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7 februar 2006

Ikke ret mange læger sagde fra

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Lægernes underskriftindsamling er slut.

1625 underskrifter blev det til efter et par måneders indsamling – et pauvert resultat må jeg sige. I allerbedste fald 9,5% af de danske erhvervsaktive læger har således skrevet under.

Mere end 90% af danske læger har IKKE skrevet under.

Listen er afleveret i Folketinget idag.

Navnene på underskriverne er her: http://www.laegersigerfra.dk/

Flere delikate oplysninger om Labanen kan findes her

Følgende punkter uddybes:

* Entertained the “Blind Sheikh” behind the first World Trade Center attacks
* Praised Osma Bin Laden after 9-11 Attacks
* Preached he “Shed no tears” after 9-11 Attacks
* Accused of giving Political support to Osama bin Laden’s network
* Accused of giving Financial support to Osama bin Laden’s network
* Joined with 225 Islamic Radicals to form Global Jihadist Group in 2003
* Said that Theo van Gogh – “Had it coming!”
* Called on his flock to Give Their Lives to Global Jihad for Palestinians
* Met with Sheikh Qaradawi in Saudi Arabia who has legalised the murder of American soldiers in Iraq

Laban nærmer sig et alt for pænt navn.


Iransk avis utlyser Holocaust-tegnekonkurranse

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VG Nett) Som et svar på Muhammed-tegningene vil Irans største avis kåre de tolv «beste» tegningene om Holocaust.

Muhammed-tegningene har vekket stor harme i landet hvor president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad har truet med å bryte kontrakter med Norge, og hvor det i går var voldsomme demonstrasjoner mot den danske ambassaden i Iran.  

Nå har landets største avis, Hamshahri, gått ut og bedt om tegninger fra jødeutryddelsen i Europa.

Vil teste ytringsfrihets-prinsippet

Billedredaktør Farid Mortazavi sier ifølge Times Online at den opplagt provoserende konkurransen vil teste hvor overbevist europeere egentlig er om prinsippet for ytringsfriheten.

– Vestlige aviser har trykket disse krenkende tegningene med påskudd om ytringsfrihet, så nå skal vi se om de mener det de sier og om de også vil printe Holocaust-tegninger, sier Mortazavi.

Administrerende direktør for Holocaust Utdanningsfond, Karen Pollock, sier at ofre for Holocaust er vant til fornærmelser fra Iran.

Irans regime hevder at jødeutryddelsen i Europa under 2. verdenskrig ble funnet på eller overdrevet for å rettferdiggjøre opprettelsen av staten Israel.
Fra: http://www.vg.no/pub/vgart.hbs?artid=301866

Det er der jo intet nyt i  – muhammedanerne har jo spredt Goebbelsagtig antisemitisme i årevis
Ja så kan Iranerne jo bare finde alle deres gamle numre af denne her frem som forlæg.

Fransk lektor opfordrer til flagdemonstration Søndag kl. 12.02

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Fra DR Online – et godt initiativ jeg kun kan bifalde. Den bliver svær for Politiken at greje – hvordan gør man fransk lektor til højreekstremist?

Opfordring til flagdemonstration via sms og e-mail

Klokken 12.02 på søndag vil adskillige danske flag vejre i vinden over hele Danmark. I hvert fald, hvis Gérard Lehmann, lektor i fransk ved Syddansk Universitet, får sit budskab igennem.

Sms’er og e-mails er blevet sendt rundt som en kampagne, startet af Gérard Lehmann, som protest mod ”muslimernes reaktion på Muhammeds tegninger”.

Lehmann siger, at kampagnen symbolsk skal støtte kampen for ytringsfrihed.

– Når jeg ser angreb på danske ambassader – eller at billeder af statsministeren og Dannebrog bliver brændt i kølvandet på Muhammed-sagen – så er det et angreb på vore demokratiske rettigheder. Og jeg mener ikke, at vi bør skamme os over vore værdier, siger lektoren, der har boet 35 år i Danmark.”

Hugget fra: http://uriasposten.smartlog.dk/

Dhimmierne kan så passende hænge de hvide flag ud af vinduerne.


Norske forfattere er ikke dhimmier

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Norske forfattere kritiserer statsministeren

7. februar 2006 12:24Norske forfattere kritiserer den norske statsminister Stoltenberg, fordi han offentligt har undskyldt at Muhammedtegningerne blev bragt i den kristne norske avis “Magazinet”.

Forfatteren Anne B. Ragde har taget initiativ til protesten mod den norske regering. Hun mener at statsministeren og udenrigsministeren skulle have undladt at sige undskyld.

– Det er det principielle i at de går ud og siger undskyld på Norges vegne. Magazinets redaktør har jo brugt sin ytringsfrihed, siger hun til den norske radio NRK.

Anne Ragde har sammen med sine forfatterkolleger blandt andre Roy Jacobsen, Knut Faldbakken og Lars Saabye Christensen protesteret over statsminister Stoltenberg.

– Vi er dem som forvalter ordet og har pennens magt. Vi mærker meget hurtigt, når ytringsfriheden bliver truet, siger hun til NRK.

Intimidering fra fredens religion


Death threats force controversial Dutch MP underground

GEERT WILDERS, the Dutch MP and controversial critic of Islam, has two policemen by his side even when in his high-security parliamentary office in case someone tries to decapitate him.

Each day, he does not know where he is going to sleep that night, as he is taken from safe house to safe house in a convoy of armoured cars. He was taken into hiding when police investigating the murder of the film-maker Theo van Gogh on November 2 uncovered a network of radical Muslims with advanced plans to kill Mr Wilders, and other “enemies of Islam”. A video circulating on the internet offered 72 virgins in paradise to any Muslim who beheaded him. 

“My life has changed completely. I am sleeping very badly. To think that someone plans to kill me is something that no person would have a good night’s rest about,” he said. “Even though I have this protection, I am afraid. Even when I am on the floor of the parliament, I don’t feel comfortable.”

The maverick parliamentarian, a former speech-writer for Frits Bolkestein, the Dutch European Commissioner, rose to prominence with his denunciations of radical Islam. Seen as the heir of Pim Fortuyn, the assassinated anti-Islamic populist, his critics call him a far-right racist, inflaming the passions that led to a spate of mosque burnings after Van Gogh’s murder. His supporters claim that he is telling the truth about radical Islam that others refuse to face up to.

His hardline message is proving popular with the Dutch electorate, whose attitudes have hardened so much in the past fortnight that, according to one survey, 40 per cent hope that Muslims no longer feel at home in the Netherlands. On Monday he will set up his own political party. Opinion polls suggest that it would be the country’s second-biggest, getting 15 per cent of the vote or 23 seats of the parliament’s 150.

Two critics of Islam have been murdered in the Netherlands, and Mr Wilders is one of three Dutch MPs under permanent police protection after half a dozen were issued with death threats. It is a huge change for the tolerant, consensual country that until recently boasted that its prime minister could cycle down the street in public.

The problem, Mr Wilders preaches, is too much tolerance.

“I believe we have been far too tolerant for too long, especially being too tolerant of intolerance, and we only got intolerance back.”

With radicalism spreading among the country’s one million Muslims — 5.5 per cent of the population — Mr Wilders wants the top 150 known terrorist sympathisers, monitored by the security services, to be jailed or deported without trial, and the 20 most radical mosques closed down. He also wants a ban on all non- Western immigration for five years while better employment and education opportunities are put in place to integrate ethnic minorities into mainstream society.

“I believe people who work against our democracy, and who favour this fascistic Islamic radicalism, don’t deserve the rights of our democracy. They don’t deserve the rights of the rule of law. Without going to a judge, they should be arrested and expelled,” he said.

Fra: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,3-1366672,00.html

Meget mere ballade forude: Submission 2

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SPIEGEL: You’re working on a sequel to “Submission.” Will you stick to your uncompromising approach?

Hirsi Ali: Yes, of course. We want to continue the debate over the Koran’s claim to absoluteness, the infallibility of the Prophet and sexual morality. In the first part, we portrayed a woman who speaks to her god, complaining that despite the fact that she has abided by his rules and subjugated herself, she is still being abused by her uncle. The second part deals with the dilemma into which the Muslim faith plunges four different men. One hates Jews, the second one is gay, the third is a bon vivant who wants to be a good Muslim but repeatedly succumbs to life’s temptations, and the fourth is a martyr. They all feel abandoned by their god and decide to stop worshipping him.

SPIEGEL: Will recent events make it more difficult to screen the film?

Hirsi Ali: The conditions couldn’t be more difficult. We’re forced to produce the film under complete anonymity. Everyone involved in the film, from actors to technicians, will be unrecognizable. But we are determined to complete the project. The director didn’t really like van Gogh, but he believes that, for the sake of free speech, shooting the sequel is critical. I’m optimistic that we’ll be able to premier the film this year.


Wiki: http://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayaan_Hirsi_Ali

Mahmoud al-Zahar, International Man of Paranoid Idiocy

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I actually saw this exchange on CNN this morning. If you can find footage of in on the internet it’s worth watching more than once. Wolf Blitzer was interviewing Mamoud al-Zahar, co-founder of Hamas and world-class paranoid nutjob. Blitzer kept asking him if he would ever accepts Israel. In the process of dodging the question Zahar left reality and entered the Land of Insane Islamic Paranoia. 

Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar said from Gaza that Israel must change its flag. “Israel must remove the two blue stripes from its national flag”, said Zahar. “The stripes on the flag are symbols of occupation. They signify Israel’s borders stretching from the River Euphrates to the River Nile.”

Did you get that? The two blue stripes on the Israeli flag are secret code that the crack team of Hamas cryptographers have decoded. It reveals Israel intention to expand from the Nile in Egypt to the Euphrates in Iraq. Blitzer asked him to clarify and Zahar repeated his wild claim as if it was accepted fact. Then he embarked on a rant about a symbol on the back of an Israeli coin that reveals a similar plot to expand from Egypt to Iraq. And this guy is the leader. Imagine what the extremists think.

I love this guy. He should be on TV every week. Hell he should get his own show. The more he talks the worse Hamas looks (you didn’t think that was possible did you?). Blitzer shouldn’t even ask questions. He should just toss out a topic and watch this mental patient ramble his way through a tour of the Muslim subconscious.

Fra: http://rantwraith.blogspot.com/2006/01/mahmoud-al-zahar-international-man-of.html

Citater: Winston Churchill

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“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile – hoping it will eat him last.”

Wo bleibt die breite Solidarisierung?

Det er ikke kun i Danmark vi må trækkes med politisk korrekte, dem har de også i Tyskland.

Wider die Kulturpessimisten dieser Welt  

“Geht der westliche Selbsthaß so weit, daß sich kaum einer rührt, wenn Grundrechte bedroht werden? Es sind nicht nur Neonazis und verirrte Linke, die hämisch zusehen, wenn Moslems die Muskeln spielen lassen. Auch gutbürgerliche Konservative schweigen und finden die Erregung um die religiöse Zensur pubertär. Sie erhalten Rückendeckung von opportunistischen Wirtschaftskreisen, die ansonsten bei jedem zweiten Gesetzentwurf lauthals die Einschränkung ihrer Rechte beklagen. Diese Willfährigkeit bemäntelt sich gern als Verständnis für religiöse Gefühle. Mitunter ist auch ein Schuß Bewunderung für den moslemischen Furor zu spüren.”

“Die ungehinderte Publikation der dänischen Karikaturen ist keine Marginalie, sondern vielleicht der wichtigste Prüfstein für die Glaubwürdigkeit des Westens seit der Fatwa gegen Salman Rushdie. Damals gaben viele zu bedenken, daß Rushdie mit “Satanische Verse” irgendwie übertrieben habe. So, wie jetzt Bill Clinton die Mohammed-Cartoons “beschämend” findet. Es gibt nur ein Gegenmittel, das auch in der Frühzeit der abendländischen Aufklärung zum Erfolg führte. Die Späße über die “Religion des Friedens” müssen so alltäglich und selbstverständlich werden, daß die Eiferer den Überblick verlieren und mit ihren Fatwas gar nicht mehr nachkommen. Der Islam wird erst zivilisiert sein, wenn es so viele Witze über Mohammed gibt wie über Jesus, Moses oder Buddha.”

Mere: http://www.welt.de/data/2006/02/03/840291.html

Verdensdagen mod genital lemlæstelse

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Var faktisk igår den 6. februar. Hvert år bliver 3.000.000 piger lemlæstet og man regner med, at der findes 150.000.000 lemlæstede piger og kvinder i verden.

February 6 is United Nations International Day of Zero Tolerance Towards Female Genital Mutilation.

Mere: http://www.nca.no/article/articleview/4623/1/390/



Stormufti i Jerusalem: Danmark er let offer

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Den eksplosive udvikling i Muhammed-sagen skyldes udelukkende, at Danmark er en belejlig fjende og et let offer.

Det mener Jerusalems stormufti, Ekrima Sabri, som i et interview med Kristeligt Dagblad understreger, at der generelt skal meget til at fremkalde et angreb på en ambassade.

Selv ikke de amerikanske soldaters udskylning af Koranen på militærbasers toiletter var således nok til at få muslimer til at brænde ambassader af.

Mere: http://www.dr.dk/Nyheder/Udland/2006/02/06/234123.htm

Så er han da noget mere fornuftig end sin nazistiske forgænger – Yassir Arafats onkel.

Godt gået – Pia Kjærsgaard siger hvad vi alle mener

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Kjærsgaard kritiseres for retorikken

07. feb. 2006 09.13 PolitikI Pia Kjærsgaards ugebrev der offentliggøres mandag, omtaler DF-lederen Islamisk Trossamfund sådan her:

“Det er nærliggende at konkludere, at Islamisk Trossamfund er befolket med ynkelige, løgnagtige mænd med et bekymrende betændt demokrati- og kvindesyn. De er fjenden indefra. Den trojanske hest i Danmark. En slags islamisk mafia, der giver os et tilbud, vi ikke kan sige nej til: Sig undskyld, ellers… ”

Og det er usmart lyder det fra to venstrefolk fra Folketingets udenrigsudvalg:


Og Villy Somnambulist er selvfølgelig chokeret.

Mere: http://www.dr.dk/Nyheder/Politik/2006/02/07/090855.htm

“The Cartoon War” map

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A very big ‘Thank you’ to all the countries that supports us and free speak.

Lately the UK has joined, although it’s grey om the map. As you can see – no support from our dhimmi-brother-country Sweden.

Found at: http://face-of-muhammed.blogspot.com/2006/02/cartoon-war-overview.html

Grislingen støtter Danmark


Labanens og skoledrengens svinestreger afsløret




Er der nogen lighed mellem disse 2 billeder??????????????? 


They should because they are the same! No, not a satire of Mohammed nor any other sacred Islamic figure but a photo of Jacques Barrot, a pig squealing contestant at the French Pig-Squealing Championships in Trie-sur-Baise’s annual festival. NeanderNews discovered this photo, taken by Bob Edme of AP, posted on an August 15, 2005 AP story seen here on MSNBC’s website.

As Gateway Pundit, Counter Terrorism Blog and others have reported Danish Imam Ahmad Abu Ladan, leader of The Islamic Society of Denmark, toured the middle east to create awareness of supposed anti-Islamic cartoons and included the above black and white photo as well as two other undocumented examples. Akhmad Akkari, spokesman of the tour, explained that the three drawings had been added to “give an insight in how hateful the atmosphere in Denmark is towards Muslims.”

Akkari claimed he does not know the origin of the three pictures. He said they had been sent anonymously to Danish Muslims. However, when Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet asked if it could talk to these Muslims, Akkari refused to reveal their identity. BBC World aired a story on 1-30-2006 showing the three non-published images and claimed they had been published in Denmarks Jyllands-Posten, these images however had never been published in Jyllands-Posten.

NeanderNews wonders if Jacques knows what he has started? A big kudos to ‘The Celtic Semite’ for this great lead.

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  1. Neanderman- as far as relevance, I think the original discovery of this photo that was added to ‘Danish Imam’s Islamic Rage Campaign Tour December 2005′ posed many questions. The first one should have been, “Is this photo even a satire on Muhammad? And if not, where did the photo come from?” And now that we know where it came from, it poses other thoughts. One is, “If any random rendering or photo with porcine features is considered this dangerous in the Islamic world, how close are we to dialog with them?”-your reader and jounalistic operative, The Celtic SemiteComment by kelluman — February 6, 2006 @ 7:35 pm
  2. Fake Image Exposed?If you have been following the cartoon story, radical Islamists traveled to the Middle east and disseminated images which were not even published. It appears as though one of those images was never even meant to be a caricature ofTrackback by Riehl World View — February 6, 2006 @ 8:53 pm
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  4. […] NeanderNews reports that the vile Danish imams apparently cruise MSNBC looking for things offensive to Islam. Not finding them, they make them up. The audacity of these liars, to threaten the civilized of the earth and demand that we change our ways. “Stop calling us violent or we’ll kill you!” The incredible fecklessness of Western governnments that try to appease this dreck. Re-read the Neumayr piece; tell us why these people should not be slapped down, punished and ridiculed like the criminal lowlifes they are. Appeasement is not an option. (HT: MM) […]Pingback by Dinocrat » Blog Archive » French pig-squealer responsible for torched embassies, mayhem, deaths — February 7, 2006 @ 1:05 am
  5. for a second…a split second…i thought that was Saddam Hussien lolComment by hurricane567 — February 7, 2006 @ 2:29 am

 Fundet på: http://www.neandernews.com/?p=54

Information har fået fremstillet 12 modtegninger

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Specielt den øverste taler for sig selv.


Citater – islam

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Tænk på, hvad vi kan lære af muslimerne, jeg synes, at vi skal lade verdens flygtninge vælte ind over vore grænser, og labbe al deres kultur i os.
Dirckinck-Holmfeld, TV-vært, EkstraBladet 3/10 1986

Og det er ganske vist, at kan vi ikke hamle op med invasionen, er det såmænd nok fordi, vi ikke er bedre værd. Vi burde med entusiasme tage imod tilskudet på et tidspunkt, hvor vi – ærlig talt – ikke har så forfærdelig meget at byde på selv.
Klaus Rifbjerg, forfatter og forlagsdirektør, Politiken 24/4 l988)

Men faktum er jo, at indvandrere og flygtninge er med til at berige den danske kultur, og ikke, som nogle mener, dominere den og sætter sig på den.
Ritt Bjerregaard (Socialdemokratiet), Jyllands-Posten 27/10 1991

Det er simpelthen en krænkelse af menneskerettighederne at forlange, at de (indvandrerne) skal afstå bare en tøddel af deres ideologiske, moralske, familiære og religiøse identitet…Hvad i alverden bilder vi os ind ved at ville diktere dem vores – på talrige måder – kuldsejlede og fallerede samfunds- og samlivsmodel?
Hanne Smyrner, fhv. fotomodel, spaniensdansker, EkstraBladet 14/1 1992

Jeg tror, at muslimerne en skønne dag vil kaste sig over os.
Helmuth Schmidt, fhv. tysk forbundskansler, socialdemokrat, Jyllands-Posten 16/8 1992

Flere citater om danskerne

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Uanset hvor mange stramninger, vi laver for at bremse strømmen, så kan ingen modificere folkevandringens realitet…Jeg tillader mig at sætte spørgsmålstegn ved, om det (Danmark) overhovedet er vores…Man kan ikke eje et land, og slet ikke Danmark..
Suzanne Brøgger, forfatter, B. T. 21/3 1990

Jeg tror ikke, at der er mange – om nogen overhovedet – som kunne tænke sig at omdanne Danmark til et multietnisk samfund. Jeg ønsker det ikke. Men ved at oppiske et kunstigt og overdrevent skræmmebillede kan man medvirke til at oppiske en frygt og lukkethed over for andre, som dybest set rummer en større trussel mod danskheden end påvirkninger udefra.
Uffe Ellemann-Jensen (Venstre), Politiken 1/7 1994.

Jeg forbløffes over den mistillid til det at være dansk, som S. K. (Søren Krarup, red.) giver udtryk for, når han mener, at dansk kultur og kristendom er i fare for at blive væltet omkuld, fordi vi i vort land har nogle få procent indbyggere med en anden kulturel og religiøs baggrund.
Dorte M. Bennedsen (Socialdemokratiet), B.T. 19/9 1995

Den aften var jeg af den overbevisning, at Danmark ville være et dejligt land uden danskere. Jeg ville elske det, hvis det var fuldt af tyskere, arabere, italienere, englændere, amerikanere, afrikanere, kinesere, japanere, polynesere, grønlændere og lapper. Jeg tror også de ville synes Danmark var et dejligt land uden danskere. Man kunne flytte danskerne op til Grønland, der ville være masser af plads og alt for koldt til at trække bukserne ned og vise den store hvide røv frem.
Morten Sabroe, Politiken 20/6 1999

Om Dannebrog: ” – det danske svastika. Det burde samles ind og afbrændes”.
Lars von Trier i TV-Zulu 24/3 2001


Flere citater – antallet af fremmede

En opinionsundersøgelse har afsløret, at befolkningens forestilling om, hvor mange flygtninge, der opholder sig her i landet, er vildt overdreven – tallet er blot 30.000.

Poul Brandrup, Afdelingsleder i Dansk Flygtningehjælp, Jyllands-Posten 3/9 1990

Kan et par hundrede familiesammenførte indvandrere om året true det danske samfund? Nej, selvfølgelig ikke! Så sårbart er det danske velfærdssamfund ikke!
Elisabeth Arnold (Radikale), Jyllands-Posten 10/10 1993

Indvandrere får vi ingen af, da vi har haft indvandringsstop siden begyndelsen af 70-erne. Nu er det kun flygtninge og familiesammenførte, der kan komme hertil.
Nils Foss, formand for Dansk Flygtningehjælp, JyllandsPosten 5/11 1995

Jeg vægter overholdelsen af de internationale konventioner højere, end om der kommer 4.000 eller 10.000 udlændinge til Danmark ved familiesammenføringer.
Marianne Jelved, Formand for Den Radikale Venstre, Jyllands-Posten 8/8 2004