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15 maj 2017

Holland skærer i bistanden til muslima der nægter at fjerne niqab

A Muslim woman who refused to remove her niqab while undergoing training to find a job rightfully had her benefits cut by 30%, the highest Dutch administrative court said on Tuesday.

The woman, who has since moved to England, refused to remove the garment which only left her eyes exposed. Utrecht city council, charged with helping the jobless find work, then reduced her welfare benefits, claiming that the niqab substantially reduced her chances of finding work.

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28 april 2017

Østrigs præsident van der Bellen: “Den dag kan komme hvor vi må bede alle kvinder om at gå med tørklæde i solidaritet med muslimerne!”

Vil han også gå med Kippa i solidaritet med jøderne?

Vil han omskæres i solidaritet med muslimerne? Hvorfor ikke gå videre med hustruvold og FGM?

23 april 2017

FN vælger Saudi-Barbarien til kvinderettighedskommission

Sygeplejersker: Patienter intimideres af religiøse tørklæder

I modsætning til Dansk Sygeplejeråd, der enten ignorerer eller ikke vil se problemerne i øjnene, oplever vi som hospitalspersonale ”på gulvet” problemer med med netop trosideologiske symboler, navnlig hijabuniformen.

Skriver to sygeplejersker

11 marts 2017

Barbara Kay fra Rebel Media giver et fantastisk perspektiv på hijab

Venstreorienterede påstår jo at den er “frivillig”, men det er løgn

Selv kvinder i hijab/burka risikerer at blive raget på i den muslimske verden:

8 marts 2017

Nike introducerer hijab

12 februar 2017

Muslimske mænd i UK har lovligt 20 børn med forskellige kvinder

Cross-bench peer Baroness Cox raised several “shocking” cases of Sharia law “discriminating” against Muslim women – and claimed it could even fuel extremism.

She said: “My Muslim friends tell me that in some communities with high polygamy and divorce rates, men may have up to 20 children each.”

Baroness Cox also claimed a 63-year-old man asked a gynaecologist to “repair the hymen” of his 23-year-old wife so she could remarry a man a who needed a British visa.

He reportedly stood to make a staggering £10,000 for his role in the agreement.

She said a loophole in the 2010 Equality Act allows Sharia courts to practice “gender discrimination”.

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Hvem betaler for galskaben?

5 februar 2017

Stor ballade: Fransk politi i forklædt i burka pågriber narkoforbryder

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Twitter user Salem, who shared the video on the social media site, condemned the police tactics – claiming it “stigmatised” young Muslim people.

And the video also sparked a fierce debate on Twitter, with one user saying: “I think it’s bad from a certain point of view, even if the infiltration is successful, it is super offensive.”

But one police officer disagreed, saying there was “nothing offensive” about the tactic.

Officers confirmed he was arrested during the mission, and was found to be in possession of a kilo of cannabis and at least £250 in cash.

12 januar 2017

Schweiz: Muslimer taber retssag om at gennemtvinge kønsopdelt skolesvømning

11 januar 2017



10 januar 2017

Hvem kan? Marokko kan! Marokko forbyder burkaen af sikkerhedshensyn.

The Moroccan Ministry of Interior notified burqa producers and retailers of the immediate prohibition on the sale as the destruction of current stocks.

Copies of the notices have circulated on social networks, resulting in heated debate.

News website Le360 quoted a high ranking official at the Ministry of the Interior as saying,

“We have taken the necessary measures to completely ban the import, manufacturing and marketing of this garment in all cities and towns of Morocco.”

What is this ban about? Apparently, it is about “security,” further explains Le360.

“Traders have confided that this decision is motivated by security reasons, some criminals having repeatedly used this garment to perpetrate their crimes,” it added.

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6 januar 2017

The Real Housewives of ISIS

13 december 2016

Christina Baum AfD: “Befolkningsudskiftningen af det tyske folk er en kendsgerning!”

Christina Baum, Deputy Chairwoman of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) in the state of Baden-Württemberg, called the multicultural efforts of the establishment parties “Population Replacement” and “Displacement of the German people” while addressing a “weak and symbolic” burqa proposal by the FDP party.

She cited a study released by the University of Münster that concluded that in many West German cities 55-70% of children under 6 years are foreigners. These developments are no longer a conspiracy, but harsh reality, she said. All other parties either approve of the developments or, fully consciously, encourage them.

Senatsmedlem i Berlin Sawsan Chebli: Shariah er absolut kompatibel med tysk lovgivning

Speaking on the 2nd German public television, ZDF a Muslim politican of Palestinian origin, Sawsan Chebli openly said:

“My father is a pious Muslim, hardly speaks German, can neither read nor write, but he is like a true Prussian German more integrated than many functionaries of the AfD who question our constitution”. – she is telling the German public, “We Muslims are better Germans that patriotic, perhaps “Christian” Germans. We are ONE spiritually”. The ignorant studio guests were applauding. UNBELIEVABLE!

Islamic Headscarf as a “religious duty” and there should be no problem with those who choose to wear one.

Berlin senate’s new Muslim secretary of state claims Sharia “absolutely compatible” with German law

8 december 2016

Nigel Farage kommer med sønderlemmende kritik af Angela Merkel

NIGEL FARAGE has blasted German Chancellor Angela Merkel for “pretending to play the tough lady” in a desperate bid for reelection.

The former leader could barely contain his anger at Mrs Merkel as he attacked her following her shock announcement she would in “wherever possible”.

Speaking on a US radio station the 52-year-old described Mrs Merkel as “loathsome” and once again condemned her decision to allow nearly a million migrants to enter Germany last year.

He said: “Now because she wants to get reelected she’s pretending to play the tough lady and saying we should ban the burka.

Mere på Express

2 december 2016

Maria Theresia Statue mit Burka verhüllt. Aktion gegen Islamisierung am 29.11.2016

10 november 2016

Henryk M. Broder bliver licensnægter

Nach diesem ARD-Abend zahle ich keinen Rundfunkbeitrag mehr!

Schon lange habe ich mich über ARD und ZDF geärgert und trotzdem meinen Rundfunkbeitrag bezahlt. Doch damit ist jetzt Schluss. Über Folter und Ehrenmorde gibt es nichts zu diskutieren, Frau Will!

Von Henryk M. Broder

Det drejer sig om denne udsendelse på ARD med Anne Will, hvor en burkaindhyllet og hjernevasket konvertit (Nora Illi) får lov at propagandere for islamisme.

6 november 2016

Quebec kulturberiges af burka og hijab med mangfoldighed

15 oktober 2016

Hej jeg fandt et billede af bedstemor


23 september 2016

“I also wear the Hijab, it’s beautiful!” – Bizarre German TV Ad Campaign advertises Veil to Girls

This is a short insight on the programs you can expect on both State and privately owned Television channels in Germany.

In this advertisement, a veiled woman stands in front of a text that spells “Turkish women wear the Hijab”. The woman looks to the camera and turns out to be a blonde German girl: Charlotte Würdig, an actress and TV moderator . She proudly exclaims that

“I wear one (a Hijab) too, it’s beautiful” before stating the Ad campaign slogan: “Enjoy difference, start Tolerance.”

German taxpayers have to pay a mandatory State Television and Media broadcasting fee to finance the government owned Television and Radio channels. All private channels belong to just three companies.

This particularly Channel is called “Pro 7” and belongs to the Lavena Holding 4 GmbH which also owns other major Entertainment and News channels. The entire network was bought by a Jewish billionaire, Haim Sabam, and subsequently every channel was infiltrated with a multicultural agenda. In some cases, the blatant propaganda of privately owned channels is even more ridiculous than State Television. The ad campaign was funded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2012.

The broadcasting fee is used to fund all state owned media outlets, who have grown to be bureaucratic giants, arguably wasting billions of taxpayer money every year. A good example of wasteful sepnding is sexual education, available in Arabic, for male refugees, featuring advise on various sexual positions and the process on how to impregnate a girl: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3nTu…

Even if you can prove that you own neither a Television nor Radio, the state forces you to pay the fee. People have been imprisoned for refusing to pay it. In a recent case, a 46 year old German woman from Thuringia was sentenced to 6 months in prison for not paying her broadcasting fee, totaling 196€ ($220), for ideological reasons. Due to public outcry, she was released after serving 2 months in prison.

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