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25 marts 2017

Baltimore: Illegale indvandrere voldtager 14-årig pige og løgnepressen skjuler det

Hvorfor findes der ingen statistikker over illegale indvandreres kriminalitet?

20 marts 2017

Anti-fascister hader ytringsfrihed

Populist challenge provokes an almighty tantrum from leftists

Has there ever been a tantrum as tinny and irritating as the one thrown by the chattering classes in response to Brexit and Donald Trump?

It’s the mother of all meltdowns. The huff heard round the world. A hissy fit of historic proportions.

Seemingly incapable of reasoned self-reflection, unwilling to accept that lots of people are simply rejecting their politics, the chattering class goes on the hunt for some naughty force on which to pin the blame.

It was Russian meddling that swung the election for Trump, they say. Trump is “Putin’s puppet”, apparently. A YouGov survey of Democratic voters in the US found that 50 per cent of them believe Russia “tampered” with vote counts. There’s no proof whatsoever for this. It’s an “election-day conspiracy theory”, in YouGov’s words.

Mere på The Australian

9 marts 2017

Vi, de uanstændige ekstremister

Den journalistiske elite forsøger desperat at lukke munden på anstændige, bekymrede danskere ved at betegne dem som højreekstremister, der skal udelukkes fra den offentlige samtale.

Jeppe Juhl svarer igen.

8 marts 2017

Evan Sayet: Uvidenhed er en velsignelse -En enhedsteori om venstrefløjens tankegang

Via No-Pasaran

6 marts 2017

Geert Wilders under militær beskyttelse under valgkampen

GEERT Wilders will be protected by a special unit of the Netherlands’ military police as he resumes his campaign into the run up to the country’s general election.

Mr Wilders had been forced to cancel all public appearances ahead of the Dutch vote on March 15 after it emerged that a member of the protection squad – identified only as Faris K – had leaked information to Moroccan criminal gangs.

Mere her.

Shock and Conduct: Geert Wilders Respects European Lives, not Merkel

4 marts 2017

Britisk politi har fanget farlig kriminel i Newcastle


Katie Hopkins hos Tucker om Sverige

Tucker: “De vil hellere ødelægge deres eget land end blive kaldt racister.”

3 marts 2017

Demokratisk kongresmedlem kommer med sexistisk joke om Kellyanne Conway – feminister og medier ikke interesserede

Rep. Cedric Richmond spoke at the Washington Press Club Foundation dinner.

Few of his remarks were funny but he really face-planted when he brought up Kellyanne Conway “and the picture on the sofa.”

“I really just want to know what was going on there,” Richmond said to Sen. Tim Scott. He continued, “You know I won’t tell anybody and you can just explain to me that circumstance because she really looked kind of familiar in that position.”

Let’s face it, if a Republican congressman had cracked this “joke” about the most powerful Democratic woman in Washington, it would have launched 1,000 feminist memes. Few would have cared it was supposed to be funny, only that a GOP male had turned an accomplished woman into a sex object. If that same GOP representative had then offered a lame excuse instead of an apology the left would be off to the races.

For her part, Conway told the Daily Caller, “I notice he did not apologize, he tried to clarify.” She also agreed the gaffe would get more attention if she were liberal and “pro-abortion.”

Mere her

2 marts 2017

Sverige kollapser

Trump overdrev ikke, da han pegede på Sverige som et bedrøveligt eksempel på, hvad muslimsk indvandring kan medføre.

Tværtimod. Islamisk styrede områder, voldtægtsepidemi og en kollapset retsstat. Landet er på vej ud i en humanitær katastrofe, et reelt sammenbrud som ikke kan stoppes.

Tim Pool bliver eskorteret ud af no-go zonen i Rinkeby

1 marts 2017

Britain First demo i Telford: Venstrefascistisk Sturmabteilung (S.A. 2.0) kaster mursten efter handikappet kvinde

Britain First’s protest in Telford was a success with hundreds of patriots attending from all over the country.

Around 25 leftwing idiots, with face masks, turned up to counter protest and three of them were arrested for violence!

One of the lowlifes threw a brick at a disabled woman, causing her horrible injuries, and was immediately arrested.

28 februar 2017

Nancy Pelosis flygtninge


27 februar 2017

Canadistan: Arresteret for at beskytte ham mod sig selv

David Menzies reports on the case of Toronto resident Eric Brazau, who is facing charges for speaking out against the dangers of radical Islam.

Medlemsskab af klubben kræver nedrakning af Trump

The Salesman won the best foreign language film at the 2017 Oscars, and so the director Asghar Farhadi, who is Iranian, decided to attack President Donald Trump’s “inhuman travel ban” during his acceptance speech which was read by a friend since he decided to “boycott” the event.

Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.


Så kan man godte sig over, at den danske historieforfalskende film ‘Under sandet’ ikke vandt 🙂

23 februar 2017

Den slovakiske kvinde Adriana Melekova der brændte en koran af efter at have p***** på den er blevet narret hjem til arrestation af sit lands regering

Nu brænder slovakker og tjekker koraner af og nægter at holde op, før hun bliver løsladt.

Mere her.

Mand tiltalt for at blasfemi ved at afbrænde koranen

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En 42-årig mand er blevet tiltalt for blasfemi ved at afbrænde Koranen.

Det er første gang siden 1971, at der rejses tiltale efter blasfemiparagraffen.

Det er anklagemyndigheden ved Nordjyllands Politi, der har rejst tiltale mod den 42-årig mand, som i december 2015 offentliggjorde en video på Facebook, hvor han afbrænder Koranen.

Det oplyser statsadvokat Jan Reckendorff fra Statsadvokaten i Viborg i en pressemeddelelse.

Selvfølgelig skal ytringsfriheden bekæmpes

21 februar 2017

Løgnepressen med endnu en Fake News historie: Nynazister på Manhattan

‘Verdens ekspert på Adolf Hitler’: “Trump bruger Mein Kampf som drejebog!”

Fake Stream Medias angreb på Trump bliver mere og mere patetiske

20 februar 2017

Diamond & Silk: McCain McCain Must Be Insane In the Membrane.

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