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14 december 2008

EUROSTAT: De fleste nye EU-borgere er tyrker og marokkanere

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The new citizens of Europe are Turks and Moroccans above all, according to the most recent survey carried out by Eurostat (the European statistics office).

The Turks are the leaders among new EU citizens (64,000 people), followed by the Moroccans (48,000), Iraqis (23,000), Ecuadoreans (21,000), and then the Serbs and Montenegrins (20,000).


Hollænderne har definitionen på højreekstremisme

The Party for Freedom (PVV) can be classified as extreme right, the University of Leiden and the Anne Frank foundation conclude.

They presented their Racism and Extremism Monitor yesterday.


Head researcher Jaap van Donselaar observed that the PVV is extreme right because of “the positive orientation on that which is indigenous (nationalism) and the strong aversion to that which is foreign (racism)”. A court should decide whether the PVV should be banned, he declared.


PVV leader and founder Geert Wilders responded furiously to the study. “Have they gone completely nuts? This is an insult to the PVV and our voters,” he fumed.

The conclusions of the Anne Frank foundation do indeed seem controversial and are at least ironic; the PVV is the most pro-Israeli party in parliament.

Mere på NISNews

Update : Geert Wilders talte i dag i Jerusalem på “Facing Jihad”-konferencen. Læs hans tale HER.

Vi har et tilbud til dig – vi vil lære dine børn arabisk og koran

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NON-Muslim children will be taught Arabic and study the Koran under plans for a new faith school.

A charity is bidding to run the first Islamic faith primary in Britain for youngsters who are not followers of the religion.


Mere på Daily Star News

Muslim children are being beaten and abused regularly by teachers at some British madrassas – Islamic evening classes – an investigation by The Times has found.

Hvis de behandler muslimske børn på den måde – hvordan vil de da behandle vantro børn?

Togkonduktør satte sig op mod et medlem af herrefolket

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Det skulle han ikke have gjort.

Fotos af herrefolket.

EUSSR’s ledere enige om at bestikke de irske vælgere ved ny afstemning

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Europe’s leaders have agreed on ‘assurances’ designed to persuade Irish voters to reverse their rejection of the EU constitution.

‘Lisbon is adopted,’ one EU diplomat said today. The deal was confirmed separately by two other diplomats at the meeting of EU leaders in Brussels.

Irish voters will be encouraged to back the document in a second vote next year.

EU chiefs last night agreed in principle key concessions to Dublin at a Brussels summit in return for a re-run of the referendum. They hope the Irish will deliver the ‘right’ result when they vote again.

Hele historien på Daily Mail

Intet land på jorden undgår islamismen

Security agencies of Russia’s Kabardino-Balkaria Republic are concerned with increasingly active radical Islamism in Russia.


“One more source of concern is the wide-scale expansion of radical Islam into practically all regions of the Russian Federation. Cells of international extremist organizations have developed intensive activities lately in individual constituent territories [of Russia],” the interior minister of Kabardino-Balkaria Republic Maj. Gen. Yury Tomchak said at the meeting of public council at the Republican Ministry of Interior.

He reported that results of the investigation of Nalchik attacks in October 2005 proved that international terroristic organizations and their protйgй Shamil Basayev were involved in the attacks.


The Minister is also concerned with the activities of various religious sects and informal youth associations with radical views.

“There are signs of a unification process among radical groups and signs that criminal structures are being ousted from lucrative sectors of business and replaced by extremist groups,” Tomchak said.


EUSSR’s korruptokrater pisser på Tjekkiet.

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De tidligere østlande er påny general-gouvernementer – lige som os andre. Det bryder de sig ikke om.

vaclav_klauseu_reichI Europa findes en enkelt statsmand. Han er præsident i Tjekkiet. Og demokrat. Og derfor skal han finde sig i at blive sjoflet til af en camarilla fra “Das vierte Reich” – “Neuropa” – “EUSSR” – eller hvad man nu ellers med føje vælger at kalde dette monster af demokratiets antitese.

Læs The Telegraph’s fantastiske beretning om et officielt besøg på Prags gamle slot Hradcin, hvor præsident Vaclav Klaus er tvunget til at modtage bl.a. Daniel Cohn-Bendit (kendt som “aktivist” fra bølleoptøjerne i Paris i 1960’erne) og Hans-Georg Pöttering (af Berlusconi med rette beskrevet som prototypen på en KZ-kapo):

“Imagine that a Franco-German MEP, invited to meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace, plonked down in front of her an EU “ring of stars” flag, insisting that she hoist it over the palace alongside the Royal Standard, and then proceeded to address her in a deliberately insulting way. The British people, if news of the incident leaked out, might not be too pleased.

Something not dissimilar took place at a remarkable recent meeting between the heads of the groups in the European Parliament and Vaclav Klaus, the Czech head of state, in his palace in Hradcany Castle, on a hill overlooking Prague. The aim was to discuss how the Czechs should handle the EU’s rotating six-monthly presidency when they take over from France on January 1.

The EU’s ruling elite view President Klaus, a distinguished academic economist, with a mixture of bewilderment, hatred and contempt. As his country’s prime minister, he applied to join the EU in the days after the fall of Communism in the 1990s. But now Klaus is alone among European leaders in expressing openly Eurosceptic views, not least about the Lisbon Treaty, which the Czech parliament has yet to ratify.

Klaus was an outspoken dissident under the Communist regime, and he has come to regard the EU as dangerously anti-democratic. But he compounds this sin with highly sceptical views on global warming, on which he recently published a book, Blue Planet in Green Shackles. He likens the extreme environmentalism favoured by the EU to Communism, as a serious threat to democracy, freedom and prosperity. (more…)

Andrew Bostom: How a Real “War Within Islam” Would Look…….

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If the Islamic world (ummah) was really serious about fighting Islamic inspired terrorism, safeguarding human/civil rights of its people ‘including minorities’ and creating a honest interfaith-dialogue with the rest of the world’s religions, you would think that they would at least be spending some their time doing just that, right? Well the obvious answer is really no.

The Tundra Tabloids confronted Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu while he was in Helsinki Finland, who stated to the TT in a seminar that:

Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu: “We are not anti-Semitic, … believing in moderacy and decency as part of my belief, my doctrine, I am a Muslim, and when I pray, I pray for all prophets including Moses, Jesus and Mohamed. So you cannot speak about any Muslim, good or bad, as anti-Semitic, this is a theory, this is not the case.”

So if the leader of the world’s largest Islamic organization can’t even admit that Muslims can be anti-semitic, and there are hundreds of millions who are, then what does that say about the OIC’s drive for religious tolerance? What about terrorism then, the Islamic inspired variety?

Dr. Andrew Bostom, lays a challenge before the Islamic world, most notably before the Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), Ekemleddin Ihsanoglu, to seize the moment and actively get the OIC involved in fighting Islamic inspired terrorism in Pakistan.

Read on and see the logic of Bostom’s challenge.

Nye tider på vej i Sverigestan

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Lars Hedegaard er DDRonning for en dag.

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Hvad går der af DanMarx Radio? – Er selvcensuren på julefererie?

larsVi skal værne om frihedsrettighederne
– Frie lande vil altid kunne løse deres problemer i den sidste ende. Men det forudsætter, at vi værner om de grundlæggende frihedsrettigheder og den mest grundlæggende af vores frihedsrettigheder, det er ytringsfriheden. Det er den, som alle andre frihedsrettigheder afhænger af, siger Lars Hedegaard.

Lars Hedegaard definerer ytringsfriheden som retten til at sige, hvad vi vil indenfor den almindelige lovgivnings rammer, uanset hvem der måtte blive sure.

Han mener at journalister og intellektuelle har ytringsfriheden til et luksusproblem, og at det er en fejl når de siger, at ytringsfriheden ikke må bruges til at gøre nogen kede af det.

På vej mod afgrunden
– Denne tankegang fører direkte mod undergangen. I et samfund, hvor man ikke må tale sandt, og sige at det, som nogle gerne vil have undertrykt, det er et samfund der ikke kan løse sine problemer, fordi det vil forsumpe i løgn og propaganda, mener Lars Hedegaard.

Han mener, at hvis vi giver køb på den uindskrænkede ytringsfrihed, så vil vi for alvor være i krise, der er langt værre end den økonomiske vi står i lige nu.

Se og hør Lars Hedegaard tale her

Fidusologi: Tørklædecirkus bedre end leasingkarusseller.

Stein Bagger og Finn Nørbygaard er håbløse amatører ved siden af denne muslima:

Every Kinda People beretter fra kolbøttefabrikken Absurdistan – tidl. Sverige – om en stensikker fidus:

fitore_zulfiuDiskrimineringsombudsmannen har ordnat ett skadestånd på 100 000 kr till en muslimsk flicka för att hon inte fick bära slöja under sin gymnasiepraktik på Hotell Öresund. Bloggen Politiskt inkorrekt kommenterar:
– Ta på dig slöjan eller heltäckande
– Vägra göra som alla andra och referera alltid till -Islam. Säger att jag inte får göra det.
– Många i väst avskyr slöjan så det är stor chans att du blir nekad något.
– Anmäl då direkt. Du ska ha så mycket pengar som möjligt.
– Gråt ut i media så mycket du bara orkar.
– Sök nytt arbete, vägra åter och gör om hela proceduren.

Muslimsk mus

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Tak til Santor

Eid Al Adha

Hodjas Blog besvarer teologisk spørgsmål fra svenske muslimer.

haram_22Mosképlatsen vid Ramberget i Göteborg har skändats igen. Någon har slängt flera delar av grishuvuden på tomten. Mohammad El-Alti, styrelseledamot i stiftelsen för moskébygget, tror att detta bara är början.
–Vad kommer att hända när moskén är färdig, undrar han.

Det var 23-årige Emil Janitzek som upptäckte grisdelarna på tomten när han var på väg till skolan. –Jag gick förbi platsen vid halv tio på morgonen och såg att det var delade grishuvuden som var utspridda över hela tomten. Jag tror att det var fyra eller fem stycken, säger han till SvD.se. Emil Janitzek säger att det även låg en hög med grisdelar på området. – Det såg ut att vara fötter bland annat, säger han. – Mohammad El-Alti tycker att det som hänt är fruktansvärt. Han berättar att muslimer idag firar Eid Al Adha, som är en offerhelg.

–Att detta händer samtidigt som vår högtid, jag tycker att det är hemskt, säger han. Mohammad El-Alti berättar att det är andra gången som mosképlatsen skändas. Enligt Göteborgs-Posten hade någon slängt två avhuggna grishuvuden på tomten i februari i år. –Då fick vi mycket stöd från folk som bor i området, berättar Mohammad El-Alti. Han säger att den här typen av händelser visar att det finns en stor okunskap om islam, samtidigt är han bekymrad över det som hänt.

–Jag tror att detta bara är början. Vad kommer att hända när moskén är färdig? undrar han.

Da nu Mohammed El-Alti stiller spørgsmålet til offentligheden i stedet for til den stedlige imam skal vi her på bloggen ikke undlade at komme ham til hjælp med dette svære, teologiske spørgsmål. Men da billeder som bekendt siger mere end to tusind ord, kan vi heldigvis anvende sådanne til at besvare hans spørgsmål:

halal_22 halal_23
Hat tip: Snaphanen

En belgisk sejr over Al-Qaeda

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Hvad kan vi lære af det?

Læs det på Counterterrorism blog

Bemærk punkt 3: Belgien var modstander af Irak-krigen, og spiller ingen rolle i Afghanistan, alligevel er landet et terrormål.

Socialt bedrageri

56 danske kommuner undlod i 2007 at uddele sanktioner til borgere, der begår socialt bedrageri.

Dansk Folkepartis socialordfører, Dennis Flydtkjær, er forundret over, at kommunerne tilsyneladende er i kronisk pengemangel, men alligevel undlader at opkræve den halve milliard, der ellers ligger og venter på dem, hvis de over en kam indførte samme effektive kontrol som Svendborg kommune.

– Jeg deler til fulde, velfærdsminister Karen Jespersens, forundring over, at kommunerne ikke følger Svendborg Kommunes eksempel med at bekæmpe socialt bedrageri, siger Flydtkjær. Jeg vil derfor opfordre velfærdsministeren til at gøre det obligatorisk for kommunerne at nedsætte et kontroludvalg, som skal afdække socialt bedrageri i kommunerne.

– Det er ofte indenfor brancher, hvor mange indvandrere har nedsat sig, at der er massive problemer med socialt bedrageri, momssvindel og andre former for skatteunddragelse. Det er afgørende for integrationen, at det står klart, at den danske samfundsmodel er baseret på solidaritet, og at alle bidrager til den fælles husholdning, siger Dennis Flydtkjær.

– Vi skal hjælpe dem der ikke kan klare sig selv, men de der misbruger det danske samfunds tilbud om hjælp til de svageste, skal mærke, at den slags ikke accepteres, slutter Dennis Flydtkjær.

Pressemeddelelse, Christiansborg, onsdag den 10. december 2008/KE

Facing Jihad

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December 14, 2008 Jerusalem, Israel

“Facing Jihad” is a one-day event at the Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem that aims to educate the Israeli public about the true nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Facing Jihad

“Apartheid er løsningen”

“Det fungerede fint i Sydafrika og holdt etniske grupper adskilte”

muslimsonly11Når  illusionsministeren integrationsministeren og De Gode® ser denne overskrift vil deres spinalreflekser omgående udløse skriget: “Se blot hvad de onde, onde racister på Hodjas Blog skriver….!“.

Forkert igen, kære venner. Det er såmænd den officelle, australske muslimorganisation som er i gang med at bygge gated communities og argumentere for indførelsen af apartheid. Se selv:

The Islamic community plans to build a Muslim-only housing development and recreation centre as part of a $10 million complex in Rivervale.

Islamic Council of WA spokesman Rahim Ghauri said the group had an architect-designed concept plan for a six-storey housing development, an underground carpark and a hall for weddings, conferences and religious and recreational activities. – Mr Ghauri rejected claims the housing would further isolate sectors of the Muslim community from mainstream society, claiming the venue would be used to teach Islamic youth how to become good Australian citizens. – And the council’s religious adviser, Abdul Jalil Ahmad, said it was useful for different religious or ethnic groups to have separate residential enclaves so their customs and exotic cooking smells did not offend neighbours.

“It’s ideal for any ethnic group because you can deal with each other in an easier way,” Mr Ahmad said.

“In South Africa, because of apartheid, all different communities were set up and it worked well. It kept people separate. We can be together in terms of our contribution to the wider community.”