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20 marts 2017

USA’s grænsemur mod Mexico nu officielt i licitation

Trump administration now officially requesting bids to build border wall.

President Trump’s new border wall is supposed to be 30 feet high and should look imposing to potential illegal immigrants, Homeland Security officials said in documents Friday that officially requested the first bids to begin building the barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border.

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10 marts 2017

Antallet af illegale indvandrere til USA faldet med 40 % !

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Fra januar til februar er der registreret 40 % færre ulovlige indvandrere

Det er gået op for mexikanerne at Trump ikke vil finde sig i ulovlig indvandring

Ganske imponerende, når man betænker at grænsehegnet ikke er bygget endnu !

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9 marts 2017

Ezra Levant i Israel – interviewer Dany Tirza

Tirza var ansvarlig for at bygge Israel succesfulde grænsehegn

Og det har standset 99 % af ulovlige indvandrere og terrorister

Måske var det en god ide at Donald Trump sendte nogen til Israel for at lære af de israelske erfaringer, inden USA begynder at bygge et grænsehegn mod Mexico …

MSM omtaler typisk kun Israels anti-terror hegn og USAs kommende hegn mod Mexico,
men der mange flere – her er blot et par stykker til:

27 februar 2017

Ex-ICE agent bryder tavsheden – fortæller hvordan Hussein Obama fik dem til at bryde loven

ICE er Immigration and Customs Enforcement

26 februar 2017


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25 februar 2017

Verdens mure – der er kun 2 der betyder noget for løgnepressen og venstrefløjen


18 februar 2017

James Woods tweetede

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James Woods


13 februar 2017

Nye nedsmeltninger til Grammy Awards

Jennifer Lopez & Busta Rhymes

2 februar 2017

Løgnepressen ignorerer den mexikanske præsidents forbindelser til narko kartellerne

U.S. news outlets appear to have forgotten that the Juarez Cartel and multiple acts of corruption have been linked to the election of the current Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto.

The Mexican president’s ties to cartels, the mysterious release from prison of major cartel figures during his presidency, and the fact that regions of Mexico are under operational control of these paramilitary transnational criminal organizations during his presidency are rarely, if ever, reported in the U.S. The outrageous number of journalists who have been murdered or who have simply disappeared in Peña Nieto’s Mexico is also rarely reported.

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2006: Hussein Obama vil have grænsekontrol


30 januar 2017

Milo lægger grundstenen til muren

29 januar 2017

Mexikos præsident aflyser mød med Donald Trump

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has cancelled his planned visit to the U.S. where he was expected to meet with President Donald J. Trump.

narcolandThe cancellation comes after Mexico’s government denounced Trump’s new border security measures aimed at interfering with the cash flow of the very Mexican cartels believed to have financed the current Mexican president’s campaign.
Meet the journalist who says she can prove Mexican presidents’ links to drug cartels

Anabel Hernandez

What is current President Peña Nieto’s policy toward drug trafficking?

I believe that Enrique Peña Nieto is trying to make an old-style pact with drug traffickers. The issue is that he won’t be able to because organized crime is so pulverized and there are so many loose criminal cells that don’t take orders from anybody. What I can say is that the Sinaloa cartel is achieving under this administration what it didn’t achieve in its best years under Fox and Calderon.

Homeland insecurity


Jason Chaffetz Grills Ex President Failures???

26 januar 2017

Mexikos grænse mod Guatemala

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25 januar 2017

Donald Trump underskriver 2 executiv dekreter

USA vil bygge en mur mod Mexico og begynde at udvise kriminelle illegale immigranter.

24 januar 2017

Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Pro Immigration Advocate Enrique Morones Attacking Trump

6 januar 2017

JASON CHAFFETZ kritiserer Homeland Security og Obamaadministrationen for at løslade 86.000 kriminelle indvandrere der har begået 240.000 forbrydelser heraf er 36.000 illegale indvandrere

27 oktober 2016

Illegale vælter ind i USA i håbet om at Hillary vinder valget

Illegal immigrants have been surging across the U.S. border in record numbers recently in hopes that Hillary Clinton wins the presidential election next month, Border Patrol officials say.

“The smugglers are telling them if Hillary gets elected, that there’ll be some sort of amnesty, that they need to get here by a certain date,” U.S. agent Chris Cabrera told CBS News Tuesday.”They’re also being told that if Donald Trump gets elected, there’s going to be some magical wall that pops up overnight — and once that wall gets up, nobody will ever get in again,” he said.

12 oktober 2016

Ann Coulter: If Hillary Is Elected Republicans Will NEVER Win The Presidency Again

Hun vil legalisere 30 millioner illegale indvandrere.

1 september 2016

Trump in Mexico: US has right to build border wall

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