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24 april 2015

Canada løslader al-Qaeda terrorist og morder Omar Khadr

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22 april 2015

NATO chef advarer: ISIS smugler terrorister ind i Europa blandt bådflygtningene.

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Dr Jamie Shea has been working with NATO since 1980 in a wide range of areas including external relations, press and media, and policy planning, and currently serves as Deputy Assistant Secretary General for the Emerging Security Challenges Division.

This division was established in 2010 to deal with a growing range of non-traditional risks and challenges including terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, cyber defence and energy security.

As thousands of men, women and children flee the war-ravaged region, terrorists are being infiltrated into the mass exodus heading to Europe.

Dr Jamie Shea said Britain and other countries must be “on our guard” to combat the threat.

IS chiefs have seized on mass migration from the region as an “attractive” way to get hardened terrorists into the West under the cover of refugees.

He was speaking as Britain was being urged to take thousands of African migrants following the sinking of a refugee ship from Libya with the loss of almost 1,000 lives.

In a speech to the Counter-Terror Expo in London, Dr Shea also gave a chilling insight into the scale and enormous wealth of IS.

He likened IS to a Mafia-style organisation with a £4billion fortune which was recently raking in £1.3million-a-day from oil revenues alone.

Referring to the migration chaos, Dr Shea told security industry delegates: “You can see it in the Middle East crisis, in the influx of refugees from Syria, the tragic capsizing of boats and also the sheer volumes of numbers – 5,000 in the last three days already entering Italy.

“There is no sign whatsoever that this flow of people is going to stop.

“IS is using this to infiltrate further terrorist operatives into Europe.”

“This is going to be a very, very big question to deal with for the refugee agencies.

“But we will need to be on our guard.

“Migration is certainly one thing IS finds attractive.”

Mere på The Muslim Issue

7 april 2015

Videnskab: Det er de bedst integrerede og mest velstillede muslimer der radikaliseres

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Here is the summary of the study, via 10news.dk, as translated from Dutch by Thomas from Standaard:

The better integrated, the higher the risk of radicalization.

Author: Dr. Marion van San, Senior Researcher at RISBO, an independent research institute, active in the field of learning and society that is affiliated with the Faculty of Social Sciences at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Since 2009 she has conducted ethnographic studies of families of radicalizing youths.

Since we know that many young people left Belgium, but also from other European countries, to join the armed conflict in Syria, a fierce debate has erupted. However, the debate as conducted in Belgium is permeated by a series of stereotypes, that are not consistent with what is known from international literature, and that block a proper analysis of the phenomenon.

That young people from Europe who leave for Syria are victims of a society that does not accept them, and does not offer them sufficient opportunities – a proposition that Rik Coolsaet has supported in an earlier edition of this newspaper – is however not supported by empirical evidence. Not only in literature on Islamic extremism, but also on terrorism in general and terrorism of any kind, the conclusion is always the same: it does not always concern people with low socioeconomic status. Neither does it always concern the marginalized and the frustrated, or people with a psychiatric disorder. The Belgian families from which the young people have left, are not all from the lower classes, and the young people who left are not all unskilled and frustrated. For the discrimination they are suggested to be victims of, there has usually been little empirical evidence. In recent years, a lot of international research has been conducted on radicalism and extremism. What it shows is that young men and women who radicalize and sometimes indulge in extremism, often come from middle-class families. There are also a few examples of young men and women who belong to upper class families. Keep in mind that the hijackers in the September 11 attacks, mostly came from prominent families. There is another important point to remember. Low socioeconomic status and lack of opportunity are a reality for a very large group of people, but only very few of them take the extremist path. And if lack of opportunity would indeed lead to extremism, the poorest countries in the world would supply most extremists. And we know that this is not the case. Are there no destitute ones amongst those who leave? Of course there are, and those are the ones Coolsaet writes about. But again, the group that left to join the armed conflict in Syria, is much more diverse than he suggests.

Another common stereotype in the debate in Belgium is that, despite research that refutes this, radicalization is still far too often misunderstood as a process resulting from failed integration. Research however suggests that it is the so-called integration paradox that is a breeding ground for radicalization. What is meant by this paradox is that the children and grandchildren of immigrants, who were born and raised here, focus heavily on Belgian society. They seek social acceptance and mobility, and do everything possible to integrate. The result is that they have higher social expectations than others and are often more sensitive to exclusion and (alleged) discrimination. Negative experiences can turn them away from society and cause them to seek refuge in a deviant group identity.

I therefore dare say that the better young people are integrated, the greater the chance is that they radicalize. This hypothesis is supported by a lot of evidence. Often young people who have been radicalized were very Western-oriented before their radicalization; they were drinking alcohol and would often use soft drugs. In a later stage of their life they started to concern themselves more and more with their faith, or converted to Islam and consequently radicalized in no time. In many cases they completed their education or held a job and have friends from mixed ethnical backgrounds.

What stands out in the debate of these recent weeks and months, is that not only standard explanations are given for the departure of so many young people, but also only standard solutions are brought forward; solutions that are actually meant for different problems. It has become too risky to persevere in such false solutions now that the problem has become a matter of life and death. The fact that the group that we are dealing with is so diverse, immediately shows the difficulty of finding a suitable solution. We know that fighting poverty is not enough to counter radicalism and extremism. We should also not expect too much from proposals to address youth unemployment. This is not a plea to change the fundamentals of current policies to address poverty, or to stop combatting racism in the workplace and in the job market. But we should not cherish the illusion that these measures will curb radicalism and extremism. To really understand the group that we are dealing with here, we need a deep understanding of the young people and the families they come from, in order to gradually distance ourselves from the stereotypes that too often dominate the debate. Everything else is a waste of time and energy.

2 april 2015

Muslimske terrorister henretter kristne på kenyansk universitet

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24 marts 2015

Det går dine skattekroner (stadig) til

Pæstilenserne omdøber organisationen, som betaler løn til fængslede terrorister for at bedrage donorlandene.

18 marts 2015

Tunisia attack: 19 dead after gunmen storm museum

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17 marts 2015

De potentielle mordere iblandt os

E-tjenestens fokus var primært på om internasjonale terrornettverk kunne planlegge og gjennomtørre terroranslag i Norge.

Dette har nå endret seg fundamentalt. Grensen mellom utviklingen ute og hjemme er i oppløsning. Potensielle terrorister befinner seg nå her hjemme, midt iblant oss, sier generalløytnant og sjef for E-tjenesten Kjell Grandhagen,

14 marts 2015

Det går dine skattekroner til: Fatah Central Committee Member to PA TV: Dalal Mughrabi, Female Suicide Bombers, Are Our Role Models

9 marts 2015

Terrorismen i Paris: 4 muslimer anholdt – deriblandt en politikvinde

Hvor er muslimers loyalitet, når de ansat i politi, militær og andre vigtige samfundsinstitutioner?


French policewoman among four arrested over links to Paris kosher deli hostage-taker Amedy Coulibaly

3 marts 2015

4 terrordræbte læger mindet i Odense

Det, der skete for 70 år siden, en tidlig morgen 20. februar 1945, minder i ubehagelig grad om både det nylige terrorangreb i København og IS-likvideringerne af gidsler.

For selv om der var krig, var de koldblodige mord på fire unge læger i Odense likvideringer af tilfældige, sagesløse mennesker, som gjorde noget godt for andre. Og mordenes eneste formål var at sprede skræk.

I fredags blev de fire læger mindet ved afsløringen af et nyt mindeanlæg foran den bygning på Kløvervænget, hvor drabene fandt sted. Blandt talerne var blandt andre Lægeforeningens formand Mads Koch Hansen, sygehusdirektør Peter Jest og regionsrådsformand Carl Holst.

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1 marts 2015

Victims of Communism? 94 Million. Memorials To Victims of Communism? Zero

28 februar 2015

“Jihadi John” Demolishes the Left’s “Root Causes” Theory

27 februar 2015

Ung mand anholdt: Sigtes for at hjælpe københavnsk terrorist

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Københavns Politi har anholdt endnu en i terrorsagen i København – stor aktion på Østerbro lige nu.

Birgitte Gabriel: Vestens ledere er hundeangste for sandheden om islam

26 februar 2015


ISIS ‘Jihadi John’ identified as Mohammed Emwazi – SAS to pay him a visit

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The Jihadi John apologists: Islamic campaigner who today defended ISIS executioner as a ‘beautiful, kind young man’ was filmed calling for jihad outside U.S Embassy.

West London radical at centre of network that influenced ‘Jihadi John’ passed freely between UK and African terror hot spots for THREE YEARS.

Jihadi John’s old university was a ‘hotbed of radicalism where students celebrated 9/11′, claims ex-pupil – and extremist was even due to speak there TONIGHT

Jihadi John demaskeret: Marginaliseret lavstatus småkriminel bandit?


University of Westminster student from a respectable London family Computing graduate Mohammed Emwazi, 27, from Queen’s Park, London.

Jihadi John video grabs from Steven Sotloff beheading video

  • Jihadi John revealed as computing graduate from Queen’s Park, London 
  • Mohammed Emwazi, 27, is believed to have travelled to Syria in 2012
  • Jihadi John has featured in ISIS videos with journalists and aid workers 
  • ‘Accused by MI5 in 2009 of trying to reach Somalia’, home of Al Shabaab
  • Detained by UK counter-terror police in 2010 when arriving from Kuwait
  • Emwazi claimed agent from MI5 tried to ‘turn’ him to work for them 
  • He’s been known to security services for ‘probably months’, sources say 

25 februar 2015

Mulla Krekar mener at de som angrep Charlie Hebdo var helter og at de som lager Muhammed-karikaturer, må dø.

I intervjuet, som nettopp er vist på NRK-Dagsrevyen, spør reporter Anders Magnus om de som angrep Charlie Hebdo i Paris, var helter.

Ja så klart. Og jihadister, svarer Krekar. “Dersom noen tegner Muhammed-karikaturer i Norge, så fortjener de å dø. Islamister har rett til å oppsøke vedkommende og sprenge seg selv i luften. Det er ikke meg som gir tillatelse til dette, men tegneren har blitt en krigende hedning, og det er derfor tillatt å drepe ham. Fordi han har tråkket på vår verdighet, våre prinsipper og vår tro – så må han dø, legger han til.

Mere på VG.

Hvornår smider nordmændene kulturberigeren på porten? De har ladet ham drive gæk med sig i en årrække, godt hjulpet af de sædvanlige godmennesker, nyttige idioter, samvittighedsløse advokater osv.

24 februar 2015

Fredens Religion©: «Jeg har lyst til å drepe alle fra liten til stor, mann, gå inn en eller annen barnehage, mann.»

Det er to norsk-albanske brødre på 25 og 28 år fra Bærum og en norsk-somalisk familiefar (30) fra Skien som er tiltalt for deltagelse eller støtte til en terrororganisasjon.

De to eldste er tiltalt for å ha vært i Syria og kjempet for IS, mens den yngste broren er tiltalt for å ha støttet IS fra Norge.

PST hadde i hemmelighet avlyttet to biler tilhørende de to norskalbanske brødrene.

På en biltur uttalte en av de tiltalte: «Jeg har lyst til å drepe alle fra liten til stor, mann, gå inn en eller annen barnehage, mann.»

Mere på VG

Før i tiden betød en “dansk-amerikaner” en dansker der var emigreret til USA. I dag vender medierne konsekvent begrebet på hovedet og skriver “norsk-albaner”,  “norsk-somalier”, “dansk-tyrker” osv. Hvorfor mon?

Stakkels skoleelever: De skal hjernevaskes om klimaændringer og nu om islams herligheder

Oslo kommune: Trusselen fra radikal islam er «i stor grad medieskapt»

I Oslo-skolens nye undervisningsopplegg om radikalisering heter det at «bildet av at islamsk ekstremisme truer det norske demokratiet er i stor grad medieskapt», og gir lærerne i oppgave å nyansere dette bildet.


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