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19 august 2017

DEFEND EUROPE: Pressekonferenz zum Ausgang der Mission

Jelved: Fejlslagen integration er de borgerliges skyld

I forbindelse med De Radikales sommergruppemøde på H.C. Andersen skolen i Odense, hvor mere end 70 procent af eleverne er tosprogede, siger Jelved:

Siden 2001 har Det Radikale Venstre overhovedet ikke haft indflydelse på integrationspolitikken. Bortset fra tre et halvt år med Helle Thorning-Schmidt. Og der var det egentlig ikke lempelser, vi lavede. Så hvem har ansvaret?

Det har fandeme de borgerlige partier md Dansk Folkepartis støtte.

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18 august 2017

Merkel er på valgturne og bliver pebet ud det ene sted efter det andet – løgnepressen forsøger at skjule det

Nigel Farage hos Tucker Carlson om terroren i Europa

17 august 2017

Fuldstændig ligesom i de gode gamle Sovjet dage

EU Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos strives to enforce “proper solidarity.”

August 16, 2017 Bruce Bawer

OBS: LONDON is now one of The MOST DANGEROUS Cities in the World: Knife Stabbings, Acid Attacks, Moped Gangs, a Woman Pushed onto the Path of a Moving Bus

14 august 2017

Nyt fra Defend Europe og C-Star – DDR med fake-news om skibet

DanMarx Radio viderebringer løgnehistorie om C-Star.

11 august 2017

Nationernes selvmord

10 august 2017

Italy Releases Evidence of Open Borders NGO Taking Migrants from People Smugglers

The Italian government has released photographic evidence which they claim shows the German migrant rescue NGO Jugend Rettet cooperating with people smugglers off the Libyan coast.

The authorities have now released photographs which they claim show the Jugend Rettet vessel the “Iuventa” very close to a smuggler boat, Die Welt reports.

Proactiva Open Arms, a Spain-based migrant rescue NGO, has also been in trouble this week with Italian authorities who accused them of operating in Libyan territorial waters and breaking rules of the new NGO code of conduct approved by the Italian government which several NGOs, including Jugend Rettet and Doctors Without Borders (MSF), refused to sign.

The Spanish NGO’s ship the “Golfo Azzurro” was refused access to Italian ports and the crew had to be picked up by a different vessel off the coast of Malta in order to disembark.

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Landgangsbåd med invasionstropper lægger til ved turiststrand ved Cadiz i Spanien

A group of around two dozen people suspected to be illegal migrants from Africa have arrived by boat on a Spanish beach and scattered among sunbathers.

Amateur video footage showed a black inflatable boat coming ashore in Cadiz, on the southern Spanish coast. As the boat pulled into shallow water, those on board leaped out and ran up the beach. One onlooker asked in an astonished voice, “What’s going on?”

Carlos Sanz, who shot the video Wednesday afternoon while on vacation in Cadiz, said the group quickly vanished and police only arrived some time later.

Spanish officials couldn’t immediately be reached after office hours.

Det er ikke første gang.

Spain under Islamic conquest

9 august 2017

AfD valgspot

8 august 2017

Tyskland afskaffer sig selv

Germany, When Thilo Sarrazin had published his book “ Deutschland Schaft sich Ab” in 2010, was the majority of the German Political-Correct politicians in commotion.

How dare he to come out with a book like this one? A top politicians of the German Socialists (SPD), an Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank and previously a senator of Finance for the Sate of Berlin? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thilo_S… Sarrazin wanted in a scientific way including facts and statistics to warn Germany for the consequences of non western immigration.

The name of the book is reflecting exactly what is happening now : “Germany Eliminates Itself”. This compilation depicts very clearly the hazards that immigration of mostly illiterate migrants with totally different cultural background is bringing to the local society. The later zunami wave of asylum seekers that is flooding now the country with (tens) thousands of extremely dangerous criminals and terrorists completes the black scenario.

7 august 2017

Invasionen af Canada er i fuld gang

Defend Europe: C-Star konfronterer NGO menneskesmuglerskibet Aquarius

Spesialagenten som dokumenterte samarbeidet mellom menneskesmuglere og den tyske NGO-en Jugend Rettet, hadde infiltrert Save the Childrens fartøy «Vos Hestia» ved å ta hyre som mannskap om bord i førti dager, skriver Corriere della Sera. Med stor diskresjon lyktes det ham å samle inn bevismateriale til påtalemyndighetens etterforskning av organisasjonen for menneskesmugling.

Black Pigeon Speaks: Forsvar mod NGO’ernes destabilisering af Europa

Los Angeles har betalt 1.300.000.000 $ i socialhjælp til illegale immigranter på 2 år

Illegal immigrant families received nearly $1.3 billion in Los Angeles County welfare money during 2015 and 2016, nearly one-​quarter of the amount spent on the county’s entire needy population.

Robert Rector, a Heritage Foundation senior fellow who has written extensive studies on poverty and illegal immigration, said the costs represent “the tip of the iceberg.”

He said the costs of education, police and fire, medical, and subsidized housing can total $24,000 per year in government spending per family, much more than would be paid in taxes.

“They get $3 in benefits for every $1 they spend,” Rector said.

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Omkring 25% af alle føderale fanger i USA’s fængsler er indvandrere

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released its latest report on incarcerated aliens Tuesday, showing nearly a quarter of all federal prisoners are immigrants.

Of the 187,855 inmates in Bureau of Prisons’ (BOP) custody, 42,034 — or 22 percent — are foreign-born aliens, according to DHS figures.

The foreign-born share of the overall U.S. population is estimated at 13.5 percent.

About 45 percent of the incarcerated aliens have been issued final orders of removal, and 3 percent have cases pending adjudication before an immigration judge. Nearly all of the rest are under investigation by immigration authorities for possible deportation.

5 august 2017

Soros og Trudeau vil nedbryde Canadas grænser

Defend Europe: C-Star nærmer sig målet

4 august 2017

DanMarx Radio P1 Orientering 3. august 2017: NGO’ere samarbejder IKKE med menneskesmuglere

The charity boat ‘taking deliveries’ of migrants from people traffickers: Undercover officers capture criminals ‘escorting’ vessels to aid ships bound for Italy

  • Photographs show criminals ‘escorting’ vessels packed with asylum seekers
  • The asylum seekers were then seen being transferred to aid boats bound for Italy
  • German charity Jugend Rettet is accused of towing boats used to ferry migrants
  • The revelations emerged after investigators impounded one of their vessels

German charity Jugend Rettet is also accused of towing boats used to ferry migrants back towards Libya, where most migrants hoping to reach Europe depart, to be reused by smugglers.

The revelations emerged after investigators took the unprecedented move of impounding the aid organisation’s vessel, Iuventa, at Lampedusa on Wednesday.

Prosecutors are said to have gathered evidence from an undercover police officer working on another boat, along with evidence from workers on Save the Children’s Vos Hestia vessel.

Mere på Daily Mail

Defend Europe: Besætningen

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