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9 oktober 2017

Italiensk aktivist er træt af invandrenes voldtægter …

Og træt af de feminister og politisk korrekte, der støtter voldtægterne !


Skru ned for volumenknappen, for Giorgia Meloni taler sig varm og råber til sidst 🙂

5 oktober 2017

Terroristen Leila Khaled taler i Europa Parlamentet 27. september 2017

On September 26, 2017, PFLP terrorist and plane hijacker Leila Khaled was hosted in the European Parliament by the GUE/NGL party.

The audience, including Members of the European Parliament, gave her a standing ovation. NGO Monitor has compiled some of her more outrageous statements.

Nuværende danske medlemmer:

Rina Ronja Kari, der afløste Søren Søndergaard i februar 2014, begge fra Folkebevægelsen mod EU.


4 oktober 2017

Amnesti for illegale kan medføre kædeindvandring af op til 19 millioner

According to Princeton University researchers Stacie Carr and Marta Tienda, the average number of family members brought to the U.S. by newly naturalized Mexican immigrants stands at roughly six.

Therefore, should all 1.5 million amnestied illegal aliens bring six relatives each to the U.S., that would constitute a total chain migration of nine million new foreign nationals entering the U.S.

If the number of amnestied illegal aliens who gain a pathway to citizenship under an immigration deal were to rise to the full 3.3 million who would be eligible for DREAM Act amnesty, and if each brought in three to six foreign family members, the chain migration flow could range from 9.9 million to 19.8 million foreign nationals coming to the U.S.

Mere på Breitbart

3 oktober 2017

Nigel Farage udstiller EU på Brexit og volden i Spanien

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Og det gør han på sin sædvanlige slagkraftige måde



Taget herfra

Ashura i København

Ravensburg: Forsøg på kulturberigelse mislykkes

Kulturberigelse i italiensk tog


Terrorist attacks, riots, and gang rapes are striking at the very foundations of Europe.

This is the story of a Danish expatriate and his quest to uncover the growing issues within the European society he left 15 years ago, challenging the viewer with a vision of a Europe undergoing drastic and far reaching changes.

I mellemtiden i den Haag

Morrissey claims Ukip rigged leadership vote to stop anti-Islam activist

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Controversial singer makes comments on BBC 6 Music referring to Anne Marie Waters’ defeat in party elections

The singer made the comments during a live appearance on BBC 6 Music to promote his new album Low in High School.

Morrissey told the audience: “I was very surprised the other day – it was very interesting to me – to see Anne Marie Waters become the head of Ukip. Oh no, sorry she didn’t – the voting was rigged. Sorry, I forgot.”

Waters has been outspoken in her Islamophobia, calling the religion “evil”, and set up a far-right organisation, Pegida UK, with the former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson in 2016 to counter what it called “the Islamisation of our countries”. She was deselected from running in Ukip’s previous leadership election. Many Ukip members and MEPs threatened to leave the party if she was elected leader.

Fra The Guardian og det er jo defor, der står ‘controversial’.

Godmorgen med Tommy Robinson

2 oktober 2017

Grotesk: Paul Golding og Jayda Fransen på flugt i Europa

I have some bad news for you my friend: The police have issued arrest warrants for Jayda and I!

Why? Because we had the courage to confront a gang of convicted migrant child rapists!

Then, once we were officially charged with ‘harassing’ these Muslim gang rapists, the police slapped a new bunch of restrictive, over-the-top and unnecessary bail conditions on us.

We challenged these conditions in the Magistrates Court and they refused to overturn any of them!

Subsequently, Jayda and I are literally ‘on the run’ in Europe (pictured below), unable to return to the UK because we will be arrested and thrown into prison!

Yesterday, Jayda and I attended a meeting of French patriots in Paris and we personally met French hero Jean Marie Le Pen (pictured below).


We need to fight and defeat this latest round of persecution – can we depend on your support during this crisis?

Støt Britain First her

1 oktober 2017

Ny politisk korrekt børnebog i Sverigestan …

Ny ammunition til gradbøjningen: dum, dummere, svensk :

Farfar har 4 koner og mormor er ikke noget spøgelse …

Bigami er nu åbenbart  tilladt, hvis man er muslim …

Taget herfra, hvor du kan læse mere


Kilde: JL

Paris er ikke Paris længere

Is Paris Still Paris Anymore? Or Is It Being Turned Into a 3rd World Hellhole Not Only by the Migrants But Also by Its Leftist masters?

30 september 2017

Journalister siger sandheden

Diese Journalisten packen aus!

Ist die Medienlandschaft wirklich unabhängig? Oder wird die Berichterstattung auch hierzulande durch die Politik gelenkt? In der neuen „Wochenblick“-Dokumentation kommen auch ehemalige Mainstream-Journalisten zu Wort, die über die Praxis in der heimischen Medienlandschaft sprechen.

PI: So lügen die Linken: Ex-Mainstream-Journalisten packen aus

Du kan bestille magasinet her – pris 7,00 €

Se også Addendum das was fehlt

29 september 2017

Tre svin løber grinende væk efter at have overfaldet en 82 årig mand

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Ofret har nu brækket 3 ryghvirvler ved det brutale overfald

Her et et politifoto af de tre svin:

De ligner jo ikke ligefrem buddister …

Taget herfra, hvor du kan læse hele historine

Kulturberigelsen når nye højder: Soldater skal aflaste politi med grænsekontrol og bevogtning

Soldaterne vil primært komme til at overtage politiets forpligtelser med grænsekontrol og bevogtningsopgaver rundt om i landet.

Dog vil den jødiske Carolineskolen fortsat blive bevogtet af politiet, siger justitstministeren.

Radio 24/7 citerer oberstløjtnant Sten Dalsgaard, der udtaler:

“Man vil hurtigt vænne sig til bevæbnede soldater i gaderne, det bliver en del af dagligdagen, og så ser men dem ikke længere!”

(Efter hukommelsen)

27 september 2017

EUSSR vil importere endnu flere afrikanere

EU announces plan to take another 50,000 migrants from Africa and create new ways for them to safely reach Europe

  • EU Commission has set aside 500million euros to find homes for refugees
  • Plan will focus on those from Libya, Egypt, Niger, Sudan, Chad and Ethiopia
  • EU wants private sponsorship schemes to help migrants come to Europe legally
  • But the EU said it would increase efforts to send illegal migrants back home

Mere på Daily Mail

Bemærk at artiklen væver mellem ‘flygtninge’ og ‘migranter’, samt at de skriver ‘illegale migranter’, betyder det at de opererer med ‘legale migranter’ fra Afrika?

Jeg gad vide om disse planer er skrinlagt (som de danske Socialdemokrater er medunderskrivere af):


Muslima sagsøger sin chef for at nægte hende at bære hijab – dommeren giver hende en slem overraskelse

Muslimer beder udenfor Retten i Westminster

Scores of Muslim activists staged a protest action outside London’s Westminster Magistrates Court, Monday, in support of advocacy organisation CAGE’s chief Muhammad Rabbani who was facing trial under the UK’s 2000 Terrorism Act for refusing to divulge his mobile phone password during a police stop-and-search operation.

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