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4 oktober 2015

Hvis det er rigtigt – hvad har Hussein Obama foretaget sig de sidste mange måneder?

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ISIS left so weakened by airstrikes and desertion it could be wiped out in just HOURS

ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) is now so fragile that its so-called Caliphate could be wiped out in a matter of HOURS, a top terror expert said today.

Hvordan kan en uges russiske angreb gøre, hvad Vesten ikke har kunnet det sidste år?

23 september 2015

Ahmed Mohamed: Just 14 and Already a Professional Islamo-Victim

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Fourteen year-old Ahmed Mohamed has learned well how to play the victim.

The MacArthur High School student caused a ruckus last week in Irving, Texas, when he brought a briefcase to school containing clock parts. He claimed it was a “clock” that he “invented” over the weekend—though it now appears evident that he didn’t really invent anything. According to Ahmed, he brought it to school to impress his engineering teacher. When the briefcase began beeping during English class, the teacher mistook it for a bomb and called the principal. The principal appeared minutes later, accompanied by policemen. Ahmed was arrested and charged with creating a hoax bomb, a crime under Texas law, though the charge was later dropped.

It sure is hard being a Muslim, isn’t it? You can’t even bring a briefcase with protruding wires to school without everybody thinking you’re a terrorist. Sheesh.


I don’t know if Ahmed Mohamed planned this whole thing out though I won’t place it outside the realm of possibility. The situation smells as fishy as last week’s sushi. But I can say with certainty that young Mr. Mohamed, the “inventor” whose “invention” was actually mass-produced by Radio Shack decades before he was born, is milking this for all it’s worth. What he wants is not equal treatment but for Muslims to be handled with kiddy gloves. His goal, and that of CAIR, is to perpetuate the Muslim-as-victim myth so that reasonable people will second-guess their own motives when they see Muslims acting suspiciously. Don’t be fooled by this professional victim.

Mere på The Patriot




17 september 2015

Libanesisk minister advarer: To ud af hver 100 “syriske” islamvasorer er ISIS terrorister

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Two in every 100 Syrian migrants are ISIS fighters, PM is warned: Lebanese minister tells Cameron jihadists are coming ‘under cover’ to attack the West

  • Two in every 100 Syrian migrants are ISIS fighters, PM has been warned
  • Lebanese education minister said jihadists were being sent ‘under cover’
  • If true, it could mean up to 400 of the 20,000 refugees Britain has promised to accept by 2020 have been radicalised
  • Warning came as Cameron visited refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan

Mere på Daily Mail

Så kan du selv begynde at regne.

Lukkede grænser: Deutschlandfunk: Antallet af ankommende stiger.


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MailOnline reporter buys Syrian papers being sold to ISIS fighters sneaking into Europe hidden among refugees.

  • Reporter bought $2,000 Syrian passport, ID card and driving licence in Turkey under the name of a real man who was killed in the conflict
  • Forger boasted that ISIS fighters are using documents to travel to Europe to start terror sleeper cells or live under false name free of past crimes
  • Also being used by economic migrants from other countries exploiting generosity of Europe to Syrian refugees 
  • Keith Vaz, chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee told MailOnline the scam was ‘deeply disturbing’ and should be ‘addressed immediately’
  • The blank documents are genuine, having been stolen from government offices by militias fighting regime of Bashar Al-Assad
  • EU border official admits fraud is rising and bigger than first thought

Mere på Daily Mail

15 september 2015

The Glazov Gang-The ISIS Refugee Deception med Nonie Darwish

Hør hvad Nonie Darwish har at sige om islam, jihad, Mellemøsten og Vestens naivitet.

Meget klar tale om problemernes årsager, og manglen på løsninger.

14 september 2015

Hvorfor interesserer løgnemedierne sig for døde børn lige nu?

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Why The Focus Now?

Europe’s refugee crisis has unfolded over the last year, but only now seems to have broken through into mainstream media coverage. That coverage sprang from a viral photo of a three-year-old Syrian boy’s corpse washed up on the beaches of Turkey. According to media coverage, the boy’s mother and brother drowned as well, while his father lived.

The photo certainly breaks your heart. But where were all the photos of gassed children from Bashar Assad’s Syria when President Obama drew a red line, and then promptly violated it? Where are all the photos of babies beheaded by ISIS? Why did this photo make the front pages?

The answer: the other photos would have driven more Middle East involvement from the West. The current photo does not. It merely demands that Europe accept more Muslims from the Middle East into its midst, without solving any of the underlying problems driving the refugee crisis in the first place. It pushes the notion that the West somehow owes membership to people who may very well reject the most basic tenets of the West.


Who Are These Refugees? That competition to accept refugees would be fine if we knew that the refugees plan on assimilating into Western notions of civilized society, and if we knew that they were indeed victims of radical Muslim atrocities. Unfortunately, we know neither.

It is deeply suspicious that major Muslim countries that do not border Syria refuse to take in large numbers of refugees, except for Algeria and Egypt.

Turkey has taken in nearly two million refugees, according to the United Nations, and keeps the vast majority in refugee camps — a typical practice in a region that has kept Arab refugees from the 1948 war of Israeli independence in Arab-run camps for seven decades. Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq have taken in hundreds of thousands of refugees as well, but all border the chaotic, collapsing Syria, and thus have limited choice in the matter.

Iran has taken in no refugees. Neither have Pakistan, Indonesia, or any of the other dozens of member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain all refused to take any refugees, and explicitly cited the risk of terrorists among the refugees, according to The Guardian (UK).

Mere på Breitbart af Ben Shapiro

11 september 2015

14 år efter 9/11

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Er der et sikkerhedsproblem med de såkaldte syriske flygtninge?

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Dan Park politianmeldt for Terrorist Welcome parafrase.

9 september 2015

ISIS present in all 50 states, FBI director says

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The ABC7 I-Team looked into ISIS terrorists in the United States- not just a smattering of potentially violent radicals, but terrorists present in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan and all 50 states.

In less than two years, ISIS has gone from a terror start-up overseas to what FBI Director James Comey calls a “chaotic spider web” in the US, with young Muslim men being radicalized in Illinois and the 49 other states. Comey suggests ISIS uses social media like a job fair. That’s how he says terrorists snagged three New York men facing ISIS charges.

“Those people exist in every state. I have homegrown violent extremist investigations in every single state. Until a few weeks ago there was 49 states. Alaska had none which I couldn’t quite figure out. But Alaska has now joined the group so we have investigations of people in various stages of radicalizing in all 50 states,” Comey said.


4 september 2015

Den Trojanske Hest

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Die EU hat für das Trojanische Pferd mit dem Namen „Flüchlingswelle“ seine Tore geöffnet.

In dem „Pferd“ befinden sich, wie von der ISIS angekündigt, auch tausende zum Kopfabschneiden bereite Dschihadisten. Fünf von ihnen wurden jetzt in Bulgarien gefasst.


Bulgarische Behörden haben am späten Mittwoch in der Nähe des Grenzüberganges Gyueshevo, fünf Männer im Alter zwischen 20 und 24 [Foto oben] festgenommen, berichtet der bulgarische Rundfunk NOVA TV. Offenbar handelt es sich um IS-Terroristen, die es auf die Köpfe der Europäer abgesehen hatten.

Mere på PI

23 august 2015

Iran will not abandon Assad and other groups linked to the mullahs despite nuclear deal

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Iran is not going to abandon its friends in the region namely Assad and other terrorist groups in the region despite an apparent thaw in relationship with Obama administration.

It is naïve to believe that Iran will stop its malign activities and influence in the neighboring countries following a nuclear deal that Obama administration thinks as a breakthrough agreement.
The proof can be seen through a senior advisor to the regime’s supreme leader Khamenei who has said the recent nuclear deal between the Iran and the major world powers gives Tehran more power to support its allies in the region.

Mere her.

Sjovnalistisk Venstreparti kendte ikke årsagen til at manden i det franske tog ville dræbe

Ayoub El-Khazzani


Mere på Daily Mail

Se også bedstefar med slag i.

22 august 2015

Helte: Passagerer overmander muslimsk terrorist i fransk tog

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Og Sjovnalistisk Venstreparti “kender ikke årsagen til angrebet” – en marokkaner bevæbnet med en Kalashnikov med 9 fulde magasiner, en Luger og en kniv.

France train attack victim fought to save life of passenger shot in the neck, say witnesses

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Passengers have spoken of their horror aboard a Paris-bound train as a gunman opened fire

Mere på telegraph

21 august 2015

Gunman opens fire on Amsterdam-Paris train

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Unarmed U.S. Marines have taken down a gunman armed with an AK-47 with another 6 loaded magazines on a train from Amsterdam to Paris, France.

What could have been a massacre was averted by 3 Marines, who heard the gunman loading the gun in the bathroom and took him down when he came out. 3 people were injured but no one was killed. Comment below with your thoughts.

20 august 2015

Tegn Muhammed udstilling i London aflyst

A Draw Mohammed contest scheduled for London, England has been cancelled.

Simon Kent of Breitbart UK tells Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media that Scotland Yard told the organizers they couldn’t guarantee their safety. Of course, earlier this year, terrorists targeted a similar event in Garland, Texas hosted by Pamela Geller.

Ezra Levant calls the cancellation a “preemptive surrender.” Is this really the spirit of Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill? And aren’t the police shirking their most important duty in refusing to protect their fellow citizens?

17 august 2015

Glazov: Obama støtter bevidst al-Qaeda og Det Muslimske Broderskab i Syrien

12 august 2015

Pesten ISIS breder sig til DanMarx Radios muslimske mønsterstat Indonesien

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Fairfax Media can now reveal a shocking secret – the mosque that lies in the geographic heart of Indonesia’s power elites is an active recruitment centre for Islamic State (IS), the terrorist group that has seized territory in Syria and Iraq and the imagination of radical Islamists across the world.

Exclusive video footage, provided to Fairfax Media by Indonesian terrorism analyst and documentary filmmaker Noor Huda Ismail, shows a group of young Indonesian men inside al-Fataa pledging allegiance to the IS leader and so-called “caliph” of Muslims, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Se det her.

11 august 2015


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8 august 2015

The Glazov Gang – Steve Emerson on “Obama vs. US Victims of Palestinian Terror?”

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