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31 marts 2006

DR-P1 har i denne uge kørt en serie om humor

Og som forventeligt havde man fundet frem til flere kommentatorer, som mere eller mere indirekte kom ind på Muhammed-tegningerne, således at det gennem sidebenene kom frem, at selvcensur er en god ting – i forhold til muhammedanerne.

Dette har også Uriasposten lagt mærke til.

Så var det jo lige jeg kom i tanke om denne her 🙂

Excessive laughter

This is a problem that is widespread, especially among the youth. Someone asked:

“Our gatherings with friends and colleagues are filled with too much laughter, and it goes to extremes. This phenomenon is becoming ever more widespread. What is the solution?”

In response, the solution to this problem has two aspects: theoretical and practical. The theoretical aspect may be further broken down into two points:

Firstly, we should know how the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) conducted himself when it came to laughter, and he is the best example in this as in all other things.

It is reported in a saheeh hadeeth that his laughter was never more than a smile. (Reported by Ahmad in al-Musnad, 5/97; Saheeh al-Jaami’, 4861). According to another hadeeth, he (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to remain silent for long periods, and laugh little. (Reported by Ahmad in al-Musnad, 5/86; Saheeh al-Jaami’, 4822). ‘Aa’ishah, may Allaah be pleased with her, said: “I never saw the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) laughing so heartily that his back teeth showed; he would only smile.” (Reported by Abu Dawood, no. 5098).

According to a saheeh hadeeth, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Do not laugh too much, for excessive laughter kills the heart (i.e., spiritually).” (Reported by Ibn Maajah, no. 4193; Silsilah al-Saheehah, no. 506). According to another report, he said: “… too much laughter corrupts the heart.” After knowing this, if a Muslim laughs to excess it is as if he is undertaking a journey that he knows will lead to his doom.

This is the theoretical response to this problem, in brief.

Before we turn to the practical aspects, we must point out that laughter is not haraam, and the Muslim is not expected to be dour-faced and stern and rigid. Laughter is something which is quite natural, and indeed Allaah says in the Qur’aan (interpretation of the meaning): “And … it is He (Allaah) Who makes (whom He wills) laugh, and makes (whom He wills) weep” [al-Najm 53:43] But the problem which we are discussing here – excessive laughter – has a number of bad effects, including the following:

It makes gatherings explode with guffaws and echo with raucous laughter.

The believer’s heart is spiritually corrupted by too much laughter, and he opens his mouth too wide, instead of being serious and of sound character.

It leads to daa’iyahs (Islamic workers) making people laugh as a means of winning them over and having an influence on them, or so they claim. What they do not realize is that people gather around them only for the sake of laughter, and they do not benefit from them at all.

The problem is that some people use laughter as a safety valve or release from their stress and worries, resorting to an inferior means rather than what is better. I remember a young man who one day was suffering anxiety because he was behind in his studies, and was going through some family problems, and had other troubles as well. He went out of his house and bumped into a friend on the way, who asked him, “Where are you going?” He said: “I am worried and stressed out, so I’m going to see So-and-so, so he can make me laugh and forget my problems…” He did not realize that his friend’s ability to make him laugh was like a drug which makes people forget while they are under its influence, but when it wears off, everything is still as it was before.

The Muslim should know better, and should treat worries and stress in the way prescribed by the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). When something was troubling him, he would pray (Saheeh al-Jaami’, 4703), and if something distressed him, he would say, “Ya Hayyu ya Qayyoom, bi rahmatika astagheeth (O Ever-Living, O Eternal One, by Your mercy I seek Your help).” (Saheeh al-Jaami’, 4777). According to another saheeh hadeeth, when he was overtaken by worries and distress, he would say, “Ya Hayyu ya Qayyoom, bi rahmatika astagheeth. Allaahu rabbee wa la ushriku bihi shay’an (O Ever-Living, O Eternal One, by Your mercy I seek Your help. Allaah is my Lord, and I do not associate anything with Him).” (Saheeh al-Jaami’, 4791).

In the famous du’aa’ to relieve stress and anxiety, he said: “Allaahumma inni ‘abduka, wa’bnu ‘adbdika wa’bnu amatika… (O Allaah, I am Your slave, the son of Your slave, the son of Your maidservant…).”

This is a concept which has to be understood properly before we move on to a discussion of the practical ways of dealing with the problem of excessive laughter, which can be dealt with in the following ways:

Remembering death, the grave, the Last Day and its reckoning, the bridge over Hell (al-siraat), the Fire, and all the other terrors of the Hereafter. The way to remember all these things is to read the texts that describe these scenes and to study the details and commentaries, as well as sitting with people who are ascetic (zaahid) and whose hearts are devoted to Allaah.

Thinking about the situation of the Muslims and how they are suffering because they have strayed from their religion; they are behind in all fields of life, facing oppression, hardship and destruction, and subject to the plots of international conspiracies. When the Muslim thinks long and hard about this situation, it needs must have an impact on how much he laughs and cries.

Feeling the weight of his great responsibility towards his ummah, which is need of huge efforts to save it from the danger of falling. If this becomes his main concern, he will start making active efforts to reform his family and friends, and his society, as much as he can. He will not have the time for cracking stupid jokes or for excessive laughter or trivial pursuits.

Avoiding mixing with jokers who are well-known for making people laugh and trying to be funny, and keeping away from gatherings where they are present, whilst also trying to advise them and the people who sit with them. We have already referred to some Islamic workers who use the tactic of making people laugh as a means of winning people over, and in some cases the general public may say, “Where is the shaykh who makes us laugh? We want the shaykh who makes us laugh!” This is a step backwards, which we hope the ummah will avoid, because the Religion of Allaah is great and strong. Allaah says (interpretation of the meanings): “Verily! This (the Qur’aan) is the Word that separates (the truth from falsehood…). And it is not a thing for amusement.” [al-Taariq 83:13] and: “…Hold fast to that which We have given you…” [al-Baqarah 2:93]. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “If you knew what I know, you would laugh little and weep much, and you would go out to the hills, beseeching Allaah for help.” If we really understood what is required of us, and what lies ahead, we would never even sleep peacefully.

Resisting the urge to laugh as much as possible, as well as tying to stop others from laughing. There may be a gathering where the people are accustomed to laughing and chortling most of the time. So the Muslim must first suppress his own laughter, just as he suppresses a yawn, then he should advise the other people present and help them to control themselves. It takes a persuasive, determined and serious person to do this. There is a lot of goodness in people, praise be to Allaah, and they are ready to respond to the one who wants to reform them and improve them. This can be achieved in a number of ways, such as telling them how bad it is to laugh and make others laugh, because it can lead to lies and falsehood when the “comedian” cannot find a true story to tell, so he makes up a tale from his imagination to make people laugh. This is the kind of person who was warned by the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him): “Woe to the one who talks and tells lies to make people laugh… woe to him, woe to him!” (Saheeh al-Jaami’, 7136). It can also make him an unstable person who is held in low esteem by others, because the person who makes people laugh is despised by them, even if he thinks otherwise. They have no respect for him at all, and the same applies to the person who laughs too much.

Changing the subject that led to the laughter, and introducing another, useful subject. If you see that the people have gone too far with their laughter, try to bring them to their senses, using a proper method, and introduce a serious topic and help them to make good use of their time, by reading a useful book, discussing an important topic, exchanging ideas, or suggesting some charitable project or other good work that Allaah likes and is pleased with. As a last resort, if you have done all that you can to advise them correctly, get up and leave the gathering, to protect yourself from corruption. “… and no bearer of burdens shall bear the burden of another…” [al-An’aam 6:164 – interpretation of the meaning].

Mere humorforladt kan man da næsten ikke være? Og jeg tænkte også, da jeg hørte P1’s program, denne her side af sagen – den sender de ikke.

Mudret meningsmåling

Megafon har for TV2 spurgt om imamer med ekstremistiske holdninger skal udvises, selv om de har opholdstilladelse.

77% svarede ja.

Samtidig har man spurgt om man opfattede Ahmed Akkari som ekstremistisk, dette svarede 70% ja til. 73% mener at Abu Laban er ekstremist.

Kilde TV2 text-TV.

Kommentar: Hvorfor spørger de om opholdstilladelse? Hvorfor ikke statsborgerskab?

Og hvis det med statsborgerskabet er så stort et problem – ja så må vi følge Marianne Helved og sige “Et statsborgerskab er ikke noget man skalter og valter med!”

Mona Ljungberg skriver – refereret af Denmarkonline

En dag tager man mod til sig og fortæller nogle venner om de overvejelser, der kører rundt i hovedet, om at forlade Danmark.

Det er ikke bare længere vejret, der gør andre himmelstrøg mere attraktive, nej det er hele den politiske atmosfære her, hvor det er blevet gjort til en dyd at opføre sig som et dumt svin, for at sige det rent ud. Hvad er der blevet af det Danmark og de rettigheder, som nogle af vores forfædre kæmpede sig til for sig selv og for os der kom efter, og rettigheder nogle af os selv kæmpede os til som unge. Rettigheder, der langt fra er en selvfølge, men rettigheder som der er blevet kæmpet hårdt for at opnå.

Fra Denmarkonline

Ja hun har helt ret, det er utroligt som Abu Laban og Ahmed Akkari med kumpaner opfører sig. Jeg er også sikker på at emigrationen fra Danmark vil stige, hvis vi får Hollandske og Franske tilstande.

Allerede nu flygter folk jo fra Holland. Svenskerne flygter fra byerne. Og den første svensker har fået flygtningestatus i USA.

Hvornår får vi den klap i Øresundsbroen?

Så vi er helt enige. 🙂

Pondus har homofobi

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Tegneseriefiguren Pondus har ikke noe til overs for homofile, det mener forsker Ane Møller Gabrielsen.

Hun skriver masteroppgave om den maskuline Pondus.


Ja, det stemmer det. Pondus er homofob. Det bunner i oppvekst og erfaring fra et maskulint miljø, fotballmiljøet. Han er en karikatur av en maskulin mann som sitter på bar og spiller fotball, sier serietegner Frode Øverli til Dagbladet.

Pondus skal ikke være politisk korrekt. Det er utelukket å endre ham. Det ville vært veldig kjedelig, mener Øverli.


Pondus er Norges mest populære tegneserie. De politisk korrekte prøver at gøre deres indflydelse gældende overalt.

Fremskridtspartiet Norges største parti

Ny rekordmåling for Frp

Fremskrittspartiet går fram 8,9 prosent er landets største parti med 34,9 prosent av velgerne i ryggen. Dette er 12,8 prosentpoeng mer enn ved valget i fjor.

Påtroppende partiformann Siv Jensen forklarer framgangen med at Frp har vært et veldig markant opposisjonsparti.- Vi har vært det eneste synlige alternativet til den sittende regjeringen. I tillegg har vi lenge stått fast på vår politikk. Folk kjenner oss igjen. De vet hvor de har oss, sier Jensen til Klassekampen.

Mere på VGDet ser ud til at nogle nordmænd er ved at vågne op.

Akkari rystet efter at have talt med Ekstrabladets læsere



Sidste tirsdag kunne sagesløse licensbetalere på P1 høre Danmarks første internetprofessor Niels Ole Finnemann erklære at den politiske blogscene i Danmark var domineret af “højreradikale kræfter”.


"Rønnebærrene er sure – sagde ræven – han kunne ikke nå dem."

Ved du det om islam i Frankrig?

En hemmeligholdt rapport skrevet af Jean-Pierre Olbin for det franske undervisningsministerium med data fra 61 skoler i 2005 viste at:

Muhammedanske skoleelever:

Nægter at deltage i sangundervisning

Nægter at deltage i  dans

Nægter at deltage i sport

Nægter at deltage i tegning (af ansigter)

Nægter at deltage i musikundervisning

Nægter at spise i skolekantiner, der ikke serverer halalmad

Nægter at tegne rette vinkler i matematik (ligner det kristne kors)

Nægter at deltage i svømning (vil ikke svømme i de ‘vantros’ vand)

Nægter at læse Voltaire (antireligiøs)

Nægter at læse Rosseau (antireligiøs)

Nægter at læse Cyrano de Bergerac (too racy)

Nægter at læse Madame Bovary (kvinderettigheder)

Nægter at læse Chretien De Troyes (for kristen)

Benæger fundamentale fakta fra den Jødisk-Kristne historie

Benægter eksistensen af præislamiske civilisationer i Ægypten

Nægter at lære engelsk (imperialismens redskab)

Mange lærere udøver selvcensur og går udenom ‘sensitive’ emner og dette medfører selvfølgelig, at eleverne øger presset!

Kilde: Bruce Bawer; While Europe Slept: s 209.

Guy Milliere: Muhammedanerne udgør idag 12% af Frankrigs befolkning. Om 10 år vil de udgøre mere end 20% og om 20 år har de flertallet.

Bawer; s 173.

Kommentar: Har du tænkt på, at muhammedanerne stræber efter de to største dhimmi-nationer i Europa: Frankrig og UK, som samtidig er de enéste atommagter sammesteds (udover Rusland)?

Og: Har du et barn, der overvejer en karriere indenfor sang, dans og musik, så var det måske tiden at overveje din stilling?

30 marts 2006

Adam og Asmaa: Asmaa demaskeret

Hør det her

Hun svarer ikke på nogetsomhelst, og vil dermed ikke indrømme, hvor hardcore hun i virkeligheden er.

Shame on DR.

Radigal PC’er på pinebænken

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Den politisk korrekte Charlotte Sachs Bostrup spræller stadig i garnet, hun svømmede ind i, da hun stillede op for Det Radikale Venstre OG BLEV VALGT.

Gentofte undersøger, om Charlotte Sachs Bostrup kun flyttede fra kommunen for at slippe for byrådsarbejde.

Nu er filminstruktøren nemlig flyttet tilbage.

Det sker efter, at Indenrigsministeriet har fastslået, at hvis Gentofte Kommune har mistanke om, at den pågældende reelt aldrig er fraflyttet kommunen, så har den pligt til at undersøge bopælsspørgsmålet og eventuelt annullere den tidligere beslutning om at fritage Charlotte Sachs Bostrup for opgaven.

Hele historien


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Tolken var ikke disponibel for en udtalelse…

Kommentarer til dagens gidselløsladelse kan ses på Little Green Footballs og The Jawa Report.

Gidslet i Irak, Jill Carrolls, er nu blevet frigivet.

Til pressen siger hun, at det ligger hende meget på sinde at fortælle, at hun hele vejen igennem er blevet godt behandlet af gidseltagerne. De har på intet tidspunkt været ubehagelige eller truende eller voldelige på nogen måde over for hende.

Jamen det var da godt!

Mere på Polemiken

Vittighed: Hvordan omvender man en venstrefløjser?

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Spark hende ud hjemmefra, giv hende et job og få hende til at betale mad, skat, husleje, kørsel, varme, vand, strøm og kloakafgifter selv.

Nu varer det ikke længe før min datter har en kommentar 🙂

Skoledrengen, volds- og ekstalsmanden, paspyroman- og bombemandsapiranten og lystløgneren Ahmed Akkari var på telefonen med læserne på Ekstrabladet iaften

Ahmed Akkari overvejer at forlade Danmark.

Under telefonsamtalerne er han blevet tilbudt både enkeltbiletter og 3 måneders løn til udrejse.

Nå – lad os vente og se, hvad dementiet bringer imorgen. Det er jo ikke sikkert konen, som venter på familiesammenføring i Palæstina med deres barn er enig, hun regner måske med livslang understøttelse til hende og eventuelle utallige efterfølgende børn og medkoner på de danske skatteyderes regning.


Et spørgsmål til næste udsendelse i serien Adam og Asmaa

I næste Adam og Asmaa kunne man passende spørge om følgende:

Hvem er ophavsmand til citatet:

“Ikke alle muslimer er terrorister …. men

Næsten alle terrorister er muslimer.”

Jeg kunne forestille mig, at Asmaa straks ville udbryde “Islamofobi!!!”

Men hvorfra stammer det?

Det er en kommentar til de tjetjenske terroristers massakre på skolen i Beslan og er udtalt af…………………

Generaldirektøren for Al-Arabiya

Hvem udsteder en Fatwa imod ham? Hate-speech??

Kilde: Bruce Bawer; While Europe Slept: s 179.

Opfordring angående DR2’s Adam og Asmaa

I en række tv-programmer, som bliver vist på Danmarks Radio (DR2), optræder en kendt islamisk kvinde som tv-vært! Asma Abdul Hamid skal sammen med en journalist, Adam Holm, stille spørgsmål til en række personer i en række debatprogrammer, hvor de skal diskutere integration, religion, Mohammeds tegninger, mv. med programmets gæster. Programmet hedder ”Asma og Adam”!!! Her skal Asma brugs som den sande muslim, som med sine religiøse holdninger, kan udfordre gæsterne!

Ovenstående har jeg fundet hos Annalyttiger, hvor resten kan læses.

For min del tror jeg ikke et hammerslag på, at DR bekymrer sig om kritikken, og derfor vil jeg istedet imødekomme udsagn fra udsendelserne her på stedet med hårdtslående argumenter. For eksempel som dette, dette og dette. For ikke at glemme den værste m.h.p. den 1. udsendelse.

Glem ikke DR’s motto for tiden: “Det du hører er du selv” – det er vel derfor de har kørt kampagner for muhammedanere og islam det sidste års tid.

Og glem heller ikke den gamle generaldirektør Nissens motto for public servicekanalen DR:

“DR skal dæmme op for højrebølgen i Danmark”

På trods af udsagn om det modsatte kører Plummer stadig samme linie.

Bliver Labanen og Skoledrengen ‘kendisser’?

I Norge har man gjort en dyd af nødvendigheden:

Krekar invitert til Aschehougs havefest

Dagens mest bisarre historie: Krekar er invitert til Aschehougs årlige sommerfest. Fra å ha vært en mistenkelig geriljaleder, er Krekar blitt en kjendis, med alt som følger med. Jeg vil tidfeste det til i fjor sommer, da han var med i en boardkampanje og hang i gigaformat på Egertorget og rundt om i Oslo. Hver gang han har rykket opp på kjendisstigen har jeg tenkt: Kan de ikke like godt gjøre ham til president, av den islamske republikken Norge for eksempel? Ingenting virker for fantastisk.

Nygaard ble forsøkt drept av Teherans lange arm. Det er en erkjennelse som fremdeles sitter langt inne hos mange. Nå kan VG fortelle at Krekar allerede den gang var i politiets søkelys. Han ble avhørt i saken, og tok selvfølgelig avstand fra fatwaen mot Rushdie og oversettere/forleggere (fatwaen omfattet også “hjelperne”). Nygaard visste den gang hvem som forsøkte å drepe ham. Islamistiske krefter som har mandat fra Allah til å utrydde motstandere og gudsbespottere. Ti år senere har Nygaard snudd. Nå vil han utgi selvbiografien til en mann som åpent bekjenner seg til terror-islam.

Fra Documentno


Anledningen var:


“Krekar skriver ikke norsk og har fått tolkehjelp til oversette den til norsk, den ble derfor raskt omdøpt til Med andres ord av ordstyrer Erling Fossen.”

(Ligner han ikke EN vi kender?)

Nygaard var Rushdies norske forlægger:

“I begyndelsen af juni 1991 blev Rushdies italienske oversætter Ettore Capriolo omtrent invalideret, da han blev stukket ned i sin lejlighed i Milano.

Mindre end 14 dage senere blev Rushdies japanske oversætter Hitoshi Igarashi myrdet. To år senere, i 1993, blev Rushdies norske udgiver William Nygaard skudt tre gange i ryggen foran sit hjem. Han overlevede mirakuløst og udgav året efter den bengalske eksilforfatter Taslima Nasrins kontroversielle bog Shame. Samme år, altså i 1994, blev den egyptiske nobelpristager Nagib Mahfouz stukket ned på åben gade, men overlevede attentatet. Han havde åbent erklæret sin støtte til Rushdie.”


Så hvornår får vi Labanens og Skoledrengen, volds- og ekstalsmanden, paspyroman- og bombeaspiranten og lystløgnerens bogudgivelser at se. Og hvilket forlag vil udgive udgydelserne og hvilke talk-shows på TV vil give dem reklame i ‘alsidighedens’ og apologesiens navn? Og skal vi endnu en gang udsættes for de to’s kontrafejer på ethvert gadehjørne til brækpunktet er mere end nået?

I henhold til ovenstående ville et logisk forlag være dette.


New York University har haft en høring om Muhammed tegningerne

NYU: The Danish Cartoons without The Danish Cartoons

“The most famous, news making cartoons in history”

In order to allow entry to non-NYU guests, the student organization sponsoring this event has been forced by NYU administrators to NOT display the Danish cartoons. The panel discussion on free speech will nevertheless proceed as planned.

I made it downtown early and a kind sweet fellow Objectivist, RB,  promised to save me a seat. Upon my arrival, there was one lone free speech demonstrator with roughly 25 Islamic students mulling around across the street handing out flyers on “intolerance”. Whoa, the irony. Strong police presence.

No media save one FOX cameraman and reporter and while I spoke to them, I am sure they won’t run what I said. When asked about the toons I said “Why hasn’t FOX run the Danish cartoons?, Why has FOX submitted to dhimmitude? This is America! ” Like I said, don’t expect to see it anytime soon.


Hele historien på Atlas Shrugs

Adam og Asmaa

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Her kan du finde billeder fra Den demokratiske Indonesiske islamiske stat.


Det kunne være interessant at høre Enhedslisten, om de deler Asmaa’s demokratisyn?

2005: Torsdag den 6. januar rejser tidligere folketingsmedlem for Enhedslisten Jette Gottlieb til Aceh på Sumatra i Indonesien for at deltage i FNs Flygtningehøjkommissariats (UNHCR) arbejde i katastrofe-området.

Hvad mener Jette Gottlieb?

Se det selv: Adam og Asmaa (1):
DR 2 genudsender torsdag aften kl. 23.40 første del af debatserien “Adam og Asmaa”.

29 marts 2006

Den demokratiske muslimske stat Indonesiens besættelse af nabolandet Øst-Timor

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Fra Wiki 

Indonesian rule in East Timor was marked by extreme violence and brutality, two of the worst examples of this being the Dili massacre and the Liquiçá Church Massacre. During the invasion and 24-year occupation, 100,000 to 250,000 people were killed out of an initial population of about 600,000 at the time of the invasion. The attacks on civilian populations were only nominally reported in the western press, especially in the United States, where the atrocities of Pol Pot were given far greater attention. Following a UN-sponsored agreement between Indonesia, Portugal and the US, on August 30, 1999, a United Nations-supervised popular referendum was held, the East Timorese voted for full independence from Indonesia, but violent clashes, instigated primarily by the Indonesian military, see Scorched Earth Operation, and aided by Timorese pro-Indonesia militia's broke out soon afterwards. A peacekeeping force (INTERFET, led by Australia) intervened to restore order. Militias fled across the border into Indonesia, from which they attempted sporadic raids, particularly along the New Zealand Army-held southern half of the main border. As these raids were repelled and international moral opinion forced Indonesia to withdraw tacit support, the militia dispersed. INTERFET was replaced by a UN force.

Independence was recognised by Portugal after a visit of Xanana Gusmão to Lisbon to choose the date. They decided May 20, 2002, and East Timor joined the UN on September 27 of that year.

Øst-Timor er det eneste område muhammedanerne har måttet opgive i nyere tid – det er de ret sure over.

Den demokratiske muslimske stat Indonesien

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Fra Human Rights Watch’s seneste årsrapport:

The Indonesian military continued to commit human rights violations in Papua, and impunity reigned in other parts of Indonesia. There were disturbing signs of a return to intimidation of the press and criminalization of dissent. In September Indonesia’s parliament finally ratified the two main international human rights covenants, on civil and political rights, and economic, social and cultural rights.

To date there has been no judicial accounting for atrocities committed in Papua in 2000. In September 2005 two police officers standing trial for the December 2000 killing in Papua of three students and the torture of up to 100 civilians were acquitted by a human rights court in Sulawesi.  
Abu Bakar Bashir, believed by many to be the spiritual head of the terrorist organization Jemaah Islamiyah, was convicted in March 2005 of criminal conspiracy behind the 2002 Bali bombings. Due to poor conduct of the prosecution, he was acquitted of the more serious charge of planning a terrorist attack. He received a sentence of only thirty months, which was further shortened to twenty-five-and-a-half months in an August 2005 Independence Day sentence reduction.  
The Indonesian armed forces (Tentara Nasional Indonesia, TNI) continue to violate international human rights and humanitarian law with impunity. Military operations in Papua and Aceh are characterized by undisciplined and unaccountable troops committing widespread abuses against civilians, including extrajudicial executions, torture, forced disappearances, beatings, arbitrary arrests and detentions, and drastic limits on freedom of movement. Torture of detainees in police and military custody is also widespread across the country; some of the detainees tortured are children. Indonesia’s executive and judicial branches regularly fail to address such abuses.  

Trials for the 1984 killing of civilians by Indonesian security forces at Tanjung Priok, Jakarta, finished in July 2005 with the appeals court overturning the convictions of twelve of the fourteen defendants. The other defendants had been acquitted the previous year amid reports of political interference and witness intimidation.  
Although political space for dissent increased enormously after the fall of President Soeharto, the June 2005 conviction and six-month sentence for a student in Bali for burning a portrait of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono illustrates how broadly-worded laws limiting freedom of expression are still used by authorities to target outspoken critics.  
At least 688,000 children, mainly girls, are estimated to work as domestics in Indonesia. Typically recruited between the ages of twelve and fifteen, often on false promises of decent wages and working conditions, girls may work fourteen to eighteen hours a day, seven days a week, and earn far less than the prevailing minimum wage. In the worst cases, child domestics are paid no salary at all and are physically and sexually abused. Domestic workers in Indonesia are not recognized as workers by the government, and are excluded from the nation’s labor code, which affords basic labor rights to workers in the “formal” sector such as a minimum wage, overtime pay, an eight-hour work day and forty-hour work week, weekly day of rest, vacation, and social security. The Ministry of Manpower does not monitor the “informal” sector, and no effective mechanisms exist for domestics to report cases of abuse. The exclusion of all domestic workers from these rights denies them equal protection of the law and has a discriminatory impact on women and girls, who constitute the vast majority of domestic workers.

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