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15 maj 2017

Mission Defend Europe

Every week, every day, every hour – ships packed with illegal Immigrants are flooding the European borders.

An invasion is taking place. This massiv immigration is changing the face of our continent. We are loosing our safety, our way of life and we will become a minority in our own countries. Our Future – is under attack.

From all across Europe we gathered in Sicilia to take action. Our mission was clear and simple: To defend Europe. We confronted a ship of the organisation “SOS MEDITERRANE” and showed that their actions will not be tolerated any longer. But this was just the beginning.

We are preparing a big rescue mission on the Mediterranean. It’s a mission to rescue Europe by stopping illegal immigration. We want to gather a crew, equip a boat and set sails on the Mediterranean to chase down the trafficking ships. We want to expose the so called “humanitarian” NGOs, since they cooperate with criminal human traffickers, who live from people’s misery. We want to protect our borders from illegal immigration and want to face the enemies of Europe on the sea.

To start our mission, we need your help. The immigration lobby is funded with hundred thousands of Euros by the government and by big donators. We, on the other hand, depend solely on you to fund this mission and to defend Europe. Let’s work together for our future.

Migranter der gifter sig med EU-borgere opnår opholdstilladelse i UK selvom ingen af parterne var tilstede ved brylluppet

Migrants win the right to stay in the UK with wedding they don’t even turn up for! Ruling after Ghanaian’s marriage 3,000 miles away – to a German

  • Ghanaian man has fought a landmark four-year legal battle to live in Britain
  • He had a ‘proxy wedding’ 3,000 miles away which he did not even attend
  • Neither Albert Awuku, 43, or his German bride needed to be present
  • Instead, they are thought to have been represented by their families in accordance with Ghana’s ‘customary law’ on marriages

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14 maj 2017

Generation Identitaire forsøger at stoppe islamvasionen

Lauren Southern og GI forsøger at stoppe NGO’eres indsmugling af muslimer fra Libyen.

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7 maj 2017

6.000 islamvasorer på 2 dage

Authorities in Italy see a 30% rise in number of Africans seeking to flee to Europe through Libya compared to last year

R0ME, Italy — Some 6,000 migrants hoping to head to Europe were rescued in the Mediterranean on Friday and Saturday in dozens of frantic operations coordinated by the Italian coastguard.

Diskrimination mod afrikaans i Sydafrika

EU – Verdens største menneskesmugler


25 april 2017

97% af migranter til Italien i 2016 var falske flygtninge = islamvasorer

En försvinnande liten andel av de migranter som tagit sig till Italien under 2016 var riktiga flyktingar.

Det visar ny officiell statistik från UNHCR.

Blott 2,65 procent, eller 4 808 av 181 436 stycken, fick asyl på grund av flyktingstatus. Bland siffrorna finns inte de som tagit sig in i landet illegalt med, och hälften av de som registrerats har aldrig ens sökt asyl och försvunnit och är således att betrakta som illegala invandrare.

23 april 2017

Der er ikke 30 millioner afrikanere på vej til Europa – det er 100 millioner!

Menneskesmuglerne arbejder sammen med NGO’erne om at skaffe migranter i 100.000’er hertil finansieret af ukendte sponsorer!

Bernard Lugan, a well recognized scholar, university prof, author, on subjects concerning Africa and geopolitics, speaks with RT on recent geopolitical changes in the region and their implications. And yes, its better than I am making it sound here.

Kilde: BBC News:

“Italy migrant crisis: Charities “colludes” with smugglers

An Italian prosecutor says he has evidence some of the charities saving migrants in the Mediterranean sea are colluding with people- smugglers.

Carmelo Zuccaro told La Stampa (in Italian) phone calls were being made from Libya to rescue vessels.

“we have evidence that there are direct contacts between certain NGOs (non-governmental organisations) and people traffickers in Libya”, Mr. Zuccaro is quoted as saying in La Stampa.

Mr. Zuccaro`s comments come amid growing criticism of NGO activity on the Mediterranean.”

Some of the organizations involved in migrant rescues include Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontiers), SOS Mediterranee, Save the Children and Malta-based Mobile Offshore Aid Station (MOAS). All have denied accusations that they are in collusion with traffickers.

Luigi Di Maio, vice president of the Chamber of Deputies, a house of Italy’s parliament, accused NGOs of being ataxi of the Mediterranean,” and defended his statements in a Facebook post.

Estimated operating costs for each vessel are upwards of £10,000 a day, allegedly provided by donations alone.

The funding certainly makes for interesting reading. Investigations by the US human rights investigator and lawyer William Craddick claim that several of those chartering rescue boats are linked to the financial patronage of those who support mass migration and free movement.

Fransk ex-muslim anklager politikerne

19 april 2017

Hillel Neuer fra UN Watch lukker munden på FN’s Menneskerettighedskommission

Hillel Neuer of UN Watch just destroyed all those Muslim countries who claim Israel is an apartheid state. Bringing the facts, he silences the entire room.

How can Syria, Saudi Arabia, and other human rights abusing countries say Israel is an apartheid state? How does the UN allow this? Countries which kill their own people are speaking out against the ONE DEMOCRACY in the Middle East. Doesn’t that sound twisted?

Israel has 1.5 million Arabs living a life with full rights, being doctors and lawyers, being part of the knesset, and yet the countries speaking out against Israel have persecuted and expelled whatever Jews used to be living there. As Neuer calls them out, he says “Where are your Jews?” He asks where the REAL apartheid is.

Dictatorships at UNHRC try to silence UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer

11 april 2017

Sydafrika: Folkemord mod hvide


South African minority facing genocide incited by government.

The attacks are viewed by many experts as the signs of genocide, warning top government officials are inciting, if not participating directly in it.

The trigger for the latest murder and mayhem against whites is the land owned by descendants of Europeans who arrived generations ago and built up what is now becoming known as “Rainbow Nation.”

Among those ramping up the hatred is South African President Jacob Zuma, who sings a song about genocide and is now seeking to expropriate white-owned farms without even providing compensation.

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4 april 2017

Ny video fra PVV


EUs nye parlamentspræsident, Antonio Tajani, forudser en gigantisk folkevandring fra Afrika til Europa.

Tajani beretter i et frisk interview i det tyske magasin Welt, at op mod 30 mio. afrikanere vil komme til EU de kommende år, hvis ikke man i et svuptag får løst de enorme problemer på det afrikanske kontinent.

Tajani synes ikke at forholde sig til den kommende afrikanske udvandring til Europa som noget, der skal eller kan forhindres.

20 marts 2017

Racekrig truer i Sydafrika

The ANC and Black Supremacist Parties in the South African parliament may be considering the elimination of the White population in that country.

They are attempting to pass a law that will strip Whites of any property ownership entitlement, paving the way for more extreme laws thereafter. Many Boers are trying to escape but no Western nations wants them, and the UN will not define them as refugees. Debates on concentration camps have actually occurred at the political level.

8 marts 2017

Jeff Sessions bekræfter årsagen til Trumps indrejseforbud

7 marts 2017

Sydafrikas skandaleramte leder Zuma vil lave landet om til Zimbabwe!

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Og ændre loven til at tillade konfiskation af hvide landsmænds jord uden erstatning

Det virkede jo “så godt” i Zimbabwe under Mugabe, ikke sandt …

The rebel media’s Christopher Wilson fortæller om baggrunden for Zuma’s nye kurs,
men slutter af med positive forventninger:

6 marts 2017

Racisme i Syd-Afrika: Anti-semitter angriber jødiske og arabiske israelere

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South African anti-Israel activists violently attack delegation of Jewish and Arab Israelis

Shocking scenes today as BDS anti-Israel activists turn violent, attacking Jewish students and their Israel display at Wits – University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. Once again so-called Israel “Apartheid Weeks” bring havoc to university campuses. Shameful.

Kudos to the SAUJS – South African Union of Jewish Students and our StandWithUs delegation of Israeli students there to reach out to people about Israel in an atmosphere of peace, despite the violence of these protesters. In spite of this incident, they are continuing their educational outreach and won’t be deterred!

25 februar 2017

Verdens mure – der er kun 2 der betyder noget for løgnepressen og venstrefløjen


22 februar 2017

Lækket tysk efterretningsrapport: 6 millioner migranter omkring Middelhavet vil til Europa

The report, which was obtained by German tabloid Bild, claims that there are at least 5.95 million migrants in countries around the Mediterranean who are seeking to enter Europe.

In Turkey alone, the report estimates there to be 2.93 million migrants who have set their sights on the benefits of being an asylum seeker in a western European country like Germany OE24 reports.


The Austrian military intelligence service released a forecast last month with a striking prediction, claiming by 2020 Europe could see an influx of up to 15 million migrants. The Austrians also cited the increase of West-African migrants as a driving force for the increase in numbers.

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13 februar 2017

Münster Tyskland: Afrikansk asylansøger (=økonomisk migrant) myrder 22-årig kvinde på åben gade

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