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19 november 2012

HamaSS bomber Gaza

100 Gaza Rockets Fell in Gaza Itself

Out of 824 rockets fired from Gaza at Israel over the past few days, 100 have landed in Gaza itself, statistics show.

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14 november 2012

Operation Pillar of Defense

Som svar på mere end 12,000 raketter på 12 år, har Det Israelske Forsvar (IDF) iværksat Operation Pillar of Defense.

Vi vil gøre alt i vores magt for at beskytte Israelske borgere og lamme terroristernes infrastruktur i Gaza Stripen. Og IDF anbefaler alle HamaSS ledere – høj som lav – at holde MEGET lav profil den kommende tid.

12 november 2009

Iran leverer raketter til både Taleban, HetZZbollah og terrorister i Irak

The rockets recovered by the Israeli Navy last week, bound for terrorists in Lebanon, are identical to those Iran provided to Shiite militias targeting American soldiers in Iraq.

There are numerous similar reports of Iranian weapons being shipped to the Taliban in Afghanistan.


For now, the Obama administration is continuing the Bush-era policy of downplaying and ignoring Iran’s arming of America’s enemies. One can only wonder how many American soldiers will be on the receiving end of Iranian weapons before the administration decides to take steps to stop their arming of terrorist groups.

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12 april 2008

Adolfedinnerjackets affyringsramper for langdistanceraketter

Fundet i Uran.

4 marts 2008

Fred i vor tid – hvem narrer hvem?

There is a major humanitarian problem in Israel.

Sderot has borne over 50% of all missiles launched over the last few years and 20% of the town’s 20,000 population has left


Now with the escalation in the use of Grad missiles smuggled into Gaza via Egypt when the border was breached, Ashkelon and its environs are now under attack – this represents around 250,000 citizens of the State of Israel. 7 citizens of Sderot have killed, 4 of those under 18 years old.

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Med EU og Vesten som nyttige idioter.

25 februar 2008

Lad os lave vores egne raketter

A new Facebook group is urging Sderot residents to use the Internet to learn how to build crude rockets, much like the Kassams launched at them from the Gaza Strip, and fire them back at the Palestinians.

The group’s creators, Shai and Batya Messenberg from Petah Tikva, posted a description that reads:

“It cannot be so difficult: If those retards from the Gaza Strip can do it then so can you.”

The message goes on to say that Sderot residents can also do their part in cutting off the flow of Israeli electricity to the Gaza Strip, “even if the High Court of Justice won’t allow it,” by finding someone with a tractor who is willing to drive into nearby electrical poles.

The Gaza Strip receives 70 percent of its electricity from Israel, the vast majority of which is produced at the Rotenberg Power station in Ashkelon.

The new group joins about 50 other Facebook groups in support of Sderot, such as Save Sderot, Stop the Kassam rockets in Sderot, Light a candle with Sderot, I stand w/Sderot, From 90210 to Sderot, Children of Sderot, Skate for Sderot, and For the residents of other towns in the western Negev not waiting for the next Kassam (this group is planning to ask every radio station in the country to simultaneously play the Color Red alarm – the one heard in Sderot when Kassam rockets are fired from Gaza – to increase awareness of Sderot’s plight).

Mere på Jerusalem Post via LindaSoG

28 januar 2008

Terrorister har mange problemer

For eksempel dette:

Not far away, in a small room with peeling walls and pictures of past so-called martyrs, is a 23-year-old called Mohamed.

He is excited because, after three years with the group, this is to be his very first rocket-firing mission.

A university-trained computer expert, he is peering at a screen, looking at Google Earth maps on the internet.

He is searching for the best target for their short-range rockets.

But Mohamed has a complaint: these Google Earth map-makers, he says, are deliberately hiding Israeli military installations.