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23 september 2010

Muslimske terrorister i Thailand har skoleelever og lærere som mål – Human Rights Watch kritiserer den thailandske regering

Teachers are being assassinated and children terrorised into staying away from school by Muslim terrorists in the Jihad-infested South of Thailand – but the loony leftists at Human Rights Watch blast the Thai government for trying to protect them. Another own-goal from the increasingly tarnished HRW:

Schools are set ablaze and teachers are murdered by Muslim insurgents in southern Thailand partly because soldiers use the schools as military bases that turn them into targets, according to a human rights report released Tuesday.

Some teachers protect themselves by carrying guns and in some cases are provided bullets free of charge by local authorities in Thailand’s restive south, Human Rights Watch said in a 111-page report on how the insurgency by Muslims who want their own state schools.

The New York-based group called on the Thai government to prohibit the military from occupying school grounds, saying that sending troops into schools creates an “immense disruption” to children’s education and can put students in danger.

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15 august 2009

Fredens og tolerancens religion – om apostater og ikke-muslimer

The recent Christian martyrs in Nigeria, Pakistan, and Somalia, in the past few weeks are not only martyrs for religion they are martyrs for all people who support religious freedom and the fight against “Islamic religious fascism.”

Victims of this hate are being killed by either state sanctioned laws, like in Saudi Arabia; or by Islamic terrorists like Al-Shabab in Somalia who are beheading converts from Islam; or by family members in the United Kingdom and many other nations who are killing family members for leaving the Islamic faith.

The one thing that ties all these brutal crimes together is the teachings of Mohammed and the Koran and Hadiths, which clearly allows this mass hatred. After all, it is the Sunni Islamic imams in Saudi Arabia and other nations who have introduced these laws and Islamic Sharia law is based on the teachings of the Koran and Hadiths.

In 2009 we have Buddhists in southern Thailand being killed for being non-Muslims; we have Christians in Pakistan being burned alive over a comment over a book; we have Nigerian Christian pastors being beheaded for not converting to Islam; we have Bahai’s facing persecution in Iran; we have Ahmadiyya Muslims facing persecution in Pakistan; and Hindus also suffer persecution in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Will the world wake up to this threat and this hatred? After all, this persecution will not end because of silence on the contrary it will merely grow. Remember, the victims of this hatred are all moderates, irrespective if non-Muslim or Muslim because Islamic radicals are killing both Christians and Ahmadiyya Muslims in Pakistan.

This madness will only end when it is challenged and of course it will not be easy to stop because many Islamists support killing apostates. However, fascism in Europe was only defeated because nations challenged fascism but today we have a new fascism emerging, but this fascism is based on fusing religion with politics, and it is more dangerous because it is a global challenge. Therefore, will our leaders stand up to this new challenge or will they cave in?

16 januar 2009

Probat løsning på båd-immigrant-problem

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Thai soldiers are detaining illegal migrants from Bangladesh and Burma and forcing them back out to sea in boats without engines, survivors say.

Survivors say their hands were tied and they were towed out to sea with little or no food or water.

19 marts 2008

Hvornår er det Europas/Danmarks tur?

Thailand i vildrede med muslimsk oprør

Den thailandske regering indrømmer, at den ikke aner, hvordan den skal standse det muslimske oprør i den sydlige del af landet.

Det er præcis det, som Geert Wilders taler om.