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23 juli 2017

Udelukket fra Facebook for at fordømme pædofili & for at beskrive Facebooks censur

21 juli 2017

Linda Sarsour is a Complete Idiot

18 juli 2017

Asylansøgere begår masseovergreb ved festival i Schorndorf Tyskland

1 juli 2017


New data from Sweden is a dire warning to women against voting for more refugees from Muslim countries.

A 10News Update

New data from Sweden shows how immigration and refugees from Islamic countries puts especially women in danger.

92 percent of all severe rapes (violent rapes) are committed by migrants and refugees. 100 percent of all attack rapes (where victim and attacker had no previous contact) are committed by that same group. In other words, thousands of Swedish women would not have been raped and thereby traumatized for life, had it not been for the influx from Islamic countries.

The top-10 list over rapists’ national back ground shows only one non-Islamic country (Chile). Most rapists have Iraqi back ground, followed by refugees and migrants from Afghanistan, Somalia, Eritrea, Syria, Gambia, Iran, Palestine, Chile and Kosovo.

Hele artiklen: https://www.10news.one/dangerous-refugees-afghans-79-times-more-likely-to-rape/

Hatet mot vita svenskar

30 juni 2017

ISIS er syge depraverede psykopater

Hvorfor kalder medierne dem ‘hellige krigere,’ når de er afskum, der bør fjernes fra jordens overflade?

During a TV interview with Egypt’s Extra News on Monday, Vian Dakhil, the only Yazidi member of the Iraqi parliament, described the devastating report.

“One of the women whom we managed to retrieve from ISIS said that she was held in a cellar for three days without food or water,” she said.

“Afterwards, they brought her a plate of rice and meat. She ate the food because she was very hungry,” Dakhil continued, according to a translation by Middle East Media Research Institute. “When she was finished they said to her: ‘We cooked your 1-year-old son that we took from you, and this is what you just ate.'”

During the interview, Dakhil, fighting back tears, recalled a captured 10-year-old girl being raped to death in front of her five sisters and father.

“One of the girls said that they took six of her sisters,” she said. “Her youngest sister, a 10-year-old girl, was raped to death in front of her father and sisters. She was 10 years old.”

Tragically, the barbaric act of feeding a tortured woman her own child is not that unusual for ISIS.

Former ISIS captive Yasir Abdulla recalled the horrific incident of a woman who traveled to Mosul to save her kidnapped son:

“The ISIS militants initially offered tea to the woman, and then a meal of meat and rice. But when she demanded to see her son, the extremists reportedly burst into laughter and told her, they had murdered her son, chopped him and fed him to her,” reports Christian Today. 

Mere her.

26 juni 2017

Tommy Robinson: Kæmpe “Justice for Chelsey” plakat sender klar besked til politiet

Did you see our new “Justice for Chelsey” billboard?

It just went up in Chelsey’s home town of Sunderland.

It’s a way to drive home our message that we will not stop until justice is done. We’ve had march after march — each bigger than the last. More than 115,000 people have signed our petition.

And now, 24 hours a day, this massive sign will remind the police and the Crown Prosecution Service that the whole country is watching.

De venstreorienterede journalister hos DR og TV2 leverer falske nyheder af meget grov karakter i Støjberg-sagen

TV-stationernes vinkel på fredagens samråd lå efter alt at dømme fast på forhånd: Man skulle for enhver pris tegne et billede af en Inger Støjberg, der var hårdt trængt.

For at få mast denne vinkel ned over seerne, ignorerede man simpelt hen en stor del af, hvad der foregik under samrådet.

20 juni 2017

Amerikansk dommer frikender muslimske voldtægtsforbrydere og gør dem til ofre

The travesty of justice in Idaho is now complete.

In the summer of 2016, a 5-year-old girl was sexually assaulted and urinated upon by three Muslim migrant boys in Twin Falls, Idaho. Since then, instead of getting justice, the victim’s family has been abused by law enforcement and governing authorities as if they were the criminals – because what happened to their little girl contradicts the politically correct narrative about Muslim migrants. On Monday, the perpetrators were sentenced, and the final injustice was done to this poor girl.

The injustice began in the proceedings at the Snake River Juvenile Detention Center in Twin Falls when Judge Thomas Borreson of Idaho’s 5th Judicial District ordered the little victim’s parents to say nothing to anyone – ever – about what was said in the courtroom Monday, or to disclose the sentence he gave to the savage attackers. He did allow them to say that they were unhappy with the sentencing, but threatened to jail them for contempt of court if they disclosed why they were unhappy with it.

But even though the victim’s parents were not allowed to talk to me, there were 12 to 15 people in the courtroom who saw and heard the whole sorry business. I was informed of what happened by an anonymous source inside the courtroom – and the more I heard, the more I understood why this judge wanted to keep all the proceedings secret.

Janice Kroeger, the senior deputy prosecuting attorney, who was supposed to be trying these boys for their crimes, defended the boys and repeatedly attacked Lacy, the victim’s mother. A therapist for the boys was present, as well as a parole officer and a detective. Everything that was said was designed to portray the perpetrators as victims. Throughout the proceedings, they were repeatedly called victims, and the youngest one was called “the biggest victim of them all.”

The court heard all about how the attackers are doing well in school, and about how smart they are. They were praised for the supposed ordeal they had to go through. It was claimed that all three are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from having to go through courtroom proceedings.

After this lovefest, which lasted for five hours in the courtroom, all three boys were sentenced, one after the other. All three were given probation. They were not found guilty of rape, but of sexually lewd conduct.

In the midst of this judicial mugging, every time Lacy’s lawyer tried to speak up, he was silenced. The little victim, Jayla, was never even mentioned once by Kroeger or the judge – or by the police or anyone else. Only Lacy mentioned her, when she made her statement. Lacy detailed how the poor girl is still suffering the effects of this attack: She is wetting the bed and having bad dreams, and more.

Yet when Lacy completed her statement, Kroeger lashed out not at the perpetrators or their parents, but at Lacy. She viciously tongue-lashed Lacy for a full 15 minutes, until finally Judge Borreson had to stop her.

Understandably, the parents of the victim were and are devastated. Back in April, when the attackers initially pleaded guilty, Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs said: “I am pleased that we were able to resolve this case in a way that was approved and agreed to by the victim’s family. This continues to be a serious and sad case, but it was resolved properly.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. The resolution of the case was not accepted by the victim’s family, and it was not resolved properly.

From the beginning to the end, for Idaho officials this case was about one thing, and one thing only: not justice for this poor little girl who was brutalized and abused, but about making sure that Americans don’t start to realize what is happening and oppose the Muslim migrant influx. Idaho officials were willing to sacrifice this girl’s well-being for that goal – to their everlasting shame.

If there were any justice, Judge Borreson would be impeached and removed now. Meanwhile, please help the victim and her family meet their considerable expenses: Contribute here.

Da dommeren  jo ikke vil have, at sagens detaljer kommer frem, bringer vi hele teksten som en cadeau til ham.

18 juni 2017

BBC = British Biased Crap leverer en fakenews overskrift

3 arabiske terrorister angriber politifolk 2 steder, og myrder en 23 årig politikvinde

De blever alle tre skudt under terroraktionen

Og hvad er så BBCs “overskrift” ?

Hvor perfid kan et statsfinansieret TV-kanal være …

Jeg går ud fra at hvis BBC idag skulel skrive overskriften fra 11 september 2001 om, så ville der stå:

“19 arabere brutalt myrdet af 2 skyskrabere og Pentagon” …

Den oprindelige artikel fra BBC indeholdt også denne sætning:

“Israeli police have shot dead three Palestinians after a deadly knife attack outside the Old City of Jerusalem, in which a policewoman died.”

Så BBC laver ofre til bødler og bødler til ofre , når det drejer sig om Israel og arabiske terrorister

Hvis jeg var Netanyahu, ville jeg kyle BBCs “journalister” ud af Israel

Kilde: JL

Taget herfra, hvor du kan læse mere

Og – sikke en overraskelse: – Først siger ISIS stolt at de er gerningsmændene,
og så siger HAMAS at det er løgn: Hamas er skyldige :

Tager herfra

17 juni 2017

Kampagnen “Justice for Chelsey” vokser og vokser – folk er vrede

14 juni 2017

UK: Topadvokat går ind i Justice for Chelsey bevægelsen

Tommy Robinson of TheRebel.media announces a new development in the campaign to get justice for Chelsey Wright, who was raped by Muslim refugees.

Demand justice for Chelsey Wright!

13 juni 2017

Multi-Kulti: En prisbelønnet afrikansk poet, en kunst­magasin­redaktør og en såkalt kunstkjenner ble frikjent for å ha gruppe­voldtatt en sovende FrP-politiker, men ble dømt til å betale erstatning og oppreisning.

Det var etter en kunstutstilling at de fire dro på nachspiel hos kunstredaktøren.

Kvinnen, som for øvrig er Frp-politiker, skal der ha sovnet kraftig beruset. To av mennene var tiltalt for å ha forgrepet seg på kvinnen mens hun sov, mens den tredje, for medvirkning ved å fotografere seansen.

De tre ble likevel dømt til å betale kvinnen 552 114 kroner i erstatning og 120 000 kroner i oppreisning. Dette da tingretten konstaterte at bildene, som ble tatt av hendelsen, viser en klar sannsynlighet for at kvinnen ikke var i stand til å motsette seg de seksuelle handlingene, og at hun ikke hadde samtykket til de.

Man tror det er løgn!

11 juni 2017

Sunderland: Justice for Chelsey



Syrisk “flygtning” i Canada banker kone med Hockeystav !

Og hans “forsvar” ? Jeg vidste da ikke at det var forbudt i Canada !

Hvorfor har man ikke sagt det til mig …

Han har været i Canada i 14 måneder og har STADIG brug for en tolk:

med andre ord: en af de mange højuddannede “hjernekirurger”, som “flygtede” fra “Syrien” og som vi vil få stor glæde af i Vesten …

10 juni 2017

Hvis du godt kan lide den stækt satiriske Gavin McInnes …

Så er her en herlig 25 min lang video om Taqiyya : forstillelse

Baseret på hvad den ny fyrede politik-korrekte nyislamist Reza Aslan ævler løs om

Den er som sædvanlig ganske morsom og aldeles politisk Ukorrekt 🙂

9 juni 2017

Spejlblank tysk finansminister

Tysklands finansminister Wolfgang Schäuble mener vi kan lære toleranse fra islam.

«Vi kan lære av dem. Mange menneskelige verdier er veldig sterkt representert i islam. Tenk på gjestfrihet, og andre ting som, hva er det … Og også toleranse, tror jeg, for eksempel,” sier finansministeren til radiostasjonen Deutschlandfunk. “Det er fanatisme, ikke bare i islam, som fører til forferdelige forbrytelser,” mener han, ifølge nettavisen Breitbart.
Han fremhevet at «islam er en del av Tyskland. “Den som fornekter dette, benekter virkeligheten og er derfor ikke egnet til å være politikere, fordi politikk er å konfrontere virkeligheten,” la han til.

Mere på Frie Ord

8 juni 2017

Jens Rohde himler op over satirevalgplakat

Facebooksiden “Hårdt mod styrbord” har fremstillet denne plakat – Rohde troede først det var de Konservative.


Jeg er desværre ikke på Facebook, så jeg kan ikke tage del i løjerne.


ISIS kælling beder nabo passe hendes “koranbøger” …

Det var næppe “koranbøger” – politiet arrestede hende og nu er hun for retten !

dobbelt klik på nedenstående link:


Vil det være helt forkert at gætte på at koranerne indholdt sprængstof ?

Taget fra Vlad

6 juni 2017

Pakistansk teenagepige dødsdømt for hor – hun blev brutalt voldtaget af sin fætter

The 19-year-old claims her cousin, Khalil Ahmed, placed a gun to her head and demanded she not cry out as he viciously raped her.

The victim reported the rape to the village panchayat, a tribal council of Islamic elders operating outside of the government. The council, which was comprised of local men, including the father of her attacker, deemed the girl a Kari, or an adulteress, and accused the victim of seducing her cousin.

Consequently, the young girl was sentenced to death by stoning or to be sold off, reports The Hindustan Times. The alleged rapist was let off the hook.

Pigen flygtede og politiet eftersøger voldtægtsmanden og ældsterådet.

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