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22 september 2016

Kæledyr dør af sult i det socialistiske paradis Venezuela

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Families in Venezuela are abandoning their pets in the street, as the economic crisis continues.

Hør – er det ikke som om, medierne har glemt Venezuela? Hvad med Dyrenes Beskyttelse og WWF?

15 september 2016

Red alert – oversvømmelse i Bangla-Desh

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Kunde spørger Lidl om halal-kød

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Svaret forvirrer – og bekymrer

Jesper synes han har fået nogle meget svævende svar på spørgsmålet om Lidls Vilstrupgård kød er halal-slagtet. Nu vil han gerne høre, hvad du tror, for foreløbig har han ikke lyst til at købe det.

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6 april 2016

Halal challenge

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Aktivister er begyndt at lægge svinekød ved siden af halal kød i kølediskene i Tyske supermarkeder under mottoet ‘Hala challenge er dyrebeskyttelse.’

6 marts 2016

Islams had til hunde og ondskab mod dyr

5 august 2015


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The question is: how will liberal dog owners respond in general when interacting with groups of dogophobic Muslims?


What will they do when faced with Muslim insistence that their dogs no longer frequent a favorite park or swimming spot? When told that walking a dog near Muslim women offends Islamic cultural sensibilities? When acts of Muslim cruelty to dogs — or Muslim killings of dogs — become too numerous to ignore?

How will PETA, the SPCA, and the Humane Societies square their primary commitment to animal welfare with their political correctness?

This may be the most emotionally wrenching test yet for progressive Islamophiles. But judging from the recent past, I fear that “man’s best friend” will not fare well in the confrontation.

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28 juli 2015

Jeg kan kun sige: Forbandede svin

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Vollsmose: “… utallige tilfælde af dyremishandling…

Idag er en killing sparket ihjel, af lokale børn.”

22 april 2015

Iran: Dyremishandling af aller-værste skuffe

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I Iran afliver man hunde med dødelige injektioner af syre, som æder dyrene op indefra inden de dør i forfærdelige smerter.

The horrible mass killing of stray dogs in shiraz, Iran, Sunday, April 12, 2015 , Viewer said the stray dogs in one of cities in Shiraz were killed by people who were breeding dogs with injecting acid in their body. They did this for 15000 toman for each dog . Please share

Staying silent is a sin when massacre continues.
Killing of innocent dogs in industrial city of Shiraz by injecting them with acid, makes slaughter of seals in Canada for their skin and blood bath of dolphins in beaches of Japan seem like child’s play.
The origin of this hideous technique is not known to us, but the authorities’ agreement of usage of it is just as disturbing. The ways that many city governments have chosen to control the population of dogs have become even more barbaric.
Level of anger and sorrow of animal lovers in reaction to this act is immeasurable but it’s not enough for stopping it from continuing.
We ask of all of you to be the voice of these innocents and relentlessly shower the city officials of Shiraz with emails and phone calls and demand an end to this violence, justice for these criminals and their helpless victims.


Forward it to as many people as possible (we need the numbers). Share it on Facebook or Twitter. We need LOTS of support to put pressure on the ones responsible for this crime against animals!

Please send your own complain direct to the Shiraz Municipality, to attention of Mr. Pak Fetrat, Mayor of Shiraz through the below Emails, links and phone numbers:
Public and International Relations Management, Shiraz Municipality:
Tel: +98-71-32340097
Fax: +98-71-32340096
Email: pub@eshiraz.ir
SMS: 30001377
Website: http://www.eshiraz.ir/pub

کشتار وحشتناک یکشنبه 23 فروردین 1394 شیراز
به گفته ی حاضرین در محل ، سگ های بی سرپرست در منطقه شهرک صنعتی شیراز توسط افرادی که هویت آنها مشخص و از پرورش دهندگان سگ در استان فارس نیز می باشند با دریافت مبلغ (15000 تومان برای کشتن هر سگ) با “ترزیق اسید” به کام مرگ کشاندند
لطفا به اشتراک بگذارید تا این جنایتکاران به سزای اعمالشون برسند

کشتار ادامه دارد…در همه جای دنیا بشر به کشتار حیوانات مشغول است…در کانادا حالا فصل کشتار فوک هاست تا بشود از پوستشان پالتو درست کرد و زمانی‌ سواحل ژاپن از کشتار دلفین‌ها به حوضچه خون تبدیل می‌‌شود و…ولی‌ کشتار سگ‌های بی‌ پناه در شهرک صنعتی شیراز با استفاده از اسید روی همه این فجایع را سفید کرده است
معلوم نیست استفاده از این روش به فکر کدام نابغه‌ای خطور کرده است اما جای تاسف اینجاست که چرا مسئولان امر با این روش وحشیانه موافقت کرده اند. متأسفانه روشی‌ که شهرداری‌ها برای جلوگیری از ازدیاد جمعیت سگ‌های بی‌ سرپناه داشته و دارند به جای پیشرفت واپس گرا بوده و روز به روز به بربریت نزدیکتر می‌‌شود
میزان تأسف، غم، و عصبانیت دوستداران و حامیان حیوانات از این واقعه قابل وصف نیست. اما برای متوقف کردن و تقاضای مجازات عاملان آن تنها دلسوزی کافی‌ نیست. از همه شما که با فرستادن لینک رقت بار این عمل زشت و ایمیل‌های متعدد از ما خواستار اقدامی شدید و دوستان دیگری که تازه این مطلب را شنیده اند خواهش می‌کنیم صدای این بی‌ پناهان باشید و بی‌ وقفه با فرستادن ایمیل و تلفن به شهرداری شیراز و سایر مسئولان ذیربط ضمن ابراز تنفر از این کار وحشیانه خواستار مجازات عاملان آن باشید

نامه گروه ما که شامل تلفن و آدرس نیز هست را ملاحظه بفرمایید


23 februar 2015

Menneskets bedste ven

Men ikke arabernes bedste ven

Video fra Hebron under det pæstilensiske selvstyre, hvor hunde jages , skydes og smides op i skraldevogne.

Ikke noget med at kigge efter eventuelle halsbånd her – bare pløk dem.

Hvor er alle dyrevennerne henne ?

Eller griber de kun ind, hvis det skulle ske i Israel ?

Taget herfra

19 februar 2015

Borgmesteren for Århus Jacob Bundsgaard og udenrigsmedister Lidegaard er til antiradikaliseringskonference i USA hvor islam ikke må nævnes

At en borgmester for en dansk provinsby er inviteret til konferencen i Det Hvide Hus skyldes den såkaldte Aarhus-model – et samarbejde mellem flere afdelinger i kommunen og Østjyllands Politi, som forsøger at bekæmpe radikaliseringen af unge.

President Obama is having a “Confronting Violent Extremism” summit.  A summit where it is against the rules to mention the common denominator in the horrific violence it is meant to discuss — Islamic extremism.

The Administration’s shocking response to recent Islamic terror attacks should be an eye opener to anyone with delusions that President Obama has any interest in the real root causes of this worldwide phenomenon.


Not to be outdone, his State Department spokesperson declared that violent extremism can be solved through a jobs program to get these at-risk purveyors of horror off the streets of whatever country they are scourging.


In President Obama’s world, you dare not mention the common Islamic denominator between the various mass-murdering armies spreading across at least two continents, lest you stir up hate against all Muslims.

In his world, it is dangerous to discuss the Islamic influences that lead to violent extremism because the unavoidable truth once honest discourse begins is that there is an active debate within Islam about whether violence against infidels (the rest of us) should be the norm or should be condemned.

Mere her: Obama’s See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil summit.

Og Michelle Malkin skriver: The ‘Jobs for Jihad Delinquents’ program:

At the White House Summit on Extremism That Shall Remain Unspecified Because Violent Followers Belonging To Unnamed Extremist Movement Might Take Extreme Offense And Act Extremely, the feds are touting a groundbreaking new strategy to fight terrorists.

Just kidding. It’s actually the same old futile strategy that big-government liberals use to cure everything: mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money.


The “root cause” of their evildoing is not a lack of employment, education, community centers, iftar dinners at the White House or publicly funded “opportunities.” When will these fools in high office learn that you can’t bribe these adherents of Stone Age ideology to behave? They don’t want jobs. They want blood. Revenge. Islamist dominance. Ruthless extermination of Jews, gays, Coptic Christians, Christian aid workers, cartoonists, journalists, apostates and infidels of all shapes and sizes.

The M****m j*******s are not victims of Islamophobic intolerance and Western callousness. We are the victims of our own leaders’ bleeding-heart overindulgence and reckless refusal to deal with reality.

Og den underfrankerede Bundsgaard fremhæver Minneapolis i Minnesota som sit forbillede:

3 februar 2015

Halal rædselskabinettet: Dyremishandling af allergroveste karakter

Inside the halal house of horrors: Sickening footage shows ‘evil’ abattoir staff ‘taunting sheep before hacking them to pieces’

Slaughtermen caught on camera ‘hacking and sawing’ at animals’ throats
Sheep filmed being kicked, with one worker standing on an animal’s neck
Staff laughed as a sheep bled to death with spectacles painted on its face
‘Horrifying abuse’ captured by animal rights campaigners at halal abattoir
One worker has been sacked and another three have been suspended
The Food Standards Agency has launched an urgent investigation
RSCPA and British Veterinary Association condemn ‘shocking’ footage
100,000-strong BVA petition means slaughter will be debated in Commons

Er der nogen form for sygelig og pervers mishandling, de ikke vil udføre på både dyr og mennesker?

20 juli 2008

Lighed for loven.

Sharia’en gør ingen forskel på os vantro og andre aber.

abeIndonesien er hjemsted for nogle af de sidste orang-utan’er på kloden. Diverse dyrevenlige mennesker og videnskaben prøver derfor at redde dem fra udryddelse. Men Indonesien er også et muslimsk land. Så her gælder shari’a – hvadenten man nu tilhører den ene eller den anden art af aber, det være sig kristne, jøder, buddhister, hinduer, chimpanser, gorillaer eller – som en tysk dyreven fornylig opdagede – orang-utan’er.

Disse vore nære slægtninge – altså til os vantro o.s.v. – er nogle nysgerrige spilopmagere, navnlig når de er børn. Det kan derfor hænde at de i kådhed ser deres snit til at “stjæle” en appelsin.  Og så kan de ikke undskylde sig med at være en truet art eller på anden måde være bedre stillet end os andre aber. Altså falder straffen omgående: den lille,  formastelige orang-utan’s hånd hugges af. Så kan den lære det, kan den!

Da vi her på Hodjas Blog også holder meget af de andre dyr, vil vi henstille til hr. Bæk Simonsen at han snarest holder en forelæsningsrække om shari’aens velsignelser i landets abegrotter.

Hat tip: Politicallyincorrect.de