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30 april 2009

Vatikanet drømmer

Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, President of the Pontifical Council for inter-religious dialogue, concluded the meeting of delegates responsible for relations with Islam at the European Episcopal Conferences, which took place in Bordeaux.

  “One million people regularly visit synagogues, churches and mosques in Europe. These are people who want to live for God and in God. They represent the richest of spiritual wealth that is at the service of Europe”.

The dialogue between Muslims and Christians, he added,

“also allows us the chance to show our friends that we respect them.” “We expect to see a more decisive commitment towards reaching an objective recognition of Christianity and towards respect for freedom of conscience and religion, as these issues are outlined in international documents.”


15 marts 2009

DDR og den katolske kirke

Jeg har ikke nogen sympati for den katolske kirkes behandling af sagen om den voldtagne brasilianske pige, der blev ekskommunikeret for derefter at blive taget til nåde.

Men er der andre, der har bemærket, hvor meget DDR har beskæftiget sig med sagen, og hvordan man har omtalt den katolske kirkes \’hensynsløse og ekstreme\’ opførsel.

Mig bekendt foregår der voldtægter i andre dele af verden, som DDR ikke skænker den fjerneste opmærksomhed – selvom de har endnu alvorligere konsekvenser for ofrene???

2 marts 2009

Vatikan-Islam aksen: Skolebøger må ikke fornærme nogen religion

The Islamic-Catholic Joint Committee for Interreligious Dialogue would like to see school textbooks revised in order to remove any offences to religions.

The committee is made up of members of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue and the Permanent Committee of al-Azhar for Dialogue between Monotheistic Religions.

In a document approved at the end of their latest meeting a few days ago and released today by the Vatican press office, they state that

“a culture of peace should permeate all aspects of life: religious training, education, interpersonal relations, and artistic expressions in their various forms.”

 “To this end”, it was specified, “school textbooks should be revised so that they do not contain material that could offend the religious sentiments of other believers, which may at times occur through the misleading presentation of dogmas, ethical visions, or historical reconstructions of other religions.”

An appeal is then made in the document to protect young people

“from the fanaticism of violence”.

An important role was attributed to the media

“in the promotion of positive relations between the faithful of different religions”.