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25 oktober 2016

EkstraBladet tier , hvor andre tør …

Veldokumenteret Islam-kritisk artikel turde EkstraBladet IKKE vise !


Ynkeligt : EkstraBladet er en skygge af sig selv

Sandheden er ilde hørt

EkstraBladet har fået et kryds i Dhimmi-bogen …

Taget herfra, hvor du kan læse, hvad EkstraBladet ikke turde bringe !

24 oktober 2016

Imens i Rom

Locals and Tourists were rightfully puzzled when they witnessed a huge crowd of Muslims display their might in numbers as they prayed in the middle of the streets, the heart of Rome, facing the Colosseum.

They demanded the right to build more Mosques, stop the closure of makeshift prayer rooms in rented buildings as well as more political and religious influence. The prayer of the Imam resounded through the ancient Roman architecture as they praised Allah for their protest on Saturday.

There are at least 1.6 million Muslims in Italy and while there is a Great Mosque of Rome, there are only a small number of government-registered mosques. Most Muslims worship in homes, Islamic “cultural centers” or as one official put it, “mini mosques in garages.”

Muslim leaders claim police have shut down three such improvised mosques in recent months. “We are fed up with the criminalization of our places of worship,” they said on a website.

In addition the the hundreds of thousands of Muslims already living in in the country, Italy currently “rescues” tens of thousands of young Muslim African men per week.

The so-called rescue looks more like an all-inclusive shuttle-service, as the African men deliberately sink their own boats a few miles from their own coast, only to be picked up by the Italian coast guard and transported hundreds of miles to Italy to receive welfare and housing under a false asylum claim.

The pope himself made a telling statement when he washed and kissed the feet of African illegal immigrant males back in March, telling them they’re welcome in even greater numbers. In recent comments he said that Muslim Africans will fix the demographic crisis of the West as women in Italy don’t have enough children. Mixing up the cultures and getting fresh, new males into the country to increase the birthrate is a good thing for Europe, so he says.

For over a thousand years Italy was a bulwark against Muslim invasion and pilgrimage, with millions losing their lives in battle against the relentless onslaught of Muslim invaders.

Welcoming hundreds of thousands of male Muslims with open arms, housing and feeding them and having the head of the Catholic church kiss their feet is an arguably new approach of the church to deal with Muslims in their prime-time fighting age.

23 oktober 2016

Rapefugee frikendt af Østrigs højesteret “fordi han ikke vidste at den 10-årige ikke ville voldtages.”

“Dommen er vandtæt!” udtaler dommeren.

21 oktober 2016

Canada: Hijab politiuniformer rulles ud i styrken


Minneapolis USA: Muslimer protesterer mod HBO film om jihad

Og dem vil Hillary importere i 10.000-vis flere af!

K’Naan the Somali Canadian Artist arrived in the Cedar Riverside Community for the West Bank Block Party to perform and be a part of festivities with the residents there. K’Naan has also been in the Minneapolis area ahead of the filming for his HBO pilot series titled “Mogadishu, MN” formerly known as “The Recruiters.”

20 oktober 2016

Sådan ser en ISIS selvmordsbombeterrorists bil ud !

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Man må erkende at ISIS har tænkt meget over udformningen😦


Taget herfra

19 oktober 2016

Justitsminister Søren Pind truer SIAD og DMS med 2 års fængsel

Nu truer han SIAD Stop Islamiseringen af Danmark med 2 års fængsel ifølge straffelovens §130, fordi SIAD vil forhindre ulovligheder ved grænsen.

Justitsministeren vil altså ophæve straffelovens §755 stk.2 med § 130 i straffeloven.
Vi tror ikke rigtig, at justitsministeren har tænkt sig grundigt om, men istedet for har lyttet til stemmerne fra EU og fra de mest danskfjendtlige partier i folketinget personificeret gennem landsforræderen Zenia Stampe og Alternativets leder Uffe Elbæk.

Men det gik for hurtigt for Pind, for hvis §130 opløser §755 stk.2, så vil det sige, at almindelige mennesker ikke længere må gribe ind overfor forbrydelser. De tre migranter som er ved at voldtage en pige, må ikke længere stoppes og foretages civil arrest på af danskere som vil følge §755 stk.2 og den gamle dame der får en kniv holdt for struben, for at hun skal udlevere sin opsparing, må også sejle sin egen sø, hvis almindelige borgere ikke må gribe ind. For politiet er jo ikke til stede, de er i fuld gang med på regeringens ordre, at sløse yderligere 40 millioner af danskernes skattekroner væk på en fuldstændig uduelig grænsekontrol.

Mere på SIAD

Skægbørn: “Flygtningebarn” fra Calais ankommet til UK er 38 år gammel

Og myndighederne nægter at lade dem aldersbestemme.

Mature beyond their years: More fears over real age of ‘child migrants’ arriving from Calais – as the Home Office admits even its own figures show two in three were lying

  • Concerns over the age of child refugees from Calais intensified yesterday 
  • One migrant with blue hoodie was found to have features of a 38-year-old
  • He was one of 14 to be bussed to Croydon from the notorious Jungle camp
  • Home Office stats reveal 65% of those checked last year lied about age
Mere på Daily Mail

18 oktober 2016

NewSpeek De Kolde Kendsgerninger

Jeppe Juhl holder i De Kolde Kendsgerninger vores politikere direkte ansvarlige for den systematiske muslimske voldtægt af danske piger.

17 oktober 2016

PEGIDA Dresden 2 års jubilæum – Tommy Robinson taler

15 oktober 2016

Hej jeg fandt et billede af bedstemor


13 oktober 2016

Proposal to “Ensure Continuation of the German People” REJECTED as “Racist and Nazi” in Parliament

Hollande indrømmer “Frankrig har et problem med islam”

10 oktober 2016

Oktober Festung

Fear drives Oktoberfest numbers down by half

And this is how terrorism destroys nations and cultures.


Hold fast for en jubelhistorie

Se bare her.


9 oktober 2016

Aldo Sterone, the Crusades and the Muslim blame thrower

Sådan infiltrerer salafisterne Holland

In the city council of Rotterdam is a fuss arisen on the arrival of a big Islamic center in the city.

The center that will be located in a former school building in the city and will open it’s doors early next year. The fund of 1.7 million Euros needed for the financing of the building and cover all costs is coming from a foundation in Qatar that had (or still is) sponsoring terror organizations as Al Qaida and Hams. It’s CEO and founder stands on an American black list of terrorists
The Financial Intelligence and Investigative Service FIOD had raided on Thursday, 8 September 2016, 12 location in the Netherlands, among them 2 mosques, concerning laundering of hundred thousands of Euros. One of the locations according to local TV channel RTV Utrecht is the Al Fitra mosque. There are 4 suspects. According to the Public Prosecution Service it concerns a Muslim organization that is operating via a whole network of welfare and educative foundation. Two of the suspected people are Imams (TV Channel Omroep Brabant).

“Fredens”religion slår til igen …

32 årig irakisk kvinde stenet ihjel for at nægte at “gifte” sig med ISIS-svin


Observer hvor gladeog stolte de mordere er over at have stenet en forsvarsløs kvinde ihjel


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8 oktober 2016

København 8. oktober 2016

Ungarsk forhenværende efterretningschef forklarer islamvasionen og 200.000 SIM kort

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