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15 november 2012

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‘They had nowhere to run’: A horrifying dispatch from inside the devastated apartment where three people were killed by Hamas rocket as they ate breakfast.

  • Three people were killed when rockets struck an apartment block in Kiryat Malachi, southern Israel
  • Residents tell how the block’s only air raid shelter was used for extra storage space leaving the victims with nowhere to run when in the attack
  • The dilapidated block was so full that some residents were living on balconies
  • Some 250 missiles were launched from Gaza in revenge for yesterday’s airstrike assassination of Hamas’s top military commander

OPDATERING: The Pictures Coming Out of Israel Are Chilling — See Our Collection Showing the Aftermath

30 december 2008

Glædelig jul og godt nytår Israel

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4.000 raketter affyret af HamaSS mod civile i Israel over de sidste år.

HamaSS får nu, hvad de har tigget om længe.

Hvor svært kan det være at forstå det?

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21 maj 2008

Aldrig igen

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7 marts 2008

Palæstinensere dræber palæstinensere – og medierne giver Israel skylden

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Two IDF soldiers, 50 Palestinians killed in Gaza Saturday

According to the sources, at least 16 of those killed were civilians, including a baby reported to have been struck when a Palestinian rocket misfired, as well as two teenagers.

Mere på Jerusalem Post der også fortæller, at det israelske militær ramte en lastbil med 150 raketter, der altså ikke kan bruges til terrorisme mod Israel.

Hvor får de pengene til raketter fra? Hvordan kommer de ind i landet, der er under blokade af Israel?

Læs også om Konstant Terror i Sderot

Lad os lave vore egne raketter!

4 marts 2008

Fred i vor tid – hvem narrer hvem?

There is a major humanitarian problem in Israel.

Sderot has borne over 50% of all missiles launched over the last few years and 20% of the town’s 20,000 population has left


Now with the escalation in the use of Grad missiles smuggled into Gaza via Egypt when the border was breached, Ashkelon and its environs are now under attack – this represents around 250,000 citizens of the State of Israel. 7 citizens of Sderot have killed, 4 of those under 18 years old.

Læs mere hos Haifa Diary

Med EU og Vesten som nyttige idioter.

28 februar 2008

FN har til nu nægtet at diskutere selvmordsbombere

The Simon Wiesenthal Center will hold a private meeting with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon on Tuesday to urge the international body to address suicide bombing and declare it a “crime against humanity.”

They will also call on Ban to cancel the “Durban II” conference slated for 2009, and address the “world’s amnesia” about rocket attacks on Sderot.

In a private meeting Tuesday, representatives from the Wiesenthal Center are expected to ask Ban to advocate for a special session of the General Assembly on suicide bombing and terrorism and reverse the Assembly’s longstanding refusal to raise the issue in its halls.

“The GA has had many special sessions on issues such as apartheid, drugs smuggling, disarmament, but the greatest scourge – suicide terror – is being blocked,” said Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean and founder of the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center. “We know that 57 Muslim countries don’t want a meeting on it. But if you look at the world, it’s not only global warming threatening the fabric of civilization, but suicide terrorism.”

The Wiesenthal Center will also urge the secretary-general to cancel the Durban II conference scheduled for 2009, which many Jewish organizations fear will be a recap of the first conference held in South Africa in 2001 under the auspices of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. That conference was titled “The World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance,” but dealt mostly with Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. Both Israel and the US eventually quit the conference.

“When will we see a Durban conference on the treatment of women in the Arab world, or the religious police in Saudi Arabia and Iran?” asked Hier. “To have a conference that focuses myopically on one country under the globe, that is a hate fest targeting the same people as the Holocaust, is unacceptable.”

Mere på Jerusalem Post


57 muslimske lande er ikke flertallet i FN. Hvem hjælper dem? Og kommer der noget ud af initiativet?

25 februar 2008

Antisemitisme i Israel

In her native New York, Estee Nemeth was warned not to wear any visible symbols of Jewish or Israeli identity in the subway.

So she wore her Star of David inside her shirt. But she never dreamed that in Sderot, the Kassam-battered symbol of Israel’s struggle against terrorism, the chain around her neck and the patchwork Israeli flag she sewed on her day pack would get her into trouble.

Nizar Hassan er selvfølgelig en af Dansk-Palæstinensisk Venskabsforenings samarbejdspartnere.