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29 januar 2008

Fængsler skal ansætte moderate imamer

Kriminalforsorgen har nedsat to arbejdsgrupper, som regner med at fremlægge deres anbefalinger til sommer.

Grupperne skal bl.a. se på ansættelseskriterier for at sikre, at fængselsimamerne anerkender demokrati og kan opmuntre fangerne til at komme ud af kriminalitet.

Mere på DR

Og hvem afgør om en imam er ‘moderat’? Findes sådan en størrelse overhovedet? Er ‘Stenings-Pedersen moderat?

A long-time Muslim prison chaplain who praised the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington was given sparkling job evaluations—including “Good” and “Excellent” performance marks—by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, even when officials were aware that he was delivering hate-filled sermons about Jews and Christians to Muslim inmates. (See chapt. 20, THE PRISON POWDER KEG)


… But here is what has not been reported in the press:

Federal Bureau of Prisons officials knew well before 2003 that [9/11-sympathizing chaplain Warith-Deen] Umar was instilling in prisoners the same kind of militant ideas that drove the 9/11 hijackers to slaughter three thousand people. And yet they did nothing. In fact, prison officials rewarded him with sparkling evaluations.

“BOP [Bureau of Prisons] staff observed Umar repeatedly give sermons that violated BOP security policies but failed to terminate his contract,” the Department of Justice’s inspector general found in an investigation of Umar and the federal Muslim chaplains program. The embarrassing revelation was buried in a footnote on page forty-eight of the department¹s 2004 report, part of which is classified.

“Several of his Contractor Progress Reports explain that he ‘disparages Judaism and Christianity’ and that his sermons are ‘sometimes not appropriate,'” the report adds. “Despite this conduct, the same reports provide him with ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’ marks.”

Umar, who has a master’s degree in Islamic studies and a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, is not an isolated case. A classified addendum to the report documents several cases in which FBI officials assert that authorized Muslim chaplains, contractors, and volunteers leading federal prison prayer sessions may even have ties to terrorist groups. And they suspect these individuals pose a threat to homeland security. …

Fra: Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives have Penetrated Washington (Nelson Current, 2005).

Western Resistance: US: Prisons Are Breeding Grounds For Muslim Terrorists.

The Counterterrorism Blog: Wahhabi Prison Fellowship : The teaching of jihad in American penitentiaries.

 It is a fact that radical propaganda has been distributed in U.S. prisons. Before it was shut down by the Saudi Arabian government in 2004, the Wahhabist Al Haramain Islamic Foundation distributed large numbers of extremist books worldwide, including to American prisons. Al-Haramain boasted offices in over 50 countries and received between $45 and $50 million in donations every year.

When law-enforcement agents raided the U.S. branch of Al Haramain, headquartered in Ashland, Oregon, in February 2004 as part of a money-laundering investigation, they seized copies of the literature the foundation had been distributing. They also made a remarkable find on one of the seized computers: a database that detailed where the group had sent its literature. It contained over 15,000 names. While not all recipients were prisoners, enough were that “Prisoner Number” and “Release Date” were standard fields in the database. The charity also regularly mailed bulk quantities of literature to prison chaplains, who distributed the books to inmates.


The Koran, of course, was widely distributed by Al Haramain–the Koran, that is, in its Wahhabi version. As Stephen Schwartz reported here a year ago, the Wahhabi translation of the Koran is suffused with contempt for non-Muslims, particularly Jews and Christians. It contains numerous interpolations not present in the Arabic, all pushing the meaning in a radical direction.

CBS News: Islam in the big house

Radical Muslim chaplains, trained in a foreign ideology, certified in foreign-financed schools and acting in coordination to impose an extremist agenda have gained a monopoly over Islamic religious activities in American state, federal, and city prisons and jails.

Prison chaplains = fængselsimamer 

For mig at se er det en farlig vej, Kriminalforsorgen er ved at begive sig ind på. Alene det, at imamer og fanger kan tale arabisk sammen, og at imamer kan uddele skrifter på arabisk – hvem kan kontrollere det? Skal Kriminalforsorgens personale lære arabisk? Tyrkisk? Osv.

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