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17 februar 2017

Wikipedia censureres nu også af venstrefløjen !

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1984 er åbenbart bare bare 33 år bagud …


Kan man tro på at the guardian også får samme behandling …


Sandheden er ilde hørt, så lad os endelig censurere den …

Taget herfra og herfra

1 december 2015

Når du har set denne video, vil du ikke stole på Wikipedia !

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Tidligere CBS journalist Sharyl Attkisson afslører manipulation og “Astroturfing”

30 oktober 2011

Guidelines for Educators on Countering Intolerance and Discrimination against Muslims: Addressing Islamophobia through Education

Guidelines for Educators on Countering Intolerance and Discrimination against Muslims: Addressing Islamophobia through Education (OSCE/Shiv Sharma).

These Guidelines have been developed to support educators in countering intolerance and discrimination against Muslims. They are intended for a wide audience, including education policymakers and officials, teacher trainers, teachers, principals and head teachers, staff in teacher unions and professional associations, and members of NGOs. The Guidelines are relevant for both primary and secondary education and can also be used in non-formal education settings.

Download retningslinierne her


21 december 2009

Hvordan IPCC ‘videnskabsmænd’ modarbejder offentliggørelse af ubekvemme videnskabelige resultater og forsøger at redigere historieskrivningen

In this article, reprinted from http://www.americanthinker.org, two eminent Professors reveal just one of the many seamy stories that emerge from the Climategate emails.

A prejudiced journal editor conspires with senior IPCC scientists to delay and discredit a paper by four distinguished scientists demonstrating that a central part of the IPCC’s scientific argument is erroneous.

By David H. Douglass, Professor of Physics, University of Rochester, New York, and John R. Christy, Distinguished Professor, Atmospheric Science, University of Alabama at Huntsville

We will let the reader judge whether this team effort, revealed in dozens of emails and taking nearly a year, involves inappropriate behavior including (a) unusual cooperation between authors and editor, (b) misstatement of known facts, (c) character assassination, (d) avoidance of traditional scientific give-and-take, (e) using confidential information, (f) misrepresentation (or misunderstanding) of the scientific question posed by us in our paper, (g) withholding data, and more.

Læs hele artiklen på SPPI blog.

OPDATERING: Wikipedia – Sådan forsvandt klimaskepsis.

15 maj 2008

Anti-Israelsk undergravning på Wikipedia

HonestReporting exposes anti-Israel activists manipulating the online encyclopedia.

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia anyone can edit, may strive for pure democracy, but that doesn’t mean it’s always fair. Our colleagues at CAMERA learned this the hard way last month when their effort to fight anti-Israel bias on Wikipedia ended in several members being banned from the site and bad press for the organization. CAMERA’s campaign involved recruiting volunteers and instructing them in the basics of Wikipedia participation. The Palestinian advocacy group, Electronic Intifada (EI), however, branded the effort “a plan to rewrite history” and filed a bitter complaint with Wikipedia administrators, resulting in unusually stiff penalties for the CAMERA volunteers involved.

EI’s chief evidence against CAMERA was a series of private e-mails exchanged by CAMERA staff and their volunteers. An EI staff member infiltrated the group and turned the e-mails over to Wikipedia, claiming they revealed a plot by CAMERA to manipulate Wikipedia and to pass off “crude propaganda as fact.” An investigation followed, resulting in two indefinite bans and several shorter-term bans for CAMERA members.

A closer look at Wikipedia’s inner workings, however, reveals there is more to the story. Research carried out by Social Media expert Dr. Andre Oboler, a Legacy Heritage Fellow at NGO Monitor, reveals that it was EI, not CAMERA, that manipulated Wikipedia to achieve its ideological goals.

Læs historien på Honest Reporting

6 februar 2008

Muhammedtegning i Wikipedia-leksikon krænker muslimer

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Muslimer har indsamlet 90.000 underskrifter mod en Muhammed-tegning i internet-encyklopædien , som Wikipedia dog ikke har tænkt sig at fjerne.

Læs her 

Hvornår viser den vestlige verden respekt for fredens religion?