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20 april 2010

I seng med Allah.

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Når man har et forpligtende navn må man gå 100% op i rollen som kulturberiger.

Asian News: “A 29-year-old sexual predator who raped a woman while a teenage boy slept in the next room has been jailed for over six years. Allah Karam of Mancroft Avenue, Great Lever, had been found guilty at an earlier hearing to four offences of rape and one offence of perverting the course of justice. He was sentenced at Bolton Crown Court on Friday to an indeterminate sentence for public protection for a minimum of six and a half years. On Friday 5 June 2009, Karam went to the home of his victim in Bolton. After smoking cannabis Karam started behaving strangely and became increasingly aggressive. He ordered the teenage boy who was living in the woman’s house to go to bed and asked her if he could have sex with the boy. He then gave her an ultimatum, either she performed a sex act on him or he would rape the boy. Fearing for boy’s safety she complied with Karam’s demands. They then went upstairs where Karam raped her three times.

He then phoned for a taxi and asked the victim to pay, he also asked the victim for £500 to be paid the following day , the victim agreed to his requests out of fear and to ensure he left. She then called the police. During subsequent police interviews he was also arrested in connection with a sexual assault on a girl aged between 12 and 14. He also raped another woman who was medically prohibited from sexual activity following the birth of her child. Detective Constable Steve Cummins, of Bolton CID, said: “Karam is a sexual predator who takes advantage of vulnerable women.  “He clearly thought he was entitled to take what he wanted from these women and thought no-one would intervene. “This good result would not have been possible without the bravery of the victims who had the courage to tell the police.””

På visse punkter er England åbenbart bagefter Danmark i islamiseringen: retssager mod muslimer holdes ikke for lukkede døre, vidner tør stadig stå frem og der idømmes følelige straffe. Mon ikke vort geni af en justitsminister bør rejse sagen i EUSSR og belære disse tilbagestående briter om moderne retshåndhævelse?