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11 maj 2017

Dansk Folkeparti tordner: Nu må Venstre tage sig sammen

Dansk Folkepartis ordfører for indfødsret, Christian Langballe, har fået nok.

Regeringspartiet Venstre lytter ikke og samarbejdet er nærmest ikke-eksisterende.


7 maj 2017

6.000 islamvasorer på 2 dage

Authorities in Italy see a 30% rise in number of Africans seeking to flee to Europe through Libya compared to last year

R0ME, Italy — Some 6,000 migrants hoping to head to Europe were rescued in the Mediterranean on Friday and Saturday in dozens of frantic operations coordinated by the Italian coastguard.

EU – Verdens største menneskesmugler


Hollandsk politi forsøger at bestikke medierne til ikke at rapportere om asylansøgeres kriminalitet

Italiensk nyhedsværtinde skal rapportere om islamvasorer der sover på gaden og så……………………

27 april 2017

“Do NOT come to the UK!” Britain First team heads to Calais to deter migrants!

The area around Calais, in northern France, is still inundated with migrants heading for the UK.

Britain First leader Paul Golding and a team of activists headed to northern France to deter and dissuade Muslim migrants from trying to invade Britain.

26 april 2017

Hvad fortæller MSM ikke om Victor Orbans kontrovers med EU om universitetet han vil lukke?

EUSSR vil føre Ungarn for EU-Domstolen, fordi Orban vil lukke CEU Universitetet, der er oprettet af og finansieret af George Soros.

Medierne ‘glemmer’ at fortælle, at CEU blev smidt ud af Tjekkiet for nogle år siden, hvilket fremgår af et interview med Vaclav Klaus:

This interview was published in the Hungarian newspaper Magyar Hírlap the 22nd of July, 2016.
The interview was made by István Lovas and published originally in Hungarian.

  • The EU is a threat to Europe
  • Brexit is the victory of every European freethinkers
  • Today’s liberals can be considered mostly as camouflaged communists

Václav Klaus is a graduated economist, he was the President for ten years and the Prime Minister for five years of Czech Republic. He was deprived of his membership of Academy of Sciences in 1968 after Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. He was one of the founders of Civic Forum during the 1989 “Velvet Revolution”, he was also the first non-communist Finance Minister of the country. He founded Czech Civic Democratic Party (ODS) and led it as its president. He is the leader of the eponymous think tank called Institute Václav Klaus in Prague, where we were talking with him because of the German release of his highly acclaimed book Migration [Völkerwanderung – Kurze Erläuterung der aktuellen Migrationskrise; co-author Jiří Weigl – translator’s notice], about the crisis afflicting the continent.

István Lovas: Recently, in an interview you mentioned how you bundled off Central European University (CEU) of George Soros from Prague. I might add, that the Hungarian government of that time was very pleased for being able to host them in Budapest. Perhaps there is a better view of the world affairs from Hradjin than from the banks of the Danube?

Václav Klaus: Very good comment, but unfortunately, one thing is wrong with that. At that time I wasn’t yet the President, but the Prime Minister, so I was looked at the world from the bank of Vltava. At the Hradčany, it was the residence of Václav Havel, who adored Soros. Havel really did not welcome my decision. As far as you know in our countries the direction and the quality of politics is fluctuating. At that time we were much more rightists and radicals, than the Hungarian government.

IL: In a recent interview, referring to the disposal of Soros’s CEU you mentioned, that you were working always on the restriction of presence of him. Can we say, that apart of some minor entities, your country is free from Soros?

Václav Klaus: We are not. There are many non-governmental organizations, which are very similar regarding of their mentality. But if I am not wrong, there is no direct activity in the Czech Republic. At the time you mentioned, we were taking care for not to grant a real status for his University.

IL: In the same interview you also told, that your mind was not changed about Soros during the past quarter-century. You added wholeheartedly also, that he is the embodiment of evil.

Václav Klaus: We wanted to make the transition happen according to our intentions. To realize our ideas during the process of the transformation of a communist society. While Mr. Soros wanted to tell us how to do that. Which was unacceptable for us. We wanted to establish a normal system of political parties. He wanted to fulfill changes that are beneficial for him without political parties, trough non-governmental organizations, which are representing nobody. Least of the voters. So this was the political debate with him.

IL: In your opinion, why the European Union pays so much attention to this speculator? For example in case of migrants.

Václav Klaus: I couldn’t say that it pays attention to him. Of course, there are sitting different kind of homo sapiens there whom I called earlier homo bruxellarum. They are thinking on similar way. I couldn’t state that in Brussels they are looking at Mr. Soros as a big friend.

IL: You praise Hungary on the 36th page of the German language release of your mentioned book, like the only country which took effective measures to arrest the waves of migrants. On the same place, you called the European Commission and the member countries cowards. But what do they fear?

Václav Klaus: I am afraid, they are not afraid of us. They don’t fear Mr. Orbán, anyone, anything. They want to change the composition of the European population. They believe in multiculturalism. Maybe they even believe in their own words, that the mass of incoming migrants will enrich Europe. And that this is the way to the future of Europe.

IL: But you wrote cowards. What do they fear?

Václav Klaus: It is cissy there, in the original Czech text.

IL: That is also good.

Václav Klaus: They are cissy, because they believe in this ideology of multiculturalism.

IL: Brussels said, there will be penalty for each country for every rejected migrants, it will be €250,000 per person. But if the migration is such a good business, then why should punish anyone, who does not want to be a part of it?

Václav Klaus: This is a very good question. Definitely, this is a tool with which they want to force the countries to admit the migrants. But I do not think that they believe that migrants could mean any productive potency to the European societies in the foreseeable future. They understood that their calling for migrants was a mistake, and now, they don’t know how to handle their presence in Germany. This is why they want to distribute them in Europe. They want to punish the Hungarians and the Czechs, who don’t want to accept them.

IL: Why did you prevent, as the President, that the flag of the EU was being flown above the entrance of the presidential palace in 2004, during the accession of Czech Republic?

Václav Klaus: First of all, the EU flag is not an official flag. There was a memorable debate on this in relation with the Lisbon Treaty, if the EU Constitution could contain this, but it was throwing out then. But it is far more important to know, I think, that the Czech Republic is a sovereign state, therefore no EU flag should fly at the top of the Hradjin. We did not like the Nazi flag during the German occupation of our country either.

IL: When on 5th of December in 2008 the EU flag was given to you by Daniel Cohn-Bendit, who commonly represents in both of our countries a special kind of not so lovely people, he did it like it was a reminder to you for your act of preventing the setout of the flag on the building of presidential palace earlier, so he told you, he doesn’t care about your opinion on Lisbon Treaty, and also, that that should be signed. There is no way to protest anywhere! You responded him then, that he is speaking exactly as the soviets did. What is the reason of today’s liberals are talking exactly the same way as the Communists did it during their time? And why it is that today’s decent people hate liberals just as intensively, at least in Hungary, as they did it once with communists?

Václav Klaus: You are talking about today’s liberals. Those, who have little to do with classical liberals. They are disguised communists rather. Mr Cohn-Bendit is not a liberal in the sense of its traditional meaning. He is thinking exactly on the same way as he did it in 1968.

IL: If the current Hungarian government takes any steps, the liberal opposition starts to shout about centralization. In the same time, they adore centralization if it comes from Brussels. Do you also have the same kind of liberals?

Václav Klaus: No, in Czech Republic we don’t call them liberals. I am simply stunned that in Hungary, as you just said, these people are called liberals.

IL: Sorry, they are calling themselves liberals.

Václav Klaus: So in Hungary, but not here. In the Czech Republic they are called Social Democrats. But anyway, we are not using the term: liberal.

IL: I was the witness of your speech a few years ago [19th of February 2009. – translator’s notice] in the European Parliament during the Czech presidency of the European Union, when the delegates run out from the chamber in hordes. While Mr Pöttering, the then President of the European Parliament, was listening that you call them communists as referring to their intolerant behaviour while being criticized, in parallel with the Soviet Dictatorship, his face turned red from anger, and almost choking with rage. Were your views softened since that time?

Václav Klaus: No. They remained the same. Perhaps they had even hardened. I believe that the EU is a threat to Europe and the cause of its continuous, steady decline, nowadays.

Læs resten af interviewet her.

Hemmelig aftale med Somalia

Danmark har lavet en hemmelig hjemsendelsesaftale med Somalia om kun at sende 12 somaliere hjem om året.

Det skriver Politiken, der har fået kendskab til fortrolige oplysninger fra Udlændinge- og Integrationsministeriet. Oplysningerne blev i marts leveret til Folketinget på et lukket møde.

Mere på JP

Jeg har søgt lidt på, hvor mange med somalisk baggrund, der er i Danmark, det er ikke nemt for tallet har ligget på omkring 17.000 de sidste 15 år, hvilket forekommer mærkeligt.

Nå men hvis tallet er rigtigt, kan vi glæde os over, at vi om 1.416 år kan sende de sidste somaliere hjem.

25 april 2017

97% af migranter til Italien i 2016 var falske flygtninge = islamvasorer

En försvinnande liten andel av de migranter som tagit sig till Italien under 2016 var riktiga flyktingar.

Det visar ny officiell statistik från UNHCR.

Blott 2,65 procent, eller 4 808 av 181 436 stycken, fick asyl på grund av flyktingstatus. Bland siffrorna finns inte de som tagit sig in i landet illegalt med, och hälften av de som registrerats har aldrig ens sökt asyl och försvunnit och är således att betrakta som illegala invandrare.

24 april 2017

Reaktionär Doe: Islam-Appeasement

23 april 2017

Venstrefløjser skifter mening om “bådflygtningene”

A FEMALE radio phone-in caller told LBC presenter Katie Hopkins her husband no longer holds liberal views after working on migrant rescue boats.

Speaking to Hopkins on LBC, she revealed her husband said older males on the boats were not being checked properly and often pushed in front of women and children.

“It was awful but at the same time he said they were processing men, adults in their thirties who all had phones with ISIS stuff on the phones. They were being separated. When they were being handed over to the authorities with the information explaining that these guys had all this on their phones and what their ages were and they were just being processed through.”

Mere her

USA’s Justitsministerium tager statsborgerskabet fra al-Qaeda terrorist

On April 19, Chief Judge Beryl A. Howell of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia entered an order that revoked the naturalized U.S. citizenship of a confessed al-Qaeda operative Khaled Abu al-Dahab.

Restrained and enjoined him from claiming any rights, privileges, or advantages of U.S. citizenship and ordered him to immediately surrender and deliver his Certificate of Naturalization and any other indicia of U.S. citizenship to federal authorities, the Justice Department announced.

Mere her

Ilhan Omar, the 34-year-old community organizer who came to America as a refugee from Somalia, was touted by Democrats as a model success story.

She was one of only two members of the Minnesota State House to vote against a bill that would allow life insurance companies to deny payouts to the beneficiaries of terrorists who die in violent attacks on Americans.

Der er ikke 30 millioner afrikanere på vej til Europa – det er 100 millioner!

Menneskesmuglerne arbejder sammen med NGO’erne om at skaffe migranter i 100.000’er hertil finansieret af ukendte sponsorer!

Bernard Lugan, a well recognized scholar, university prof, author, on subjects concerning Africa and geopolitics, speaks with RT on recent geopolitical changes in the region and their implications. And yes, its better than I am making it sound here.

Kilde: BBC News:

“Italy migrant crisis: Charities “colludes” with smugglers

An Italian prosecutor says he has evidence some of the charities saving migrants in the Mediterranean sea are colluding with people- smugglers.

Carmelo Zuccaro told La Stampa (in Italian) phone calls were being made from Libya to rescue vessels.

“we have evidence that there are direct contacts between certain NGOs (non-governmental organisations) and people traffickers in Libya”, Mr. Zuccaro is quoted as saying in La Stampa.

Mr. Zuccaro`s comments come amid growing criticism of NGO activity on the Mediterranean.”

Some of the organizations involved in migrant rescues include Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontiers), SOS Mediterranee, Save the Children and Malta-based Mobile Offshore Aid Station (MOAS). All have denied accusations that they are in collusion with traffickers.

Luigi Di Maio, vice president of the Chamber of Deputies, a house of Italy’s parliament, accused NGOs of being ataxi of the Mediterranean,” and defended his statements in a Facebook post.

Estimated operating costs for each vessel are upwards of £10,000 a day, allegedly provided by donations alone.

The funding certainly makes for interesting reading. Investigations by the US human rights investigator and lawyer William Craddick claim that several of those chartering rescue boats are linked to the financial patronage of those who support mass migration and free movement.

16 april 2017

Black Pigeon Speaks: Something is Rotten in the State Denmark

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

12 april 2017

Den uhellige alliance mellem kvinder og indvandrere

Julia Caesar: Hycklarnas julafton

10 april 2017

Indvandringens pris: Ikke-vestlige indvandrere koster statskassen 33 milliarder

Ifølge Berlingske, er dele af forklaringen på, hvorfor at de ikke-vestlige indvandrere giver minus på de offentlige finanser, at de ikke har samme livsforløb set ud fra en økonomisk betragtning som andre.

Den gennemsnitlige dansker giver et minus de første 20 år af livet, men et plus i de år, man efterfølgende er på arbejdsmarkedet. Ved pensionsalderen går de igen i minus.

For de ikke-vestlige indvandrere ser kurven anderledes ud.

Denne gruppe er således i gennemsnit i minus konstant gennem hele livet på alle alderstrin.

Mere på DR

Ikke-vestlige indvandrere koster altså mindst over en Storebæltsbro om året.

  • Så meget kostede de indvandrergrupper, der samlet set udgør en udgift, i gennemsnit i 2014, fordelt efter oprindelsesland (nationalitetsgrupper med over 5000 personer):
  • Syrien: -295.459 kr.
  • Somalia: -157.367 kr.
  • Afghanistan: -112.447 kr.
  • Libanon: -111.100 kr.
  • Irak: -107.965 kr.
  • Marokko: -59.519 kr.
  • Iran: -55.155 kr.
  • Jugoslavien: -54.772 kr.
  • Bosnien-Hercegovina: -47.836 kr.
  • Tyrkiet: -47.034 kr.
  • Pakistan: -40.606 kr.
  • Rusland: -28.283 kr.
  • Bulgarien: -22.947 kr.
  • Sri Lanka: -18.247 kr.
  • Vietnam: -16.388 kr.
  • Filippinerne: -9.810 kr.
  • Thailand: -6.958 kr.
  • Island: -3.280 kr.

DF kalder nye tal om ikke-vestlige indvandrere for katastrofale

OT: Lars Trier Mogensen indrømmer her, hvilken perfid klike han tilhørte sammen med Thøger Seidenfaden.

Efter at være taget med bukserne nede insisterer David Trads på, at jorden er flad, hvad angår ikke-vestlig indvandring.


8 april 2017

Løgnepressens hykleri udstillet

DN visade den osmakliga bilden på Ailan, för att propagera för att terroristerna skulle in i landet.

När konsekvensen av DN:s propaganda kommer i full dager, visar man naturligtvis inga bilder på döda barn.

OPDATERING: 11-årig pige er første identificeret offer i Stockholm

Intet billede! Bemærk iøvrigt, at journalisten ikke kan stave.

6 april 2017

Forbrydelser uden straf – krimigranter bliver systematisk frikendt i Tyskland

1 april 2017

Gid der var mange mange flere som hende (og ham) her

31 marts 2017

Indvandringens pris: Nye tal fra Norge

Indvandringen til Norge drøftes indgående i regeringsrapport.

Mannlige ikke-innvandrere gir et positivt bidrag til de offentlige budsjettene på i alt 3,5 millioner kroner summert fra 25 år og ut livet. Det tilsvarende tallet for mannlige innvandrere fra landgruppe 3 er minus 6,0 millioner kroner.

Landgruppe 3 omfatter Afrika, Asia, Latin-Amerika og Øst-Europa utenom EU.

Forskjellen på 9,5 millioner kroner motsvares i betydelig grad av at det offentlige har nettoutgifter på til sammen 5,4 millioner kroner fram til 25 år for en gutt som blir født i Norge. Totalt sett over den delen av livsløpet en er bosatt i Norge, er forskjellen i de samlede offentlige nettoutgiftene mellom mannlige innvandrere og menn født i Norge anslått til 4 millioner kroner.

For kvinner ser regnestykket annerledes ut, ifølge regjeringens beregninger.

Forskjellen mellom summen av nettobidragene fra 25 år for kvinner med og uten innvandrerbakgrunn er mindre enn for menn. Som følge av kostnadene fram til 25 år, blir dermed nettooverføringen over den delen av livsløpet en er bosatt i Norge, noe mindre for innvandrerkvinner enn for kvinner født i Norge.

I meldingen kommer det også fram at for flyktninger vil forskjellen mellom innvandrere og ikke-innvandrere bli klart større.

Hvornår får vi de danske (europæiske) tal beregnet? Karen Hækkerup (S) mente som bekendt, at der ingen grund er til, at danskerne får dem at vide. Tallene er sikkert minimumstal – og det må være muligt ud fra dem at beregne, på hvilket tidspunkt ud fra demografien – går alle samfundets ressourcer til at betale for indvandringen.

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