abu Isadeen, right hand man of Abu Hamza at the Finsbury Park mosque .



21 marts 2017

Epidemiologiske studier over luftforurening er utroværdige


Læs mere på Junk Science og læs Steve Milloys bog “Scare pollution” – den kan anbefales.

Som jeg så ofte har skrevet: epidemiologi er statistik, der intet sikkert siger om årsager, det fatter journalister ikke.

Læs mere om The Secret Science Reform Act, der kan vende hele forskningen om luftforurening på hovedet.

11 februar 2017

Nigel Farage afslører hykleriet hos Londons muslimske borgmester Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan vil have engelsk boycot af Trump, men møder gerne muslimske lande, der boycotter Israel

10 februar 2017

Londons muslimske borgmester Sadiq Khan islamiserer – har delt 1 million gratis koraner ud

Hvem betaler? Saudi-Barbarerne? Qatar slavepiskerne? Erdolf?


17 august 2016

Londons nye muslimske borgmester vil slå hårdt ned på islamofobi og hatespeech



16 august 2016

Anjem Choudary kendt skyldig i forbindelser til ISIS

The radical preacher Anjem Choudary faces up to ten years in jail for inviting support for so-called Islamic State (IS) after he and another man were convicted at the Old Bailey.

The judge warned them they had made their “disregard for the court abundantly plain”. The trial heard that Choudary, along with three other radicals, lent their names to an oath of allegiance to IS.

9 juli 2016

Paul Golding on why we ALL must expose Theresa May

The Conservative leadership race will have massive implications for the entire country and especially on the referendum result.

Party leader Paul Golding has released a video that explores the two candidates for the Tory leadership, Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom.

Both are very different and Paul explains what the difference is.

25 juni 2016

Sturm Abteilung – også i London

16 juni 2016

Admiral Farage i søslag på Themsen mod multimillionæren Bob ‘fuck fiskerne’ Geldorf

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8 maj 2016

London has fallen trailer

Leftist Heads Explode Over ‘Anti-Muslim’ Terrorism Thriller

Because the bad guys aren’t white businessmen.

7 maj 2016

‘London is in trouble’ for voting Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan

“London is in trouble” for electing Labour’s Sadiq Khan (a Muslim) as mayor for London.

Debating with Graham Moore from the English Democrats Party versus Mo Ansat, a political and social commentator.


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