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23 september 2016

PEGIDA i Haag: “Vi vil have vores land tilbage!”

Tommy Robinson: “Jeg vandt fordi dommeren var modig!”

Pegida UK founder Tommy Robinson talks about his latest court case with Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media.

15 september 2016

Sidste interview med Ole Hasselbalch af Jeppe Juhl

Emnet denne gang er de venstreekstreme

Feminisme på den Trudeauske måde

13 september 2016

Valgkamp i Berlin: Venstrefascistisk Sturm Abteilung (S.A. 2.0) overfalder AfD politiker

8 september 2016

Jeppe Juhl møder Ole Hasselbalch 1 af 5

Jeppe Juhl møder professor Ole Hasselbalch i en samtale om hans årelange kamp mod multikulturalismen.

München: Venstrefascistisk Sturm Abteilung (SA 2.0) overfalder AfD

Løgnepressen deltager i volden og lyver om det.

Chris Ares beretter:

Dieses Video wird den Mainstreammedien mit Sicherheit richtig übel aufstossen. Denn ich beweise nicht nur, WER für die gewalttätigen Auseinandersetzungen während der AfD Wahlparty in München verantwortlich ist, zeige die Täter, sondern belege auch, wie einseitig und verlogen die Medien diesen Vorfall in der Öffentlichkeit dargestellt haben. Die Wahrheit kann weh tun, liebe Lügenpresse…

Antifa und Antifafotografen vor Ort.Die Bilder von Anne Wild waren kurz nach der Antifaaktion schon auf diversen Foren online.

Lügenpresse? The Huffington Post, Süddeutsche Zeitung, SZ. TZ München, AZ Abendzeitung München, Zeit Online, FAZ und andere Medien berichteten. Der Münchner Merkur, Hallo München noch nicht.
Der Skandal.München ist Bunt

6 september 2016

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction”-Ronald Reagan

Freedom of speech & press are now essentially extinct in Caliphate Europa, merely 70 years since the liberation of Europe by Allied Forces !!

4 september 2016

For Friheds demonstration d. 3. september 2016

Læs på Uriasposten, hvordan LØGNEPRESSEN bevidst forvansker begivenhederne.

1 september 2016

UK: Rise of the POLICE STATE

30 august 2016

Identitäre Bewegung aktionerer på Brandenburger Tor i Berlin – Sikre grænser – sikker fremtid

Besetzung Brandenburger Tor – Sichere Grenzen – Sichere Zukunft

15 members of the Identitarian Movement in Germany climbed the Brandenburg Gate to unveil a huge banner that read “Secure Borders – Secure Future” on Saturday. In their biggest publicity stunt so far, they successfully gained the attention German mainstream media and locally distributed leaflets that informed the public of the dangers of Islamization. The Identitarian movement rightly accuses the Merkel government of deliberately replacing the German people with foreigners – one of their mottoes is to stop the “Great Replacement” of Europeans with Arabs and Africans by the means of mass immigration coupled with low birth rates among natives.

The Islamization of Europe and especially Germany has been rapidly accelerating ever since Merkel effectively opened the borders to the entirety of the 3rd world, resulting in an unrelenting storm of illegal mass immigration with millions of migrants streaming into the country, causing havoc and devastation.

Despite the fact that “Secure borders and a secure future” should be the the very foundation of a sovereign country, their banners have been labelled “right wing extremist” with many newspapers defaming them as Nazis. They were arrested for illegally assembling and trespassing.

Identitäre Bewegung Deutschland

Identitäre på Facebook


Tommy Robinson Moment: You Will Not Take Away My Freedom.



28 august 2016

Politi chikane: Tommy Robinson og hans familie smidt ud fra pub uden grund

Re-edited version of Tommy Robinson and his kids being thrown out of Cambridge by the UK Police.

Tommy’s legal defence fund

Buy his book too, that also helps

The politicisiation of the Police force. Politicops.

Extra details and explanatory videos added.

Astonishing video.

Story as I understand it right now: Tommy was in Cambridge with friends and kids, 3 adults and 7 kids. Police for no adequately explained reason decided to force them all out of the pub they were watching football in because of some future threat of something violent happening. It’s not explained properly.

Police throw Tommy Robinson and his 3 friends and their CHILDREN out of a pub where they’ve been peacefully watching football on TV.

The Pub security staff even tell the police that there has been no trouble from Tommy’s party. Tommy’s kids are crying by the end of this.

18 august 2016

“Forræderiske kommunist” Tysklands vice-kansler Sigmar Gabriel (S) giver demonstranter fingeren

German Vice Chancellor and Leader of the Social Democratic Party Sigmar Gabriel lost his temper on Friday when a group of young Nationalists approached him during a presentation in Salzgitter, calling him and his party members “Communists”, “Cultural Marxists” and “Traitors of the People”.

He made a rude finger gesture, presumably because the protesters alluded to his father’s past. Gabriel’s Father, Walter Gabriel, remained a staunch Nationalist up until his death in 2012, criticizing his own son for being hopelessly indoctrinated and his socialist party as harmful to Germany.

The party has dropped sharply in polls across the country ever since Gabriel called to hunt down and lock up anybody protesting uncontrolled mass immigration. He refers to nationalists as “lowlife scum, unworthy of being called German” and implied that any refugee is more German than a nationalist could ever be.

He frequently refers to Europe as the “United States of Europe”, supports TTIP and CETA, wants a EU-Army, considers Germany a country of immigration, openly called for abolishing national borders, advertised for giving anybody dual citizenship and wastes no opportunity to express his contempt for his home country.

Gabriel is known for his anti-German sentiment. Pictures emerged of him participating in protests where banners like “Dear Foreigners: Please don’t leave us alone with the GermanS” with the S in the shape of to the SS logo, equating Germans with Nazis.

17 august 2016

Londons nye muslimske borgmester vil slå hårdt ned på islamofobi og hatespeech



16 august 2016

Paul Golding explains the conclusion of the Luton High Court drama!

Britain First has been forced to accept the High Court injunction banning us from certain areas of Luton.

A lot has happened behind the scenes over the last week and to explain what has happened party leader Paul Golding has produced an important video update.

12 august 2016

Den Europæiske Menneskerettighedskommission: Burkaforbud krænker ikke menneskerettighederne

2 august 2016

Britain First

Deputy Leader Jayda Fransen CHARGED with three offences in Luton!

21 juli 2016

Unzensuriert-TV 10: Exodus der Christen – Flüchten oder sterben

Advarsel: Stærke billeder.

19 juli 2016

Facebook spærrer PEGIDA efter ordre fra den tyske justitsminister Heiko Maas

Der er kun et at sige: BOYKOT Facebook.

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