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15 juni 2017

Generation Identitäre: Defend Europe

Du kan støtte her.

14 juni 2017

Der er ingen ende på tilstrømningen

11 juni 2017

Nødhjælpsorganisationer betaler menneskesmuglere for at levere ‘flygtninge’ siger Libysk kystvagt

Charities ‘pay people traffickers’: Libyan coastguard’s astonishing claim… cash handed to criminal gangs so they ‘deliver’ refugees

  • Refugee charities are paying smugglers to ferry migrants, Libyan official claims 
  • Allegation to raise concern that jihadists could be among the smuggled migrants
  • But charities say they are only their to rescue migrants off north African coast

Colonel Tarek Shanboor said he had obtained bank details and phone records that proved the charities were making payments to criminal gangs who have put hundreds of thousands of migrants into unseaworthy boats – leading to thousands of deaths each year.

Colonel Shanboor said aid agencies were now encouraging more and more migrants to make the perilous trip. He claimed he had handed evidence of collusion between charities and traffickers to EU border security officials in Brussels, though he refused to go into detail.

A Sicilian prosecutor has launched an investigation into alleged collusion between traffickers and charities and accused NGOs of fuelling the migrant crisis in Europe.

Last month, about 1,500 migrants  were rescued from rickety vessels by one of the charities, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF).

Andre organisationer er: Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), Dutch charity Jugend Rettet, Sea-Watch, a German charity.

De nægter selvfølgelig allesammen.

14 maj 2017

Generation Identitaire forsøger at stoppe islamvasionen

Lauren Southern og GI forsøger at stoppe NGO’eres indsmugling af muslimer fra Libyen.

Mere på Vlad Tepes

7 maj 2017

6.000 islamvasorer på 2 dage

Authorities in Italy see a 30% rise in number of Africans seeking to flee to Europe through Libya compared to last year

R0ME, Italy — Some 6,000 migrants hoping to head to Europe were rescued in the Mediterranean on Friday and Saturday in dozens of frantic operations coordinated by the Italian coastguard.

Italiensk nyhedsværtinde skal rapportere om islamvasorer der sover på gaden og så……………………

27 april 2017

Det er på tide at kategorisere ANTIFA som en terrorgruppe


A Chilling Threat of Political Violence in Portland: Activists threatened to drag local Republicans off a parade route if they weren’t excluded from a local celebration. Organizers cancelled the entire event in response.


25 april 2017

97% af migranter til Italien i 2016 var falske flygtninge = islamvasorer

En försvinnande liten andel av de migranter som tagit sig till Italien under 2016 var riktiga flyktingar.

Det visar ny officiell statistik från UNHCR.

Blott 2,65 procent, eller 4 808 av 181 436 stycken, fick asyl på grund av flyktingstatus. Bland siffrorna finns inte de som tagit sig in i landet illegalt med, och hälften av de som registrerats har aldrig ens sökt asyl och försvunnit och är således att betrakta som illegala invandrare.

23 april 2017

Der er ikke 30 millioner afrikanere på vej til Europa – det er 100 millioner!

Menneskesmuglerne arbejder sammen med NGO’erne om at skaffe migranter i 100.000’er hertil finansieret af ukendte sponsorer!

Bernard Lugan, a well recognized scholar, university prof, author, on subjects concerning Africa and geopolitics, speaks with RT on recent geopolitical changes in the region and their implications. And yes, its better than I am making it sound here.

Kilde: BBC News:

“Italy migrant crisis: Charities “colludes” with smugglers

An Italian prosecutor says he has evidence some of the charities saving migrants in the Mediterranean sea are colluding with people- smugglers.

Carmelo Zuccaro told La Stampa (in Italian) phone calls were being made from Libya to rescue vessels.

“we have evidence that there are direct contacts between certain NGOs (non-governmental organisations) and people traffickers in Libya”, Mr. Zuccaro is quoted as saying in La Stampa.

Mr. Zuccaro`s comments come amid growing criticism of NGO activity on the Mediterranean.”

Some of the organizations involved in migrant rescues include Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontiers), SOS Mediterranee, Save the Children and Malta-based Mobile Offshore Aid Station (MOAS). All have denied accusations that they are in collusion with traffickers.

Luigi Di Maio, vice president of the Chamber of Deputies, a house of Italy’s parliament, accused NGOs of being ataxi of the Mediterranean,” and defended his statements in a Facebook post.

Estimated operating costs for each vessel are upwards of £10,000 a day, allegedly provided by donations alone.

The funding certainly makes for interesting reading. Investigations by the US human rights investigator and lawyer William Craddick claim that several of those chartering rescue boats are linked to the financial patronage of those who support mass migration and free movement.

1 april 2017

Italiensk politi afslører terrorplaner mod Rialtobroen i Venedig

5 januar 2017

Italienere protesterer mod falske flygtninge og politikerne der står i ledtog med dem

26 december 2016

Jul i Italien: Muslimer vandaliserer juletræ

23 december 2016

Italiensk minister: Vi har dræbt Berlin-terrorist

Den mistænkte terrorist Anis Amri er blevet dræbt i Milano, siger den italienske indenrigsminister.

Amri skal angiveligt tilfældigt være blevet prajet af en politipatrulje i Milano.

Han skal have trukket en pistol, og under et efterfølgende skyderi er han blevet ramt og dræbt, siger kilder til de italienske medier.

12 december 2016

NGO’er transporterer risikofrit 10.000 vis af illegale fra Afrika til Europa

NGO Ships Caught Smuggling African Immigrants to Italy, providing Shuttle Service from Libyan Coast

Videoen omtaler bl.a. Læger Uden Grænser og Red Barnet, som Helle Thorning-Schmidt er øverste chef for.

28 november 2016

Nyt fra Italien

18 november 2016

Italien: Politiet tvinger ældre hotelejer til at huse illegale immigranter

The owner previously made an agreement with the government to house genuine war refugees for fair compensation as his business is in crisis.

Italian Police have forced an elderly Hotel owner in Ficarolo (Rovigo) to house and provide for fifteen African illegal Immigrants on his property against his will. The footage, released by the Italian news outlet Servizio Repubblico, documents the desperate attempts of Luigi Fogli as he blocks his door to protect his Hotel.

When he was denied both fair compensation at just 7€ per migrant per day and was to receive 50 African males rather than Syrian families, he tried to bail out of the contract but couldn’t.

Fogli is now worse off than ever before. There is no way he can survive on renting out his rooms at 7€ per day. In a later interview he says that “this is a sad day for all entrepreneurs of the hotel sector in Italy as there have been many cases where the owner’s rights were trampled on”.

Confiscations of private property in European countries that are victim to mass immigration and asylum fraud are commonplace. Many landowners are forced to rent our their premises, such as empty warehouses or vacant hotel rooms, to illegal immigrants – against their will.

Most landowners are terrified of the idea of housing migrants as they leave a trail of destruction wherever they go, often leaving hotel rooms trashed and uninhabitable within days. Hundreds of cases of fires in refugee shelters or hotel rooms have been documented – either due to carelessness or deliberate arson to receive apartments at better locations.

24 oktober 2016

Krimigranter på indkøb i Italien

Imens i Rom

Locals and Tourists were rightfully puzzled when they witnessed a huge crowd of Muslims display their might in numbers as they prayed in the middle of the streets, the heart of Rome, facing the Colosseum.

They demanded the right to build more Mosques, stop the closure of makeshift prayer rooms in rented buildings as well as more political and religious influence. The prayer of the Imam resounded through the ancient Roman architecture as they praised Allah for their protest on Saturday.

There are at least 1.6 million Muslims in Italy and while there is a Great Mosque of Rome, there are only a small number of government-registered mosques. Most Muslims worship in homes, Islamic “cultural centers” or as one official put it, “mini mosques in garages.”

Muslim leaders claim police have shut down three such improvised mosques in recent months. “We are fed up with the criminalization of our places of worship,” they said on a website.

In addition the the hundreds of thousands of Muslims already living in in the country, Italy currently “rescues” tens of thousands of young Muslim African men per week.

The so-called rescue looks more like an all-inclusive shuttle-service, as the African men deliberately sink their own boats a few miles from their own coast, only to be picked up by the Italian coast guard and transported hundreds of miles to Italy to receive welfare and housing under a false asylum claim.

The pope himself made a telling statement when he washed and kissed the feet of African illegal immigrant males back in March, telling them they’re welcome in even greater numbers. In recent comments he said that Muslim Africans will fix the demographic crisis of the West as women in Italy don’t have enough children. Mixing up the cultures and getting fresh, new males into the country to increase the birthrate is a good thing for Europe, so he says.

For over a thousand years Italy was a bulwark against Muslim invasion and pilgrimage, with millions losing their lives in battle against the relentless onslaught of Muslim invaders.

Welcoming hundreds of thousands of male Muslims with open arms, housing and feeding them and having the head of the Catholic church kiss their feet is an arguably new approach of the church to deal with Muslims in their prime-time fighting age.

14 oktober 2016

Unesco var engang FNs organisation for uddannelse, videnskab og kultur

Idag er den blot endnu en muslimsk drevet anti demokratisk organisation, betalt (fortrinsvis)af Vesten

Unesco har “vedtaget” at tempelpladsen i Jerusalem er “muslimsk”


Tempelpladsen i Jerusalem er der hvor jøderne byggede to templer, som blev ødelagt af henholdsvis babylonerne(Nebukadnesar) i 587 f.v.t. (over 1000 år før Islam blev opfundet) og romerne i år 70 e.v.t.

Senere erobrede muslimerne området i det 7 århundrede og byggede straks to moskeer lige ovenpå det område, hvor jødernes to templer havde været – for at vise muslimsk dominans

Her er resultatet af afstemningen i Unesco:


Bemærk, hvor mange vestlige lande, der støttede denne latterlige resolution ved at undlade at stemme:

Mange “tak” til Dhimmilandene Frankrig, Grækenland, Italien, Spanien, Slovenien, Ukraine og – selvfølgelig – Sverige, som altid er med på at svine det eneste demokrati i Mellemøsten til

Kun seks lande have mandmod : USA, UK,Holland, Tyskland,Estland og Litauen !

Abba Eban , tidligere udenriigsminister for Israel:


Nedlæg FN – det er , som Humphry så præcist defienrede det i Yes, Minister “det etablerede forum for had”

Taget herfra, hvor du kan læse mere

Hvor længe varer det, før Unesco “vedtager” at Nørrebro også er muslimsk …

3 oktober 2016

Muslim vandaliserer 4 historiske kirker i Italien

ITALY, RAVENNA, ROME, 2 October 2016.

A heartbreaking scene that has become a routine in Europe: This video shows the Muslim native of Ghana preying the Church of San Vitale (547) in Ravenna. He pillaged other three churches, including the Basilica of Santa Praxedes (780) in Rome, before being arrested.

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