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27 juni 2017

Defend Europe har et skib!

Die Mission DEFEND EUROPE ist den Mächtigen ein Dorn im Auge.

In ganz Europa wurden Konten gelöscht und Gelder eingefroren, um unseren Einsatz gegen die Schlepper unmöglich zu machen. Aber all das hat nichts genutzt.
Heute können wir euch unser Schiff präsentieren.Es hat eine Reichweite von 30 Tagen, kann 30 Leute an Bord nehmen und kleinere Motorboote transportieren. Mit diesem Schiff können wir viel mehr erreichen als im Mai in Sizilien. Wir werden einen identitären SAR-Einsatz starten.

Das heißt, wir fahren vor libysche Gewässer und bieten der Küstenwache unsere Hilfe bei der Beendigung des NGO-Wahnsinns an. Wir überwachen die Aktivitäten der NGOs, hören alle Funksprüche ab und dokumentieren mögliche Zusammenarbeit mit den Schleppern. Wir alarmieren die Küstenwache, wenn sie in ihre Hoheitsgewässer geraten und greifen ein, wenn etwas Illegales geschieht.

Sollten wir ein Notsignal bekommen, werden wir die Menschen selbstverständlich retten und alles tun, damit sie an die afrikanische Küste zurückgebracht werden. Die verlassenen Boote der Migranten werden wir konsequent versenken, so dass sie von den Schleppern nicht mehr verwendet werden können.
So wird unsere Anwesehenheit im Mittelmeer das Retten erleichtern und das Schleppen erschweren.

Dieser identitäre SAR-Einsatz ist genau das, was die Globalisten und die NGOs nicht wollen. Es geht aber nur mit eurer Hilfe! Die bisherigen Kosten waren für ein kleineres Schiff und eine Blockade-Aktion kalkuliert und durch die Löschungen ist einiges Geld verloren gegangen. Für das Schiff und vor allem den Transport ins Mittelmeer haben wir einen Kickstarter auf der Seite wesearchr.com erstellt. Sollten wir das Ziel erreichen, werden wir einen ersten, mindestens 10-tägigenEinsatz vor der libyschen Küste starten.

Zeigen wir es den NGOs, den linken Medien, der EU und den Schleppern: Bringen wir dieses Schiff auf See!”

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17 juni 2017

Identitäre demo Berlin 17. juni 2017

Heimatliebe ist kein Verbrechen – Identitäre Demo Berlin 17. Juni.

Demonstranter afbryder teaterstykke hvor Trump bliver myrdet

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Protesters interrupted Friday night’s ‘Julius Caesar’ play in Central Park which depicts President Trump being assassinated.

Laura Loomer stormed the stage to denounce the normalization of violence against Conservatives the play is promoting. Jack Posobiec got the video and also gave the audience a piece of his mind. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

Laura Loomer hos The rebel

15 juni 2017

Generation Identitäre: Defend Europe

Du kan støtte her.

30 maj 2017

Professor Jordan Peterson har en nem løsning på at undgå mødeterror fra Venstrefascistisk Sturmabteilung (S.A. 2.0)

The humanities have been largely “corrupted,” said Peterson, with fraudulent peer-review processes for the publication of ostensibly academic journals.

Ideological myopia via neo-Marxism, he added, is standard fare across many professors and academics in the humanities.

Dissident speakers seeking to avoid disruption from leftists at university and college campuses, said Peterson, should schedule morning events:

“One of the things I did when I was talking to the university administration was to suggest how they might deal with the possibility of protesters. So I said, “Well that’s easy. I know how you can have absolutely zero protesters. Have it in the morning, they won’t get out of bed before ten.”  So we had it at nine o’clock in the morning and there was one MPP [member of provincial parliament] who showed up to hand out some pamphlets, and not a single protester. If you want a controversial speaker on campus, just have it at seven in the morning. You won’t get a protestor within fifty yards of it, because they’ll still be sleeping off last night’s alcohol-induced hangover.”

Peterson is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.

28 maj 2017

Et marxistisk helvede: Amsterdams Universitet

Just like in Canada, the US and Germany; Cultural Marxism and SJW’s have also appeared in the Netherlands.

This is the result of a horrible education system. Universities have basically become indoctrination camps.

The Netherlands is an indoctrinated society. This can be seen in the media, in the establishment, in the legal system, in education and also in academia. All the levels of Dutch society are infected by it.

How to Debate the Left on Islam

17 maj 2017

EUSSR vil lukke munden på alle kritikere

14 maj 2017

Generation Identitaire forsøger at stoppe islamvasionen

Lauren Southern og GI forsøger at stoppe NGO’eres indsmugling af muslimer fra Libyen.

Mere på Vlad Tepes

11 maj 2017

Hollywood og MSM er begyndt at betale prisen for deres bashing af højrefløjen og Trump

Anti-Trump celebrities and several media outlets have foolishly used their platform to spew hate for President Donald Trump.

The decision to put politics ahead of the best interest of their business has been ethically misguided and flat out stupid. This move has isolated and offended millions of Americans and certain outlets are now paying a hefty price for this misstep. We’re currently witnessing the slow death of leftist Trump-hating media outlets ranging from Us Weekly, ESPN and CNN to the Hollywood careers of previously beloved stars such as Amy Schumer and Shia LaBeouf. As their burial plots are getting deeper, entertainers and members of the Trump friendly alternative media are flourishing, and this phenomenon will only grow.

5 maj 2017

Trumps svigersøn Jared Kushner i lommen på Soros?

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‘Clinton Cash’ Author Peter Schweizer Sounds The Alarm Over Jared Kushner’s Partnership With George Soros

Kushner-JaredThe author is sounding the alarm about Jared Kushner’s ties to liberal bankroller George Soros and Goldman Sachs.

Kushner, who is married to President Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, failed to disclose his business ties to George Soros, Goldman Sachs, Peter Thiel and other billionaires through his real estate start-up company, Cadre. Soros also reportedly opened up a $250 million line of credit to Kushner to help get Cadre off the ground.

Kushner has seen his White House influence steadily increase since winning an internal war over Steve Bannon. It’s well-known that Bannon doesn’t trust Kushner.

As one official close to Bannon previously told The Daily Beast, “Steve thinks Jared is worse than a Democrat, basically.”

Mere her

Soros’s fangarme er allestedsnærværende.

4 maj 2017

Tv-vært skød til måls efter Støjberg på vild polterabend

Tv-værten Mattias Hundebøll skulle til polterabend skyde med bue og pil efter Joachim B. Olsen (LA), udlændingeminister Inger Støjberg (V) og udlændingeordfører Martin Henriksen (DF).

“Det var lidt i min ånd, at der var billeder af den politiske højrefløj, Jeg skal da ikke lægge skjul på, at jeg ikke synes, at de bidrager med noget som helst positivt i det samfund, vi lever i,« siger Mattias Hundebøll.”

Mere på BT

3 maj 2017

Ben Carson: Karaktermord på sean Hannity på vej

Hannity May Be ‘Murdered’ Like O’Reilly, Author Warns

HOROWITZTop Fox News host Sean Hannity may soon face a liberal media firing squad, bestselling author David Horowitz warns conservatives.

Horowitz says the recent media hit job on Bill O’Reilly was nothing less than “cold-blooded murder” by liberal outlets that desperately want to stop Donald Trump.

“I predicted all this in my book ‘Big Agenda,’” Horowitz says. “The CNNs of the world hate Trump, but they know they have to kill off his few media allies like O’Reilly and Hannity first.”

Horowitz first warned of the game plan to stop Trump in his runaway bestseller “Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America.”

Despite “Big Agenda” being a #1 Amazon bestseller and spending 10 weeks at the top of the New York Times list, Horowitz says all of the major media outlets have banned him from their shows.

“They’re afraid of me and what I have to say because I am exposing their dark agenda,” Horowitz says.

And that’s why he’s warning Hannity is next.

In fact, a top New York Times reporter just appeared on MSNBC and revealed their plan.

Here’s what the Times reporter actually said: “I think you have to look at somebody like Sean Hannity and question whether or not his almost propaganda-like attitude and programming every night is going to be acceptable . . .”

Hannity’s crime?

As the Washington Examiner put it, Hannity is Trump’s “biggest champion” in the media.

In “Big Agenda,” Horowitz claims far-left groups began funding an effort to use all the levers they could pull — big media, academia, government insiders, Democratic front groups — to stop Trump’s conservative plan to drain the swamp and save America.

A key part of the plan, he says, has been to “take out” Trump allies in the media and conservative circles.

“They dredged up years-old, unsubstantiated allegations to torpedo O’Reilly,” Horowitz argues, noting that the influential TV host was a voice for honesty in the media and a defender of Donald Trump as well.

Hannity is being blindfolded right now and prepared for execution by the liberal media firing squad, Horowitz argues.

Horowitz says every American needs to help President Trump and get “Big Agenda.”

Here’s why: “Big Agenda” is the first book to expose the media for operating as a political force, an adjunct of the Democratic Party, to stop President Trump.

In “Big Agenda” Horowitz names names and reveals their plot to destroy Trump.

Horowitz also was the first to share Trump’s “secret plan” to take back America and drain the swamp in Washington during his first 100 days.

In fact, Horowitz has detailed 21 major moves President Trump was going to take — and already 11 have come true!

Now, in “Big Agenda,” Horowitz says the White House will reveal a major offensive against the liberal establishment right after the first 100 days — which he calls “Phase Two.”

The Trump plan has three major phases, Horowitz says.

You might be shocked about Phase Two. It includes a major war Trump will actually begin, one that will decimate a certain group and demonstrate America’s resolve like no other.

You really need to get “Big Agenda” today!

“Big Agenda” has been hailed by leading conservatives.

Rush Limbaugh has said “Big Agenda” provides a true “winning agenda” for President Trump.

Ann Coulter says all conservatives must “arm themselves” with “Big Agenda.”

Lou Dobbs says “Big Agenda” is “highly recommended” and Mike Reagan calls it the “most important book” of the Trump presidency.

Make sure you get your copy today!

Horowitz says several major “big shoes” will soon be dropped by Trump that will send shockwaves through the establishment. It’s all in the book!

“No president since FDR and his famed ‘100 Days’ has the chance Donald Trump has,” Horowitz argues.

But he writes that the GOP and Trump must recognize that they are not just fighting policy ideas, but an ideology — a progressive one with a radical agenda to stop Trump in an effort to reduce America’s power and greatness.

Now even President Trump agrees with David Horowitz — Obama won’t go away!

That’s why we must do everything we can to help our president!

Fra Ben Carson Nyhedsbrev

1 maj 2017

The Man Who Mowed Down “Moldylocks”

28 april 2017

Britain First har brug for hjælp

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Our office landlord has “done the dirty” on us and has refused to renew our tenancy at our office HQ which expires next month!


We are not equipped to move our entire headquarters – we don’t have the funds or resources to do something that usually takes months to organise.

We are financially “running low” thanks to relentless activities, rapid growth and massive pressure on our existing resources.

If we don’t find the emergency funds to move HQ, there will be no going back, no second chances, it will be catastrophic.

We desperately need £5,000 to facilitate the move to a new HQ and we need it fast!


27 april 2017

Ann Coulter aflyser tale på UC-Berkeley pga trusler om vold fra Venstrefascitisk Sturmabteilung (S.A. 2.0)

Universitetet og politiet vil ikke garantere for hendes sikkerhed.

Ann Coulter informed The New York Times that she would pull out of speaking at the University of California, Berkeley because threats of violence have been made and she wasn’t confident that local law enforcement could guarantee her safety.

Coulter told the Times, “It’s a sad day for free speech … Everyone who should believe in free speech fought against it or ran away.”

Young America’s Foundation udtaler:

When Young America’s Foundation confirmed Ann Coulter would speak at UC-Berkeley as part of YAF’s nationwide campus lecture program on April 27, we assumed UC Berkeley would take all steps necessary to ensure the safety of students attending the educational event.

In the meantime we discovered that the University of California Police Department at Berkeley has an official “stand-down” policy for any situation that develops on campus as long as the situation doesn’t involve the imminent loss of life, allowing the leftist thugs who have terrorized Berkeley’s campus to do so without consequence.

In order to ensure safety of those involved and for the lecture to go forward, Young America’s Foundation requested that Berkeley adhere to the following equal access terms for the event:

  • Central location on the main campus
  • Room holding hundreds of participants
  • Afternoon/early evening timing
  • Ability to publicize event
  • University to announce that there will be zero tolerance at the event itself for masked agitators, disruption of the event; and sufficient security to ensure the safety of attendees; space for protest to be cordoned a reasonable and constitutionally permissible distance from event
  • University to confirm that it has communicated the event details to Berkeley City Police, and are coordinating security with them to ensure that any rioters/violent protestors/masked disruptors are appropriately contained and dealt with

As of 4:00 p.m. today, UC-Berkeley failed to meet our demands, after refusing to provide a proper venue for six weeks. Berkeley made it impossible to hold a lecture due to the lack of assurances for protections from foreseeable violence from unrestrained leftist agitators.

Berkeley should be ashamed for creating this hostile atmosphere.

YAF is pressing forward with its lawsuit against UC-Berkeley, and looks forward to the day when First Amendment freedoms are enjoyed by conservative students.

Ms. Coulter may still choose to speak in some form on campus, but Young America’s Foundation will not jeopardize the safety of its staff or students.

On Tuesday, speaking of Coulter’s scheduled event taking place in Sproul Plaza, UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks had admitted, “If somebody brings weapons, there’s no way to block off the site, or to screen them. In an open space, you have almost no control over that. The challenges are immense.”

College President Considers Punishing Conservative Students For Posting Shapiro’s Quote About Transgenderism

23 april 2017

Gavin McInnes & Based Stick Man: “Højrefløjen har fået nok!”

Gavin McInnes of TheRebel.media talks to “Based Stick Man” Kyle Chapman about why the latest Berkeley melee represented a “tectonic shift” in the Left/Right divide.

16 april 2017

Venstrefascistisk Sturmabteilung (S.A. 2.0) stormer ytringsfrihedsmøde i Berkeley Californien – det kommer de til at fortryde :-)

Trump Supporters chase Antifa down the street at FREE SPEECH Rally in Berkeley

11 april 2017

Et kort over MSM


Fra Sharyl Attkisson

8 april 2017

Gavin McInnes: What is the Alt-Right?

7 april 2017

Neil Gorsuch udnævnt til Højesteret

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