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28 november 2013

Det multikulturelle samfunds berigelser: Libanon har 15 familielove – 1 for hver sekt

International organizations and NGOs in Lebanon say early marriage happens among the Syrian refugees as well as host communities.

Stopping it is almost impossible, because Lebanese law allows child marriage, sociologist Rafif Rida Sidawi told NOW. “The Lebanese family code allows marriage for girls as young as 13-14. In some confessions, even as young as 9.” (Lebanon has 15 different family codes, almost one for each sect. Many of them allow child marriage.)

Child marriages among Syrian refugees have turned into a lucrative business.

19 juni 2013

7/11 butikker sat i forbindelse med menneskesmugleri/trafficking

23 juni 2012

Mellemøsten er Verdens værste hvad angår trafficking

Bortset fra et land – forstås.

Læs forklaringen på Elder of Ziyon.

7 maj 2011

Undercover agent: HeZZbollah – narkotika- og menneskesmuglere ved den US-Mexikanske grænse

20 december 2010

Kosovos statsminster Thaci involveret i organtyveri mmking


10 oktober 2010

Arven efter Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Tyrkiske agenter afslørede i sidste uge, at der om bord på yachten Savarona, som lå til ved Antalya i Tyrkiet, foregik et større sexorgie med ni russiske og ukrainske prostituerede samt en række rige og kendte forretningsmænd, skriver Pleasure.dk.

Yachten var ejet af Atatürk tilbage i 1930’erne, men han døde kort efter købet. I dag lever Savarona videre som en meget luksuriøs og stor yacht med den tyrkiske stat som ejer.

Tip: J.D.

Ifølge Wiki er historien noget mere skummel:

On September 28, 2010 at noon, teams of the gendarmerie raided the yacht with assistance of the coast guard, and also a number of other places across the country simultaneously, arresting eight persons for organized human trafficking and detaining 15 women and six foreigner male guests aboard for prostitution. The gang, under observation by the gendarmerie for seven months, was bringing women, among them also under-aged girls, through modeling agencies based in Russia and Ukrainia into Turkey as sex slaves. The yacht was rented by a Kazakh businessman three days before in Bodrum for one week and was en route Antalya, said the operator of the yacht Kahraman Sadıkoğlu. The rent was US $ 50000 per day.[1]

Regarding the scandal, Minister of Finance Mehmet Şimşek declared the next day that clause 3 of the charter contract stipulates that “the contract shall be annulled in case the yacht is being used out of its intended purpose, inappropriate with the nation’s historical heritage or contrary to the traditional habits and customs.” He added that he ordered the initiation of the annulment process. Şimşek told further that following the taking back of the yacht, she can be transferred to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for her use as a museum ship.[2]

Yusuf Hakkı Doğan, a public prosecutor in Antalya, who conducted the operation, revealed that the yacht has been used twice for prostitution purposes, the first time in Bodrum as it was determined.[2][3]

11 november 2009

Ægypten: Kristne kvinder bortføres, voldtages, tvangsgiftes og tvangsislamiseres

A pioneering new report released by Christian Solidarity International and The Coptic Foundation for Human Rights details the abduction, rape, forced marriage and forced islamization of Coptic women and girls in Egypt.


The tactic complicity of the Egyptian Government is apparent in its systematic lack of investigations and prosecutions, suspension of programs designed for protection, and virtual absence of social services for survivors of this abuse.

Speaking in Cairo in June, President Obama called on the Arab world to defend the fundamental human rights of women and religious minorities in the Middle East. Although the US Government and Pope Shenouda III, the Patriarch of the Coptic Church, have protested this specific phenomenon, there has been negligible action on Capitol Hill or by the international human rights field in response.

Læs det på AINA

29 september 2009

Afslutningen på ramadanen fejredes i Dubai helt i Muhammeds ånd

Indiske børn leverer sex i Dubai.

Hundreds of minors flown out to Gulf to dance in bars, provide sex, as Ramzan month of abstinence ends

For three days now, 2,000 girls, almost all minors, have left for the Middle East, particularly Dubai, to feed the needs of a population starved of entertainment and sex post the rigours of Ramzan.

The girls have been told they are being taken to dance in bars, but it is implicit that they will double up as prostitutes for well-paying clients. Another 1,000 will leave by tomorrow.

Sources say there has been an approximate 20 per cent rise in the trafficking of minors over the last year.

Danske rejsebureauer og flyselskaber lokker med rejser til Dubai.

14 juni 2009

Danmark er ved at miste førertrøjen som ‘Europas hårde hund’

Greece’s interior minister said the government will impose longer prison sentences for human traffickers to tackle a growing problem of illegal immigrants.


Pavlopoulos said he will urge European Union officials in Brussels next week to sign repatriation agreements with the countries of migrants’ origin. He pointed out Greece will press Turkey to respect a bilateral agreement on the return of immigrants to their own countries.

In a related move, Greek Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis asked the Czech rotating presidency of the European Union for support in tackling illegal immigrants arriving in Greece, Italy and Spain.

Mere på UPI

29 april 2008

Så er de gode på banen igen

Hjælpen til udenlandske prostituerede i Danmark er utilstrækkelig og uanstændig.

Lone Dybkjær: – Vi kan simpelthen ikke gøre nok for denne gruppe af kvinder, som lever en meget krank tilværelse, siger hun til Radioavisen.

– Vi bør i højere grad give kvinderne permanent ophold i landet, specielt i de mange tilfælde, hvor vi ikke ved hvilke forhold de kommer tilbage til og hvor de risikerer at blive handlet igen.

Den var fra DDR idag – på samme kanal slog Jørgen Mangepenge Poulsen til lyds for dobbelte statsborgerskaber, med en dansk kone, der var flyttet til Italien som eksempel – men hvem er det der i virkeligheden skal begunstiges?

18 august 2007

Socialister søger ung solidaritet på Cuba

Cuba is a source country for women and children trafficked internally for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation.

Cuban adults and children also are exploited for forced labor, mostly in commercial agriculture; some are reportedly trafficked to the United States under circumstances of debt bondage.

The extent of trafficking within Cuba is hard to gauge due to the closed nature of the government and sparse non-governmental or independent reporting.

However, by all accounts, the country is a major destination for sex tourism, including child sex tourism.

Cuba’s thriving sex trade caters to thousands of European, Canadian, and Latin American tourists every year, and involves large numbers of Cuban girls and boys, some as young as 12.

State-run hotel workers, travel employees, cab drivers, hospitality staff, and police steer tourists to prostituted women and children and facilitate the commercial sexual exploitation of these women and children. Sex trafficking of Cuban women to Mexico and Western Europe also has been reported.

U.S. State Dept Trafficking in Persons Report, June, 2007  

[full country report] 

Via No-Pasaran