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24 februar 2006

Londons dhimmi borgmester suspenderet

Ken Livingstone sammenlignede en jødisk journalist med en vagt i en nazi-lejr.
Borgmester Ken Livingstone har bragt embedet i miskredit. Det er beslutningen fra et panel på tre personer, skriver CNN.Panelet siger videre, at borgmesteren har været unødig ufølsom og aggressiv over for en journalist fra The Evening Star sidste år.

Suspensionen træder i kraft den 1. marts, og borgmesterens advokat kalder kendelsen skuffende.

Over for journalisten havde borgmesteren været vedholdende med en række kommentarer, som sammenlignede journalistens job med en vagtmand i en nazi-koncentrationslejr.

Borgmesteren havde fået oplyst, at journalisten var jøde og fandt det krænkende at blive kaldt en tysk krigsforbryder.

I kendelsen hedder det, at borgmesteren også har skadet borgmester-embedets omdømme.


Man skal da love for at maskerne falder for tiden, selv om det er fastelavn. Selvom det ikke kommer som den store overraskelse med den herre. Gad vide hvordan The Guardian, Kamelens yndlingsavis, vil tackle den sag?

Australien: Costello wants migrant loyalty

PETER Costello has called for a tougher US-style citizenship oath that demands loyalty to the Australian “compact” as he outlined his vision for a more muscular nationalism.  

Lambasting the spread of “mushy multiculturalism”, the Treasurer has bluntly called for hard-line Muslims and others who don’t observe Australian values to be stripped of their citizenship.And he said people coming to Australia should have the same respect for Australian values as visitors to a mosque who are asked to take off their shoes.

In another provocative speech by a senior Government figure, Mr Costello warned of a second generation of immigrants from the Middle East living in a “twilight zone“, unable to properly distinguish between the values of their parents’ old country and Australia.

“To deal with this we must clearly state the values of Australia and explain how we expect them to be respected,” he said.

“I suspect there would be more respect for these values if we made more of the demanding requirements of citizenship.”


Addressing the Sydney Institute last night, the Prime Ministerial aspirant again criticised those who wanted to live under sharia law, saying Australia’s citizenship pledge should act as a “big flashing warning sign”. “A person who does not acknowledge the supremacy of civil law laid down by democratic processes cannot truthfully take the pledge of allegiance,” he said.

As such they do not meet the pre-condition for citizenship.”

He said Australia would have a problem if a second generation of immigrants lived “in a twilight zone where the values of their parents old country have been lost but the values of the new country not fully embraced”.

To address these concerns, Mr Costello suggested the Government may consider toughening up the present citizenship oath.

“I suspect there would be more respect for (Australian) values if we made more of the demanding requirements of citizenship,” he said.

The Treasurer’s speech, coming on the eve of the Coalition’s tenth anniversary in power, shows him trying to broaden his image. The speech will appeal to conservative elements in the Coalition, amid concerns that Mr Costello needs to shed his ‘small l’ liberal image.

His comments come just weeks after angry muslims rioted when the prophet Mohammed was depicted in cartoons in Europe.

In a veiled reference to these riots, Mr Costello said he did not like “putrid representations” like Piss Christ, the controversial photograph of a crucifix submerged in urine that was displayed in Melbourne in 1997.

Laying down a template for religious tolerance, Mr Costello said he did not think galleries should show such displays.

“But I do recognise they should be able to practice their offensive taste without fear of violence or a riot.

“Muslims do not like representation of the Prophet. But so too they must recognise this does not justify violence against newspapers, or countries that allow newspapers to publish them.”

Mr Costello’s speech comes just days after The Australian published comments by John Howard, who also railed against fragments of muslim society that were “utterly antagonistic” to Australian values.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister hailed Australia as the “least-discriminatory country in the world”.

We welcome people from the four corners of the earth. The only thing we ask of them is that when they come here they become Australians before anything else,” he said.

The Australian via Democracy Frontline

Ligner det ikke en diskussion vi har hørt et andet sted? Hatten af for dem – down under.

Men hov hvad er det da for noget? Australske værdier, det må han have misforstået, ligesåvel som vi, svenskerne og tyskerne har misforstået det. Nationale værdier findes ifølge PK’erne jo slet ikke.


Jeg vil her samle de pseudonymer for medierne, som jeg finder rundt omkring, også for at de, som ikke er så meget inde i mediernes tilhørsforhold, kan følge med.

Det giver også mulighed for at vurdere f.eks. DR’s journalisters kilder, og dermed indirekte journalisterne selv, hvis de udgiver sig for at være ‘objektive’.

DR: DDR, DanMarx Radio

TV2: TVToo

Le Monde: Al Jazeera-sur-Seine

Liberation: Propagandastaffel

Reuters Bureau: Al-Reuter, Rygters Bureau

Politiken: Profeten, Pravda

AP: Arab Press

CNN: Collapsing News Network, Clinton News Network

New York Times: New York Traitor Times, New York Slimes

Tilføjelser modtages gerne – Mit bias giver vist sig selv 🙂

Det kunne også være interessant at vide, om public service stationen DR’s ny generaldirektør Plummer har opgivet den forhenværende Nissens doktrin om “at DR skal dæmme op for højrebølgen i Danmark”.

Det lyder ikke til, at det er tilfældet.

Spritkørsel: Saudi royal gets year in Vineyard jail

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In a plea deal that infuriated the victim’s family, a Suffolk Superior Court judge sentenced a distant member of the Saudi royal family to one year in a prison on Martha’s Vineyard yesterday after he admitted driving drunk when he struck and killed Orlando Ramos on a downtown Boston street.

Prince Bader al-Saud pleaded guilty to motor vehicle homicide while drunk, a misdemeanor, before Judge Christine McEvoy. The 23-year-old admitted he was driving a BMW sport utility vehicle on Oct 29, 2002, that slammed into Ramos, 37, as he was crossing Charles Street around 2:40 a.m. near the intersection with Boylston Street.

While Saud’s defense lawyers and Suffolk prosecutors said the plea deal was just, relatives of Ramos, led by his sister Reyita Ramos, harshly criticized the sentence and the decision to send Saud out of Suffolk County to serve his sentence at the Dukes County House of Correction.

Ordinarily, Saud would likely have served his sentence at the Suffolk County House of Correction in Roxbury, where more than a thousand prisoners are housed.

Mere Boston Globe fundet vha The Religious Policeman

Det er åbenbart ikke kun i Kina at internet censureres

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Helved mødtes med imamer og rakkede Danmark ned

Selv om der er bred enighed i Folketinget om at holde de dansk-muslimske imamer uden for Muhammed-krisen, afholdt tidl. udenrigsminister, folketingsmedlem Niels Helveg Petersen (R) forleden et personligt møde med imamer

Den saudi-arabiske avis Al Watan omtalte mødet søndag. I artiklen er Helveg Petersen bl.a. refereret for, at “der i de seneste fem år har eksisteret et ondsindet angreb imod muslimerne”, og at “disse forsmædelige tegninger imod islam er et led i dette angreb”.

Læs det hele i BT

EU Solidaritet med Danmark – eller hvis du skal til udlandet – et emne for boykot


På noget der hedder IMC fandt jeg det her – sidste nye konspirationsteori

Forfatteren er en Webster Griffin Tarpley? Mon ikke han trænger til et kuppeleftersyn? Bringer kun det der er relevant for DK, se selv resten, hvis du trænger til at ryste hovedet lidt

“The scurrilous Mohammed cartoons printed in Denmark were a carefully staged provocation involving neo-con disciple of Daniel Pipes from the US, Bilderberger and monarchist elements in Europe, and hired mobs in the Middle East. The aim: to create a war mood in Europe and pre-empt a Eurasian coalition against the Anglo-American world order.”

As for the repeated canard about freedom of the press, all the countries of the Nordic Council have long maintained press control through psychological warfare boards with the power to suppress and plant news stories for propaganda purposes. Sweden is the best-known example, but Denmark, a NATO member state, is no slouch either. Having directed political organizing in Denmark for a number of years, the present writer can also personally attest to the pervasive surveillance of publishing, political meetings, and public speech (as of the mid-1980s) maintained by the PET (Politiets Efterretningstjeneste), the Danish Security Intelligence Service. The PET is a sinister and stealthy organization staffed by devotees of the Danish monarchy, and its mandate is unchecked. (See http://www.pet.dk/English.aspx for a chilling self-presentation, including the ominous news that “the new Danish legislation on terrorism expands the scope of the Intelligence Service so that PET’s investigations, to a higher degree than previously, may provide the basis of actual criminal cases or other more offensive initiatives.” Author’s emphasis, WGT.) Denmark, in short, is a monarchist police state.

Denmark has been largely a British puppet state over the last two centuries – since Lord Nelson burned the Danish fleet in a sneak attack on Copenhagen which put an end to Denmark as an independent power. For the broadest political purposes, provocations coming from Denmark can be thought of as being signed by the warmonger Tony Blair personally. The current Danish neocon regime is in any case a member of Bush’s coalition of the willing engaged in the illegal occupation of Iraq.

The editor of Jyllands Posten who ordered the publication of the cartoons is Flemming Rose, who has extensive connections to Daniel Pipes, another neocon fascist madman who runs Campus Watch, a neo-McCarthyite witch-hunting organization which vilifies American professors who criticize Israel or show sympathy for the Palestinians. President Bush wanted to name Daniel Pipes to the board of the US Institute of Peace, a government-funded arm of the State Department which organizes conferences and publishes books. When the raving extremist Pipes turned out to be too widely discredited to obtain Senate confirmation for this post, Bush forced his nomination through with a summer 2003 recess appointment to a temporary term at USIP without Senate approval. Daniel Pipes is the nepotist son of Richard Pipes, a Sovietologist who was a leading figure in George H.W. Bush’s 1976 Team B, the incubator of today’s neocon clique. At the time of his recess appointment, Daniel Pipes was accused by the very moderate Arab-American Institute of “hatred and bigotry” in the context of his “bizarre obsession with all things Arab and Muslim.” (http://www.aaiusa.org/pr/release08-14-03.htm) This is the sick, racist point of view embraced by Jyllands Posten.

Flemming Rose provided details of his conversation with Daniel Pipes in a later article. They talked about the need to mobilize Europe for the war of civilizations against the Moslem world. Rose wrote: “Pipes is surprised that there isn’t greater alarm in Europe over the challenge that Islam represents thanks to falling rates of fertility and a weakened sense for its own history and culture.” (Flemming Rose, “The Threat from Islamism, Jyllands-Posten, October 29, 2004) The relation of such racist arguments to the Mohammed cartoons provocation should be clear enough.”


Oversættelsesservice PBUH

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Nogle har sikkert lagt mærke til, at Muhammeds navn altid efterfølges af bogstaverne PBUH. Til de, som ikke kender denne forkortelse, er her betydningen.

PBUH =  Please Behead Unarmed Hostages eller

PBUH =  Pork Be Upon Him

eller ikke helt autoriseret:

PBUH =  Fleas Be Upon Him




Fra LindaSoG

Iransk kvindeligt politi in action

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“Death to Yankees” senator loses US visa

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LA PAZ, Bolivia (Reuters) – A Bolivian senator, a close ally of President Evo Morales known for her raucous chanting of “Long live coca, Death to the Yankees!,” said on Wednesday the United States had canceled her entry visa.

Leonilda Zurita, who is seen as one of the leftist president’s closest confidantes, told local media U.S. consular officials had told her she was considered a terrorist, something she dubbed “an offense against Bolivian women.”

Zurita, from the region of Chapare — the focus of U.S.-funded coca eradication programs — was a prominent figure in the December election that returned Morales, who took power promising to develop his country’s coca crop.

Zurita said she realized the visa had been canceled when she tried to travel to Miami to take part in a meeting organized by a Florida university. No one from the U.S. Embassy in La Paz could immediately be reached for comment.

The congresswoman is one of the most prominent advocates of expanding coca production, which has alarmed Washington as it struggles to control flow of its derivative cocaine into the United States.

She said recently: “We need, and we can, develop markets for our coca … China is particularly important. The Chinese like herbs and they’ll like our coca tea.”

Fra Yahoo News

Nej – hvorfor blokerer USA dog hendes visum 🙂