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30 juni 2015

Den engelske oberst Richard Kemp giver FNs “menneskerettighedsråd” en ordentlig salve

Og det har UNHRC fortjent. ved at lave en af de sædvanlige latterlige anti-israelske “rapporter”

UN interpreter talks about Israel

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22 september 2014

Og sådan arbejder en FN-“domstol”

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Ved navn United Nations Human Rights Council = FN’s menneskerettighedsråd, forkortet UNHRC

Mage til rygklapperi ser man normalt kun til kommunistiske partikongresser …


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22 november 2011

Muslimer vil have Geert Wilders for FN’s menneskerettighedskommission

Three members of the Dutch-Moroccan community have made an official complaint to the United Nations Human Rights Committee against anti-Islam Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders.

They accuse him of inciting hatred against Muslims.

24 juni 2011

Hvorfor melder Vestens demokratier sig ikke ud af FN og dets korrupte islamificerede menneskerettighedssystem?

Anne Bayefsky om FN’s Menneskerettighedskommission:

The body that we know as the UN Human Rights Council is the “reformed” version of the UN Human Rights Commission. The Bush administration and its UN ambassador John Bolton opposed this 2006 “reform” on the grounds that the changes were superficial and there were no membership criteria for election to what was, after all, the UN’s top human-rights body. The European Union, however, was bought off by including a five-year review plan.

That review ended Friday with the adoption of a UN General Assembly resolution that kicked any further reconsideration down the road “10-15 years.”

Sitting in judgment on human-rights violations worldwide are such luminaries as China, Cuba and Saudi Arabia. Member Libya had no difficulty being elected, and its suspension didn’t occur until March of this year, when the numbers of dead finally proved too embarrassing.

The Human Rights Commission spent 40 years adopting country-specific criticisms, a third of which condemned Israel. Fifty percent of the “reformed” Council’s country-specific resolutions and decisions are devoted to Israel-bashing. There have been 12 special sessions in the last five years, and half of them have been on Israel alone. There has been only one “urgent debate” on a country — Israel. There have been more human rights reports commissioned on Israel than on any other state. And only one country is not allowed even to attend the lobbying and information-sharing regional meetings associated with the Council sessions — Israel — while “Palestine” is invited to all of them.

Barack Obama decided to give it American credibility and taxpayer dollars. His No. 1 excuse was the promise to reform it from the inside.

On Friday, those promises were shown to be utterly fraudulent. Every major reform recommendation that American negotiators made over a process spanning many months, including instituting membership criteria and changing the discriminatory anti-Israel agenda, was rejected. Only four states voted in the General Assembly against the outcome of the non-reform reform: Israel, the United States, Canada and Palau.

Gloating over the total defeat of the Obama plan were Syria (speaking for the Arab group), Russia (speaking for a revealing “cross-regional group” comprising Algeria, Belarus, Bolivia, China, Cuba, Iran, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Syria, Venezuela, Vietnam and Yemen), Tajikistan (speaking for the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC)), Iran and Egypt.

The Council majority is held by a combination of two regional groups — African and Asian — and OIC members are the majority on both of these groups, thus giving them the balance of power.

The consequences of this political landscape were reinforced by Friday’s events at the Council session in Geneva. The Council wrapped up its latest session by adopting one more resolution on Israel — this time about the eight Turkish extremists killed a year ago trying to ram a legal blockade of terrorist-run Gaza. There was no resolution on Syria — further condemnation by the Council was put off until next session, three months away. And nothing from the Council on Yemen, on account of insufficient data. Of the eight votes in total held at this session, the United States was on the losing side for six of them.

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(OIC = Organisation of Islamic Countries)

24 april 2011

Samtidig med at Syrien myrder sine indbyggere i gaderne

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Fresh from leading the OIC effort to kill the UN’s effort to enact a universal definition of terrorism, Syria is joining the UN ‘Human Rights Council.’

Syria is currently running for a seat on the U.N.’s flagship “human rights” body, the Human Rights Council. Seats are allocated to five regional groups, and just to make sure Syria’s ascendancy is unimpeded, the Asian group has only nominated the same number of states as they have seats. So barring any unexpected additions, Syria will join fellow U.N. human rights authorities like Saudi Arabia on the Council in May.

Mere her.

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18 november 2010

FN’s krig mod Israel

Anne Bayefsky’s address about “The United Nations’ War on Israel” at CAMERA’s October 2010 conference, “War By Other Means: The Global Campaign to Delegitimize Israel.”

Anne Bayefsky er en fremtrædende canadisk juraprofessor, menneskeretsforsker og aktivist. Hun har en bachelor, Master of Arts og Bachelor of Laws fra University of Toronto samt en Masters of Letters fra York University, Toronto, Canada. Hun er advokat i Ontario og fellow ved Hudson Institute hvor hun hendes ekspertiseområder ligger inden for menneskerettighedsjura.

Professor Bayefsky har deltaget som del af den Canadiske delegation ved forskellige internationale møder, og i forskellige FN organisationer. Hun er aktiv i flere NGOer, iblandt UN Watch .

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17 oktober 2010

Stærk kritik af FN’s ‘menneskerettighedskommission’

24 marts 2010

FN: Human Rights Council: Lukker munden på kritiker af muslimsk antisemitisme

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Via Vlad tepes Blog

5 marts 2008

Petition for defence of individual rights at the UN Human Rights Council

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The International League Against Racism and Antisemitism has launched a petition calling on democracies to defend the freedom of the individual at the UN, in the face of attacks on the universality of human rights.

To sign the petition, send an email to licra@licra.org.

Læs om initiativet her.