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28 juli 2011

Beirut singer jailed for song telling president: Go home

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Frontman Zeid Hamdan of the Lebanese band Zeid and the Wings and defunct Soapkills was arrested Wednesday on charges that he defamed the Lebanese president in the song “General Suleiman.”

The arrest came after Interior Minister Marwan Charbel saw a video for the song, which was made in 2010, and claimed it was offensive to the country’s president, Lebanese newspaper The Daily Star reported.


2 december 2010

Hvad lever HetZZbollah af?

The whole world now knows that Hezbollah is a religiously inspired group of Lebanese Shia Arabs, supported by Syria and Iran that is devoted to the destruction of Israel.

They are not Palestinians fighting for a homeland. What the world does not know is that Hezbollah’s religious leaders, have also issued a “fatwa,” a theological ruling that sanctions worldwide support for the illegal production and distribution of narcotics to finance its war against Israel, America and their democratic allies in the West.

In addition to using drug money to finance its terrorist infrastructure Hizbullah believes that their drug trade will help weaken and enervate Western society. Hizbullah religious leaders say, “We are making these drugs for Satan, America and the Jews, if we cannot kill them with guns, so we will kill them with drugs.” Some of the evidence points to Canada as one of many places for transshipment and delivery to the United States.

As the Bekaa valley is now firmly in the hands of Hezbollah and beyond the control of the weakening central government of the besieged Lebanese State, the news agencies who report on that part of the world are curiously silent about what many people do in the Bekaa valley to make a living, who profits from these activities and where do the profits go.

Decades ago the Bekaa valley was a fertile breadbasket watered by the mountains of Lebanon. During the last few decades over two thirds of its arable land has been converted to producing cannabis and the poppies that are at the base of the marijuana and heroin trade.


“Crystal meth,” or “ice,” is often called “poor man’s cocaine.” It is based on refining pseudo ephedrine. In 2002 the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) of the US government arrested a group of men in the U.S., all of them from the Middle East, who had been smuggling large amounts of pseudo ephedrine through Canada to the United States. “Operation Mountain Express” found 36 tons of pseudo ephedrine, 179 pounds of methamphetamine, over four million dollars in cash, eight properties and 160 cars that supported the smuggling and illegal sales ring. Many of the over one hundred people arrested had direct connections with Hezbollah.

Meget mere på New English Review

Geoffrey Clarfield is an Anthropologist at large.

23 november 2010

HetZZbollah udfordrer Israels luftherredømme

Syria and Hizballah now possess thousands of surface missiles from Iran with enhanced ranges of up to 300 kilometers and they are being outfitted by Iranian engineers with guidance systems.

The new guided Fateh-110, M-600 and Scud D missiles hardware can pinpoint any part of Israel within a 10-meter radius in defiance of Israel’s aerial and anti-missile capabilities, say Israeli and Western missile experts. Hizballah and Syria have been furnished by Iran with the means for fighting a new, far more comprehensive war.

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11 november 2010

Islamisk civilisation?

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“Today there is no such thing as Persian civilization in Iran.

There is an Islamic civilization in Iran. There is (prophet) Muhammad’s religion in Iran,” Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said in a YouTube video which angered many in the Islamic Republic.

The remarks elicited numerous responses, particularly from Iranian bloggers and internet surfers abroad. A group of Iranian exiles even set up a Facebook page titled, “We, Iranian, hate Nasrallah.” More than 6,000 people have already joined the online protest against Nasrallah.

7 november 2010


Angsten for et politisk sammenbrud og en ny blodig borgerkrig stiger i disse uger i Libanon. Bekymringen er særlig stor i dele af landets kristne mindretal.

Fredags mødtes en gruppe kristne politikere fra premierminister Saad Hariri’s provestlige bagland for at vurdere den aktuelle situation i Libanon, hvor Hizbollah har optrappet modstanden mod den FN-domstol, der undersøger attentatet på tidligere premierminister Rafik Hariri i februar 2005. Mange kilder fortæller, at domstolen er tæt på at have opklaret mordet og snart vil sigte fremtrædende Hizbollah-folk for at stå bag attentatet, der ud over Hariri dræbte 22 personer.

Rygterne om en mulig anklage mod Hizbollah-folk har vakt voldsom vrede i Hizbollah, der har indledt en omfattende kampagne for at få Libanons regering til at afbryde ethvert samarbejde med FN-domstolen.

De kristne politikere udsendte en alvorligt formuleret erklæring efter mødet fredag. Erklæringen blev oplæst af Libanons tidligere præsident Amin Gemayel.

»Vi erklærer hermed, at Libanons enhed, demokratiske system og åbenhed over for omverdenen i dag er i alvorlig fare,« lyder det i nødråbet fra de kristne politikere.

Erklæringen siger, at Hizbollah har presset Libanon ud i et farligt og umuligt valg mellem retfærdighed – nemlig retsforfølgelse af de forbrydere, der gennemførte det blodige attentat i 2005 – og opretholdelsen af fred mellem landets borgere.

De kristne politikere opfordrer Libanons præsident til at arbejde for afvæbning af Hizbollah, så opgaven med at forsvare Libanon fremover udelukkende kommer til at ligge hos landets hær og ikke hos det selvbestaltede Hizbollah.

Erklæringen udtrykker bekymring over det kristne mindretals fremtid i Libanon, hvor det ekstremt shia-muslimske Hizbollah får større og større magt. Angsten er, at de voldelige angreb på kristne i Irak skal brede sig til Libanon.

Den alvorlige situation i Libanon i disse måneder har vakt overraskende lidt opsigt i Vesten. Forhåbentlig kan nødråbet fra de kristne politikere i Libanon hjælpe med at påpege faren for et sammenbrud i landet.

8 juli 2010

3D al-Khiam Demo: How Hezbollah Uses South Lebanese Villages as Military Bases

Israel: Libanon gemmer Hizbollahs våben

24 juni 2010

New York Flotilla for Freeing Gilad Shalit

Pro-Israel supporters are turning the anti-Israel flotilla fad into a positive effort to sail in a rally for the freedom of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit.

This Thursday will mark four years since Hamas and allied terrorists kidnapped him at an Israeli checkpoint near Gaza.

The “True Freedom” flotilla of covered boats will sail, rain or shine, at noon Thursday from Manhattan’s Pier 40. At least four boats will sail, including two of them capable of accommodating 500 people each, according to the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, which is sponsoring the event.


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The aid flotilla planned to set sail from Lebanon is supported by Syria and Hezbollah. Its organizer, Yasser Qashlaq, called for “getting rid of the remainder of the garbage of Europe” [the Jews in Israel] and sending them back to their “homelands.”

20 maj 2010

Ny massiv mur på tegnebrættet i mellemøsten

Hvis man tror, at Israel er de eneste der bygger massive mure for at adskille landområder, kan man godt tro om.

5 maj 2010

Ah Paris: A Hezbollah rally in front of the Louvre Museum

Via No-Pasaran

2 februar 2010

US intelligence finds 5,000 Hizballah trained to seize Galilee towns

Jones was not talking out of the top of his head, but on the strength of solid US intelligence gathered over months on detailed war plans Iran, Syria, Hizballah and Hamas have drawn up to send five Hizballah brigades sweeping across the border to seize five sectors of Galilee, while also organizing a massive Israeli-Arab uprising against the Jewish state.

Hamas would open a second front in the south and in the east. Syria is expected to step in at some stage.
This plan with attached special map was first published exclusively by DEBKA-Net-Weekly 430 on Jan. 22, 2010. Key excerpts appear here.

Support Israel:

Arabisk rapport: Syrien indkalder reserver

Tegn på olie i Negev

Israels næste krig med Hizbullah vil måske eskalere til krig med Libanon

Netanyahu i Auschwitz: Husk Amalek og hav tillid til  IDF

Iransk leder varsler Israels tilintetgørelse 

Hamas beskylder Israel for at snigmyrde ærke – terrorist 

12 november 2009

Iran leverer raketter til både Taleban, HetZZbollah og terrorister i Irak

The rockets recovered by the Israeli Navy last week, bound for terrorists in Lebanon, are identical to those Iran provided to Shiite militias targeting American soldiers in Iraq.

There are numerous similar reports of Iranian weapons being shipped to the Taliban in Afghanistan.


For now, the Obama administration is continuing the Bush-era policy of downplaying and ignoring Iran’s arming of America’s enemies. One can only wonder how many American soldiers will be on the receiving end of Iranian weapons before the administration decides to take steps to stop their arming of terrorist groups.

Læs det hele på Pajamas Media

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7 november 2009

Den israelske flåde pågriber ‘civil’ last til HetZZbollah

Mere på Elder of Ziyon og Jerusalem Post.

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26 maj 2009

Hemmelige dokumenter: Venezuela og Bolivia forsyner Iran med uran

Venezuela and Bolivia are supplying Iran with uranium for its nuclear program, according to a secret Israeli government report.


The two South American countries are known to have close ties with Iran, but this is the first allegation that they are involved in the development of Iran’s nuclear program, considered a strategic threat by Israel.


The report concludes that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is trying to undermine the United States by supporting Iran.


The Israeli government report also charges that the Iran-backed Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon have set up cells in Latin America. It says Venezuela has issued permits that allow Iranian residents to travel freely in South America.

The report concludes, “Since Ahmadinejad’s rise to power, Tehran has been promoting an aggressive policy aimed at bolstering its ties with Latin American countries with the declared goal of ‘bringing America to its knees.'”

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22 april 2009


Hizbollah er beryktet og fryktet i deler av vesten og beundret og tiljublet i store deler av Midtøsten.

Tross terrorstempel i USA og i noen europeiske land har det norske utenriksdepartementet og andre norske institusjoner støttet Hizbollah i snart 25 år.

Vi anbefaler å se på NRK 1, Brennpunkt i kveld tirsdag 21.4. kl. 21.30
Programmet vil også bli kringkastet på NRK 1 onsdag 22.4 kl. 12:10

Bemærk hykleriet – den norske udenrigsminister udvandrede ikke fra Durban II. Han gik på talerstolen ‘for at tale Adolfedinnerjacket midt imod.’ Vel vidende at hans udenrigsministerium har støtttet Urans marionetter i årevis.

Læs mere på SMA

8 april 2009

Hezbollah stiller op til næste libanesiske valg

Og hvem er det nu HetZZbollah er?

Lederen Nasrallah’s portræt:


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3 april 2009


Regeringen vil hellere modtage islamister end Geert Wilders

23 marts 2009

George Galloway uønsket i Canada

Det har ikke noget med ytringsfrihed at gøre – manden er en aktiv terroriststøtte.

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16 marts 2009

Fredens religion – Nazislam

“Hitler længe leve! Put jøderne i ovnen – de er fossilt brændsel”.

Los Angeles 6. januar 2009 foran det israelske konsulat.

26 februar 2009

Lakmustest for UK’s Labour

Jacqui Smith was tonight warned against exercising ‘double standards’ as an Islamic extremist prepared to travel to the UK.

Ibrahim Moussawi, a known hardliner with links to Hezbollah, has been invited to speak at a London university. But the Home Secretary is under pressure to refuse an entry visa to Moussawi, who has allegedly described Jews as ‘a lesion on the forehead of history’.

Mere på Daily Mail

Selvfølgelig får han indrejsetilladelse. Hvem den britiske regering støtter fremgår tydeligt af dette link.

 ‘This is why we clearly state that the Israeli settlements are illegal, that the Palestinian State must be created within the pre- June 1967 borders and that Jerusalem must me the common capital of the two States. The British position is clear”

Hvorfor er forhandling med HamaSS omsonst?


Foranlediget af journalist Poul Erik Andersens debatindlæg i Week-End Avisen om HamaSS og de nyttige idioter bringer vi her et supplement om de islamistiske organisationers naziforbindelser.

Bemærk at HAMAS henviser i deres charter/lov til ‘Zions vise protokoller’, der var en af hjørnestenene i nationalsocialismen i Tyskland.
De betydende charters:




Supplerende oplysninger:  

Nazislam på Hodja.

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