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28 december 2008

Lionheart strækker våben?

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Laying down my pen

I am stopping writing to this blog for good now, I know people have criticized me before for saying I’m stopping and then carrying on but obviously it was not the right time for me to stop when I wanted too, that’s why I have carried on.

In signing off I want to leave my thoughts and reasons about different things so I will be posting as and when I have finished each part until it is complete.

For my actions in wanting to defend myself, my community and my country from Al Qaeda terrorists and their War to destroy our Civilisation I have Pakistani Moslems who are enemies of the British people wanting to stab me up or shoot me, and I have the British State wanting to put me in prison if they can, on behalf of Moslems from the Islamic Kingdom.

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Islam og voldtægt

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En læser af bloggen ‘Sania’  mener, at den danske lovgivning mod voldtægt er for blødsøden:

Hun skriver:

“Massevoldtægt burde give en alvorlig straf ifølge islam, men så længe de folk bor i DK, kan de jo bare voldtage løs – sådan er strafferammen i Dk jo… Buhu.. Jeg kommer i fængsel… Der er mere luksus der end hvor folk oprindeligt kommer fra!”

Hvis vi tager et islamisk land, kan vi jo se, hvordan retfærdigheden sker fyldest der:

Og hvordan ser muslimer i Europa på det?

Fra Bare Naked Islam

Vi ser da gerne kommentarer fra ‘Sania’ her.

Kunstneren Michael Jackson finder styrke i islam

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Associates of Michael Jackson have confirmed that recent rumours regarding Michael Jackson converting to Islam are in fact true.


‘Michael does read the Koran at least once a day and is finding that it gives him massive strength and courage in dealing with the problems that life has thrown at him.’ the associate, who is himself an African-American convert to Islam noted ‘He has made the first baby steps into the Islamic way of life, whether he will continue on in this journey and grow in his Muslim faith remains to be seen.’

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“Clash of Civilizations” forfatteren Samuel Huntington død

Political scientist Samuel Huntington, whose controversial book “The Clash of Civilizations” predicted conflict between the West and the Islamic world, has died at age 81, Harvard University said on Saturday.


Huntington, who taught for 58 years at Harvard before retiring in 2007, died Wednesday at a nursing facility in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, the university said on its website.

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BRITAIN’S streets are ‘too dangerous’ for carol singers this Christmas, according to a new report released today.

With one teenager killed every five days on our streets, a fifth of the UK say they are too scared to go out singing during the festive period.

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