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8 maj 2015

Nigel Farage går af som leder af UKIP

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Ukip: The chart that shows how the electoral system is biased against Ukip

UK chooses slow suicide over immediate suicide.

29 april 2015

EU asylum plan presents a threat to our civilisation – UKIP leader Nigel Farage

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2 marts 2015

Sjovnalist Nick Cohen i det mest nedrige angreb på UKIP, Nigel Farage og den europæiske højrefløj der længe er set.

Det britiske anti-EU og anti-innvandringspartiet UKIP arrangerer årskonferanse i helgen, knappe tre måneder før parlamentsvalget.

UKIP er svorne thatcherister, men tiltrekker seg også arbeiderklassevelgere, skriver Nick Cohen, som plasserer partiet på ytre høyre fløy.

29 august 2013

Nigel Farage om angreb på Syrien

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3 maj 2013

UKIP outperform best estimates of pollsters

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The overnight story of the county council elections has seen UKIP on course to taking well over a million votes across the country.

Earlier today, UKIP had taken 43 seats already. Not even a quarter of all results have yet been declared yet we have already surpassed the prediction of political pundits that we would take 40!

UKIP has taken a staggering 16 seats on Lincolnshire County Council. With just a few seats left to declare, it is almost certain that we have denied the Conservatives an overall majority on that Council and we will no doubt become the ‘official opposition’.

Elsewhere, Hampshire saw UKIP take 10 seats and in Essex, the Party took nine seats – tied with the Lib Dems and Labour. Other wins included a District Council by-election, and seats in Surrey, Dorset and Gloucestershire.

Where UKIP and Labour both stood, we have outpolled them – taking three votes to every two that Labour take on average. That 3:2 ratio also holds where UKIP and the Liberal Democrats both stand.

Where we are standing, we are taking an average of 26.2% of the vote meaning we will take more than 1 million votes – more than we took at the entire General Election in 2010!  We might even reach 1.5 million.

Where we stood in 2009 and 2013, our vote has gone up by 14.5% on average so far.  And in addition to the 43 seats that we have won, we have another 200 second-place finishes.

13 marts 2013

Nigel Farage om Rumænien, Bulgarien og åbne grænser

23 januar 2013

DDR kan ikke ignorere Nigel Farage længere

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I aften var første gang jeg så Nigel Farage på dansk TV i DDR Tv-Avisen klokken 21.

De bragte godt nok kun nogle få sekunder med ham, men nu kan de ikke ignorere ham og hans indflydelse på UK’s EU-politik længere.

Vi bloggede om Nigel Farage første gang i 2007.

31 december 2012

Nytårstale fra Nigel Farage

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26 november 2012

UK: Myndighederne fjerner plejebørn fordi plejeforældrene er UKIP tilhængere

16 februar 2012

Nigel Farage om Grækenland

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16 december 2011

Bøllerne i EU er ved at bygge et EURO-fængsel

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14 december 2011

Nigel Farage: Ombord på Titanic med kurs mod økonomisk og demokratisk katastrofe

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24 november 2011

Who are you Mr President? Nigel Farage asks Van Rompuy

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Nigel Farage i stødet.

14 september 2011

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage – Party Conference Speech 2011

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Er der nogen, der nogensinde har set Farage på dansk TV?

1 august 2011


The English writer and former UKIP parliamentary candidate Paul Weston weighs in on the state of the BBC, as evidenced by the treatment of Tommy Robinson by Jeremy Paxman on a recent Newsnight program.

Saudi Arabia is reputed to have invested $90 billion in the West. Ten-million quid each or even a hundred-million quid each to a handful of BBC higher-ups is peanuts to them. The BBC is the most influential media outlet in Britain, indeed the world, and is still viewed by millions of the less politically aware as a bastion of truth and decency. He who controls the BBC sets the agenda for much of the rest of the British media — and thus the dissemination (or non-dissemination) of information — so it is clearly in the interests of the Saudis to control the BBC.

How else to explain the BBC’s promotion of a religious/political ideology that should be repellent to their liberal views? Why did they appoint the controversial Muslim, Aaqil Ahmed, to head up the BBC Religious Broadcasting Department, when he had already been accused of making programmes with a pro-Islamic bias? Why does the BBC vilify the white working class as racist bigots? Why has Director-General, Mark Thompson omitted mass immigration from the public debate?

Why do National Union of Journalist guidelines seek to hide the truth in racial/religious attacks when the perpetrators are foreign, whilst committing to the destruction of “right-wing” racism? Why does the BBC require that Islam be treated more sensitively than any other religion? Why does the BBC promote Islam as a female-friendly religion of peace, but Christianity as a hot bed of imperialism, racism and murder? Why is the BBC so deeply and passionately enraged by the existence of Israel?

One could go on, but that is probably enough. Were Prime Minister David Cameron a proper Conservative, he would order his top policeman to take a long and detailed look into the bank accounts and holidaying habits of high-level BBC executives. That they have betrayed their country is unarguable, but it would be nice to know whether they had done it for money rather than through an adolescent and wholly misguided revolutionary fervour.

Læs det hele her.
BBC: Tommy Robinson (EDL) om den norske terrorist

20 januar 2011

‘Call it the Debt Union’ – Nigel Farage

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25 november 2010

Dobbelte standarder i EU-parlamentet

Da EU-parlamentet onsdag stemte om en række nye tiltag, var medlem af parlamentet for Dansk Folkeparti Morten Messerschmidt ikke at finde i salen.

Han valgte nemlig at udvandre i sympati med den britiske parlamentariker Godfrey Bloom (UKIP), der blev smidt ud af parlamentet for at have kaldt den tyske EU-parlamentariker Martin Schultz for en “udemokratisk fascist”.

Det er en total farce det her, og derfor valgte jeg at udvandre. Schultz har tidligere sagt lige så groteske ting, uden at der skete noget, og det er fuldstændig uacceptabelt, at der ikke er ens regler for alle, siger Morten Messerschmidt.

Bloom forklarer meget godt selv:

Speaking outside the chamber, Mr Bloom added: ‘My father, as a Spitfire pilot, fought for freedom against Nazi domination of Europe.

‘As an MEP, I will fight against the destruction of democracy across Europe.

‘Schulz is an unrepentant Euro nationalist and a socialist. He wants one currency, one EU state, on EU people.

‘These Euro nationalists are a danger to democracy. These people are fanatics.’

Bemærk Jyde-Pottens vinkling af sagen Jeg så det i en af nyhedsudsendelserne på TV i aftes, og de fik også fordrejet sagen, så den rette sammenhæng ikke gik op for en.
Barry Madlener fra PVV forsvarer Bloom:

Her er Schulz:

6 oktober 2010

Gerard Batten MEP for UKIP om Geert Wilders

31 august 2010

‘EU a disaster, illegal state built on false principles’

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21 maj 2010

Er Helle Thorning-Schmidts svigerfar landsforræder?

Zagladin’s records also note that the former leader of the British Labour Party, Neil Kinnock, approached Gorbachev—unauthorized, while Kinnock was leader of the opposition—through a secret envoy to discuss the possibility of halting the United Kingdom’s Trident nuclear-missile program.

The minutes of the meeting between Gorbachev and the envoy, MP Stuart Holland, read as follows:

In [Holland’s] opinion, Soviet Union should be very interested in liquidation of “Tridents” because, apart from other things, the West—meaning the US, Britain and France—would have a serious advantage over the Soviet Union after the completion of START treaty. That advantage will need to be eliminated. . . . At the same time Holland noted that, of course, we can seriously think about realisation of that idea only if the Labour comes to power. He said Thatcher . . . would never agree to any reduction of nuclear armaments.

Kinnock was vice president of the European Commission from 1999 to 2004, and his wife, Glenys, is now Britain’s minister for Europe. Gerard Batten, a member of the UK Independence Party, has noted the significance of the episode.

“If the report given to Mr. Gorbachev is true, it means that Lord Kinnock approached one of Britain’s enemies in order to seek approval regarding his party’s defense policy and, had he been elected, Britain’s defense policy,” Batten said to the European Parliament in 2009. “If this report is true, then Lord Kinnock would be guilty of treason.”

Læs mere om 50,000 upubliserede, ikke-oversatte, top-hemmelige Kreml-dokumenter fra den kolde krigs tid.

Hvilken forbindelse er der eventuelt til den danske venstrefløj og den såkaldte ‘fodnotepolitik’? Eller Dragsdahl? Eller? Eller?

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